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4 Dinners and A Funeral

Written by: @historywriter2007

The prompt I had was: Prompt 49: Haymitch has died and Katniss and Peeta , who are just acquaintances, have to drive across the country together to take his ashes to where he wanted them scattered. Haymitch may appear at times during the journey in spirit form. [submitted by Anonymous]

As I started to write I found this was going to take a lot longer than I thought to do the prompt justice.  Here is part one, I will have 2-3 more, but never fear I have it all mapped out and I am going to actually have time to work on it so you shouldn’t have to wait too long. 

Summary: Katniss just lost the last family member she had left, and now he is sending her on a journey to discover her past. To top he asked she take his handsome neighbor, Peeta, with her. Along the way they both find out they must face their past to have a future. 

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Persona 3 and 4 Playable Characters if they had Tumblr
  • P3 Male Protagonist: too dead to have one.
  • P3 Female Protagonist: ^^^
  • Yukari Takeba: book fandom blog, mainly Katniss Everdeen since "she can relate to another badass female archer".
  • Mitsuru Kirijo: business related posts, tries to be artsy but fails horribly.
  • Junpei Iori: gothic lolita girls who remind him of Chidori, dumb shit posts, lots of dank memes. You've been warned.
  • Akihiko Sanada: tips for making foods with lots of protein, fighting photos, pretty much only reblogs from official sports brands's tumblrs.
  • Fuuka Yamagishi: inspiring quotes, "shy girl" posts, makes long posts talking about how her day went and then apologizing later.
  • Ken Amada: HES 10 HES TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A TUMBLR BUT HIS INSTAGRAM IS ALL JUST PICTURES OF MILK CAPTIONED "drinking this to grow big and strong to avenge mommy" OR IN THE P3P UNIVERSE "drinking this to grow big and strong to avenge mommy and protect *p3 female protagonist whatever you named her idk*".
  • Shinjiro Aragaki: refer to p3 protagonist for this.
  • Koromaru: you fucking think a dog has a Tumblr account? No no he doesn't have one but I forgot to mention that once Ken is old enough to have one ITS ALL PICTURES OF KOROMARU ITS CREEPY STAY AWAY FROM KEN'S TUMBLR.
  • ---
  • P4 Protagonist: has the most swagalitious blog on the site, everyone is attracted to it for unknown reasons, be slowly begins to question why he joined another social media site.
  • Yosuke Hanamura: girls in skimpy clothes, trash cans, anime gif sets, lots of selfies.
  • Chie Satonaka: fighting stuff, posts about action fighting movies, blocks Yosuke.
  • Yukiko Amagi: do you think she has time or even cares about this shit??? I mean this girl has a fucking life, she wouldn't waste it on here, right? (Has a blog she doesn't share with anyone where she silently mocks her friends in the shadows)
  • Teddie: for fucks sake he probably wouldn't even know how to start the computer he doesn't have a fucking Tumblr get a life you nerds reading this.
  • Kanji Tatsumi: tough, biker gang stuff, tattoos, side blog dedicated to knitting and sewing along with being where he vents his emotions after a long day.
  • Rise Kujikawa: doesn't actually have one. I mean, her manager and PR people have probably set one up under her name but she doesn't run it herself.
  • Naoto Shirogane: resources for helping out transgender boys with their binders, police/detective/crime themed posts, barely has time to update the blog most of the time but finds at least five minutes a day to answer stuff in her ask.
  • ---
  • BONUS ROUND: Velvet Room Assistants P3 onwards + Igor!
  • Igor: he's an old pointed nose man you think he has time for all this new fangled technology and such?
  • Elizabeth: "OMG THIS IS SO COOL!!", "THIS IS AMAZING!", "I KNEW IT WORKED LIKE THAT HA!", are only a few of the comments left on posts she reblogs, usually NOT in the tags.
  • Theodore: mindlessly reblogs anything Elizabeth posts trying to be "cool" and to "fit in with her".
  • Margaret: doesn't associate herself with the petty doings of lesser beings. Good for you Margaret, you haven't fallen prey to our shit posting-oh wait she just learned how to make one with the help of Elizabeth but has rage quite from it seeing as she was unable to figure out how to make a post. Good god Margaret, I had faith in you.
The First Twenty Pages:

A brand new post about what to put in the first twenty pages of your novel. Basically the first twenty pages is where:
-Characters are introduced
-The novels tragic background is introduced
-The setting is introduced
-The main problem comes up
-Character back story is introduced.
These are the over all things in the first twenty pages. They are all very important.
The main thing about the first twenty pages is that the main problem of the novel is introduced around page 23 or 25. In most novels that is. Some introduce it on page one but it gets very complicated to give you an exact definition. It would be like, the issue that is introduced about 20 to 25 pages in which cause the main character to then face said problem directly and not simply observe it in a passing manner etc. etc.

I will use two examples from books. The first is The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Katniss volunteers as tribute on page 22. By volunteering as rtribute she is faced with the problem she has to deal with for most of novel. From page 22 to page 346 where she and Peeta have won the Hunger Games.

