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So consider this.

The first of my weird little ideas I’m trying out. I had said I would try pendulums in the past but I actually decided to go all the way and make a unique little mold for it. Something more angular and pointed screams “pendulum” to me than my gently tapered herbal molds.

This is just the prototype using a tiny Yarrow sprig. I’m working on a couple more using whatever sprigs of Mugwort I still have remaining from the summer - an herb highly associated with divination and clarity.

I’m thinking of trying to find something like a bead cap for the top, or even a fitted little bit of metal, if that’s possible.

So what do you think?


Detail shots of one of the few larger Forget Me Not pendants I made. I really like the way this one came out.


atla meme {remake}[2/8] characters: aang

my people needed me and i wasn’t there to help. the world needed me and i wasn’t there to help! you’re being too hard on yourself. even if you did run away, i think it was meant to be. if you had stayed, you would’ve been killed along with all the other airbenders. you don’t know that. i know it’s meant to be this way. the world needs you now. you give people hope.