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Hc for all of the crusaders forced to share a bed with f!s/o without being in a relationship? Oraoraora out I go ! ~

I’m so sorry these took so long and ended up horrible! Hope these are okay!


  • Completely okay with it!
  • He doesn’t mind at all
  • Totally isn’t internally screaming
  • Or slowly inching away from you out of embarrassment


  • Unlike Jotaro it’s obvious he’s nervous and embarrassed
  • He likes you so he doesn’t want to make uncomfortable
  • He suggests he sleeps on the floor
  • But ends up on the edge of his side


  • Sleeps on the floor
  • You can complain all you want he’s on the floor
  • There’s no way he would do something like that its not gentlemen like (in his mind)


  • He’s surprised when they suggest him to sleep on the bed
  • But he knows better so he asks you if its okay
  • If you say yes he gladly lays down no embarrassment he just wants to sleep
  • If not Avdol has to deal with him


  • Don’t even try to complain
  • He is tired
  • He is sleeping on the damn bed
  • You have no choice

The Stardust crew!

I made my first JoJo fanart at the end of January and didn’t post most of it here because I meant to make a little Stardust bundle post like this some day but then I kept putting it off because I wasn’t sure if my “I’m trying to figure out how to draw these muscly men after three years of nothing but robots”-phase was interesting to see? But I personally find art practice a fun thing to look at (especially for later comparison) and figured fuck it, I’ll throw them in, so here’s old and new doodles of the boys! 

They all love each other so much ;w;