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McHanzo Week 2017

Day 5: Traditional || Unorthodox

There may be some translation errors, I am no native speaker to either of the languages. But the gist of what McCree said in Spanish was “Mind if I join you?” and “It’s rather dangerous there isn’t it?” and in Japanese, “愛する“ (Aisuru) Which is ‘Love’ where he was trying to go for “挨拶” (Aisatsu) Which is ‘Greetings’ or ‘Salutations’.
What Hanzo was saying was “あの…何?” (Ano…nani?) which directly translates to ‘That…what?’

An edit to the comic as a lovely ask informed me that Cinco de Mayo is not celebrated nationally in Mexico, it is celebrated only in the state of Puebla.

McHanzo week  Day 2 — Canon Divergence || Alternate Universe

[Jesse McCree, famous actor from memorable cowboy movies, starts his own morning talk-show, Morning with McCree. He interviews all sorts of creative people, as well as travel the world. Today, he meets up with the skilled archer Hanzo Shimada, from the movie “Twin Dragons” coming out this December 15th. There has been talk of these two meeting before on the set of McCree’s last movie, so I bet they have a lot to talk & catch up on! Don’t miss it, this Tuesday from 11AM till high noon EST.]

IDK why it’s not a more popular headcanon that Mccree didn’t just lose his arm in whatever explosion/calamity he went through, but also a significant chunk of his torso

I would imagine that whatever it was would have definitely taken out most of that side of his body, and even if it didn’t they would have had to do some serious work to create a working structure that supported the weight of his arm on his torso

I’ve also considered that those gigantic tubes wired into his stomach are just some fancy cooling system, but I also genuinely think it’s more likely Mccree’s got quite the injury that’s more than just a missing limb. He might even have some artificial/biomechanical organs under all that plating. 

Not to mention his torso kinda sorta resembles Zenyatta’s 

As well as Genji’s

So I do pretty much believe that the setup on Mccree’s torso isn’t just armor plating you can take off, especially since there’s no discernible reason a chest plate should glow like that unless it’s got some mechanisms running under there


I saw a Tangled Au and I couldn’t resist, thought I did make his hair white (like his okami skin) instead of black like i’ve seen.

Now for some faves:

 Because of course they reunite!! (Hanzo thought he and his parents were dead because the villain told him so)

if you want to read xD

the clothes could use some work…