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Thanh xuân được giấu trong một góc ký ức, có thể làm ta cười ngây ngô, đôi khi là hối tiếc và lắm lúc là những tiếng thở dài mỗi khi chạm vào.

Thanh xuân là giai đoạn chúng ta lớn lên cùng thời gian, nương tựa vào nó mà trưởng thành sau bao vấp ngã đầu đời. Những mối quan hệ đã mất, những người đã bước đến rồi ra đi, những người lạ thành quen rồi lại thân thành lạ, những chuyện đã qua không thể nào trở lại.

Thanh xuân chính là cuộc hành trình dài, càng đi xa càng không thể quay về điểm xuất phát, thế nhưng thanh xuân lại lưu giữ cho chúng ta những tình cảm trân quý nhất, những bài học đắt giá và những hồi ức theo ta mãi về sau…

— Jinie Lynk
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Everything is so linked to the mini films IM SCREAMING

  • Jungkook who screams Hyung and cries, HE ACTUALLY SEES RAPMON MAKING HIM DRINK THE POISON (plus he’s asleep at the very beginning, and there’s this bed in Begin and the feathers could explain the wings marks in bs&t)
  • Jimin, we all thought in LIE, the bed next to him was for Hoseok, but what if it was for himself ? His alter ego or smth ? Because we can definitely see that there’s two Jimins and it’s obvious that they’re trying to hide his second self (Suga blocking Jimin’s view just when he’s about to enter the room) There’s the Jimin that runs away from Suga, and the Jimin waiting with his apple
  • Near the end, Namjoon’s hand are hurt, because of the broken glass or the way he punches the phone cabin
  • Suga, the drip drop of water we can hear in First Love, is probably Jungkook that throws up in the toilets, and he runs to him to help him, and obv Jungkook rejects him, which reminds us of the fight scene in Run where the roles were reversed
  • For Hoseok, well the thing with the pills is still there, just like in the prologue or epilogue (I can’t remember smh) he ends up throwing them away
  • Tae is definitely cray cray, on drugs probably judging by the filter and his solo shot near the beginning, he’s probably at the police station because of the tags he’s been doing with Namjoon, but DO YOU RECALL WHEN HE WAS FIGHTING AGAINST NOTHING WELL IT WASNT NOTHING IT WAS JIN
  • I feel like Jin is the one aware of everything, he knows everything that’s happening, maybe he’s beating up Tae because he knows he’s gonna kill his dad. In Awake (plus the title, awake, says it all tbh while all the others are getting crazy, he’s the only one awake) there’s this thing with the polaroid pictures, which are now big and huge paintings, by watching them, he sees everything (?)


They’ve been doing drugs during their party in RUN and Big Hit just showed us the consequences, so the MV is actually a morale


Làm cho bản thân bận rộn một chút, bận rộn đến mức không còn thời gian để suy nghĩ linh tinh được nữa thì rất nhiều chuyện sẽ cứ như thế lặng lẽ qua đi. Thời gian có thể không chứng minh được nhiều thứ nhưng có thể nhìn thấu được rất nhiều chuyện. Hãy cứ tin vào quyết định của mình, đừng do dự, thẳng bước tiến về phía trước, ngày mai nhất định sẽ tốt hơn.

[Trans: Jinie Lynk]

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BTS reaction to you popping up on a dress one day ( you don't normally do dresses). Thank you if you decide to make this :D

BTS reaction to you wearing a dress!


You would show up unexpectedly to him wearing the new clothes you bought, and since jinie wasn’t prepared he would blabber things to you because he think you look absolutely beautiful and he cant even.

“Ah jagiya you look so pretty!!” 
“MY HEART!” *grabs chest dramatically* “Please tell me you will marry me to make the pain go away!”


I think Yoongi would have this “dying internally” crisis when he saw you wearing a dress, because he really would want to tell you all he thinks about the new look; how beautiful you look, how good it fits you, you are glowing, etc. But try to be cool and not overreact (even tho he feels like bursting), because he wouldn’t want you to think he didn’t like your style before wearing dress.

“Ah agi… thats new dress is really nice, you look great baby” *kisses your forehead*


“Woow, hey there…” *smirkhope mode: activated:* “Hey little mama let me get your number”

*you rolled your eyes* “We are dating Hoseok…” 

“Just let me have this y/n…”

Hobi would totally love your dress and the way it looked on you.

Rap Monster

Flustered heart-eyes Joon, would be so smitten by you once you showed him the dress, trying to make himself presentable baffled by your glow.

