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A commission I made for @littleblue-eyedbird, depicting a scene from her fanfic Savior of the Damned

This fic had caught my attention long ago, but my bad memories failed me in tracking back who wrote it and the title itself hahah silly me  (・・;)ゞ but now that I know who wrote it, the title and actually DREW a scene from it, I recommend you guys to read it! The idea itself is really creative, and it’s wonderfully written! 

Thank you Ainsley for letting me draw Anise! She’s beautiful and has a unique facial structure, and for letting me have access for the pin board for Anise, it was fun looking at all the concept art for her that I get excited! It was fun drawing this piece!  \(≧▽≦)/


Tagged by @liderfin @littleblue-eyedbird and @consumed-by-veilfire to post a selfie, my lock screen, and the last song I listened to. Thank you, friends! <3 My lock screen is a picture of my husband and my kid, so I’ll just describe it to you: picture a bearded man in a flannel pushing a two year old on a swing in the park on a sunny day. The two year old looks exactly like me, only two. My husband has kind of a wolverine thing going on. That selfie is me sitting in my in-laws’ kitchen, trying to write and doing this instead lol.

I feel a lot of people have been tagged, so if you’ve already done this or do not want to, no worries!! Also, going to second bird and say if you don’t feel comfortable posting a selfie, post a picture of something that represents you instead. <3 tagging @tel-abelas-mofo @thevikingwoman @wrenbee @ladydracarysao3 @ma-sulevin @5ftgarden @bearlytolerable @roguelioness @kaoruyogi @fatale-distraction @lepetitchoucommie​ (*winks* hey.) @widdlez @whosafraidofthebigbaddreadwolf @amburururu


I was tagged by two awesome tumblrs @liderfin​ and @littleblue-eyedbird​ to post my phone lock and backgrounds, a selfie, and the last song I listened to.

I’m sure you are all completely shocked by my lock screen backgrounds.  Like how could you have ever guessed that I’d have the egg on there!?

Then latest selfie.

And finally last song I listened to was Written In Blood by She Wants Revenge.

I think most of the people I’d tag that would be comfortable doing this have already been tagged but if you want to do it and haven’t yet by all means consider yourself tagged by me lol

Prompt "The feel of fingertips trailing over a bare shoulder blade"

(Prompt given to me by @littleblue-eyedbird for @dadrunkwriting)

“How did this happen, Inquisitor?” I snapped, the leather tent flap slapping the back of my arm.

Ellana looked over her shoulder but my eyes stared at the slow trail of blood soaking through her tunic sleeve. There was a gash from collar to shoulder blade where the material frayed. Her uninjured hand snatched both ends closed.

“It’s nothing, Solas.” She said and I could hear the exhaustion in her voice.

“Fenedhis lasa.” I swore, crossing the tent space to her in two long strides.

This close I could see the depth of the gash and knew where it came from.

“Fen'Harel ma halam, Templars!”

Her eyes widened and I knew it was because of my anger. Maybe it was traveling these many weeks crowded around too many obnoxious people that had my usual can unraveling. Sucking in a deep breath through clenched teeth, I switched tactics. My eyes softened.

“I’m going to cut the sleeve and heal the gash before you bleed out.”

“Solas, you don’t–”

“Please, Lethallan.” It’s the only thing keeping me from ripping their hearts out to fatten their druffalo.

“Ma nuvenin.” She sighed sinking onto her bedroll.

Magic sparked along my fingertips reviving the arousal I was becoming familiar sensing. I focused past carnality to tear the fabric and free the wound. My breath caught in my throat and my jaw clamped on a growl from surfacing.

Ellana’s shoulder swelled purple from the be bruising and my fingers twitched hovering over the torn flesh.

“Hamin.” I instructed then traced up her shoulder blade.

A feather light touch so soft that I closed my eyes at the press of it, hearing the moan it drew from Ellana. She shifted, bracing her back dangerously close to my hardening body.

Too much… This is too much.

The skin was warm and pliant underneath my fingertips. It felt silk smooth except for the puckering ridge along the cut. With the erotic addiction of my magic being shared between us I was finding it hard to concentrate on the healing.

Each methodic massage of my healing magic into tender flesh released a bloom of her aroma: lilies, oakmoss and femininity. I choked back a groan. This was far from professional, and the dizzying pleasure of the magic stoked a flame inside of me so forgotten I didn’t know what it meant to burn.

