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Well of course it is. She probably had drinks and a nice time at the concert as I'm sure there were others there. A bicycle ride in heels with a stalker riding behind you filming doesn't sound so "fun"

Go watch her Sunday selfie IGS back. Herself only on the bench. It served only to show she was out and about and match his location. Not a Funday.

I have watched every single snap/IGS she has done. More than once. She’s not herself.

(Who remembers ‘wish you were here?)

God I want to drag her but after last night… I just want to help her escape as undamaged as possible

She’s up against a family who are ‘possibly’ prepared collude with Russians to rig a US election to get what they want. And god knows what other corrupt activity.

Even Taylor’s money and formidable lawyers probably think its best to go along with it as carefully as they can.

Soon I hope she is the last of their concerns.


Ciaran (playing Brother): Okay, now that we’re all out, I don’t understand the last line of the note. Why wasn’t I allowed to give it away? Brother would 100% have gone over and told them they were under a spell.

DM: Did you read the second-last line of the note which says “They cannot see, hear, or feel you in character”?

Ciaran: Apparently I can’t read.

DM: *sighs* Well, at least you can follow simple instructions.

I think being born with a passion for musicals whilst being given no ability to execute them yourself in any creative form whatsoever is a worser fate than mouth herpes.

“I thought I had a very fast pony”

but what if it was the snortiest, scruffiest shetland and he loved it so dearly though.

what then.

help me.


HOLY MOLY 4000 FOLLOWERS!?!?! I’m amazed! I’m astounded!! I’m shocked!!! I’m crying, I’m so happy right now! Thank you so much for all the continuous support! I’m going to be taking a little break from tumblr for awhile for spring break to finish a lot of project I have rn, but as soon as I’m done I’ll come back and post all the goodies I’ve been working on! Thank you so much again babes! Please enjoy some Big brother Percy