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SO we finally saw Pidge's room and I recalled that a con from before s2 came out where they said that "pidge is a bit of a hoarder". So they already have done recording and were talking about season 4 even back there,, a YEAR ago. What i'm also saying is... VAs are probably already recording season 7 or 8 and interviews often tell us sth about seasons ahead!! So whenever there's such things like "hunk's gonna be a diplomat" or "there'll be good lgbt rep" or sth, we gotta be patient

a very true and good point :)

So I’m not gonna work on this tonight but here’s a thought: 

Nursey, Chowder, Farmer, and Dex sharing a bathroom. Polyfarms initially having awkward run-ins between showering, peeing, and getting ready for the day. Four people trying to navigate a cramped space and at first totally hating it. Then, they figure out a schedule. Which is slowly trashed and turned into a rhythm, like a dance. Polyfarms’ domestic bathroom dynamic bleeding into meal times, and chill time. The bathroom doors connecting the bedrooms are almost (almost) never closed. The four of them swapping clothing (accidentally and sometimes not so accidentally) to the point where they don’t who owns what anymore. (Well there might be some inklings because Chowder and Farms are like the same height and Nursey and Dex are taller than them, but also the same height.) And they have little to no platonic boundaries anymore. They don’t even notice how affectionate they are with each other because they have like this 24/7 domestic thing going on. Cue Nursey and Farmer napping one afternoon on Dex’s bed. Chowder’s pulled his desk chair through the bathroom and is working on an MP while looking fondly over every once in a while. Dex comes in, shucking his shoes off at the door, and his a really at ease smile on his face.  He groans as he takes the swivel chair next to Chris. Dex uses Chowder’s shoulder as a pillow, shutting his lids tight for two seconds of peace. Hears Chris chuckle, and he feels a kiss a on his head. This is nice, he thinks just like most afternoons. Then he realizes that Chowder’s never kissed him before and his mind goes into over drive and the only thing he can do is exclaim–

“Fuck, are we dating?!”

also i just wanted to quickly say thanks again for all the kind messages people send me!! i know some people have mentioned they don’t usually message and it takes a lot for them to work up the courage to say anything so i’m really sorry if your messages have gone unanswered ……….. sweats at my 6k unanswered messages

BUT PLEASE KNOW that i read every single message and your replies/tags and they make me very happy and it means a lot to me

people seem to think i’m being harassed a lot to work faster but i’m not (if anything is a very quiet couple of messages out of TONS) so please don’t worry about me haha. no one pushes me to work harder than… me. i have a lot of fun doing 2demons and i’m glad a lot of people really like it too!!

Subject S-16-1-13-5- Gravity Manipulation . Subject S-16 is always ready to use his power as he enjoys showing them off. though it does take alot out of him if he needs to move something very large and heavy. so when that happens let him rest by giving him 1 hour in front of the facility TV preferably something about the confines of Space

Subject E-18-5-4- Ice manipulation .  Subject E-18 can form ice shards around her. when demonstrating her powers give her 5 mint gum before hand as it helps her concentrate. When done with her demonstration give her some water and let her listen to her music.

Subject- P-18-5-19 - Mind control Subject P-18 has a mild form of Mind control. but not to powerful to completely take over a human brain. most of the time he uses his power on small animals for them to do his biding such as sneaking extra desserts before dinner time and getting the latest magazines from the break room. 


171019 ♡ #NUESTW1STWIN

2045 days. 5 years. you’ve worked hard boys and we thank you for sticking together, even when conversations of disbandment, and many other unhappy moments happened. let’s walk on a flowery path and create everlasting memories from now on, with only tears of joy and radiant smiles. thank you, nu’est. 

bonus: wish finally fulfilled.

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Cute Zelink headcanon incoming! What if King Rhoam always tried to set Zelda up with some noble douchebag at balls and she would be like: "Nope, if I have to dance, then with my appointed knight". And Link would be caught completely off guard, shoving a whole cake in his mouth. He cannot dance at all so they'd end up strumbeling across the dance floor for the rest of the night!

This is adooooooorable and I’m 100000% behind it. 

Also picturing them dancing and Link doing a crap job, and all the other knights and nobility just cursing and staring at him. “He can’t even dance,” “What does she see in him?” “This guy is gonna take down Ganon with two left feet?” etc. 

Except then he practices a whole bunch and comes one day and totes sweeps her off her feet and it’s fantastic. 

Damn you for making me want to write this.