for lola


I like how the sisters are just using him as a makeshift pillow.  Lynn’s already fast asleep, Lori doesn’t care what he says, and Lucy is just happy knowing he can’t get away.  Luan isn’t making things easier lol.

I wont be surprised if Lucy did have a miniature guillotine.  

I guess Lily is giving him a goodnight kiss just like he gives her.  

All credit goes to Zrei.

Lola vestida de karateca, me gusto verla con ese atuendo en este episodio y por como embistio aquel muñeco, tal como ella dice “no te metas con esta princesa o mi linky”

Lola dressed as a karate girl, I liked to see her wearing that outfit in this episode and because she lodged that doll, as she says “do not mess with this princess or my linky”