Until now.

“Solas…” She said my name as little more than a rasp and turned to face me.

A shiver lanced up my spine and I couldn’t stifle the gutteral whine.

Her lips parted slightly at first, and then she flicked her tongue along the bottom as if trying to sample a taste. “I… Need…”

Light flooded in the tent as the flap was jerked aside and heavy boots crunched on the gravel behind us.

“Chuckles? I came with the poultices for the… Why are your ears red?”

Varric’s deep voice dragged me from my lull and I backpedaled from where I knelt with the Inquisitor. Rubbing my temples - feigning a headache to hide my blush - I pretended to study over the poultices in the Durgen'len’s hand. After a few breaths to cool the heat from my cheeks, I found my voice.

“Why is the sky blue? Really if we start questioning these things we’ll never get our work done. I - ah - need to go.”

I left, letting the tent flap create a barrier between Ellana and me, staring down at my hands. My brow twitched. All of that because of a simple touch of her shoulder blade.

littleblue-eyedbird  asked:

Fenris out of no where having vivid dreams of Hawke who was left in the fade, and he realizes it's her reaching out to him?

The sun is hot on his face, glaring down from an endless stretch of turquoise sky, and it’s like fire filling his lungs when he breathes. Beads of perspiration cling to his brow, only to trickle down his neck to soak the fabric of his fine shirt. Short-lived jewels holding no real worth, but then they’re all he’s ever owned. The marbled tiles are cool against the bare soles of his feet, and he catches the hurried song of running servants’ steps, and the familiar, lilting tones of the language that’s etched on his bones. The air drums with talk and movement, but always out of sight, as servants should be.

(As you should be)

The thought crawls with unease along his spine, attaching itself like a too-tight garment that used to fit, once. It’s like he’s suddenly too big for his skin, and he fidgets, restless and aching to run, but something keeps him from moving, some deep-rooted, unconscious knowledge he can’t put his finger on.

Then – a servant passes him by, a faceless shape refusing to meet his eyes, and it’s a sudden shock, remembering. And not just where he is but who, what–

(Little wolf, where is your pack?)

–and then he’s choking on the warm air, the pressure on his chest like hot, heavy coals. And there are no shackles around his wrists but he feels them regardless, pinning him down, keeping him in place, like a dutiful pet who knows the limits of its freedom, and does not need a physical reminder to stay put.

It’s wrong – it’s all wrong, he shouldn’t be here, he shouldn’t but he is, and he can’t remember how he got here or from where. And the more he thinks about it the harder it becomes, piecing together why it is he doesn’t belong, and if he’s not supposed to be here, then where? And–

A hand clamps down over his wrist, slender fingers gripping with enough strength to physically drag his gaze back up from where he’s curled in on himself, and it’s a different sky reflected in her eyes, staring fiercely from the sharp angles of her face.

“Fenris,” Hawke says, voice firm. Not unkind – she is not unkind, he thinks, remembers, although he doesn’t know how he knows. She is not his master.

Is she?

“Fenris!” she snaps, and it takes him a moment to realise he’s spoken the question out loud.

The fierceness bleeds from her face then, leaving something desperately soft, something that’s almost pleading slipping through the cracks of her hard countenance, and he wonders idly, not understanding, why his words should warrant such a visceral reaction.

“Fenris, it’s just a dream,” she says then, taking a step closer, into his personal space, as though she belongs there – as though she’s long since made herself comfortable, but how could that be? She’s not his master. He knows who his master is and it’s not her, with her too-blue eyes and her fiercely pleading face.

Then, before he’s had the chance to ask she’s got her palms pressed flat against his shoulders, and he’s too stunned to react to the touch, to the intimate closeness and the shock of warmth from her hands, fingers digging into his collar like she’s intent on imprinting her entire being on his.

“Listen to me! You’re having a nightmare.”

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The Elf with the Emerald Orb

Roslyn Trevelyan, one of only a handful of lethal inquisitors, the Chantry’s top secret agents, is tasked with safe-guarding a mysterious elven professor whose research has made him the target of Tevinter fanatics bent on destroying the world. When her partner disappears and her routine assignment turns into a flight for her life, she finds the only person she can trust is her new charge. But the elf is not who he appears to be, and the faster she runs, the deeper into a den of secrets and lies she entangles herself. For even an iron heart can be crushed in the Dread Wolf’s jaws. 

