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A Very Belated Friendship

Prompt: There’s a blooming friendship between Narcissa Malfoy and the Chosen One

It’s the first Christmas after the war when the letters start coming. Harry is not helping Mrs. Weasley. He is also not in the company of his best friends. In fact, he is alone in No.12, Grimmauld Place, sipping his tea near the window. Kreacher is busily making dinner that can be considered suitable for one on a Christmas night. Suddenly a medium brown owl swoops inside his open window and lands in front of Harry. He looks at the owl confusedly, and the owl only stares at Harry with a tilted head. Whose owl are you? His consciousness asks because it’s not The Weasley’s owl nor it belongs to the ministry. It is too elegance to belong to the ministry, clearly the owner takes their time on grooming the bird to perfection. He is pulled from his reverie by a gentle nip on his finger. He smiles softly to the owl when it lets him caress its feather. He tries to ignore the pang in his heart by the sight. He missed Hedwig more than he can express right now. He pulls the letter from its feet to stir his mind away from sensitive topic. Like white snowy owl. And green light. And death. He assumes the owl will go back to its owner, but it only flies above Harry’s head twice and settles on his left shoulder, happily nipping his ear and hair gently. He only shakes his head and let the creature gets comfortable, focusing on the letter at hand. There’s no sender’s name, which makes Harry suspicious, and thus makes him cast a revealing spell towards the letter, but there’s no dark or lethal magic on it. Once he carefully opens the letter, he begins reading.

Dear Mr. Harry Potter,

Good evening, Mr. Potter. This letter might come as a surprise for you as I have also surprised myself on sending it, but it is not to be dwelled with too much thought as I have no intention to disturb you. Happy Christmas, Mr. Potter. I hope you celebrate this day in the warmth company of your loved ones.

P.S. Oh, the owl is a Christmas present from me, she loves staggering on people’s shoulder. Please take care of her.

Warm regards,

Narcissa Malfoy.

It takes Harry a full ten minutes before he can understand the letter completely. Narcissa Malfoy was sending him a letter on Christmas, full with Christmas wishes and even went through the trouble of buying him an owl as a Christmas present. A very beautiful creature that is now staggering on Harry’s arm. He can never buy any pet, not since Hedwig, but the beauty in front of him has already captured his heart completely. Rory –sort for Aurora. He’ll call her Rory. After that he immediately writes back to Mrs. Malfoy, thanking her for the present, wishing her a very merry Christmas, and also sending his regards to Malfoy – Draco. After that he pulls out Hedwig’s old place and lets Rory to familiar herself on her new place. She immediately purrs and sleeps after eating the food Harry gives. He asks Kreacher to pack the diner and Apparate with it to the Burrow unannounced. That night he aborts his plan to stay away from the Weasley as it’s their first Christmas without Fred, and follow Mrs. Malfoy’s advice to be in the company of his loved ones.


After the first letter much to Harry’s surprise, there are more to come and in no time they have chatted back and forth with letters. At first it was a little bit awkward and formal as Harry didn’t know how to act with all the warm attention he’s getting from a Malfoy, but then he gathered his wits, asked Narcissa to call him Harry, and started reaching out first. Well, after two months, he dared to invite Narcissa to The Black House, there they chatted over dinner like old friends. When the calendar marked as April, Harry went to Malfoy Manor for the second time in his life. Narcissa was hell bent on redecorating the dark and gloomy Manor, and Harry decided to help. Surprisingly, Malfoy also helped along with a polite gesture toward Harry and a much warmer gesture toward his mother. He kept coming back for a full week until the tasks were done. In that week, Harry has seen things he’d never guess he’ll be seeing from Malfoy. Seriously, three days ago, Malfoy sneakily swiped a stripe of green paint on Narcissa’s left cheek and grinned widely as he admired his art before he pecked her green cheek, leaving the paint on his lips, which made Narcissa laughs.

“There. Perfect.” He had heard Malfoy said softly when Narcissa was laughing, and casted a very warm look toward her. Gone all the sharp edges of Malfoy, gone all the sneers and superior looks, and gone all the infuriating arrogant trademark of Draco Malfoy. What’s left was just a kid with mischievous act to bring a smile toward his mother face. What’s left was a kid who shoots his mother a warm look and calls her perfect when she can’t see. And in that moment Harry had nothing to hold on to as he felt his heart stuttered a little bit.


