for kaye :)

“It was really surreal,” says Glen, who plays the solemn Ser Jorah Mormont. “I think it’s hard for fans to appreciate how dissipated and separated we’ve all been over the course of seven or eight years. There are large numbers of these actors who have never acted together before. We’ve all been part of this thing that’s turned into an extraordinary success, and we’ve met at premieres and we’ve met at read-throughs and we’ll bump into each other in trailers. It’s been a very complicated process. You have two units operating at the same time, with actors flying from one unit to another — from Spain to Croatia back to Ireland on the next Wednesday. You pass each other, but to actually be able to be in the same space, to have fun together, to live in the same hotels, to act in the scenes primarily? For me, it felt like it was part of the beginning of the end in a very good way. In a very lovely way.”


Eatjin/Kimdaily Livestream Q&A #5



Sooo keeen for Holly Blacks new faerie series(The Cruel Prince) coming out next year,and so jealous of all them peeps with arcs! Got me reminising about my old fave, and putting Kaye in actual clothes I own because I’m a dork. The top picture was also sort of me using them as an excuse to practice drawing hands (inspired by these cool as hands).


It’s my dad’s birthday. For a gift, my brother wrote a story and i illustrated it. It’s about a reclusive citrus grower who has a secret second orchard underground, where he grows albino fruit fed on moonlight alone. Typical cheery birthday stuff. HB PB, love from VB and KB.