Solas/Trevelyan, James Bond AU

The author does not apologize for her employment of excessive trope and cheesy action movie clichés. She also blames @sansbanshees and @littleblue-eyedbird for being horrible enablers.

Chapter 1. Fallen Angels

Cloudreach 27, 9:37 Dragon, Denerim

The soft whirr of the air conditioning was the only sound Butler heard as he stepped into his office. Odd, he thought, loosening his tie and cracking his neck. It usually wasn’t so loud.

He exhaled a deep breath, brushing away the annoyance that had become more familiar to him than his own name. Soon, he would be flying on his own plane to Ansburg, rid of this backwards country and the bleeding Chantry he’d left behind.

He unbuttoned his collar, reaching for the decanter of brandy that sat on the table beside the door. His hand passed through air, and he frowned. The model of his personal plane sat next to where his decanter usually rested. In its place—a small, folded, paper flower.  

A soft clink of glass on wood, a low murmur of contentment.

He spun to the left and froze.

A woman sat in the dim light, legs crossed demurely as she considered the crystal tumbler in her hand. She wore a smart black suit, tailored perfectly and opened to reveal a crisp white dress-shirt, unbuttoned at the top, a wild mane of blood-red hair curled over her shoulders. She blinked once, long, thick lashes framing her dark eyes—and recognition slid into place.

Fear followed quick on its heels, but he swallowed it down.

“Trevelyan. There a reason you’re in my office?”

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About Me

I was tagged by the lovely @littleblue-eyedbird & @imaridraws thank you sweethearts <3

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better. 

Name: You can call me Saera.

Nickname: Saera.

Zodiac sign: Leo.

Height: 1.5m

Orientation: it’s not a necessary information to disclose.

Ethnicity: South-East Asian (I’m not comfortable to reveal my ethnicity publicly, but if you’re curious to know, you’re welcomed to send me a private message!)

Favorite fruit: Mango & Watermelooooaaaaaannn

Favorite season: We ain’t got 4 seasons here lol but I do love the rain!

Favorite book series: not an avid book reader.

Favorite flower: Baby’s Breath & Hydrangea.

Favorite scent: Sweet & floral scents, but nothing too strong.

Favorite color: Black, blue & gold.

Favorite animals: The entire Feline species (extra love for Tigers and Cheetahs) Wolves, Horses, RED PANDAS, Eagles & Owls.

Coffee, tea or cocoa:

Average sleep hours: 7-8hrs, continuously. I get cranky AF if I got less.

Cat or dog person: Meow

Favorite fictional characters

  • Solas [DA:I],
  • Lee Gangto/Sato Hiroshi (If you love Solas, you’ll love Gangto. Trust me. The second most complex character I love after Solas) [Gaksital],
  • Yuu Kanda [D.Gray-Man],
  • Shinrei [Kyo Samurai Deeper],
  • Anotsu Kagehisa [Blade of the Immortal],
  • Daryun [Arslan Senki],
  • Hak [Akatsuki no Yona],
  • Kyo, Hatori, Haru & Rin Sohma [Fruits Basket],
  • Asami Sato [Legend of Korra],
  • Zuko & Sokka [A:tLA],
  • Haldir, Aragorn & Faramir [LoTR],
  • Tom Sherbourne (I want him as a husband ;–;) [The Light Between Oceans]

Number of blankets you sleep with: One, but it’s hot here so I usually just discard the blanket, or sleep on top of it.

Dream trip: Japan & Europe. I kinda wanna go to the US just because I want to splurge on makeup *.*

Blog created: This art blog was created last year, around September I think. But I’ve had a personal blog dated back to 2012.

Number of followers: 671 (and loving every single one <3)

I’ll tag: @solverne @tsyele @smuttine @louminx @lafaiette @faerunner @ellstersmash @blame-it-on-the-fade feel free to skip this if you don’t want to do it!

thevikingwoman  asked:

For DWC: Solas taking Ghil on a 'not-date'. Maybe bowling or something similar? <3

I had to look back through my inbox pretty deep, but I found it! I knew I had a bowling date prompt in here somewhere. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be @thevikingwoman. <3 @fatale-distraction for you, too. I’ll also tag @roguelioness @ladydracarysao3 @littleblue-eyedbird @thebeautifulsilverhare @5ftgarden @liderfin @bearlytolerable and @wrenbee. Thank you for supporting Teen Wolf. :-)

Solas and Ghilan’nain. Nineteen years old. Arlathan.