It’s in the middle of June when Harry suddenly wakes up sweating and screaming inside the Black House. It’s in the middle of June when Harry mindlessly goes to the Malfoy Manor past midnight by Floo. It’s in the middle of June when he staggers towards the Manor’s kitchen in the verge of having a panic attack. Draco was just sipping a mug of tea to erase the nightmare that had woken him prior, and the sudden intrusion surprised him.

“Po—” he almost scolds Potter for not having any manner, seriously it’s past midnight. Potter’s figure in his house is no longer a strange thing. Since his mother and Potter had redecorated the house on April, Potter’s appearance in the Manor had been frequent, not that he’s complaining though. He almost scolds Potter, but one look on his ashen face stops his tongue. Draco leaps to his feet and stops before he could reach for Potter with worry when he heard the heavy breathing from the other boy. “Potter, what’s wrong?” Draco’s voice is tinged with concern that he tries to mask. Potter is holding his body with a hand on the wall and the other on his knees, panting like he has been running a marathon, sweat clings onto his thin pajamas.

“Nightmare. I think I’m having a panic attack.” Draco sighs. Of course his mother was sleeping when needed, just his luck.

“Potter, I need you to listen to me. Will you listen to me?” Draco says calmly. Potter nods. “There’s a wall on your left, sit on the floor, your back to the wall.” Potter follows the instruction. “Now, breathe and count with me.” Draco starts counting in the same rhythm with Harry’s breathing pace. “Potter, I’m going to touch you now. Is that okay?” Potter nods again. Draco takes Potter’s hand and put his palm on his chest. “Breath with me.” They synchronize their breathing rhythm until Harry looks much calmer. “Are you okay?” Draco dares to ask.

“Yes… Thank you, Draco.” And for the first time in history, Draco gives him a genuine smile. He gets up to make another mug of tea, and cast a warming charm over  his mug before sitting beside potter on the floor and giving Potter his tea. He hides another smile by sipping his mug, he’s Draco now.

“Any reason why you suddenly going here?” Draco starts. Harry only shakes his head. “A careless action in the spurt of the moment then. How Gryffindor of you, Potter.” Potter only laughs. “Wanna share nightmares?” Draco asks again, nonchalantly. Potter snorts in his mug, but decides to tell Draco about his nightmares. The night gets wasted with mugs of tea, shared nightmares, concealed smiles, and some occasional smirks and laughter. Harry ever imagine that he’ll witness this side of Draco –for Merlin’s sake, he’s Draco now – ever, but here they are, sharing nightmare and sipping tea on Draco’s kitchen floor in pajamas after midnight. And Godric helps him, because his heart once more stutters uncontrollably.

That morning, Narcissa has a special surprise as she sees his son asleep on the kitchen floor with his only arch-enemy, full clothed, both backs to the wall, and the head with jet black hair stays comfortably on the shoulder of the blond. She has never smiled wider because maybe it’s the start of something beautiful.

A salvation for one.

Redemption for the other.

A very belated friendship.

Maybe it could even bloom to be the truly long waited relationship.

With a mug of coffee in her hand, she faces the window, watching the world coming to life in the start of another day.

Smiling, she hums a gentle lullaby.



I’ll Always Be There

Inspired by this drabble by @vibranium-ass

Song: Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins

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“Steve, can’t you say something?” I whispered. “I know he wants to be involved and help, but his nightmares are getting worse.” I grabbed his arm. “Please, just talk to-”

He pulled his arm away with a sigh. “Look kid, I don’t think he’s ready either. But you and I both know that Bucky is too damn stubborn to change his mind.”

“Just promise me that if he has an episode, you’ll-”

“I know.” Steve put his hands on my shoulders. “We’ve been through this multiple times.”

He’s smiling at me, but his tone is dry.

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This whole page is just fantastic. Now Kitty’s got it locked into her head that she CAN make her case to Xavier, we see her utter tenacity. As well as, I think, hints of the leader she’ll one day become. One pah doesn’t work, she’ll try another, and another, and another.

Plus come on, Kitty beat Xavier, THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL TELEPATH, at chess, in a move he never saw coming, WHILE PITCHING HERSELF.

Kitty Pryde is amazing and if you don’t agree, you’re wrong.

“I have been the mother to almost forty children in movies, but I have always had a special place in my heart for little Natalie. She always called me Mamma Maureen and I called her Natasha, the name her parents had given her. She loved making little ceramics on the weekends and used to bring me gifts of lovely painted animals and people. Unfortunately, Hurricane Hugo in St. Croix stole them all and I can’t find even one. They’re up there somewhere in the jet stream watching over me. When Natalie and I shot the scenes in Macy’s, we had to do them at night because the store was full of people doing their Christmas shopping during the day. Natalie loved this because it meant she was allowed to stay up late. I remembered al the tricks we pulled as kids in our house, trying to stay up past bedtime, and so I really enjoyed this time with Natalie. We loved to walk through the quiet, closed store and look at all the toys and girls’ dresses and shoes. The day she died, I cried shamelessly. it was such a horrible way to go for such a lovely, lovely girl.”

