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School 2017 Episode 11

BROMANCE! Today’s episode was all about Tae-woon and Dae-hwi, as individuals and friends, and I’m so happy the show is finally taking the time to explore this broken friendship; and there’s actually some real progress between today is a miracle. They both need to find a middle ground where they can understand each other and the new person they have become respectively, all in order to be able to have dreams again. In a way, after Joon-ki’s death, they both have given up on their dreams.

In one hand, we have Dae-hwi working himself to the bone and using people in order to get ahead of others and be able to go to university, making rash decisions that benefit him only. Does he even know what he wants to study? Does he think things will be different in university? Or will he just find another Hee-chan? Although, I’m glad to see he’s still keeping his distance from that imbecile.

But let’s take for example his break up with Nam-joo. Did he even stop to think about her feelings or her situation with their so-called friends until today? They were together for over six months, and apparently really liked each other, and what? She had to spelled out for him that he was hurting her feelings? I’m not trying to defend her since I know she has issues of her own to work on, for example, stop lying to everyone and tell the truth but I think it’s important part of Dae-hwi’s journey to understand that because just because someone is in appearance okay, it doesn’t mean internally they aren’t struggling.

That’s also the reason why I think it’s important that he’s sort of communicating and has no secrets between him and Tae-woon. Dae-hwi finding his former friend sketches shows a new side to Tae-woon that maybe Dae-hwi didn’t know about or he had forgotten.

Also, can I just point out that flashback about Dae-hwi and Nam-joo was the cutest thing? Gah! Please, work things out. I want to see more of that.

On the other hand, Tae-woon needs to snap out of it. Yes, it’s important to pour your energy into making your dreams come true but sometimes life throws you curveballs that need to take priority. This doesn’t mean you forget your dreams, and while it hurts to put them in second place, part of becoming an adult is understanding that we can’t do what we like to all the time. The reason why Tae-woon has a hard time at this hour with Eun-ho and Dae-hwi, it’s because he never truly had to compromise himself in order to protect something or someone more important. In a subconscious way, Tae-won knows his Dad has his back if anything happens and it also helps they don’t have to worry about money. This, I think, is the reason why Dae-hwi keeps pushing Tae-woon to fess up about being Suspect X even if it means losing Dad’s support and benefits. it would also keep Hee-chan off everyone’s back.

Tae-woon does have it easy but that doesn’t mean he’s okay with everything that entitles (the good and especially the bad), which is why I have high hopes he will come through for his friends. He needs to really start taking responsibility for the consequences of his actions and choices; and have a real conversation with Dad about what and how he wants his life to be. And if Dad it’s not okay with it then he needs to work it out on his own, like Eun-ho is doing right now.

While I think Eun-ho is overreacting by taking all her belongings from Tae-woon’s, I understand where she’s coming from when she decides to take a break from working on her webtoon for the time being for the reasons I mentioned before. Eun-ho has such a wonderful family unit, it’s not wonder why she wants to share some of the burden if it means helping out the 3 people who have unconditional support her until now. I hope things get better for them soon, I want to see them thrive so badly.

On the romance department though, Eun-ho could use some of Teacher Gu’s love wisdom. I don’t believe for a minute she doesn’t know exactly how she feels about Tae-woon, and I ain’t see her watching anybody else with hear eyes. I think she’s scared to take the next step and become part of something bigger, especially when Tae-woon it’s being that sincere and intense. The man means it… smooth, cheeky bastard.

I don’t think she rejected him for the right reasons but I’m a glad she’s making her point clear. Maybe this little breather between them will help them both find the answers they are looking for.

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Special mention to Tae-woon’s voice breaking when he was talking about Joon-ki and how he overcame the fear of riding his motoroclyce again. I was right there in the border of tears with them.

