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No, I didn’t (on whether she knew Taylor and Kelsea already). I shared a dressing room with Kelsea and I instantly liked her, we instantly clicked. And then after the show we all went back in the dressing room and Taylor came in and she is probably the nicest person I’ve ever met!
—  Elle King on hanging out with Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini at 50th CMA Awards in Nashville (X)
I’ve gotten her gifts before, but I always get her funny things, like I got her cat earrings one time, I got her a pizza float one time. But she’s like the master gift-giver, like she’s so good at it, she’s so thoughtful. She’s gotten me a ton of epic stuff, and I’m just like ‘well here’s a pizza float, enjoy that!’
—  Kelsea Ballerini on what you get a person like Taylor Swift for the holidays

EXCLUSIVE: Kelsea Ballerini’s Major Moments, From Singing With Taylor Swift to Falling in Love  

The First Time You Met Taylor Swift (not as a fan!)

Interviewer: I want to know about the first time you met Taylor Swift not as a fan.

Kelsea: She texted me right after she tweeted about my record, which was insane, and she was hosting a birthday party for her friend Abigail at her place in Nashville and invited me and just ran up and hugged me, like grabbed my hand, brought me into her apartment and introduced me to all of her friends like Hayley from Paramore and Kings of Leon..

Interviewer: No big deal..

Kelsea: And I was like, “Hi, I’m Kelsea”. But she was so lovely. That was the first time I met her.

The First Time On Stage For The 1989 Tour

Interviewer: What about the first time you stepped out on stage for the 1989 Tour?

Kelsea: Oh God, I was so nervous, I was so nervous. And I just remember being down below the stage, you could still see the upper rim of the arena. So I was down there and I was looking up and she was announcing me and I was like, “Oh, like it’s gonna go up and I can’t get off, I can’t get off now.” And it just started going up and I was like, “Oh, oh gosh”. And then you just are up there and you see the whole arena full of people and it was hectic, it was amazing. I got home that night and I was laying in bed and she posted the picture of me and her from that night on her Instagram and I looked at it and I bawled. It was the first time that it actually hit me what had happened that night.