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  • Boring opening sequence.
  • Donna doesn’t know why she and Jackie are friends for no apparent reason.
  • And keeps getting better by not actually caring about her or anyone but herself. And Randy.
  • Hyde’s villain mustache.
  • It’s been just a month since season 7 finale, why on Earth Kelso looks like if he hit the gym 24/7 for three years?
  • Fez/Jackie.
  • Hyde’s clothes.
  • Jackie pining for Fez. I’m going to say it again: Jackie PINING for FEZ.
  • Samantha.
  • No Eric, no Kelso.
  • What on Earth is Hyde doing married to a stranger and how he got to accept it so easily?
  • For some reason, Hyde suddenly doesn’t care of his friends either.
  • How’s that we were never told both, Jackie and Hyde, had half brothers? How is that this didn’t made them bond even more? What the fuck?
  • Jackie doesn’t fight Hyde about his bullshit, doesn’t even slap the asshole.
  • Hyde leaving drugs is a bad thing and his friends make an intervention so he will start consuming drugs again. It’s not funny. IT’S NOT FUNNY.
  • “Whorus maximus”, says ex-feminist Hyde.
  • The fuck is wrong with Fez’s super greasy hair, I–
  • Donna/Randy, Eric breaking up with her via letter for the most stupid reason ever after we got entire episodes in season 7 about how the distanse was not going to be an obstacle for them.
  • New guy suddenly is “the best”, is Hyde in love with him or what?
  • Hyde slaps Donna’s ass.
  • Red and Kitty are ok with a stripper living in their basement instead of, I don’t know, kicking their now fucking married son out of their house.
  • There was nothing wrong with Kitty’s hair, you suck, writers.
  • Jackie lets her romantic life be dictated by a fucking list.
  • Ridiculous dream about the beauty and the beast staring Jackie and Fez, when their “love story” is NOTHING like that one. It’s worse.
  • Is Kitty an alcoholic now? Ok.
  • Bob decides to leave town.
  • Donna doesn’t go to college and does actually kind of nothing with her life but wait for Eric, doesn’t go to college even after he breaks up with her and instead starts dating a guy she has met for about a month and keeps doing nothing.
  • Hyde yells at Samantha like his parents used to yell at each other to then have sex, because that’s healthy, alright. And the show makes it look like if that’s fine and good for their already unbelievable relationship.
  • Jackie constantly gets injured, humilliated in public, stepped on and fucked over. She literally gets green hair from her one true love, Fez.
  • Out of nowhere, Jackie thinks she IS a bad person and constantly says so and the laugh track is put because, for some reason, a girl hating herself is funny.
  • Hyde is married and nothing changes for him, he is still the same asshole living in his adoptive parent’s basement to the point the show kinda forgets about Sam for entire episodes.
  • Donna decides her new best friend is the stripper, because she wasn’t a bad friend already.
  • Zero chemistry between Donna and Randy. Fez and Jackie? LMAO, ridiculous.
  • Hyde’s beer belly.
  • That guy that took Hyde’s place and face.
  • Jackie’s sudden shallowness and other backwards steps, even wrose than her season 1 self.
  • Fez macho and playboy self, like, eww.
  • Caroline’s mental illness is still a joke, even more so now.
  • Donna decides to not tell anyone, not even Jackie or Hyde, that Eric broke up with her but tells new guy that is obviously going to get into her pants.
  • Samantha is actually married to an old man that could be her father.
  • Romantization of old guy-young sexy woman relationship right there.
  • Hyde is ok with everyone saying his wife is a whore and even says they can watch her take off her clothes but have to pay him, actually uses the phrase “Sam? What I told you? They have to pay ME first.” when insinuated she was going to strip for his friends.
  • Hyde calls Jackie a whore, a bitch, and other names after he couldn’t stan some random guy calling her that.
  • These people aren’t kids anymore and for the sake of jokes decide to do shit like stealing, proclaim drugs are ok, doing nothing all day but talk bad about the other and hold their life on pause because the show forgot they aren’t teenagers anymore.
  • Actually, all characters are worse than when they were teens.
  • Fez/Jackie (yes, it’s here two times).
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Post your latest selfie + 10 FACTS about yourself

Hi yes here is me wearing gold lace cat ears & snapchat flower crown with  my usual RBF in my friends car the other day, pls enjoy

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1. I have been pulled over like… 6 times? If not more? And I’ve never received a ticket. I’ve also not done anything to try to get out of a ticket - they just always give me warnings. *shrug* *furiously knocks on wood*

2. I performed at the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC with my choir group my junior year of high school, and it was one of the coolest experiences ever (even if I ended up getting detention by the end of that trip - woops). 

3. I hate seeing people in mascot costumes in person. Yes, I’m aware of how stupid that sounds. But it makes my skin crawl seeing those creepy giant frozen faces and I avoid them at all costs. My friends find this funny as hell and always make sure the mascots see me and come near me just to watch me squeal. 

4. My husband and I had our wedding date set before he actually proposed to me. He had just joined the Air Force and he wrote to me during boot camp saying he wanted to get married, so we made plans. He proposed to me next time he saw me in person - 5 months before the wedding.

6. I graduated with my RN, BSN while 9 months pregnant - I actually had my daughter the day of my pinning ceremony (which I therefore missed). 

7.  I sang “Eternal Flame” by The Bangles at my first grade talent show. My parents allowed it, mostly because I kept telling them I was going to be a famous singer who only sang slow songs. It’s still one of my go to karaoke songs.

8. I had never played an otome game before Mystic Messenger - I had never even HEARD of them before. I found Mystic Messenger because a favorite cosplayer of mine cosplayed Jumin Han and when I saw how thirsty the comments were, I knew it was something I’d probably enjoy because I’m trash. Spoilers - I was right.

9. The only other countries I’ve ever been to are Canada and Mexico. 

10. I have 7 tattoos and have been dying to get more! My tattoo artist left the state and I haven’t found a good one to replace him. There is one gal in my home state of VA who does badass anime tattoos (@bunnymachine on instagram) and I am determined to get one done by her soon! 

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I agree wholeheartedly jackie and Hyde were so good for each other in that 70s show :') needless to say I didn't like the new writers for season 8 (they didn't like the jh relationship)

Yeah, at least when “shitty last season with new writers” happened to Gilmore Girls, they got Luke and Lorelei back together in the finale. Like yeah they made us suffer through that whole Christopher crap, but at least they didn’t ultimately throw away all the L&L development the way that That 70s Show did to Jackie and Hyde. Anyway, S8 is dead to me 🙃