6 Cute Real Life K-Pop Siblings

6 Cute Real Life K-Pop Siblings

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Genes really can’t lie! Idols not only have beautiful or handsome looks, but also talented singing and dancing skills as well. Having idol siblings is seriously a praise to some great genes. Here are six real life siblings who support each other in the same industry.

BTOB’s Ilhoon and Singer JOO

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Ilhoon debuted as BTOB member after JOO made her name in the industry with her honey voice. Ilhoon…

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170822 eun_doitz IG update with Wontak, Daehyeon and Hyunmin

The signs as: K-drama cliches

ARIES:  when a character goes into a fit of frustration by kicking their legs in the air repeatedly and thrashing their bodies around until the whole bed/couch/floor is a mess and so is their hair

TAURUS:  when character A watches in adoration as character B stuffs their face with delicious food or drinks/having a whole day filled with them eating street food and going clubbing

GEMINI:  the main character always treating the happy-go-lucky side character like crap for comedic effect, but it’s kinda sad bc they never apologize

CANCER:  the infamous umbrella scene. “I dislike you/don’t know you that well, but I can’t let you get soaked in the rain so I’m gonna hold this umbrella/cape over you bc I’m just a good person and I’m totally not interested in you”

LEO:  having 284 different shots/angles of the main characters’ first kiss/hug. That zoom in slo-mo of character A pulling character B into their arms and embracing them for the first time/locking lips with them

VIRGO:  there’s always that ONE THING that has to destroy the couple’s relationship. Whether it’s bc your bride needs to kill you or she dies, or you somehow went back in time a couple hundred years and can’t tell your prince bf

LIBRA:  the main characters always being bound together by destiny such as outside supernatural forces/parallel universes/connecting timelines from the present to the future or past

SCORPIO:  seeing that happy montage of the main couple after all their ups and downs, and knowing something terrible is going to happen shortly after

SAGITTARIUS:  character A tries to convince themselves that they don’t need character B, and do everything they can to distract themselves by working/drinking/dating someone else, only to finally admit to themselves that they’re in love 

CAPRICORN: the rich, cold, mysterious character always falling for the person who needs help…but they’ve convinced themselves that they totally don’t like this person until they finally admit it on like the last episode

AQUARIUS:  having an idol/famous actor who’s worked alongside one of the actors on another series before appear in almost every kdrama, whether it’s a short cameo or one of the main characters

PISCES:  that scene when they clutch their chest and cry waterfalls for seemingly no reason, only for us to find out that something horrible occurred later on to reveal this character’s sadness and why they’re emo 

Top 30 Most Followed K-POP Artists / Korean Celebrities on Instagram

1. BIG BANG G-Dragon (14.557.786)

2. EXO Chanyeol (11.504.869)

3. EXO Sehun (10.400.182)

4. EXO Baekhyun (10.285.074)

5. SNSD Taeyeon (10.109.170)

6. Lee Jong Suk (9.437.470)

7. BIG BANG TOP (8.215.868)  

8. Nam Joo Hyuk (7.824.874)

9. BIG BANG Taeyang (7.550.539)

10. Lee Sung Kyung (7.028.250)  

11. Park Shin Hye (6.982.844)

12. EXO Lay (6.916.113)

13. GOT7 Jackson (6.755.070)  

14. SNSD Yoona (6.681.473)  

15. BIG BANG Seungri (6.553.671)

16. Jessica (6.430.372)

17. Miss A Suzy (6.402.113)

18. Lee Min Ho (6.186.618)  

19. CL (6.118.532)

20. Dara (6.105.924)

21. F(X) Krystal (5.816.497)

22. Ji Chang Wook (5.562.404)

23. Hyuna (5.471.768)

24. Song Hye Kyo (5.361.646)  

25. SNSD Tiffany (5.319.939)

26. Kim So Hyun (5.055.281)

27. GOT7 Bambam (5.030.974)

28. GOT7 Mark (5.006.999)

29. Black Pink (4.964.036)  

30. Bangtan Boys (4.668.948)