for it is by grace you have been saved


It’s a long-standing tradition for the sitting president of the United States to leave a parting letter in the Oval Office for the American elected to take his or her place. It’s a letter meant to share what we know, what we’ve learned, and what small wisdom may help our successor bear the great responsibility that comes with the highest office in our land, and the leadership of the free world.

But before I leave my note for our 45th president, I wanted to say one final thank you for the honor of serving as your 44th. Because all that I’ve learned in my time in office, I’ve learned from you. You made me a better President, and you made me a better man.

Throughout these eight years, you have been the source of goodness, resilience, and hope from which I’ve pulled strength. I’ve seen neighbors and communities take care of each other during the worst economic crisis of our lifetimes. I have mourned with grieving families searching for answers – and found grace in a Charleston church.

I’ve taken heart from the hope of young graduates and our newest military officers. I’ve seen our scientists help a paralyzed man regain his sense of touch, and wounded warriors once given up for dead walk again. I’ve seen Americans whose lives have been saved because they finally have access to medical care, and families whose lives have been changed because their marriages are recognized as equal to our own. I’ve seen the youngest of children remind us through their actions and through their generosity of our obligations to care for refugees, or work for peace, and, above all, to look out for each other.

I’ve seen you, the American people, in all your decency, determination, good humor, and kindness. And in your daily acts of citizenship, I’ve seen our future unfolding.

All of us, regardless of party, should throw ourselves into that work – the joyous work of citizenship. Not just when there’s an election, not just when our own narrow interest is at stake, but over the full span of a lifetime.

I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

And when the arc of progress seems slow, remember: America is not the project of any one person. The single most powerful word in our democracy is the word ‘We.’ 'We the People.’ 'We shall overcome.’

Yes, we can.

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President Barack Obama 


Peter Pan


-he gets jealous (SMUT)


-Peter is absolutely in love with you and you take it to the next level (SMUT)

Little John

-Pan is very possessive lol duh

Perfect Life

-yo have a perfect life but Peter still took you

I Told You So

-Baelfire likes you but so does Pan

Over And Over [Part Two]

-song reference for Over and Over by Three Days Grace

Back And Forth

-you’re sick and you need to go back home


-song reference for alphabet boy by Melanie Martinez

Pure Evil

-you’re the most feared villain


-you hated each other and then boom!


-you get kidnapped by pirates and Peter saves you

Half A Heart

-you go the underworld to save Peter before it’s too late

Badass Princess

-you’re a badass princess

Second Chance

-Pan bans you and regres it

Mad Hatter

-you’re the mad hatter


-he cheats on you (another version)


-you speak two languages

Different  [Part Two]

-you’re a mermaid (that’s it lol)


-a oneshot inspired by the song “Lost Boy” by Troye Sivan ;)

Silent Treatment

-Pan says something mean so you ignore him

Tasmanian Devil

-you have wild pet that reminds you of Pan

You Don’t Own Me

-song reference for “You don’t own me” by Grace ft. G-Eazy


-where when the shadow took rumple away he had a little sister (1 year younger then rumple) who ran of into the jungle and pan finds her and let’s her stay in Neverland with him.


-you blush like an idiot but Pan finds it cute

Bad Blood  [Part Two]

-song reference for “Bad Blood” by Taytay Swift


-Pan cheats on you with Wendy and you go cray cray


-you suffer from bipolar disorder and Pan finds out


-you have been taken by Rumble and your evil step mother because they want your powers and they try to kill you but Pan saves you

Gender Blender

-you are the leader of the lost girls and your group beat the lost boys’ asses


-you’re Regina’s daughter and Regina abandons you to become queen and when they go to find Henry she finds you

Too Late  [Part Two]

-Emma’s your mom and when they go to Neverland to find Henry, she finds you and tries to save the both of you but it was too late

Rumple’s Parents

-Rumple is your son and he tries to kill you because you and Pan left him


-you’re powerful like your mother, Regina and you convince Pan to not kidnap Henry and just kill rumple instead

Magic Box

-Pan gets frustrated with technology so you laugh at him


-Pan needs to accept that you died

Long Time No See

-you were in an orphanage and Emma knew you

Jealous Game

-your best friend makes Pan jealous by flirting with you because Pan was all over Wendy


-Pan finds out that you’re ticklish


-you’re crazy and you’re the queen of Wonderland

Better Than Wonderland

-Pan brings you somewhere better than Wonderland

Robbie Kay


-Robbie is afraid that you don’t love him back

Break The Distance

-you see Robbie for the first time



-you’re hispanic

Ephesians 2:4-5 But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, evenwhen we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ - by grace you have been saved.

