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Monbebe keep going! Stay strong for the boys! To any other fandoms who are also voting for our boys, we greatly appreciate your assistance and efforts as well! We can do this! I love Got7 just as much but I honestly just want to see the smiles, tears of joy, and pure happiness for these boys getting their first win. They are working so hard.

  • Sejeong: The owner of this blog is an oven.
  • Nayoung: Explain.
  • Sejeong: Roasts me.
I.M (Monsta X) Reacting to Falling for a Hyper/Sexual Girl

Prompt: “Hi! I love your blog and reactions so much! I was wondering if you could do the reactions of Mark (GOT7), Namjoon (BTS) and I.M (Monsta X) when they fall for a short, hyper girl who is always making sexual jokes? Thank you :) xxx”

I.M: Since he is a meme boi, he would love how hyper you are. Your height would be cute to him and he would always try to be “manly” and get things from cabinets for you. Whenever you made a sexual joke, he would be a little flustered. He wouldn’t know if he should take it seriously or if it was just a joke. While he’d laugh, he’d always wonder if you were really like that. The sexual innuendos would probably drive him a little crazy, considering his feelings for you.

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Monsta X:  Younger sister being betrayed in a relationship *read original request*

Original Request:  “Hello can I request the BTS and Monsta X members having a younger sister and reacting to her coming to the dorm in tears one night, because she found out that her boyfriend of 9 months has been cheating on her/ been in a 4 year relationship and lied about it. He also lied to the sister saying that she meant more to him than just sex, and he took her virginity too.. and his girlfriends friend is verbally attacking the sister on social media. this happened to me a week or so ago, so that’s fun.”


This boy would have to use every ounce of mental strength he had not to go straight to the guy’s house and kick his ass.  He was beyond pissed, yes, but he knew that he needed to stay with you and be a shoulder to cry on.  He would be your source of emotional support and let’s just say good luck with trying to go on dates in the future with Jooheon around.

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Not using any confrontation, he would simply lie/sit with you whenever you needed to and would listen to you speak all of your thoughts.  Of course, he would be pissed off, but like Jooheon, he knew that it was important to focus his attention on you, not the dick bag that did this to you.

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Protective papa bear would be ready to go in for the kill.  From that moment on, he would never let you out of his sight.  He would take necessary action against the people bothering you online, whether it be legal or simply speaking to them himself.

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Immediately after you explained the story, he would discreetly ask you about the current whereabouts of this man.  He would confront him directly, most likely blowing up in his face, making a strong point that if he ever did anything that even slightly hurt you from that moment on, he would wish he had never been born.

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Even during this serious situation, he attempted to cheer you up with a little twisted humor.  He didn’t push it too far though, knowing that this was no laughing matter.

“See these?  I will stab his eyes with them.”

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When the two of you were laughing and joking around, you suddenly burst into tears, making Hyungwon’s grin fade within a second.  You explained what you couldn’t hold in anymore and he decided for you that the best method was to completely cut out the people hurting you and to never allow them to reach you, whether it be deleting numbers, blocking social media accounts, etc.

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After you spent ages talking him through what happened to you, unsure of how to respond, he just came out with an awkward “oh my goodness.”  He was extremely angry deep down but was doing his best not to accidentally take it out on you.  He would make you promise him that you would notify him if anyone from then on attempted to harass you, or even contact you.

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