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The Nasty Boys
[November 9th, 1987]

The duo of childhood friends Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags started wrestling as a tag team in 1985, starting off in the AWA where they dressed in gold spandex and long boots. When the pair traveled to the South in 1987, CWF booker Jerry Lawler suggested that they change their look and cover their faces. Whether doing so as smartasses or not, they began painting their faces when they knew they’d be on shows with Lawler, but neglected to do so when they weren’t. According to Brian Knobbs:

There were plenty of ‘pretty’ tag teams back then, and the ugly dudes wore masks and shit. I never worried about looking good or being flashy. Hell, we were called the damn Nasty Boys, we were fine with our faces matching the name! I got where Jerry [Lawler] was coming from, and tried to make him happy by doing something different and respecting him, since he was the vet, but… it wasn’t us.

As a team, The Nasty Boys captured the WWF, WCW, AWA, and NWA Florida tag team championships between 1986 and 1996.


Defying Trump, California Governor Jerry Brown just signed a climate agreement with China

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