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when yongguk passed himchan
  • yongguk on twitter: don't worry junhong, you will always be my number one dongsaeng.
  • yongguk: second would be daehyun, third would be jongup, and fourth would be youngjae.
  • himchan: what about me?
  • yongguk: himchan ......... pass.
  • yongguk: that's because I don't see you as a dongsaeng. I see you as an equal.
  • himchan: ... oh.
  • baby fandom: ... oh.
  • the world: ... oh.
  • God: ... oh.
  • yongguk: *shakes head*

[160519] Dean singing EXO’s Unfair @ Seoul Women’s University!

cr. kimm_yu

EXO Reacting to you (their crush) saying you like a man who can cook

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“I got this… instant ramen will be!” *Fab af*


“So she said she liked when they cooked… you think she’ll like it? Because I totally do..” *Kyungsoo ends up doing everything xD*


-I should have listened to mom when she told me to learn… she said I needed to know how to prepare rise… what was I doing? Probably drinking bubble tea..- *Existential crisis*


*Suddenly is in all cooking shows and magazines… doing panda stuff*


“I’m good at eating… if that’s worth something”


“She is talking about me… perfect man who can cook… of course it’s me!” *Excited af*


“Why do you think… my name is bacon! I can do this!!” *Kind of questioning himself if he can*


*Decides to take some lessons* “Wait.. this isn’t cooking for dummies 1? Oh math?.. oh.. right right.. math”


“Yes yes… of course I’ll make dinner… don’t.. worry… wanna meet my mom?” *Hoping she comes and helps him*


*Has nothing to worry about. Even exchanges recipes with your mom*


“I need some food… do you teach how to cook? No? But I see you cooking over there….” *Desperate* 


“I can do that perfectly… don’t worry” *Why is he eating instead of cooking?*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

여러분 꿈 이란 단어를 너무 어렵게 생각하지 마세요 매 해 우린 새로운 꿈을 그립니다 목표를 세우거나 고민을 하기도 하고 나의 새로운 가치관을 다시 그리기도 하지요 내가 하고싶었던 것 좋아하는 것 누군가 강요하는것이 아닌 스스로 자신이 펼치고 싶은 것

그것들을 상황과 편견에 막지 마세요 가장 가까운 것 부터 시작할수 있다면 우린 꿈의 가까워지는 계단을 오르는 것 이지요 할아버지의 양갱을 좋아하던 소년은 양갱을 만들고 싶었고 할아버지가 좋아하던 뉴스를 보던 소년은 사회의 부조리를 깨우쳤고

지금은 메세지를 던지는 음악을 만들고싶은 20대 중반의 어른이 되었습니다 아직도 부족함을 느끼고 여전히 꿈을 꿉니다 압박감과 부담감은 던져버리고 스스로 하고 싶은 아주 작은 일 부터 시작합시다 전 저의 반려견의 찢어진 옷 부터 바느질하려고 합니다

2016년 항상 건강하고 행복한 일 가득하시길 바랍니다 꿈은 사소한 나의 미래의 대한 고민입니다 모든 분들의 꿈을 응원하겠습니다 감사합니다

Everyone, don’t think of the word ‘Dream’ as such a difficult thing. Every year we think of a new dream or a new year resolution and worry about them. And we drew up new values for ourselves too. You shouldn’t force it and instead think of it as “me doing what I want to do and wanting to expand my horizons.”

Don’t let your situation or your prejudice get in the way of those feelings. If you can start from the closest thing and aim for the closest goals then we’ll be a step closer on a ladder of achieving our dreams. The little boy who loved his grandfather’s sweet beans wished to make sweet beans and the little boy who loved to watch the news his grandfather loved was awakened to unreasonable issues in society. (translator note: Yongguk uses an analogy to show that his dream of writing music began with something familiar and close)

Now I’ve become an adult in his mid-twenties who wishes to make music with a message. I still feel lacking and continue to have dreams. Let’s start by throwing away stress and burden and start with something really small. I plan to start by sewing and repairing our clothes that were ripped by dogs. (translator note: Yongguk is using a metaphor for repairing damage)

I hope that you are healthy in 2016 and that only good things will come your way. Dreams are a trivial worry about the future. But I’ll cheer for everyone’s dreams too. Thank you.

—  Bang Yongguk (1, 2, 3, 4) [x]

anonymous asked:

Are Ashley and Kimmie beefing? They just don't seem as close anymore, based on their Instagram. Like, Kimme didn't wish Ashley a happy birthday on Kimmie's instagram like the other dancers. She doesn't like a lot of Ashley's postings. She doesn't hang with Ashley anymore and didn't got to the engagement part. And Ashley and Dnay seem a lot closer now and Dnay described Ashley as her best friend. Something seems to be going on. I hope they're ok. I love Kimme and I hope they're still friends.

I wouldn’t take cues from Kimmie’s Instagram…I’ve been running this blog for almost 4 (wow) years now, and she’s never been extremely active on it. Kimmie strikes me as the personal call/text type tbh.