for like a week

Crush results so far (Phase 1 Results): Week 1 vs Week “7″

a balance of flexbile-dieting with extremely poor eating all of July 4th weekend and a total of about 4 weeks not going to the gym (surgery, hospital, rest days, “too busy”…) this is the result 

Remaining motivated and inspired throughout the process, even though I’ve only completed about 21 days of Crush (with some cardio days thrown in there)

Slow and steady wins the race


a spectacularly late birthday present for my good friend robinplume. :) there’s nothing i love more than the thought of combeferre getting distracted by courf’s dimples or something and having an ungraceful moment as a result.

(i know i know, three houses all in the same class?? i’m just gonna say it’s an advanced potions class that only a small handful of seventh years can take or something, idk.)

signs as internet trends

aries - crack kid

taurus - 9+10

gemini - my name is jeff

cancer - sneme (snail/snake meme)

leo - white girl anthem

virgo - the whip

libra - ryan won’t eat his cereal

scorpio - iggy azalea’s giberish

sagittarius - what are thoooooose

capricorn - just do it

aquarius - bush did 9/11

pisces - deez nuts

imagine yoonmin as single parents. yoongi’s daughter, after only a week of kindergarten, tells her father that she has a boyfriend. yoongi jokingly insists on meeting this boy but ends up really taking a liking to his dad: park jimin.