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More Polyvore Shenanigans

So I was thinking about how I never do nice things like buy commissions for other people, and at the same time Ket asked me to do more Polyvore outfits but didn’t give me any (decent) suggestions on who to do (crossbow Bianca? Really?), and then this happened. (link)

@tel-abelas-mofo‘s Pangara Lavellan, featuring a sweater she knit herself and a leather necklace that looks suspiciously like a collar. She probably uses the bag to hold her yarn. (link)

@littleblue-eyedbird‘s Anise Lavellan, with her kitten heels and an arrow necklace. Sorry, I couldn’t think of a way to incorporate yoga into the outfit. (link)

Edit: After @thevikingwoman told me Iwyn has an olive skin-tone, I updated the colors a bit. Featuring leggings that look iced and gold accessories for the medal she hopes to earn. I couldn’t decide on a skate-practice outfit or something a bit more daring. (link)

Welcome to Solavellan Hell – an organized list

This is a recreation of the original “Welcome to Solavellan Hell” list started by @Solemis. I wanted to attempt organizing the list to make it more accessible, so we now have categories (listed according how blogs were recmdd). Not everyone tagged is listed. Some people just linked dumped and that’s cool but it’s a lot to shift through.

All your hurt and comfort below the cut.

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littleblue-eyedbird  asked:

Can I request Solas braiding Elvathiel's hair while she makes Solas a flower crown?

Elva inherits her mamae’s beautiful voice, and often sings when papae braids her hair.  (ಥ ͜ʖ ಥ) It’s his favourite thing to do, as he often braids Athelas’ hair in the past; and more currently since Athelas is missing a hand. She always thought of chopping her hair off for convenience, but Solas didn’t let her, and offered to do her hair when she wants to. ; v ; 

Thank you for the request @littleblue-eyedbird!

littleblue-eyedbird  asked:

Fenris out of no where having vivid dreams of Hawke who was left in the fade, and he realizes it's her reaching out to him?

The sun is hot on his face, glaring down from an endless stretch of turquoise sky, and it’s like fire filling his lungs when he breathes. Beads of perspiration cling to his brow, only to trickle down his neck to soak the fabric of his fine shirt. Short-lived jewels holding no real worth, but then they’re all he’s ever owned. The marbled tiles are cool against the bare soles of his feet, and he catches the hurried song of running servants’ steps, and the familiar, lilting tones of the language that’s etched on his bones. The air drums with talk and movement, but always out of sight, as servants should be.

(As you should be)

The thought crawls with unease along his spine, attaching itself like a too-tight garment that used to fit, once. It’s like he’s suddenly too big for his skin, and he fidgets, restless and aching to run, but something keeps him from moving, some deep-rooted, unconscious knowledge he can’t put his finger on.

Then – a servant passes him by, a faceless shape refusing to meet his eyes, and it’s a sudden shock, remembering. And not just where he is but who, what–

(Little wolf, where is your pack?)

–and then he’s choking on the warm air, the pressure on his chest like hot, heavy coals. And there are no shackles around his wrists but he feels them regardless, pinning him down, keeping him in place, like a dutiful pet who knows the limits of its freedom, and does not need a physical reminder to stay put.

It’s wrong – it’s all wrong, he shouldn’t be here, he shouldn’t but he is, and he can’t remember how he got here or from where. And the more he thinks about it the harder it becomes, piecing together why it is he doesn’t belong, and if he’s not supposed to be here, then where? And–

A hand clamps down over his wrist, slender fingers gripping with enough strength to physically drag his gaze back up from where he’s curled in on himself, and it’s a different sky reflected in her eyes, staring fiercely from the sharp angles of her face.

“Fenris,” Hawke says, voice firm. Not unkind – she is not unkind, he thinks, remembers, although he doesn’t know how he knows. She is not his master.

Is she?

“Fenris!” she snaps, and it takes him a moment to realise he’s spoken the question out loud.

The fierceness bleeds from her face then, leaving something desperately soft, something that’s almost pleading slipping through the cracks of her hard countenance, and he wonders idly, not understanding, why his words should warrant such a visceral reaction.

“Fenris, it’s just a dream,” she says then, taking a step closer, into his personal space, as though she belongs there – as though she’s long since made herself comfortable, but how could that be? She’s not his master. He knows who his master is and it’s not her, with her too-blue eyes and her fiercely pleading face.

Then, before he’s had the chance to ask she’s got her palms pressed flat against his shoulders, and he’s too stunned to react to the touch, to the intimate closeness and the shock of warmth from her hands, fingers digging into his collar like she’s intent on imprinting her entire being on his.