“My Mother who’s an assistant Librarian introduced me to his writing when i was eight. She insisted i read him and i immediately became obsessed. Every single line affected me in some way. I liked the simplicity of the way he wrote. There was a piece called ‘The Nightingale And The Rose’ that appealed to me immensly then. It was about a Nightingale who sacrificed herself for these two star-crossed lovers . It ends when the Nightingale presses her against this rose because in a strange, mystical way it means that if she dies, the two lovers can be together. This sense of a truly high drama zipped through everthing he wrote. He had a life that was really tragic and it’s curious that he was so witty. Here we have a creature persistently ceased in pain whose life was a total travesty. He married, rashly had two children and almost immediately embarked on a love affair with a man. He was sent to prison for this. It’s a total disavantage tro care about Oscar Wilde, certainly when you come from a working class background. It’s total self-destruction almost. My personal saving grace at school was that i was something of a medal athlete. I’m sure if i hadn’t been, i’d have sacrificed in the first year. I got streams and streams of medals for running. As i blundered throught my late teens, i was quite isolated and Oscar Wilde meant much more to me. In a way he became a companion. If that sounds pitiful, that was the way it was. I rarely left the house. I had no social life then, as i became a Smith, i used flowers because Oscar Wilde always used flowers. He once went to a Colorado Salt Mines and addressed a mass of miners there. He started his speech with, ‘Let me tell you why we worship the Daffodil’, of course, he was stoned to death. But i really admire his bravery and the idea of being constantly attached to some form of plant. As i get older, the adoration increases. I’m never without him. It’s almost biblical. It’s like carrying your rosary around with you.” - Morrissey (Smash Hits, 1984)

thalianca co mom au

Just because I saw like two pictures doesn’t mean I fell in love with this (i swear ^^;) thank you @cindersart for making it a thing

Firstly, Thalia is totally the cool mom. Everyone agrees with that, but if you ever really wanted that candy bar or that new toy, Bianca will eventually say yes when she’s all done with her shopping.

Even though the Graces get a handsome inheritance from their mother, and the di Angelos have their father’s child support, they are rather frugal. Thalia always puts money into the kids’ savings accounts, Bianca has a bad habit of keeping things, unable to let them go because “it’s still good!” *the shirt has been restitched three times and still has a million holes*

Thalia definitely buys Nico mythomagic cards and takes him to events on the weekends. She plays, just not competitively (she crushes a few neckbeards because they called her out for just being a supportive girlfriend for Nico. “She’s my mom, guys, and she just kicked your asses.”)

Bianca and Jason are really good at tag teaming chores. Jason loves loading the laundry, while Bianca enjoys folding it all. He washes the dishes and she dries and puts them away. He’ll do the dusting (mostly because he’s much taller than her after puberty) and she’ll do the vacuuming. Both of them hate cleaning the bathroom–which they leave to Thalia (“we do everything else, so this is yours to do”)

Hazel comes into the picture when Nico finds out they’re related (Nico sure doesn’t like his dad, after finding out another woman was left in the dust after an affair). Hazel and her mother are constantly in debt and Mama Levesque just can’t keep up with working three jobs and trying to take care of her child. Hazel isn’t even in the school system, which Bianca eventually becomes her home school teacher, eventually parent–kind of a Mathilda story line for her. Legally, she’s Thalia and Bianca’s kid, but she visits her mom at least once a week to check up on her.

Thalia just loves little Hazel. She spent hours learning how to take care of Hazel’s hair and gladly does so before going to work every day. She even does this when she’s older, and though Hazel protests that she’s old enough to do it herself, she can’t help but smile when it’s Thalia doing her hair.

Family dates include, but are not limited to: hours of arcade time, picnics, high school performances (musicals, plays, orchestral and choir shows–Jason can sing rather well, and Nico plays a mean violin), movie nights, their yearly trip to a water park, Nico’s various gaming tournaments, Hazel’s pick of a “destination trip” which is usually either a museum or natural landmark, and best of all (when Bianca isn’t home) pillow fort wars.

Jason likes being a big brother. He likes walking his younger siblings home, he likes borrowing the car to treat them for ice cream. He brings Hazel to the library all the time, he tries to keep up with Nico and mythomagic. When he tells his friends that he’s “busy watching his siblings” he never sounds annoyed.