Happy Valley Lanes

They liked Arlathan in the late nights. Like when the sky filled with smoke and the factories went to sleep. All the people had already left the city in a great big whoosh, and the streets were empty. Just a bunch of garbage blowing around in the wind. It was a time for mischief, and it was a pink moon that night over Arlathan, and the floating castles beckoned with their dreary eyes. Flaking piece by piece. Who would have guessed that inside a year this whole thing would have gone to shit?

Solas and Ghil left the Weathers after a long afternoon of doing nothing but smoking and watching his mother in the garden. They tumbled into town after she went to sleep, not knowing what else to do. So they went to the bowling alley. It was a crass and shitty place all filled with teenagers, most of them younger, and strange first dates, and the occasional cluster of middle-aged men attempting to relive their glory years. These were the kinds of elves who bowled. The bowling alley they went to was called Happy Valley Lanes but this wasn’t really any sort of happy valley, as far as they could see.

But who needs a flashy bowling alley? Nobody goes to a bowling alley to feel fancy. Solas and Ghil had come to terms with their rural trash lives a long time ago, and especially now that they were in love, they had no need for light shows. They just wanted bowling pins and bad lighting and people who gave no shits just like them. Also a pitcher of beer. Plus, you could still smoke inside which, outside the casinos and the Ring, was not the typical rule in Arlathan.

This place had a falling-apart bar and two bouncers and a juke box powered by steam and magical impulse. The floors were old wood and the whole place reeked of smoke and beer and you could order a basket of fried pickles if you so pleased. They put on their bowling shoes and Solas sprawled out on the bench while Ghil used a pencil to keep score. She was no good at bowling and was typically happy with anything above a 90. Solas, however. Well, you guess.

“Don’t make fun of me,” she said. It was the end of the game. Ghil: 97. Solas: 210. She sat down next to him on the bench. “Please, for once.”

“I would never make fun of you, Ghilan’nain. Why would you say that?”

“Because I suck.”

He smirked. “Well, you may suck,” he said. “But you’re extremely pretty.”

“Shut the fuck up, Solas.”

She elbowed him. He dipped the joint and blew the smoke into the air above her head. “Let’s go again,” he said.

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Song Meme!

I was tagged by @roguelioness and @rawrzimon! Thank you!!

List the last 10 songs you’ve listened to:

1. I’ve Just Seen a Face- Beatles (though also the Jim Sturgess cover)
2. Dust to Dust- Civil Wars
3. Evermore- Josh Groban
4. Confession- Josh Groban
5. Distance- Christina Perri
6. Eavesdrop- Civil Wars
7. Remember When it Rained- Josh Groban
8. Something- The Beatles
9. Death Whispered a Lullaby- Opeth
10. Mercy- Shawn Mendes

I know they’re all over the place lol.

I’m tagging @love-in-nature, @fereldenpeach, @distractthegoddess, @aeyemenethes, @littleblue-eyedbird, @whosafraidofthebigbaddreadwolf, @dexukiart, @tel-abelas-mofo and @shift-shaping only if you want!


Tagged by @littleblue-eyedbird to post my background and lock screen, the last song I listened to, and a selfie!

Background is Super Sexy Ultimate Husband Krem by @chaoslindsay
Lock screen is adorable Krems by @xfreischutz
Last song I listened to according to Spotify is Armies of Your Heart, on the playlist I made for Ellana. Elizaveta is the artist responsible for Maryden’s singing voice and she’s amazing!!
And a selfie I don’t think I ever posted??? From back when my hair was still long and not undercut. Also there’s a piggie nose in that shot that I didn’t notice. xD
I tag @theeviloutthere @makiichigo @ohshwee @shanoniusrex and @korino21


Ok I’ve been tagged twice now lol by @smuttine​ & @littleblue-eyedbird​ to this meme: Post my phone lockscreen/background/selfie and last song I listened to.

Thanks for the tag guys x

So my lockscreen pic belongs to Nipuni and my Background is an image by kallielef

And the last song I listened to was Andromeda by Gorrilaz, new stuff so I am super happy >_<

I don’t know who’s comfortable showing their face so not gonna tag anyone

littleblue-eyedbird  asked:

Okay! :D i'm gonna combine two!!: Kiss unexpectedly at midnight on New Years!!! (any paring you wish, but I am eternally weak for Solavellan)

Thank you for the prompt! <3

Solas x Lavellan, 1000 words, SFW, (AO3)

Ellana twirled the stem of a champagne flute in her hand, dangling it dangerously over the balcony railing with two fingers. It was freezing outside, and the slinky dress that barely covered her knees should never be worn in winter weather. A brisk breeze rattled her teeth with every breath, yet still she didn’t return to the heat of the party.