“Listen to me! You’re having a nightmare.”

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Awhile ago @littleblue-eyedbird prompted me to do some angsty Solavellan and it sat half finished in my drafts for… a long time lmao So here’s some Solas trying to deal with Wisdom’s death :))

Senna had not known Wisdom long - not nearly as long as Solas seemed to, at least - but the nature of the spirit’s death and the reaction of her friend left her in mourning. It had been several weeks since the incident in the Exalted Plains. Solas disappeared completely. Senna first returned to Skyhold mourning the loss of her friend, only to find when he returned that he had lost part of himself.

She waited to approach him. After he nearly attacked her for trying to follow him when he left the Inquisition, she made more of an effort to respect his desires. Even from afar she saw he was less volatile than when he left, more somber and contemplative. It reminded her of when they returned from Therinfal. There was nothing she despised more than to see him that way.

She did not seek him out, but she did find him one blustery night. As was often the case she couldn’t sleep and instead walked the now familiar paths of Skyhold to calm her thoughts. He was alone - he was almost always alone - and gazing over the Frostbacks.

Senna took a breath.

“Aneth ara,” she greeted with the hint of a question.

Solas glanced over his shoulder, nodded, and said, “Inquisitor.”

Not a welcome, but not a dismissal either. She shuffled closer. “Are you well?”

“I am in good health.” An easy deflection. He did not look at her.

“You know what I mean,” she pressed.

“I …” The small fumble was enough to break his stoic presentation. All at once his shoulders slumped and weariness manifested on his eyes and the tips of his ears. “It is difficult.”

“Solas.” Senna touched his arm. Words sat at the edge of her tongue but none of them could say what she wanted. “Thank you for coming back. You didn’t have to. You could have left entirely and no one would have thought poorly of you.”

After all he suffered she was more amazed he had not left months ago. Solas stared ahead at the mountains and she let her hand drop.

“I wanted to,” he breathed, like a confession of some hidden darkness. “I wanted to find a quiet place, slip into the Fade, and never return. Demons tempt mages with power, wealth, and vengeance, but this is my temptation. I nearly succumbed.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“It would have been irresponsible,” he said firmly. Senna was surprised that was reason enough. “I am most at home in the Fade but there are many things outside it I cherish, things I would lose were I to indulge a desire for ease and comfort. In the long run it would be as much a loss as Wisdom was, perhaps more.”

“And that is enough?” It was not a challenge. She didn’t mean it as one. But his eyes narrowed with quick anger.

“I understand if you doubt my strength, Inquisitor, but I am committed. I will see this through to the end.”

“No, that’s not- after everything I’ve seen you do, I couldn’t doubt you, Solas. I meant that sometimes noble intentions are the hardest to keep in mind. My duty as the Inquisitor is to protect Thedas but, if I am honest, I rarely think of Thedas as a whole. When I am in doubt I do not think about the good I can do for all people. I think about my advisors, my soldiers, my friends … and you. But if a general idea of the future is enough for you, it is enough,” she explained.

“I see.” He wasn’t looking at her again. “Then I find myself in the same position. Though I spoke in general terms, I do have more tangible reasons for continuing my journey in mind.”

She nodded and, finding nothing of worth on her tongue, blurted, “That’s good.”

He said nothing more for a long time. Senna wondered if it would be best to leave but the selfish part of her kept her feet planted. She had missed his company in those long weeks and even in silence she found his presence soothing.

“Thank you, Inquisitor,” he murmured, facing her fully for the first time since his return.

“You’re welcome?”

Solas chuckled. “Grief is a wound that heals with time. I appreciate that you lessened its sting. And - no, it is no matter.”

He seemed to abandon his last thought and Senna let it slide. “I’m glad. I was worried since you started calling me Inquisitor again.”

“Ah, yes.” He made no excuse for it.

“You know I don’t like it,” she pressed amiably, shifting her weight into a relaxed position.

“I-” He stopped, clamped his jaw, and started again, “Ir abelas, Senna. You deserve better from me.”

“You have good reason. After what happened. But you don’t need to suffer alone. If I can help, you know I’m always available to you,” she said.

A somber smile met her words and he did not quite meet her eye. “Thank you. For now I will retire. I’m sure you have a full day ahead tomorrow.”

Senna bid him goodnight, feeling just as distant from him as when she first greeted him. She watched his stiff back disappear into darkness until she was completely alone. Senna pressed her forehead to the cold stone of Skyhold’s wall and let out a long breath. Her chest ached, dark and empty, and she knew she wouldn’t sleep when she returned to her room.