When they were really young, the kids used to accidentally call Bianca and Thalia “mom.” As they grew up, it stopped happening and they’ll admit they sort of miss those times.

Wow did I get some asks telling me how evil Stannis is. Few people saying he’s a tyrant, a few more saying that he’s going to instigate religious war. I agree, ACoK!Stannis was heading firmly down the tyrant path. But we’re not in ACoK anymore.

This guy…

“Your Grace, you cannot… I am no fit man to be a King’s Hand.”

“There is no man fitter.” Stannis sheathed Lightbringer, gave Davos his hand, and pulled him to his feet.

“I am lowborn,” Davos reminded him. “An upjumped smuggler. Your lords will never obey me.”

“Then we will make new lords.”

has become…

Surprisingly, Stannis smiled at that. “You’re bold enough to be a Stark. Yes, I should have come sooner. If not for my Hand, I might not have come at all. Lord Seaworth is a man of humble birth, but he reminded me of my duty, when all I could think of was my rights. I had the cart before the horse, Davos said. I was trying to win the throne to save the kingdom, when I should have been trying to save the kingdom to win the throne.”

so much better…

“And they will fight for me, you believe?” 

“If you ask them.”

“Why should I beg for what is owed me?”

“Ask, I said, not beg.” Jon pulled back his hand. “It is no good sending messages. Your Grace will need to go to them yourself. Eat their bread and salt, drink their ale, listen to their pipers, praise the beauty of their daughters and the courage of their sons, and you’ll have their swords. The clans have not seen a king since Torrhen Stark bent his knee. Your coming does them honor. Command them to fight for you, and they will look at one another and say, ‘Who is this man? He is no king of mine.’ ”

“How many clans are you speaking of?”

than Renly…

Whatever doubts his lords might nurse, the common men seemed to have faith in their king. Stannis had smashed Mance Rayder’s wildlings at the Wall and cleaned Asha and her ironborn out of Deepwood Motte; he was Robert’s brother, victor in a famous sea battle off Fair Isle, the man who had held Storm’s End all through Robert’s Rebellion. And he bore a hero’s sword, the enchanted blade Lightbringer, whose glow lit up the night.

…it’s not even funny.

He glanced at the letter again. I will save your sister if I can. A surprisingly tender sentiment from Stannis, though undercut by that final, brutal if I can and the addendum and find a better match for her than Ramsay Snow

Well, maybe it’s a bit funny.

That took Lord Janos aback. He smiled uncertainly and began to sweat, but Bowen Marsh beside him said, “Who better to command the black cloaks than a man who once commanded the gold, sire?”

“Any of you, I would think. Even the cook.”

The thing to note here is that Stannis does everything people claim Renly would do. He promotes by merit. He listens to advisors. He builds a coalition through diplomacy. He has the faith of the common man. And he tries to do what’s best for the kingdom.

He’s still a sour, grim misogynist perpetually on the edge of Knight Templar-dom, but there are some serious upsides to ADWD!Stannis.

You were saved by grace. Grace came down and gave His life for you. Why oh why, would you ever abuse that grace by tainting it with sin. 

Grace is not an excuse to sin. 

Do you straighten your hair so you can go stand in the rain? Do you sweep the floor so you can walk muddy boots through? Do you pay to get your phone repaired so you can throw it against a wall?

Ephesians 2:8 “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith, and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.” 

Grace is not an excuse to sin. It is the very reason that you can turn from your sin to righteousness. Don’t abuse it. Embrace it.

I just got this comparable visual in my head and had to share it –>

(mostly it just made me smile) :)

Pulse Part 6

Part 5

Genre: ANGST
Words: 2,045
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Depressing and suicidal thoughts, stalking, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

As you laid in bed that night, you realized how utterly alone you felt. Only a few hours ago, you thought you had felt isolated, but then Natasha had met her soulmate and he had wanted her, and you were once again left in the dust. You were always left behind, it seemed. You could never be someone’s priority. You would never be someone’s priority.

The soulmate system was created to ensure that people would be loved. Someone was made specifically to love another. So what could possibly be so wrong with you that made the one person destined to love you not want you? The thought made you nauseous, despite your unwavering, fixed gaze on the white ceiling above you.

You knew you were at an all-time low, but as your brain sorted through your life, taking into account your inability to afford an education, your struggle to pay rent, your lack of any care for you by any outsider, and your aggressive stalker, you felt so burdened by this unwelcoming and unnecessary life. What were you doing? And you knew Natasha cared, she did, but she wouldn’t be there forever to hold your hand. She found her forever, and you were left to watch your forever stay just out of your reach.