“Hey Jagi…” *fixes hair* “Y-Yo-” *coughs* “You looks very pretty” “


Cutie Chims wouldn’t be able to control himself once you showed up dressed like that. He knew you were beautiful, but boy how ravishing you looked right now. No words needed for him to show you his opinion of the dress.

“Jimin, What do you think?” *you twirl giggly*

*Jimin giggles* “hehehehasdkjashkjdhaksjdhkjasdhas”


Same as Jimin, no control over his body or words. Big fluff shy mess..

“NO! You look to bright” “It’s blinding me” *jolly giggles*


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Every Important [BANGTAN BOMB] You Need to Watch

[No, this is not all of them. Let’s be real a bunch of them are kinda boring. So here ya go all the good ones lol. (this list does not include Episodes only Bombs)]

** = Personal Favorites






BTS Reacts To You Being Touchy Feely

:A/n: Tbh this is so me. Im the most touchy/affectionate person in my group of friends. Show me affection everyone! 

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Coming home from work was the best feeling you could think of, next to cuddling your boyfriend.

You sighed as you hung up your coat, “Hobi I’m home!” You yelled through out the house in hopes for a response but none came. 

Walking into the living room you saw your boyfriend’s sleeping fiure sprawled out on the couch, you decided to crawl on top of him and cuddle him. 

“Mhm.. welcome home jagiya.”

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You walked down the stairs from your bedroom. You woke up to an empty bed and you missed your boyfriend. 

“Where are you Jinie-ah?” Your sleepy voice filled the room.

“Ah! I’m in the kitchen baby!” You heard him call. 

You walked into the kitchen to see him cooking, his shirt off. You backhugged him and kissed his shoulders.

“I love you, Y/n-ah.”

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“I’m leaving!” You heard your boyfriend yell from the front door. 

You rushed out of the bed and down the stairs and jumped on him. 

He caught you by your legs and laughed, “Yah! You want to kill me?”

You shook your head in the crook of his neck and mubbled, “No oppa.”

He chuckled and patted your butt signalling for you to get down.

Once you were standing he cupped your face and gave you a kiss, “I’ll be home soon, cutie.”

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You were laid out on the couch when you heard your boyfriend walk in the front door.

“I’m home jagiya!” He yelled.

You smiled and yelled, “I’m in here, come cuddle with me!”

You heard him chuckled before you felt a heavy weight sink into the couch. He jumped on it from behind, ultimately but safely landing on you.

“Yah!” You yelled, kissing his nose.

“You’re so adorable, baby”

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Your boyfriend has been in front of his laptop since you woke up, 3 hours ago.

You sighed and leaned against the door frame. 

“I’m almost done, I swear.”

You rolled your eyes, “Thats what you said and hour ago.”

He got quiet and sighed again, walking up to him you ran your hands over his shoulders and kissed his neck, “I miss you.”


“You stop.”

“This needs to get done, baby.” He said.

You got annoyed and pulled his chair away from the desk and straddled him, “Y/n!”

“Shh.” You kissed him, his arms wrapped around you and he sighed.

“I gusess I can take a break.”

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You were sitting on the foor as your very tired and sick boyfriend laid on the couch.

You ran your fingers through his hair as he tried to stay awake during the movie.

“Go to sleep, babe.” You said, turning off the movie.

“Are you sure?” He whispered.

You nodded, “Yes.”

He held your hand and smiled, “You’re too good for me.”

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Rap Monster:

You were studying for your test when your boyfriend came home coughing.

“Yah, are you okay?” You called.

His cough cut off his sentence so you ran over to the other room and held on to his arm.

“You may get sick.” He breathed out. 

“I don’t care, come on.” 

You told him to take off his clothes as you got the bath water nice and hot.

“Come on baby boy.” You said, ushering him into the tub. His body instantly relaxed as he hit the hot water.

You slid in behind him.

“What are you doing? I don’t want you to-“Shh, close your eyes baby.” You whispered massaging his shoulders.

Soon he started to fall asleep but he whispered, “You’re the love of my life jagiya.”