Maureen O'Hara on Natalie Wood

despite what you’ve been told (pt 4)

I meant to finish this earlier in the week but did not bc of who I am as a person. There will be 3 more installments after this one & then this sucker will get a proper beta and an ao3 upload

Read Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Victor sulks.

At first he’s genuinely sad, sad enough that after practice he goes back to his hotel room and stays there for the rest of the day feeling foolish and heartbroken and wishing he could cuddle his dog.  (At one point he actually calls his sitter and has her put Makkachin on Facetime and leave the room so he can apologize; they’re not moving to a nice place in Japan with lots of beaches and a new special human for him to play with after all.)  He orders something forgettable off the room service menu that seems indulgent at the time, picks at it while flipping through the television offerings and finally succumbs to jet lag late in the afternoon.

Chris shows up at his door around 8pm with an ice dancer pair Victor remembers from the European Championship and two women he feels like he ought to know but doesn’t.  He hasn’t been paying attention to the new faces at competitions for a while now, hasn’t been following the up and coming Juniors the way he used to; maybe if he had he’d have recognized Yuuri’s face when he saw it, would have known his career instead of scrambling to learn about it in a fever rush after the GPF banquet.  Maybe things would have been different.

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I feel like a piece of me died last night.

Of course, Ziva David was a fictional character, but I grew up admiring her and loving her unconditionally and I can’t believe that she is gone for good this time.

I was 11 when I first started watching NCIS, now I’m 21. I immediately fell in love with Ziva and Tony. There was this beautiful, strong, smart, funny woman who could stand up for herself, who was tough, yet also vulnerable. Always teasing and being teased by that other agent. The two of them were so obviously in love, even when they didn’t want to admit it back then. At school, I wanted to play NCIS with my friends. They could be Kate or Abby, but I was always Ziva, there wasn’t a question.

At the age of 14-15, I wanted to dress like Ziva. I loved her early outfits, the khaki, the black, all of that. But also as her character evolved and she wore just simple yet gorgoeous jumpers and shirts, I wanted to look like her. I even tried to wear my hair like her. She was the first character who made me happy to have natural brown hair, cause that way I looked a bit like my idol. I also wanted to have a character like hers. I wanted to be strong, smart, hardworking, I even wanted to be able to fight. No character has since inspired me as much as Ziva has.

My obsession with Tiva never really stopped, the wall above my bed is still full of pictures of them. Of course, season 7 was very special, I even watched Jet Lag in English which I almost never did back then, but I just needed to see my loves immediately, I couldn’t wait until it aired in Germany. Tony and Ziva were growing closer by the season, getting past every obstacle that was in their way… and then the news of Cote leaving broke. I was devestated, I was crying for days, swearing that I would never accept her replacement and that I would stop watching NCIS. I accepted Ellie quickly, because I realized that there was nothing we could do to get Cote back, but I never really watched anything past season 11 because I just did not care anymore.

Ziva’s farewell was terrible, I even watched it live in the middle of the night cause I needed to say goodbye to the woman that helped me grow up. I cried so much during those two episodes, especially since Cote was barely present in them. And then she was just gone. And now 3 years later, I’ve lost her again. I cried the full hour of the episode and then some, because I just could not believe that the writers would do this. It just wasn’t necessary, Ziva could easily have survived without Cote having to guest star. But CBS went the other way and just ruined a beautiful character by writing her completely different than she used to be. As if Ziva wouldn’t have told Tony about her pregnancy. They loved each other so much, I’m absolutely sure that they both would’ve given up their normal lives to be together as a family.

The worst thing for me was how the others reacted. It looked as if Ziva had been dead for years now because none of them seemed to really mourn their sister, their daughter, their friend. Of the three leading ladies that have died over the seasons, Ziva got the least important farewell, because her death was used to advance Tony’s storyline and nothing else. They mourned Kate for so long, even after only two seasons with her, and Jenny’s death had the biggest impact on the team. Both of their deaths deserved to be important, of course, I loved them too, but I just wished Ziva would have gotten that too. And the writers probably think that they gave us all we ever wanted: Tiva is canon and they even had a daughter. But they made everything worse by giving Ziva a seemingly unimportant death off screen. She died in her sleep. She couldn’t even fight for her life.

