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My name is poet I am a Phillip I wrote this none just to show it And I, just turned Poem You can write Mine But you can't write rhymes I practice Piano And play French with my mother I HAVE A SISTER BUT I WANT A LITTLE BROTHER My daddy's tryin' to start America's Cinq! Un Deux Troqis Quartex BAAAAANK i'm sorry about the french

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Hamilton — Take a Break  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Take a break!”
  • “It’s good to see your face.”
  • “I know I’ll miss your face…”
  • “I cannot put the notion away.”
  • “I’ve got so much on my plate.”
  • “I wrote this poem just to show it.”
  • “Your son is nine years old today.”
  • “Run away with us for the summer!”
  • “I’m afraid I cannot join you upstate.”
  • “Do you have to live an ocean away?”
  • “I trust you’ll understand the reference.”
  • “I have a sister, but I want a little brother!”
  • “Screw your courage to the sticking place!”
  • “You and I can go when the night gets dark!”
  • “I’ll be there in just a minute, save my plate.”
  • “It changed the meaning. Did you intend this?”
  • “They think me Macbeth, and ambition is my folly.”
  • “I’m a polymath, a pain in the ass… a massive pain.”
  • “I know you’re very busy. I know your work’s important.”
  • “There’s a little surprise before supper and it cannot wait!”
  • “Sit down with him and compromise. Don’t stop ‘til you agree!”
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @angrymadsygin! <3333 Tons of love to you, sweet mama!

“He was asleep the moment his head touched the pillow, and he dreamt of home in his youth.

Loki giggled at him, his face full and pink, a fine dusting of freckles dancing across his nose and cheeks. “Your lips are so red! You look like a maiden, Thor!” He jumped up and darted away, tossing a look over his shoulder to ensure Thor was following.Thor squealed as he chased his little brother. “Your fingers are stained too, like the ink-makers. I may be a woman, Loki, but you’re a PEASANT.” And he launched himself at his tricksy sibling and caught a fine-boned ankle. Loki went sprawling in the grass, looked at his hands, tinted green and red and they’ both laughed and laughed.”

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Gillen Beilschmidt/ 2P Prussia ~ Clean

She was so warm. Her skin was almost as warm as an oven. Her kiss was sugary sweet. Her hugs made his heart melt, and a blush spread all over his cheeks. He had never had anyone be so kind to him before. Everybody always tended to ignore him. He was the world’s punching bag and he took it, without fighting back. 

He never fought back to his bullies. He wished to die. Maybe if his bullies beat him hard enough then he would die. That was his one and only wish. When his bullies beat him, then that was one of the only times anyone paid attention to him. He knew his little brother, Lutz. If you could call him little by his size, loved him. But he was too busy with his own friends to care about him. 

It was just like an angel came to his rescue. She fought the bullies off, and since bullies didn’t want to have to hurt her, then they just left. She looked at him with such worry. With such care in her beautiful orbs that no one had ever looked at him before. 

He instantly fell for her. 

From that day on they started to hang out more and more, and one thing lead to another and then they started to date. He had never felt so happy. He had never felt so alive. He adored every single about her. She messed up his head. But he always felt like something was missing everytime she left his side. 

Soon, after dating him for over four months. She started to drift away. Why?! They had all the perfect ingredients to be the greatest couple. But she didn’t love him the way he loved her. She didn’t need him the way he needed her. But soon she saw the reason on why she had been ignoring him. 

Somebody new had taken over her heart. 

Another boy. She was talking to another boy. Kissing another boy! He felt his heart break into million pieces. But that pain was soon replaced with something. He hadn’t been able to feel for awhile. Rage. He walked away from the sight, being unnoticed by them, as usual. That wasn’t anything new. 

If he wasn’t as special to her as she was to him. Then he would be sure to make her feel every single bit of anger he was feeling. 

She would feel the pain. He has had to endure all his pitiful existence. He clenched his fists as he let out a dry chuckle. If he would be treated as shit by her then he would do the same. 

There was no escape from him. 


She was crying and screaming out in pain. Oh and how he adored that sound. She looked so pitiful and weak. So this was what it felt like to be in control. No wonder bullies did what they did, being in complete control over another person felt absolutely amazing. 

He licked some of the blood off of his knife, as he stared down on her scarred, ruined body. She was still beautiful. No. He wouldn’t stop until he would literally be nothing to her. This was his only way of helping her. Being unfaithful was a sin after all, and a sin had to be punished. 

He kissed away all her tears and caressed her scarred cheek slightly. It felt so soft against his finger tips.

“Don’t worry, Dear. When I’ll be finished with you then you will be clean again. You can thank me later, or well if you’ll still be alive then that is~“ 

All she did was beg him to stop. But he wouldn’t. Not until she was clean again. 

23-26.2.2017 - (days 43-46/100) + the river thames hey everyone!! so these past few days have been spent traveling like crazy (our last flight was delayed 4 hours so it was 5 am by the time I went to sleep) and trying to get used to the idea of this sudden move even after the fact. good news is that it’s my little brother’s birthday, all my siblings are now in the same place, and i have washi tape!! my laptop still has no charging cord but one should come soon and i’ll get right to proper posting (´▽`*)

==> Time/Darkness: Hop onto your Little Brother’s Planet

You are the POKEMON MYSTERY DUNGEON: EXPLORERS OF TIME/DARKNESS, and though you’re in the same generation of PMD games as your younger brother, SKY, you’re DEFINITELY OLDER THAN 10 OR 11. In fact, you are 18, and you pride yourself in the fact that you were a TOP TIER EXPLORER before you were even 17. Currently, you’re a GOLD RANK explorer, that being your passion, and you’re rarely home anymore. You, like your OLDER BROTHER, left at some point and hadn’t returned until your 3 YOUNGER SIBLINGS decided to play some STUPID GAME that cut on your adventuring time, and ruined the planet you’d made many discoveries on. What a bunch of IDIOTS.

You take after TEAM CHARM in your games, an all girl group of extremely distinguished explorers! They’d made many discoveries and had many accomplishments that you’ve certainly been living up to. Currently, you’re only here to see the brother you hadn’t seen in years… but then you’re off to explore your own planet again.

Your planet is the LAND OF GLAMOUR AND RUINS, featuring your favorite of combinations: Glitter and old things. Your consorts are the most adorable little creatures- small chameleons that run these little shops everywhere! You’ve stocked up on the necessities of adventure, and now after this quick stop, you’ll be ready to go.

==> PMD2:EoTD- Say Hello to your Little Brother Sky.

okay how about a web series that follows Rufus’ life before mason industries because I need to see this nerdy-but-badass-because-chicago adolescent rufus who loves his little brother and chocodiles and makes amazing science fair projects like a robotic backscratcher or something