for little mikey


Alrighty so these poses are based from a scene in the 2003 series that I’ve always wanted to draw so I finally did (except it was Raph and Mikey instead)

Anywho, they are suppose to look younger (10 years old) in this but I forgot till I was half way done so use your imagination please, haha thanks! ^^’

This is around three months after Mikey’s arm is amputated and Don is still working on the robo arm.
The team is down to two turtles (Raph and Leo), they are sent on a really tough mission. Leo and Raph got separated in the fight and Leo is down.
Before the enemies can get to an unconcious Leo, something from the shadows takes them out.
Guess who the shadow was…Mikey! He saves Leo’s but and tries to haul him off the ground and get him out of there before reinforcements show up. But Mikey is still quite weak and is still recovering. Which leads to what Leo is saying in the second picture “Mikey!? W-what are you doing here? Your not healed enough.”
When Mikey speaks up to inform him “I’m doing better than you are.”
Oh Mikey, you little stinker.

Mikey wasn’t supposed to be there, but he snuck out of the footclan HQ. Donnie is gonna spazz when he sees Mikey’s gone.

It’s rough but it’s all I had time for at the moment. Hope you enjoy

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: on the fourth of july 2005, pete called someone baby boy on his blog. it was a post about how summer made him feel like he was living forever this might of inspired some of the tracks on ab/ap especially fourth of july and also after the first time he saw mcr after warped tour pete wrote a blog post about how he had a secret romance with someone im pretty sure it was about mikey way like seriously then ioh came out and there's the lyric "baby boy can't lift his headache head" and i aM FUCKING SCREAMING

I suppose you probably meant 2012 Mikey but I went with my dark turtle au Mikey, hope that’s okay @felhesznelenev ^^’

Anyway, no, requests are not open. This was just a suggestion from a time I asked for them and I’ve always wanted to draw this, but haven’t had time to. Today I finally did

When I was
A young boy
My father
Took me into the city

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