for kaitlyn :d


Here is a compilation of some of the people I have in mind for Cinder. Cinder is described as 16, Asian/Caucasian(?) mixed race, tan from walking outside all the time, brown eyes, straight/fine hair, messy ponytail, 5′8″, slender, few curves, almost boyish figure, dresses utilitarian style (and also cyborg).

The list starts at the top left corner, going right.



(more from my Pinterest board)

  1. Arden Cho (have seen in an edit or two)
  2. Kelly Gale (also have seen in a couple of edits)
  3. Kaitlyn Leeb
  4. Natalia Munoz


Here is an updated fan cast post @quxxnselene :D

Summary of the new chapters

TCATF: the fight with Azura was shorter than expected, but hey it was a good fight none the less! Also, Kenna got herself a king! (Or queen! Or nothing! :D ) awesome that we could choose!

Hero: The intro was nice! And the art style is cool, orientated on comic books! The story after the intro dragged a bit, tbh, but that’s probably because they have to introduce all the new characters? Also, I’m pretty sure we all already know who the villain is… ;)
I love superhero stories, but tbh. Hero definitely won’t replace Endless Summer as my favorite Choices book. I’d say it’ll be a nice third or fourth place? After TCATF and Most Wanted :)
( maybe that’ll change and the story will get better , though, who knows? )
It’s not as good as Scarlet Justice and Steel Dynamos quests in HWU, though, imo.

The Sophomore: Darren and Mrs. Grace Liao???
Oh… no it’s just Chris and Kaitlyn :D
James got rid of the glasses (!) ,Tyler embraces the TCATF fandom, Abbie looks cute and Zack is the same as in book four ^^
Well and then there’s Zig and his leather jacket ;D
The story is quite nice! It’s got this “first day of a new school year” vibe, which is one of my favorite vibes XD
They kept that confidence feature from book 4, too :)

Oh and RoE: I haven’t played that one yet, but how did they get to Iceland???!?!?!

What’s your opinion on the chapters?? :D