I will never forgive the writers for this episode and I’m never watching another episode of this show again, except maybe if one day Sean or Brian or anyone from the old team leave the show.

And with that I say goodbye to one of the most important characters in my life, Ziva David. And I say thank you to Cote de Pablo for bringing this amazing character to life. You and Ziva deserved so much better.

You are so loved.

They suffered a very public break-up and it seems Perrie Edwards has finally replaced Zayn Malik.

The Little Mix singer was back at Disneyland Paris on Wednesday, over a year after taking her former fiancé to the theme park for his 21st birthday.

Perrie, 22, has recreated a cute photograph she took with Zayn in front of Disney’s iconic castle - although she replaced the former One Direction star with Cinderella.

The pop starlet has been having a whale of a time at Disneyland with her cousin Ellie Hemmings.

After her visit with her former partner in January last year, the couple shared an adorable image with Zayn wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater and Perrie donning a souvenir beanie hat.

However after their break-up in July, Perrie has hilariously replaced Zayn in her Disney snaps with cos-play stars, dressed as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

There wasn’t a glimmer of sadness on the stunning star’s face as she threw herself into her family trip without a care in the world.  

Perrie has had to adjust to life without Zayn, who is said to have dumped his fiancé of two years via text message, just days before she jetted off for a Little Mix promo tour in the US.

It’s been a busy few weeks for the star, who enjoyed a few days back home after her trip to the States last month, before flying back out to New York last week for a very special performance of Little Mix’s hit single Black Magic.

Perrie has been posting a series of snaps on Instagram of her trip including all her pictures with her childhood idols.

She shared a number of shots with her cousin where they playfully posed on oversized furniture including sitting atop a chair and posing as leprechauns.  

As well as her Disney princess pictures, she shared some sexier shots including a picture where she is stripped down to Mickey Mouse underwear and a matching vest top, showing off her long legs.

A camel-coloured jacket was draped over the top, while Ellie showed off her own Disney pjs as she sat by Perrie’s side. ‘Strike a pose, vogue. #PyjamaParty,; the Little Mix singer added to the shots.

I can’t believe her team did a promo trip back to Disneyland “one year later”… also pushing a bit hard on the privileged white princess bit, no? 

The Great White Blight: Holding the Line with Azelia and Nicki

They haven’t found a good replacement for black girls but they keep trying to make us go quiet.

There is a black girl thing that hasn’t quite been captured yet. They’ve been working on it for centuries now, from the first call , to the ring shout, to the Mississippi Delta growl, to the sugar cane song .

Iggy Azalea and Azaelia Banks have been the ship that has launched a thousand post liberal  hip hop pieces. Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea was the ship that launched a thousand tepid feminist pieces.

This is not a hip hop problem , this a blues problem that very pointedly never gets named and comes and goes with every single apex and nadir of black music,or black female creativity.

Black women speaking about the reality of their lives is uncomfortable, we swing it, growl it and yes enjoy it , but at the crux speaking black woman’s experience diasporically and an American one specifically is voicing the politics,erotics and aesthetics of the constant knowledge of your own disvalue. 

Banks assertion that this is the thing we made is most heartbreaking for it’s truth than it’s theoretical application to cultural appropriation. Hip-hop like blues and jazz is a thing we made , and more importantly it was a thing black women have used to force artistic playgrounds that later seem to be freeing for everyone but them. Banks more outré experiments, are screaming call backs to Missy Elliott. Elliott  who bursted to centerstage after years of production work , on an Ann Peeples sample who was straight from the same St.Louis that gave us Bessie Smith. Nicki calls to Kim who called to Betty Davis, who called to that same Smith and Ma Rainey. While being their own distinct and innovative thing black women in hip hop have always reminded the world of the existence and innovation of black women and their lives, GROUNDED in their sociopolitical oppression . 

 “We hate Iggy”is the “easy “ problem of race and hip hop rather than the more difficult problem of a cultural  landscape struggling with needing back women around to provide cultural product, while needing us to be seen as not producing anything to justify our abuse.  Black girls are on constant defense, and are considered to have no selves to defend , Azaelia is defending hip hop , not black girls, Nicki is making “superb racial commentary” not straight up staking her claim as a lyrical master. When did defending black women not become enough?