What was the point?

Josephine had outdone herself again. People from all over Ferelden and Orlais were crammed into the penthouse, most of them unknown to Ellana. Celebrities, politicians, high-paid executives… all people she had become accustomed to meeting and would typically bore her to death with their uppity socializing.

So she remained outside in the icy cold. Alone. On New Year’s Eve.

Ellana sighed and placed her glass on the railing, taking both hands to her arms and rubbing some warmth into them. New Year’s was so depressing. Another year of her life gone past. What had she even accomplished? She hated thinking about the future, about the choices she would have to make and the inevitable mistakes, and the regret that would follow.

Something warm dropped on her shoulders and she whipped around to see Solas standing behind her. His suit jacket was now wrapped around her, and he smiled at her in that quiet, subtle way he was known to do.

“You look cold,” Solas observed, one side of his mouth curling up a little higher.

“Thanks,” she breathed, turning back to the view of the cityscape below again. A heat crept up her neck, and not from the new, toasty cloth around her arms, but from the man who now leaned over the railing beside her.

For two years, she had worked with him, yet she wasn’t even sure she could call him a friend. He was always carefully professional, except for the rare moment of a flirtatious tease, but that had only happened a handful of times. Three, to be exact. And Ellana knew it to be three times because she thought about them repeatedly. Every time he entered the room, in fact.

“Not enjoying the party?” he asked, watching her with a raised brow.

Ellana shrugged. “It isn’t… my crowd.”

Solas let out a soft chuckle. “Yes,” he agreed. “Not the most enjoyable company, unfortunately.” He smiled, and it was possibly the warmest smile she had ever seen from him.


The two jumped at the sudden shout from the party. It was the countdown to midnight, the final seconds until the new year. Ellana peeked at the laughing people inside, all beginning to pair up and prepare for their midnight kiss.

Her eyes snuck to Solas, who was still staring at the skyscrapers below and around them. They were the only two people on this balcony. It would make sense to kiss. It was nearly expected to.

But Solas had never shown even a remote amount of interest in her (besides those three flirts, of course). Always an arm’s length away whenever she neared, and sometimes she wondered if maybe he didn’t even like her. Maybe he secretly despised her. Which would be a shame, since Ellana got butterflies in her stomach when he said her name, and her heart raced if they ever brushed shoulders, and a compliment from him would make her week.

And she was pretty sure a kiss from him would make her year.

“FIVE!” the people chanted inside. The clock was ticking, the last moments of this long, strenuous year falling away into a fresh one.

Ellana twisted to face him. Solas was already turned towards her, a slight furrow in his brow as his eyes swept down her face. Her body involuntarily slanted towards him, willing him to lean back, wishing that for once, she would have a New Year’s she would want to remember.

Solas caught a piece of the coat around her shoulders between his fingers and tugged her towards him. It was so chilly out, she could see their breaths puffing between them, edging closer and closer into one single little cloud.

“Happy New Year!” the party sang.

Ellana could hear the chatter quiet as people kissed inside, but Solas wasn’t moving. Only staring.

The party cheering started again as pairs broke apart and began to laugh. Fireworks exploded across the sky, and the city burst into song. A new year had started, and the moment to kiss had passed.

“Happy New Year, boss!” Iron Bull yelled, popping his head out onto the balcony. “We’re going to Herald’s Rest, if you two want to join.”

Ellana sighed and shook her head. “Thanks, but I think I’m going to go home,” she told Bull. Shrugging the jacket from her shoulders, she handed it back to Solas and said a short goodbye.

And then Ellana left without waiting for a reply.

The street outside the building was filled with celebrating people competing for taxis. Ellana huffed an aggravated sigh. It could take hours to get a cab tonight. She waved her arm in the air, attempting to hail a car down. Ellana stood on her toes to look down the crowded street. Should she walk to a quieter area?

As she turned to find a new spot, Ellana crashed into a person standing behind her. “Oh, I’m sorr–”

But it was Solas. He lingered a moment, breathless with parted lips before grasping her with his hands until she was pressed against him. For a brief second, he gazed at her, and time became frozen. A stillness caught her breath, raced her heart, muted the oblivious crowd around them.

