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A (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
anipper2 (Female)
anjeelowe (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
anndarcy (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

B (Couple) (Couple)
beatricefetish (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
blitzblanke-maus (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

C (Couple)
candidsandra (Female)  
candy-caney (Female)  
carolsexxxy (Female) (Couple)
cathyishisdeliciouslittleslut (Female) (Couple)
caverndestruct (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
chellesilverstein (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
cjspam (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
curvy-redhead-k8 (Female)

D (Couple)v (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
dawnwillow (Female)
diebeate (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

E (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

F (Couple)
facelesswife (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
fitfam2be (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
fusselsche (Female)

G (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

H (Couple)
hairypussypolska (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
hotdirtymilfsara (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
hottiedanielle (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
hot-soccermom (Female) (Couple)

I (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
insane619 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

J (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
jennifer-share-your-pussy (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
jessika34 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
junglecat1975 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)

K (Couple)
kristendixon79 (Female) (Couple)
katzemond (Female) (Couple)
kelly-momnwife (Female)
kimsdirtypantysforsaleatklippcpl (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

L (Couple)
landlady1966 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
layla9teen (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
llittle-lluna (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
ludykatrin (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
lysylvie (Female)

M (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
masterundbabygirl (Couple) (Couple)
maxfitsocal (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
mhys-ead (Female)  
milfaubrey040 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
mrssandiexxx (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
myrobotwat (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
my-dirty-suggarland-85 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)

N (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
naughtyjaneb (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
nicegirl1984 (Female) (Couple)
nikkiq778 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
nylonmilf (Female)

O (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
onesubsjourney (Female) (Couple)
onlyprivatephotos (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

P (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
paganhairypussy (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
peterannacpl (Couple)
pet38 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

Q (Couple) (Couple)
queenbitch1989 (Female)
queenofouterspace (Female) (Couple)

R (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
reneelynn4u (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
rose9284 (Female) (Couple)

S (Couple) (Couple)
sandyc4fun (Female)
sarah-1971 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
schamlippenlady (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
share-your-pussy (Females)  
sharing-my-smile (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
shymilfmarie (Female) (Couple)
simply-snow (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
sklavin-n (Female)  
slim–jim47 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
soccer-mom-marie-2 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
streeter69 (Female) (Couple) (Couple)
stutebonn (Female) (Couple)
sue122 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

T (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
the-layne-nicole (Female)
tiboun (Female) (Couple)
tina2103 (Female) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

U (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

V (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

W (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

X (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
xxxsouthernwifeslut (Female) (Couple)

Y (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)
ynglatinmilf (Female)


zeigefrau  (Female) (Couple) (Couple)

0 - 9 (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple) (Couple)

Great-Grandma Smith’s BBQ

or kate’s new year’s eve cooking adventures!

(i forgot to take pictures, i was so excited to eat the finished product >.<)

so i made my great-grandmother’s barbecue for new year’s and it turned out really well! my family’s definition of barbecue is basically what the rest of the world calls sloppy joes, and we have it every year during the family Christmas party, because it makes a crapton of food, it’s easy to pull together, and everyone likes it. 

there was no family party this year because my grandfather passed away two weeks before Christmas, and the family used their leave to be there for his services. so my mom gave me the recipe while i was home for the weekend, and i decided to (attempt to) make grandma’s barbecue for the fiancee and myself on new year’s. 

the recipe, as i was given, is as follows: 

  • 3 lb ground beef, browned 
  • 1 lg round can tomato puree
  • ketchup
  • green pepper
  • onion
  • sugar
  • mix together and simmer
  • not included in the recipe, but traditionally served with cheese whiz (if you eat that sort of thing), on a martin’s potato roll

unfortunately, the recipe didn’t include portions for most of the ingredients, but i was lucky enough to catch my grandma on the phone mid-cooking and ask her. 

i ended up making 2 lb ground beef, with the idea of having half of it now and freezing the other half for the future when i’m too tired to cook. i also ended up substituting crushed tomatoes for the puree, since i couldn’t find puree at my grocery store. 

i used one green pepper and one yellow onion, chopped in the food processor because i had cried enough onion tears in 2016, thank you, and grandma specified that between a teaspoon and a tablespoon of sugar was sufficient- basically, one teaspoon per pound of ground beef, to bring out the flavor of the tomato (which made sense, since we do the same with our spaghetti sauce, too). 

everything went into my crock pot, and then as for the ketchup, she just said to put some in, make squiggles or a spiral on top of the rest of the ingredients, so that’s what i went for. i turned on the crock pot, walked away, came back almost an hour later and realized i’d never plugged it in, rectified that, and THEN we were in business.

i started too late in the afternoon to let this simmer for 7-8 hours on low as it probably should, and it ended up cooking for 4 hours on high, but still turned out great. because i dislike cheese whiz with a nauseated passion, i got sharp yellow cheddar to serve with it instead, and we both tried it with and without cheese. the flavor was great, and almost-but-not-quite like my grandma’s- i couldn’t quite taste the tomato. i think the difference is in using the crushed tomatoes instead of the puree. next time, i’m going to dice some tomato alongside the onions and peppers, and maybe play with the green pepper versus diced tomato portions a bit. but otherwise, it was a great success!

also, i guessed very well with the sharp cheddar, and i think some extra-sharp might be even better. it complimented the tomato and the beef extremely well. 

and next time, i will remember to take some gosh darned pictures >.<

up next on the cooking bucket list: spaghetti sauce from scratch


in case y’all forget this happened.

video credits to おわん @pa__n twitter

BGM credits Sugar Baby Love by the Rubettes


Elevator Music by k8+therobot

“when she passes, I smile, but she doesn’t see”

Beta thanks: @anoel, @itisbeeing, thingswithwings, @arallara, @coffeejunkii, @momosandlemonsoda

Remixed Media:
Eartha Kitt, “The Girl From Ipanema,” The Collection, 2006.
Captain American: The First Avenger, 2011.
Avengers, 2012.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier, 2014.
Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2015.
Captain America: Civil War, 2016.

So, I made a thing. It is my first and concrit is quite welcome. :)