When Azaelia Banks cries during an interview about whats happening, the idea that a pretty blonder Iggy is somehow taking it from her is safe. When Nicki says “When you hear something from me I wrote… No shade” it’s easier to write about her “slamming Iggy” or the geo politics of over inflated women’s fights than the reality. Azaelia is talking about her own paid, Nicki is talking about her own prowess, but those declarations are instinctively seen as fights, because Black women’s centrality is seen as aggressive, or “jealous”. We can’t be just mad , we have to be mad AT, and Iggy seems t o be committed to making her self a great target by being insensitive and questionably talented.

Even more so that it exploded on Twitter, a domain once maligned for, now just mined for black women’s  culture responses is even richer . T.I’s tone deaf defense of Iggy was made more comical by the fact it was done in a medium that is making much of it’s relevant hay on the consistent hard knocks black women face on it every day.  Rather than answer what’s so special about Iggy that she cant get ( the mildest form of ) this work , T.I defaults to insulting Azaelia and black people (some !) for claiming cultural “stinginess”. We are expected to give and fade quietly while enterprising ( men) like him reap the benefits. His Ain’t No Mediocre a video that sees him jet off to Brazil, to center Iggy as a goddess galumphing her way through favelas, takes it worldwide , his idea of successful going global is a white Australian rapping like “Gangsta Boo”.

The easy accusations of drag and minstrelsy  are superb indicators that the conversation isn’t being had with black women. This isn’t generalize blackness being mocked, this is black womanhood. When cornrows and big booties are lauded for white women, but a woman can throw a wig on a penis call it a black woman and still be called a feminist icon, appropriation is the nice way for saying , we are watching a concerted effort to make Black women jokes and also to keep them from being able to discuss it. When Nicki cites Kanye, it is both astute observation and public personal caution. Speaking out gets you got, and what happens when it’s in medium that is cruel to you anyway.

The problem isn’t that we talk too much about Iggy. The problem is that we don’t talk about black women as a respected legacy of skill talent and creative force of which hip-hop was the latest itineration.Black people getting moved out of hip hop is terrible but is preceded by black WOMEN being moved out of hip hop first. Not just as subjects ,but as artists and commentators. Talking about Iggy is fine , if we actually HAVE THE TALK. Words about appropriation aren’t enough , when very specific aspects of black woman hood are under attack. Iggy’s white privilege is a GREAT thing to talk about if we actually bring the people it’s constructed on for its potency.

~ Sydette

anonymous asked:

Could you tell me more about the relationship taylor and jake?

I was just starting to become a hardcore fan at that point (I didn’t have a social media account dedicated to her yet so anons correct me if I’m wrong on any info but anyway (see the rambling lol)) but when I saw they were dating I thought “oh odd pairing” but he seemed supportive and they appeared to really care about each other.

The timeline went like this.. He attended her taping of the speak now thanksgiving special and they attended Emma Stone’s snl taping together. The next day they were seen getting coffee in Brooklyn near his sister, Maggie’s home. Then in early November they were spotted in Big Sur, California getting ice cream and hanging at the pool. Mid November he charted a jet to fly Tay to London so they could spend time together while he was promoting a movie and then it was back to NYC for thanksgiving. They spent turkey day with Jake’s family and that’s when we got our first paparazzi pics of them. Then they were spotted out getting coffee a few times in Nashville. In December the week before Taylor’s birthday they were seen driving around in LA being chased by the paparazzi and they called the cops about it. For Taylor’s birthday Jake didn’t show up (but I remember reading something about how he got there the next day? Is this true anons? I honestly can’t remember). But the point is he missed her birthday. That’s what the song The Moment I Knew is about. In mid January grainy pictures of them going out to dinner in Nashville were posted so I think that was part of the breakup, makeup, breakup thing she referred to in WANEGBT.

I think the problem with Jake was he wasn’t ready for that level of fame that Taylor would bring to the relationship, he wanted to hide and sneak around. Plus he has a history of morphing into what the girlfriend wants and not being who he truly is (he did it with Reese and Kirsten). Also he played with her emotions, he showed her he cared but then didn’t show up for her birthday party and I assume there were other things like that. Maybe he couldn’t be counted on, and from All Too Well and WANEGBT we can conclude that he twisted everything. The age difference didn’t help either. It really messed with Taylor and she just wasn’t herself for the longest time. You could tell in her music, her in smile, in her eyes. It was so heartbreaking. BUT I think she learned so much about herself, what she needs and wants and who she is. I’m proud of her for working through it and writing Red and being so honest in her work. It is such a beautiful album and it’s almost all about Jake (in my opinion).

They’ve seen each other once maybe twice publicly since then and according to the media it was friendly. I do respect that Jake hasn’t ever dragged her for writing songs about him (unlike other ex boyfriends…).

Anyway.. That’s her and Jake

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