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Interception (m)

“So,” you clear your throat, annoyed, “what takes you guys so long in the locker room anyway? I was waiting for almost an hour.”

Your two friends lock gazes, a hint of fear gleaming in their eyes before they shy it away. “Nothing,” Hoseok blurts out.

“Yeah,” Jimin shrugs, “we just have a lot of fun.”

Synopsis: You never knew what took your two friends so long in the locker room; you decided to go and find out for yourself, only to end up with a first hand sexual experience.


Pairing: Hoseok x Reader x Jimin // sports au w football players jimin and hobi & cheerleader reader

Genre: smut

Word Count: 8.5k

Includes: threesome, daddy kink, praise kink, mxm action, dom hoseok, switch jimin, sub reader, choking, oral, breast play

A/N: for @pjxmin, thirst is everywhere *~* it has been a lil’ hard to write smut lately, but here one is! ^^ with barely any plot, hahaha
thanks @taequility for helping me figure out some scenes!! glad to have u hop on the hobi train now

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@immortanfuriosa pitched me an awesome idea for an exotic cloak, I had to try to draw it!

The Mantle of Death: “If you cannot reach Death you will become Death. And you will have no choice but to watch as all you hold dear die beneath your destructive wake.”

  • When you are at critical low health, all melee damage is doubled.
  • Melee hits charge your overshield.

Ornaments are “The Hell’s Fire” which I made in three different colors because I couldn’t decide which was coolest! And last on the right is “Mercy’s Redemption.”

@immortanfuriosa came up with all three designs, the names, everything about them. Very very cool!

PS: a nice song to listen to while painting something like this

Hey guys? Could you please not come to my inbox talking about the Wanted leaks? I really don’t want to be spoiled before Monday because I really want to watch the whole thing live and fresh. I know ya’ll are excited, I am too, but please, from one fan to another, please don’t tell me about the leaks. 

jen-iii  asked:

about the pollen thing and it basically not effecting Akko cuz she can't fly yet, Maybe that super crazy broom from the broom relay will make a comeback? like, it didnt seemed like it needed Akko's magic AT ALL to fly and she was able to ride it (a bit..) so there might be some hope with that too!

Yeaaah!! I’m praying it’ll finally come back and be relevant. That broom flies itself, so all Akko would need to do is learn to keep control of it (if she does get affected by the poison stuff but LET’S HOPE NOT)

coopeli831  asked:

Beautifully written. It's great you wrote this story from a fan request. Body shaming is a serious issue for women and men. I like how you touched on Jensen getting inner demons because fans compare his physique to Jared's. It's true that they can't truly be compared fairly. Stretch marks and scars are beautiful. Thanks again for this story.

Thank you! You’re completely right, stretch marks and scars are beautiful and I truly wish that everyone in the world believed that. Thank you so much! <3

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