for jack to play his part perfectly

Coach Bitty

This is in response to an anonymous ask for Bitty as something other than a baker or hockey player. I don’t know if figure skating coach is too close for the anon, but I can totally see him going back to the sport he grew up with! Anyway, I’ll continue this probably next week.

** Edited to fix minor inconsistencies and to make it clear that Bitty’s students have parents/caregivers with them, because it would be very irresponsible of Bitty to be alone in the rink with children. Not that Bitty would ever take advantage of anyone, but he wouldn’t want to put them in questionable circumstances – and he’d encourage their parents to look out for them too.

Part 1

No. Jack had booked time at this rink specifically so he could be on the ice alone. Here it was, 10 minutes before his time was due to start, and there was pop music playing and no sign of the Zamboni.

Not that he needed a perfectly clean sheet of ice for what he planned to do today – essentially, an hour of laps, to keep up his endurance over the summer – but still. He had booked the ice and trucked himself all the way out to this godforsaken industrial park in East Providence, and he wanted to be alone. And he’d like a clean sheet of ice to start, if only to clear his mind.

The woman looking at her phone in the lobby didn’t even look up as he stalked past her.

There was only one skater, it looked like. That was something. It was a – boy or girl? He couldn’t really tell – in dark leggings and a green sweater. There was a man standing near the boards talking while the kid picked up speed going backwards, sprang into the air, twisted around until they were spinning like an airborne top, and came down again, one leg sweeping around in a wide circle.

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TRY ME (Part 8)

Notes: The Fluffy is back! Smut involved! think this when youre reading the smut scene, That particular part was inspired by the song “Pony” by gwuinine

Youre welcome ;)

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modern day highschool lotf au

- ralph plays first trumpet in the school band, had planned on playing third but had kind of been thrown into the position after their first trumpet player switched schools days before starting, usually who his friends turn to when in emotional distress

- piggy is that one kid who’s constantly complaining about how nobody seemed to mature in the transition from middle school to high school, loves physics and space and biology, wanted to join band but his aunt said the instruments weren’t good for him because of his asthma and he had no interest in percussion

- samneric play football, give ralph the dumbest nicknames that make no sense, seriously really good friends I mean honestly, they’re both in band and both play trombone, but because they’re the only two trombones so they have to sit right next to each other, disruptions can occur

- simon is a voice of reason in high school profanities, taking classes on his was to be a pediatrician, maybe a preschool teacher, either way kids are great and he loves ‘em, is currently in choir and has a voice of an angel

- jack is still in charge of the choir boys, just like in middle school, and he’s also in charge of most of the fights that break out in school just because his pride gets the better of him, but somehow never gets caught, also convinced that there’s some rivalry going on between the band kids and choir kids, and the choir kids agree to it but don’t really take action so much as jack does

- roger is one of the kids constantly getting ISS just because of the weird shit he does, I mean really he parts the hallways like the red sea because kids find him way creepy, plus he’s way edgy but him and jack are still pretty good friends (for lack of a better word) and he does make a good addition to the choir

- maurice somehow managed to take band and choir in one semester - literally not even the guidance counselors know how or why he did this, but he plays a damn good marimba, and his voice makes him fit into choir perfectly, so he hasn’t had to choose one or the other yet, way problematic but nobody really says anything about it

pimbits where jack and kent are both very tolerant of the cold (though kent’s blood has thinned a little bit in the desert, lbr) but despite four plus years in massachusetts, bitty has never quite acclimated

they go to lake tahoe the autumn after playoffs, rent a little cabin on the lake. it snows the first day they’re there and it’s just enough that bitty thinks it’s pretty, but he’s still shivering. kent ribs him but builds a fire in the fireplace anyway while jack fetches the warmest blanket from the linen closet.

they all settle into the plush, suede couch with bitty sandwiched in the middle, sapping heat from jack and kent. the snow drifts down outside, the fire gives the room a comforting glow, and it smells like cedar and cinnamon. jack’s got a brick of an historical nonfiction book in his lap and he leafs through it quietly, feet propped up on the coffee table, shoulder tucked behind bitty’s. kent’s playing neko atsume on his ipad with the most adorable and ridiculous expression of concentration, legs crooked around where bitty’s curled up in the middle of the couch, feet warming under jack’s thighs. bitty, for his part, is content to sit in the bow of kent’s legs, leaning on kent’s hip with his feet tucked behind jack, tapping away happily on his phone and trying to figure out how to express just how perfectly tranquil this moment is without giving too much away