Then he kissed her. And it was eager and ardent and tasted like champagne, and it set her whole body abuzz, starting from her lips and humming down to her toes.

Solas pulled away as suddenly as he had started. “Happy New Year,” he whispered with a smile, and for the first time in her life, Ellana thought she might actually be looking forward to the future.

About Meeee

The lovely @littleblue-eyedbird tagged me to do meme so here I am.

Thank you Birb x

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better. (lol probably not going to tag 20 lbr, and I’m going to add that if you don’t feel comfortable doing this, or answering a question you don’t have to! )

Name: You can call me Mind, mutuals can call me Naz.

Nickname: Naz mostly

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Height: 5ft 7in

Orientation: Bi/Pan (still not entirely sure what differintiates the two)

Ethnicity: Mixed (Irish/Moroccan)

Favorite fruit: Oranges

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite book series: Don’t really have one lol

Favorite flower: Tiger Lillies

Favorite scent: Oranges

Favorite color: Purples, Burgundy, Black

Favorite animals: Owls, Whales, Deer, Peacocks

Coffee, tea or cocoa: Coffeeee & Cocoa, infact mix em together.

Average sleep hours: 7

Cat or dog person: Cat

Favorite fictional characters: Solas, Abelas, Zarya, Pharah, Tali’Zorah, Garrus, Paarthunax,  Kakuzu, Zaraki Kenpachi, Jesse Mccree, Reaper and many more.

Number of blankets you sleep with: A big huge thick warm blanket that’s super soft, and then an equally soft but lighter weighted one. SO two.

Dream trip: I want to go somewhere that feels other worldly, so like those places that are usually the inspiration for a lot of fantasy setting cuz the ideas had to come form somewhere.

Blog created: 2012…I dunno how I managed this long lol

Number of followers: 388

I shall taaaag: @malicemidnight, @my-blood-runs-blue & @smuttine

Brew Love

This is 100% @feynites fault. I have no idea how this happened. Credit to @littleblue-eyedbird for coming up with the title. <3

Solas was most definitely a creature of habit. Every morning he woke up at the same time, showered, ate his breakfast, and walked the five blocks to his studio where he spent the rest of the day critiquing and creating the latest fashions. He was slowly but surely bringing back the classic Elvhenan style. Dramatic sweeping lines. Bold, vibrant colors. Soft organic cloth and tasteful metallic accents. He had a strong foothold in both Ferelden and Antiva, and he was finally beginning to make headway in Orlais as well, but it was hard work.

He liked being organized. He liked knowing exactly where and when everything was going to happen over the course of his day. And he liked striding into the same café every morning at exactly half past seven and ordering his customary vanilla bean latte from his somewhat dour friend Abelas.

Except for today.

Today he was greeted by a cheerful smile from a pretty elf girl behind the counter he had never seen before. He could even have been persuaded to concede that she was, in fact, very pretty, if she had not also been wearing what might possibly be the most hideous snot yellow polyester blend disaster of a sweater he had ever had the misfortune of laying his eyes upon. Not even her ‘Baked and Brewed’ apron could conceal the extent of its repugnance.

He cringed. Someone should really take that thing out back and put it out of its misery. It had an assortment of oddly shaped bright pumpkin orange puff balls sewn to it for heaven’s sake, if anything was in desperate need of a mercy killing, it was this sweater.

“Can I help you, Ser?” she asked, her smile fading into a puzzled frown as he continued to glare accusingly at her knitwear. He took note of the tattoos on her face. Dalish. Well, that accounted for…something. He still wasn’t convinced that simply being a backwoods bumpkin could excuse her poor taste in clothing. Even pelts and an overabundance of leather would have been a step up from that sweater.

“Where is Abelas?” he queried, casting a doubtful glance back towards the store room. He did not like change. He had meeting with a prospective client from Val Royeaux at ten, and the last thing he needed was to be dealing with hand-holding some newbie barista through the process of making a decent drink when he should be half way out the door already so he could review the selection they had picked out for the presentation and make any last minute adjustments.

“He started taking night classes, so working early mornings was rough for him,” she shrugged. “I offered to switch shifts.”

“Ah.” He replied, disappointed. He heaved a dejected sigh, mourning the loss of his routine, and dreading the inevitable fate of his coffee.

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