for jewelry making


So consider this.

The first of my weird little ideas I’m trying out. I had said I would try pendulums in the past but I actually decided to go all the way and make a unique little mold for it. Something more angular and pointed screams “pendulum” to me than my gently tapered herbal molds.

This is just the prototype using a tiny Yarrow sprig. I’m working on a couple more using whatever sprigs of Mugwort I still have remaining from the summer - an herb highly associated with divination and clarity.

I’m thinking of trying to find something like a bead cap for the top, or even a fitted little bit of metal, if that’s possible.

So what do you think?

Friendly notice that Michael’s (and probably other mass craft stores) carry vials and bottles, as well as those tiny baby bottles you can wear as a necklace.

The larger bottles are only a couple dollars too, and if you just want a tiny bottle, the hook is pretty easy to remove from the cork.

And they have crystal pendants you can charm!