for it to find that charm from season 1

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I see a lot of carmila gifs from you and it looks really interesting and I'm kinda interested. Would you recommend it?

oh my god, absolutely!!! i know some people are a little turned off by the whole webseries thing, but honestly that just contributes to its charm imo.

idk how much you’ve been able to learn about it from random gifsets, but season 1 is all about this girl, laura hollis, who’s trying to find her roommate after she mysteriously disappears and her quirky, supernatural university does nothing to help her; said missing roommate is quickly replaced by the broody, mysterious “roommate from hell,” carmilla, and everything kind of snowballs from there.

the show’s got an almost entirely female leading cast + a non-binary character played by a non-binary actor, at least half the main characters (in s1 at least, s2 added a few new minor characters that kind of throw the balance off, lol) are gay/questionably bi/pan and it’s literally never made out to be like a Thing, and the writing is honestly so so great - and i say that as much story-wise as character-wise

that being said, since s1 was constricted to a single camera angle, it’s very much reliant on the characters themselves and the ways they interact with each other and their relationships, and as a result has a couple of characters that would probably make my list of faves from anything ever just because they’re so complicated and unique and interesting

plus you can watch the entire thing on youtube for free

the whole first season runs about 3 hours altogether, so if you’re interested and have some time to kill, i highly highly recommend it. it’s cute, it’s charming, it’s interesting, and very much one of a kind imo. and if you get through s1 the stakes in s2 are just getting higher and higher, in terms of plot and relationships as well as some of the kind of themes of the show and the questions they’re trying to answer, which i’m finding really interesting lol

so yeah!!! if you think a bunch of gay college students running around trying to figure all this weird supernatural shit out sounds like your cup of tea, i absolutely say you should go for it!! :)