for kelby ;v;

if the rfa (+v&unknown) had vine (and it wasn't dying rip vine)

disclaimer: lol i’ve never posted anything like this before, but last night i was going through my old vine and the ideas just kept coming, so yea….


  • literally the prime source for the funniest fckn vines
  • SO many pranks , elaborate as well as simple
  • those vines that are fucking hilarious by complete accident and someone just happened to be recording, except he stages them like 95% of the time (so many ‘FAKE’ comments, he personally responds to all of them)
  • weird random ass video clips he’s found on the internet
  • and sometimes edits of said video clips, e.g. adding sound effects and music
  • bonus; liberally uses hashtags but they never have anything to do with the vine…or really make any sense tbh


  • thirst traps……so many thirst traps (Seven sometimes edits them and it’s just…. so funny)
  • lots of singing , covers or originals
  • weekly shout outs to specific fans on vine (tagging them nd everything, every zen fan’s dream rlly)
  • occasionally will post some fav moment (of himself….) from his muscials/dvds
  • bonus; when he first got vine he used the hashtags #ZEN #sexy #hot etc…..until his fans found his vine, now he never uses them


  • literally just videos of Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth meowing
  • Elizabeth sleeping
  • Elizabeth just existing tbh..
  • bonus; it takes him ages to realize you can stop recording and continue later on so all of his vines are just continuous, consecutive 6 seconds until someone points it out to him
  • bonusx2; literally doesn’t understand the concept of hashtags so he never uses them, so the only people who see his vines are the rfa


  • like over half her page is revines of those deep, thought provoking vines
  • little videos of her coffee of the day, usually only if she’s done something special to it
  • occasionally it’s just her staring into the camera like she’s on the office with Jumin ranting about cat projects or some other nonsense in the background
  • bonus; uses a max of 3 hashtags, and they always pertain to what the vine is of (e.g. #coffee #coffeeoftheday)


  • lots of revines of cool moments in LOLOL
  • he tries to post his own LOLOL moments, but they don’t get the attention he thinks they deserve
  • also revines cute stuff , like of animals, kids, etc.
  • honestly his page is mostly revines, but in addition to his occasional LOLOL post, he will post just random vines of him and whatever he happens to be doing
  • it’s cute
  • bonus; uses SO many hashtags on his LOLOL posts to get them seen my more people. only uses one on vines of himself, but he always uses it…it’s #cute


  • Mostly scenery stuff
  • it’s always so breathtaking tho , like where is he??? can i go????
  • his vines get a lot of attention but he doesn’t post often
  • rarely he will post something if he’s out with someone in the RFA, but they get deleted pretty quickly (he saves them for himself tho)
  • bonus; only used one hashtag on his early vines but somehow easily got a massive following, so he doesn’t bother anymore


  • 99% revines
  • this boy does not care to post anything original
  • when he does tho it’s usually something super obscure and really only has meaning to him
  • revines consist of those sort of spooky, cinematic vines, and lots of music (mostly stuff no one has ever heard of, or can only vaguely recall)
  • bonus; on his rare original posts, he uses weirdly specific hashtags that are apparently used by an equally specific sect of vine (gets a decent amount of traffic actually..)


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