[TRANS] Jin’s handwritten letters to Sleepy & Solbi

To. Solbi-noona 

It feels like just a few days ago when the three of us, noona, Sleepy-hyung and I, had to separate and survive on our own, but it’s already the last broadcast. Everyone around me keeps saying that you’re funny and they like you. I’m jealous. They asked me why I did those dad jokes… Anyway, I gained a lot of strength thanks to you in the jungle. You even nursed me… Oh right, I think you shouldn’t nurse people. It’s the first time I see someone pouring the water bottle in people’s mouth when they were lying down. I’m thankful that you gave me water when I was exhausted but… What was it, oh right, it felt like I became the water purifier in the huge water bottle. But still, thank you for nursing me, taking care of me and said I’m your pretty dongsaeng. Let’s gather sometime and go to the jungle again. I’ll wait for that day, adios! 

- From. water purifier Seokjinie - 

Sleepy-hyung, it feels like just a few days ago when we screamed when seeing snakes, screamed when seeing crabs and just screamed for no reason, but it’s already the last broadcast. We met each other outside too but hyung, I ate the king crab that we couldn’t eat that time. Oh right, hyung said that on the plane. Those who buy food for others are hyungs. I suddenly remembered that when I went out to eat with my dad, so I told him, “Dad, Sleepy-hyung said those who buy food for other are hyungs. Hyung, I ate well!” and was scolded. ㅠㅠ I miss you, contact me hyung. 

- From. the hyung who bought you tteokbokki, Jinie -

+ After he sent the letter to Sleepy through Kakaotalk:

BTS Reacting to seeing You Cry for the First Time


I think Jin would be very confused at first. Seeing tears come to your eyes would puzzle him, knowing that you don’t seem like the person you are usually. He would give you a long, warm, loving hug. He would ask you what is causing you to cry. After knowing your reason, depending on how you felt he would stay to comfort you or leave you alone to let your feelings out.

“Don’t worry, beauty. I’m here.”

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Suga would probably not want to get involved with what is making you cry, but would still be somewhat sad that you aren’t happy. He would feel bad and ask you what’s wrong. After that he would reassure to you that he is always there for you, probably give you a nice quick hug, and leave you alone until he knows you are okay.

“Come to me when you’re okay princess, okay?”

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I feel like when he saw you in tears, his mood would immediately change from happy and bright, to sad. Seeing you in tears would shatter his heart. He would go over to you and comfort you all you can. After you calmed down a little and stopped crying as hard as you were, he would do anything to see you smile again. He would make ugly or funny faces and do a lot of ageyo until he saw a smirk or heard a chuckle.

“You’re such a sunshine when you smile!”

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Namjoon would run straight to you when he saw you crying. He would quickly get down to your level and start to give you lots of hugs and pecks on the forehead. He would ask what was going on. After you told him, he would get a little mad that it happened to you, but would cool down because he doesn’t want to make anything worse. He would let you cry on his shoulder until you were fine again.

“Let it out, babe. It’s okay.”

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Jimin would have to stop what he was doing so he can quickly check on you. He would be upset seeing you like this. He would make sure you were ok and that you weren’t hurt, then he would ask why you were crying. After you told him, he would have a conversation with you about it to get more details and so he would now how to comfort you right. When he was sure you were ok and stay with you longer so that you aren’t alone.

“Tell me everything that’s on your mind, jagi.”

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I think he would be the most emotional of all. He would see you crying, and would get really down and sad. He would probably even get a little teary eyed as well. He would slowly walk over to you to talk about what’s going on. He would get you a tissue so you can dry your tears, then hold you in a warm comforting embrace, making sure you feel loved.

“I’m not leaving you, (y/n).”

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He would be scared to approach you when he sees you crying for the first time, scared he may make matters worse. Although he would be scared at first, once you told him the devastating event that made you cry, he would be completely angry. He would want deal with everything himself, and probably curse at the wall while he’s right next to you. He would calm down and after, he would give you some tissues to fry your tears and hold you in a long hug

“Don’t worry about it, Noona.”

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Các bạn nữ, các bạn từng có kinh nghiệm như thế này chưa? Bạn cãi nhau với một người bạn rất thân, các bạn cãi nhau vì một số hiểu lầm, chuyện qua đi, cuối cùng bạn cũng có cơ hội giải thích, cô ấy cũng chấp nhận lời xin lỗi của bạn, các bạn quay về làm bạn, thế nhưng bạn lại phát hiện ra cảm giác đó hoàn toàn khác với khi xưa, dù vẫn cười như vậy nhưng trong nụ cười của các bạn luôn ẩn giấu một phần lúng túng, gượng gạo. Rốt cuộc vì sao cảm giác ấy không quay trở lại?
—  Trương Tiểu Nhàn - Jini dịch