for k8~

blog compliments!!

okay remember when i was like i’m going to do sets of compliments well i lied (changed my mind) (i’m an indecisive little moo) instead to start off the 1k celebrations (b4 my follow forever) i’m going to do trash name aesthetics & compliments (cause everyone is doing name aesthetics and i needa bring down the beaut aesthetic vibes and it’ll be a lol)

what to do:
-mbf this high class procrastinator
-reblog this post 
-send me a ✨ for a compliment 

(sorry trash aesthetics r closed!)

realmofelves  asked:

💫 🌻 🐝 💛 I hope this isn't too many AHH they are just all soo goood!!! but congrats<33 and we haven't spoke in SO LONGGSDFG anyways lotr and hp make me very happy - for my sideblog elevnns pls<3<3 (name is blue :-)<3)

thank YOuuuUuuU blue <333 (and i know its been 5eva)(i hope life is treating u amazinglyyy) 

trash aesthetic rate
humor category thing: memes / dad jokes / sarcasm / awkward pauses and rambles
one of these: …wtf / *cries* / m8 / fight me
a piece of kiwi slang (this is mia’s fault): chur / shot gee / yeah nah / cuzzies / GC
one line of trash: when ur reading a good book but ur mind wanders around and so u read this page but u didn’t read the page (u feel) and then u have to track down ur mind and reread like half the book and just what is concentration? what is life? 

aesthetic rate
water / fire / earth / wind
silver / gold / rose gold / bronze
merfolk / faries / dragons / witch or wizard
stars / moon / galaxies / constellations
dawn / noon / dusk / midnight 

blue: magical forests, the crunch of autumn leaves under foot, dancing under the stars, toasting marshmallows over a fire, listening to the sound of rain on the roof whilst snuggling under blankets

compliment: ahhh hhhhh hh i LOVE ur blog it’s amazing and ur gif and edits r flawless and beaut (and just yes plz gimme it all) (also ur going to the 1975!?) (can i cry?) anyway back to compliments: ur mobile theme and desktop theme r amazing and sweetly simple and also ur just so mega lovely! (yasss) too lovely 4 lyf please continue to be amazing <333

no more please

fendikatz  asked:


hi this is such an earth sign question tbh #earthsignsolidarity

do you enjoy nature - i guess i do like i love trees and plants and animals and rivers and stuff and being surrounded by nature makes me feel at peace but i draw the line at places filled with insects like… i can’t handle that kind of stress @the earth i’m sorry i know they’re important for the food chain or whatever but they’re disgusting


(((AHHHHH))) (i wanted to do that thing that u wanted to do for mine)(but yeah) i remember i once said about ur blog “()()(((((((((()((((((((())))))((yes)))(((((((((((()()))))))” (every1 probs was fooled into thinking this was gonna be a rly love-felt quote but it was just a crap-ton of brackets) (which is the highest compliment i can ever give) basically ur a literal meme of a meme but at the same time u bring star dust to everything i loVE ya and ur a quality person to chat with it’s a gr-eight time and yes also ur BLOG is freaking w O w (imagine the O as like a surpised and in awe eye cause it was so shocked by how great ur blog is) and ur creations and poetry and everything u do is beautiful and so much (all of the) taLENT!! (!!!) <3333

no more