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—– “ She is the core of fire at the center of my being. She is the storm that washes over me in sleep. She is the heart of the dream. She is the lover of my soul. She is darkness unspeakable and light beyond bearing… .I am moved into places of resistance that I do not understand and then into the twin-flames of pain and transformation. She does not ask me for my leave. It is as though the world shifts around me and I find I once more face the burning. Yet, She brings an unfathomable beauty into my days. She pours out joy like mead. Peace flows through my heart like water. Her love is a never-failing fountain of strength. I would never willingly be parted from her.” - (Idunna #35, p. 38)
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30 Days of Figure Skating

Day 6: Predict - gold medalists at 2015 Worlds

Ladies: Elena Radionova

Men: Yuzuru Hanyu

Ice Dance: Kaitlyn Weaver/ Andrew Poje

Pairs: Ksenia Stolbova/ Fedor Klimov


So, klc-journei has been making these amazing modern AU edits for Dragon Age characters and I wanted to try my hand at making one for my slow burn romance, Breaking the Divide

… I think I’ll stick to writing from now on.