A commission I made for @littleblue-eyedbird, depicting a scene from her fanfic Savior of the Damned

This fic had caught my attention long ago, but my bad memories failed me in tracking back who wrote it and the title itself hahah silly me  (・・;)ゞ but now that I know who wrote it, the title and actually DREW a scene from it, I recommend you guys to read it! The idea itself is really creative, and it’s wonderfully written! 

Thank you Ainsley for letting me draw Anise! She’s beautiful and has a unique facial structure, and for letting me have access for the pin board for Anise, it was fun looking at all the concept art for her that I get excited! It was fun drawing this piece!  \(≧▽≦)/
Savior of the Damned - littleblue_eyedbird - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Relationships: Female Lavellan/Solas
Characters: Solas, Female Lavellan, Clan Lavellan, Abelas, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Non-Inquisitor Lavellan, Comfort/Angst, Slow Burn, Romance, Graphic Descriptions of Injuries, Lavellan nurses Solas back to health, and inevitably falls in love with him, But things get complicated, there will be smut

Superstition and Fear whispered for her to run.
Resentment and Anger commanded her stay, watch him suffer and die.
Reason told her to send word to the Inquisition and turn him over to their jurisdiction.
Mercy pleaded with her to put him out of his misery and end his life on the spot.
But Intuition asked her to save him, and it was Intuition that won her over in the end.


I know I don’t normally promote fics, but this one is amazing guys. You need to check it out @littleblue-eyedbird has done an amazing job portraying the Solavellan romance post Trespasser and has established a realistic and convincing family and backstory to the protagonist. 

First off, that summary is amazing, not to mention how it ties into the whole conflict so far in the fic. It’s beautifully written and entertaining every word of the way. 

I can’t wait for more. 


One of the things I love the most about the Dragon Age fandom is how many unique and wonderful characters people create. I love them.

I wanted to show my appreciation for the staggering creativity, work and love put into these characters. They are all so unique and different and lovely.  I got an idea and I commissioned @dexukiart to draw my favorite Lavellans.

I wanted to see them all together, so this is a sort of masterpost. Links to a small post about each, and why I love them :D. From the top left to bottom right: 

I hope you all enjoy this vision of your Lavellans, I love them and your writing <3. 

A HUGE thanks to @dexukiart​, these portraits are so awesome, and she was so patient and wonderful to work with, accommodating my detective work to get this done secretly, sleuthing out information :).

Music Shuffle

Thanks for the tag, @fatale-distraction ^.^

Put a playlist on shuffle and list 10 songs that come up. I’ll use my playlist for The Dead Season since it’s pretty long at this point, and also follow in fatale’s footsteps and provide a small bit of explanation for each. Here’s a link to the whole playlist on Spotify. 

1. Missing the War by Ben Folds Five

I was listening to this song a lot while writing and contemplating Solas’s initial sort of “break” from repression. It has a lot of beauty and pain and resignation about it. It’s a man at the end of his rope, and he knows it, but he may feel he’s doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Yet it is not bereft of hope, re: the final chord, which is in a sort of surprising major key.

2. The One Who Stayed and the One Who Left by Regina Spektor

This song represents really just…me, and my characterization of Solas. The Dead Season went through a major shift, planning-wise, somewhere right around the Crestwood chapters. This is when I realized that Solas would never leave, that this was a story about some version of Solas who stays, who sort of just…gives in to happiness? He allows himself to become both a loyal friend and like, a sort of tirelessly earnest lover, and he finally accepts that it’s okay for him to want these sorts of things, and that they are enough.

3. South Tacoma Way by Neko Case

This song is for Ghilan’nain. Much of what it refers to in my mind happens off-stage in TDS and is only alluded to in passing or via implication. I view it as her sort of backwards mind during the middle of the Great War, mourning Solas as she once knew him, and their old life together. The death of a country childhood, the death of home and safety. I won’t go into any more detail so as to avoid spoilers.

4. 20 Years of Snow by Regina Spektor

This song is for Sene. Sene is always sort of halfway out the door, in a lot of ways, and with everything but Solas. He’s kind of the only thing she’s ever been sure about. This is a song about a girl who seems innocent to the failings of the world but who is actually being eaten up inside, who wants to escape. It also just sort of sounds like how I feel the inside of Sene’s mind sounds: somehow both sad and frenetic. 

5. The Swiss Army Romance by Dashboard Confessional

This song just captures the theme of wasted youth that I go after quite a lot in TDS. I view and sort of write about Inquisition as this dark times summer camp, in which all of these damaged children are coming together to save each other’s souls. I capture most of these characters as very young: Sene is only 20, Solas is 30, Abelas is 25, Morrigan is 32, Cullen is 32, Sera is 22, Bull is 28, Dorian is 30. While the lyrics of this song have very little to do with anything the theme and the rush of it just got into my head in this perfect way. Grow up fast is repeated multiple times in the end, and the song makes a huge emphasis on young people who sort of play with fire in ways they should not.