The second example I will use is from Eragon by Christopher Paolini. It is an awesome book about dragons and sword fighting and revolting against an evil kind, Galbatorix. Pretty quickly in the novel, our MC, Eragon be his name, finds a mysterious blue, oval, smooth blue stone that just magically appears in a blaze of fire after we see an elf teleport a blue dragon egg with magic in the prologue. (Hm. Wonder what the blue stone that’s suspiciously described similar to the dragon egg turns out to be.) But we don’t see any kind of negative attachment to it until page 18. A main plot point of this first book of Paolini’s cycle is a lot of running around trying not to be discovered by the Empire (that evil king I mentioned earlier) that wants the mysterious blue stone for it’s own purposes. It’s unclear what those were but in the end the point is made that it’s very illegal. This problem of this illegal stone thing is rejected by a butcher whom Eragon tries to sell it to but he rejects it saying it’s a Sorceror’s Stone, where he found it is damned, bla bla bla, he be’s an asshole for a while but in the end the point is that the stone is clearly something people don’t want to be involved with and it does become his ever present problem that he is hunted by the Empire and such for a good 600 pages or more. It’s a bigger novel but very well written. It does have cliches but they’re not front and center or anything.  So if you feel like a good book about dragons with words I still don’t know then it’s a good read.

I am going to bring in a third example to this. It’s a play… by Shakespeare. MacBeth. I’m only bringing it in to say that this 20 25 page thing is pretty old. MacBeth kills Duncan on page… 23. In my version at least which is the No Fear Shakespeare by Sparknotes so, really it’s on page 46 but since they’re only one sided I say 23. And really that’s where MacBeth makes a problem for himself and just about everyone else in the novel.

Now, onto what to put before that 20-25th page.

Let’s start with Katniss. She’s introduced on the first page. We don’t learn her name until page 7. Until we do learn her name we meet, Prim, her mother, Gale and Buttercup. But there’s also mention of the Reaping and PeaceKeepers and the Capitol and coal miners and her father. Basically, her life simplified into I’m poor, we live under an oppresive government and life is shitty as hell. From page one, she kind of dances around the reaping and Hunger Games but we don’t really get introduced to it until a few pages into the novel. We also learn about skills Katniss has. Her bow, mainly and moving around in these woods. If you don’t go off trail in the woods, it might be difficult to understand why that’s significant. But, I’m a East Coaster so our woods are fairly similar to what Katniss would be dealing with. It is hard as fuck to simply walk through the woods because you can’t really see where you’re stepping in the spring and summer. There’s so many plants that leaf and flower over the ground just high enough you can’t see ground vines and tree limb and entire trees really, if they’re young enough. I have many bruises on my lower legs from walking into these things. I learned after a while to go slowly. Katniss, who has done this all her life, probably can run and sprint through the trees while people who didn’t grow up in that environment would not.

Now, I won’t go into Mac Beth but I’ll go over Eragon. We meet Durza, Arya, some Urgals, and some Elves in the prologue. But they’re not that important till later. Then we meet Eragon. Our MC.  Then we meet Sloan Katrina and Horst. None of these characters other than Eragon are mention much after the first two hundred-ish pages. But they provide a lot of insight to who Eragon is. He’s poor. Not well liked by Sloan mainly because he goes into other mountains and such but then we meet Katrina and she asks him to tell his brother something (I don’t remember what) and it’s established that his brother and her are somewhat liking each other. Which is ill fated because Sloan would never approve. Sigh. This does become important hundred and hundreds of pages later, probably over a thousand cause I’m fairly certain it doesn’t come up until the second or third book.  But still we learn Eragon is poor, his family is poor, the surrounding land has a negative attachment to it which I believe, is also related to the Empire.  Probably the most important thing to take out of this would be the determination Eragon has. He’s hunting when this stone explodes into existence and what does he decide to do? Bring it home with him. He’s curious, gutsy, some might call him foolish. Right. The other thing is we learn he lives in Alegasia  under the rule of the Empire where some kind of war is going on. More specifically he lives in Palancar  Valley away from a little town villagey place called Carvahaal. We learn it has a fantasy setting and stuff like that.

Now, since that entire explanation is only half helpful, I will leave you. Especially cause I have a final tomorrow and should sleep so my brain can function and all that good stuff. I will go worship ducttape, that beautiful thing that answers all questions. JK. I’ll just bring some for good luck tomorrow. I don’t have a shrine here.

But whatevs goodbye, good night, and feel free to ask questions because IDK how understandable this entire little thing is. Next time: probably go over the next twenty-twenty-five pages.

Under The Christmas Lights

She decided she’d never celebrate the holidays again, it was too painful. And the love and joy she felt with Christmas before… it felt wrong being happy when her family wasn’t around to share in that happiness. 

After ten years Peeta decides to give Katniss the best Christmas gift ever, that feeling of loving Christmas again.

Modern AU. M

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