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I really like the short purple garbage boys voiced by Hiro Shimono

(Fun fact: apparently Lucihara is 1cm shorter than Kokichi. I think that is very important)


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(Just hearing about this for the first time?  Miracuchefs is a cooking project in the Miraculous Ladybug fandom. Its purpose is to gather all the recipes of ML fans to create a cook book! Visit the blog to find out more!)

To Anyone who says Kichie is not “Endgame”

Allow me to present the following reasons that foreshadow why they are:

1. Because they had an instant starcrossed connection:

2. Because he saw her pain:

3. Because they trusted each other first:

4. Because he cared about her feelings:

5. Because of “this is all happening for a reason”:

6. Because they kissed each other TWICE: 

7. Because they see the best in each other:

8. Because his brother was made aware of his interest in her first:

9. Because they expressed jealousy of each other:

10. Because of their hands:

11. Because she is “not like them”

12. Because he foresaw her death which paralleled him getting shot:

13. Because he would kill and die for her:

14. Because he was protective of her:

15. Because he protected her brother for her:

16. Because of “lover boy”

17. Because he touched her lingerie:

18. Because they don’t look at anyone else like they do each other:

19. Because they made each other smile easily:

20. Because they shared blood:

21. Because his powers manifested over grief of her death:

22. Because the blood well resurrected her through her blood-sharing hand:

23. Because he was terrified of losing her:

24. Because he can’t bear hurting her:

25. Because he ran after her:

26. Because he tried to put her safety above everything else:

27. Because of “I don’t want you to leave”:

28. Because she said “love” to him more than once:

29. Because he foresaw her asking him to undress her:

30. Because he wouldn’t turn her:

31. Because she brings out his humanity:

32. Because he looks at her with complete heart-eyes:

33. Because he blew off the sexy dancing girl when he saw her:

34. Because he saw into her soul:

35. Because he took an interest in her faith:

36. Because they bicker like a married couple:

37. Because she thought about him while she was with his brother:

38. “Because of “that would be despicable”:

39. Because of “I want you to feel what I’m feeling”:

40. Because of “true love is loving the unlovable”:

41. Because he silently said her name in pain after she died:

42. Because he was with her brother at the moment of her death:

43. Because of “she’s not even supposed to be here!”:

44. Because his voice broke when he told his brother she was dead:

45. Because she trusted his knife would miss her:

46. Because she is his simple human connection:

47. Because they understand each other:

48. Because they’re kindred spirits:

49. Because of “I’ve been waiting a lot longer”

50. Because they had a cigarette together:

51. Because of “maybe this is where you’re really supposed to be”:

52. Because he listened to her when no one else would:

53. Because he encouraged her to talk to her father again:

54. Because Malvado sensed their connection:

55. Because she wanted him to reconcile with his brother:

56. Because he tried to bargain his life in exchange for hers:

57. Because she called herself his girl:

58. Because he immediately jumped in to protect her from Malvado:

59. Because her eye was in his blood-sharing hand:

60. Because of “I didn’t kill Kate!”:

61. Because his brother kept bringing up his love life:

62. Because he said the word “love” for the first time echoing her:

63. Because of “I saw her [you] die”:

64. Because of his face when he saw her AGAIN:

65. Because of “trying to protect you” echos what he told her:

66. Because he used his powers instead of his knife on the demon possessing her:

67. Because the demon possessing her affected him physically:

68. Because of his broken voice when he said “it wasn’t Kate”:

69. Because of “I tried to stop Kate, but I couldn’t”:

70. Because he is determined to save her from Amaru:

71. Because he refuses to let her go:

72. Because of the relief he felt when he realized she was still alive:

73. Because she has a strange fixation with him:

74. Because of “this Richie he’s dangerous, I felt it when he touched me”:

75. Because he couldn’t hurt Amaru knowing she was still in there:

76. Because he mouthed her name when Amaru grabbed him:

77. Because he risked his life to save innocent strangers from Amaru to spare her more pain:

78. Because Amaru knows about his true feelings for her:

79. Because of “didn’t your daddy tell you…”:

80. Because of seeing beyond:

81. Because of “remember what we shared”:

82. Because of “I’ll be having Kate-cakes for dessert”:

83. Because her brother was made aware of his interest in her:

84. Because of “sometimes eternity isn’t forever”:

85. Because he is taking care of her brother for her:

86. Because he got offended when his brother compared her to a dog:

87. Because of “we can’t kill her”:

88. Because of how visibly angry he was confronting her killer:

89. Because he wasn’t willing to sacrifice her [to Malvado]:  

90. Because he tried to compose himself when he saw her again:

91. Because of his heart’s desire:

92. Because of “at least he hasn’t lied to us”:

93. Because he escaped the motel with her in his arms:

94. Because he’s severely protective of her possessed vessel:

95. Because he protected her from the bomb he set off:

96. Because of their “hell of a reunion”:

97. Because of “set me free”

98. Because of how they looked at each other when she challenged him:

And there are your reasons for why these two are meant to be. 


  • Someone: oh what's your otp
  • Me: *sweating nervously*
  • Me: *shoving three hundred different ships into my purse* I gotta go

guess who made another vine video its ya shark mod kichi

-mod kichi