for iza

Harry: i don’t get girls, they’re crazy. please give some advice before i go crazy

Sirius: have you tried kissing guys instead?

Harry: what?

Sirius: it worked for me

Harry: wait what

Sirius: I’m gay

Harry: what?

Sirius: totally gay. completely gay. just look at me and remus!

Harry: you and remus?

Sirius: for years.

Harry: so remus is gay?

Sirius: no, no, he likes women too. he’s bi. i’m gay

Harry: and you two are together. right?

Sirius: exactly


Sirius: but have you tried?


We know that Calanmai happened when Feyre was away from the Spring Court. We also know that Spring Court’s is the bigger one, but Calanmai is a thing from all the courts. And we firmly believe that Calanmai happens when she and Rhys were in that cabin, right?

But what if, guys, what if, that whole Feyre-is-glowing is about Calanmai? About all the magical sex who ‘renew’ the magic (or something like that)

@crochanblackbeak and @propshophannah and @hermajestymanon and @elidexlorcan what do you think girls? am i going crazy?

@plebeiansarebetter and @libera-mentis and @drothygale luv you <3