6. Middle Cyclone by Neko Case

This song just reminded me of Solas. There is a lot of relevant imagery, including bells and foundries and wells. I feel like, by the end, however, this song applies less. The key lyric is: So I choke it back, how much I need love. I’m not sure Solas is choking back much of anything anymore. Certainly not this.

7. Vengeance is Sleeping by Neko Case

This is a song for Solas as a younger man. It sort of tells the story of him and Mythal, though a lot of it is just me internalizing the themes and applying them impressionistically in my brain. This song is sort of written as a conversation, in which neither person seems to understand the other in ways that ultimately doom their relationship. The opening verse also just reminds me so much of Solas as a teenager, the first time I stumbled upon it I sort of lost my breath.

8. Cologne by Ben Folds

I really like this song because it sounds very blue, and like all of Ben Folds’s songs, it captures this willful resignation and mundane self-loathing that I feel applies to Solas quite often, especially in the latter half of the work. At some point, Sene observes that Solas lives in a natural state of “losing.” He expects anyone he loves to either leave him or die, so he can be fast to dramatics, and to give up on himself. This song is an ode to the moment he thinks Sene is leaving him. But like, once he fucks up enough times, he starts to actually look around and realize that like, people are sort of staying? And not dying? For once? This is the thing that changes him in the end, it just takes a…while to crack the shell.

9. Don’t Forget Me by Neko Case

This song is just about the great big expansive blue nothing of time. Don’t forget me. People come and go, they’re born, they die. It’s all going on forever and there’s nothing we can do about it so just like…live. And love. Don’t forget the past, but don’t let it rule you either. This is all like a huge running theme in TDS that is finally now starting to, at least in my brain, take shape.

10. Star Witness by Neko Case

This song is for Solas and Mythal and very much captures the violence and fucked-up nature of the Great War and the unruly lawlessness of Arlathan. This song is full of drugs and car crashes and murder, and at its center is a young woman both morning her lover and also begging for his life. Don’t let him die, she says. I won’t go into the specifics of this song and how it fits in my mind, so as to avoid spoilers. If you want more, you can let me know. :-) Objectively, this is also one of my favorite songs in the entire world. @wrenbee can attest to its greatness.

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Mythal, with Colors.

Thank you for the tag, @hansaera, <3 The meme is to take 4 favourite colors of your OC and post the gif found ;)

I did something like this a long time ago for Sene, so this time, I’ll do Mythal. These are more colors that describe her, I think, and the general aesthetic I use when i write her. The objects following the colors are associated symbols.

Purple (Flowers)

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Black (Birds)

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Blue (Ice)

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White (Snow)

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I’ll tag @thevikingwoman @wrenbee @littleblue-eyedbird @whosafraidofthebigbaddreadwolf @ladydracarysao3 @fadedforyou @elfsplaining @ladylike-foxes @kaoruyogi

20 Q’s

I’ve been tagged by @littleblue-eyedbird, @katalyna-rose (can’t tag you! :@the-emerald-halla!

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Name: Saera

Nickname: Saera

Zodiac sign: Leo

Height: 5′1″

Orientation: I’d prefer not to answer this, thanks

Ethnicity: Southeast Asian

Favourite fruit: Mangoes, Watermelon, Mangosteen, Durian.

Favourite season: Rainy season (there’s no four season here lol)

Favourite book series: I only read mangas so… Fruits Basket

Favourite flower: Baby’s Breath, White Rose.

Favourite scent:  Marc Jacobs Daisy

Favourite colour: Black, Gold, Blue, Red

Favourite animals: Wolves, Foxes, Felines, Horses, Eagles

Coffee, tea or cocoa

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Average sleep hours: it ranges nowadays.. but a full 8 hours is a must

Cat or dog person

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Favourite fictional characters: I’ve mentioned a full list of this and I’m too tired to search for it right now, but I’ll mention a few that I remember

  • Solas (DA:I)
  • Sato Hiroshi/Lee Gangto (Bridal Mask/Gaksital)
  • Kyo, Hatori, Katsuya Honda (Fruits Basket)

Number of blankets you sleep with: 1 

Dream trip: Nowadays if I even manage to go out and have lunch is a trip in itself lol but I’ve always wanted to visit Japan and/or New Zealand.

Blog created: I’ve had a personal blog since 2012, but this particular art blog was created around September 2016.

Number of followers: 1,199! 

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