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Scream Queens vs Ao3 tags  Part 5/??

Episode 3 - Nothing but the Truth - Review

</3 Fridget nooooooooooooooooo

the way Bridget said she would wait forever for Franky broke me. And the scene with Bridget in Franky’s cell, where Franky ripped over Bridget’s top…. was really upsetting. I don’t want them to fall apart. And I thought that might trigger Bridget. I’m just sad it happened at all :(

Franky getting that card with the kite - and the way she looked hopeful at the end when the ribbon blew away - she has hope, she might solve this. 

Liz… wtf. We all knew this was going to end in tears, but what is interesting is Don, he promises he’s going to ‘fix this’…. what is he going to do? Kill Sonia? I doubt we’ve seen the last of him or Sonia. 

the top dog game - Kaz flushing those drugs will definitely have repercussions - but what? When Tina said these drugs are the only reason she’s top dog, she may have a point. As we know, her position is fragile. 

Joan Ferguson - loved that sassy Vera moment when she threw Joan’s letter at her, saying she’s only discredited herself further -and Joan just says ‘oh.’ Joan definitely has a plan, she’s going to team up with Tina… but what’s going to happen? I really don’t know….. still seems like Joan is going for top dog :/

Finally - Boomer doing the ‘You’re invisible, I can’t see you’ dance to Joan cracked me upppp

Looking hot this episode: Franky, Allie, Bridget, and there was a great shot of Dors in Liz’s doorway methinks <3 love you all Wentworthers 

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just wanted to tell you that your fic deliver me helped save my life. i was in a really dark place when that fic came out, and it made me smile and laugh and just think about my own life. regina as a ceo, focused on research, yet comfortable in her sexuality, really helped my outlook on life since i have aspired to go into biochem for a long time. tysm for that fic, and i hope sending you this years after it was first published makes up for never commenting in the first place.

wow, thank you so much for this message and I am thrilled and honored that it helped you out in such a rough time. I hope things are going well for you now, and that you feel like you’re in a better place. and biochem, that’s wonderful, best of luck if you do pursue that field! this way more than makes up for not leaving a comment back then ;) I’m just floored that it helped you, and so glad that you connected with it in that dark time. I’m sending you all the good thoughts ❤❤❤❤❤


Wentworth Challenge, Day 12: Favorite Couple

Fridget, of course!