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okay but s5 and s6 would have been 1000x times more watchable if stiles stilinski made remarks about derek hale’s absence here and there like:

*in the middle of digging up a grave* ya know who would love this? derek hale man. he’d stand there and glare but he’d also carry the body.

*gets captured by mad scientists* let me tell you the story of derek hale and how he would kick your asses or at least die trying 

*saves liam’s ass* ok liam but you know who I miss? derek. derek hale with his smart ass comments and beautiful face and graceful ass

*hangs out with parrish* derek would make a good deputy dont you think 

*fights scott* you know who would believe me and be a true friend? derek.  

*theo slams stiles against a hard surface* triggered 

“Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus, the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

- Hebrews 4:14-16 English Standard Version

Under The Stars (M)

word count: 8k 

genre: smut + a tiny bit of fluff at the end; domestic AU 

pairing: reader/doyoung

summary: you’re forced to go to the equivalent of bible camp, out in the forest. unfortunately, you’re also forced to share a tent with a resident goody-two-shoes and you decide to have a little fun messing with him. turns out, it brings him to his limit and pushes him over the edge.

requested by: an anon who wanted a camping smut with doyoung from nct 127


Originally posted by taeiljaeh

a/n: just a disclaimer that none of the religion talk was supposed to be rude or offensive, it was simply a them i chose so please don’t take anything said to heart. also i apologize if the characterization is off, doyoung is one of my lesser known members i’ve gotten to learn in nct so i tried my best ;;;;;

The weather was balmy, clammy even. It made your loose t-shirt stick to you in ways you could only verbalize as gross. Another heavy sigh left your mouth as you shrugged your duffle bag to your other shoulder, both of them already sore from the constant switching of the weight as you trudged along the trail.

Your mother made you go on this trip, a so-called “annual camping cleanse” that your local church would host to the local youth. The age limit was technically at 18 but the pastor more often than not let others go regardless of age, wanting whomever who wanted to experience the healing powers of nature come along. So long as they followed the rules.

They are as stated:

1.      Absolutely no intermingling between the males and females of the group inside tents

2.      Clean up after yourself, including campfires and dishes.

3.      Respect everyone

4.      Know what you’re there for: to learn the beauty God has graced onto this earth.

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anonymous asked:

solangelo getting caught making out;)

“No, Nico. I don’t think you realise. I am traumatised.”

Nico, for his part, is totally unsympathetic to Jason’s whining, even when his best friend/ adoptive big brother/ unofficial security guard is currently sitting, curled into a ball, on Nico’s spare bunk, head in his hands.

He rolls his eyes. “Yeah, well,” he says. “That’s why you knock first.”

“I didn’t think you’d be making out with Will Solace, did I?” Jason says, voice accusatory. 

“Maybe not, but it could’ve been worse,” Nico shrugs. Jason goes wide-eyed for a minute, and Nico realises where his mind has gone - holy fucking Hades, no - and very hastily adds, “I could have been performing funeral rites. Raising the dead. Um - important correspondences with the Underworld.”

Jason sniffs. “I think I’d have preferred that.”

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“First of October. You know the drill.”
“Ah…shit. Has it really been a month already?”
“I can’t keep giving you a grace period. It’s not fair to the other tenants.”
“Just…give me another day, I’ll have the money by tomorrow. Please. My bills have been killing me, I can’t—”
“Alright, alright, save the sob story…one more day. But you can’t keep this up. And that kid of yours is not allowed in my apartment anymore…she fed Spoosky pudding last time.”
“…Did he like it?”
“He has a sensitive colon. He is not allowed to have anything with gelatin in it. And you shouldn’t curse, it’s very unladylike.”
“Sorry, old habits die hard.”
“Tomorrow. Don’t forget.”

Jon and Theon scenes lead to Sansa!

Originally posted by sonoundiocreaturaottusa

Jon and Theon scenes together are probably the most significant scenes in all of season 7. The reason being is that for both scenes it clearly shows where Jon’s heart lies. The first scene with Jon and Theon I don’t need to explain. It’s clear that Jon is grateful for what Theon did for Sansa. I want to focus on the scene above.

I don’t think people understand the magnitude of Jon forgiving Theon. Can we explore forgiveness for a second? One of the biggest struggles of humanity is learning how to truly forgive. For years people hold grudges, relationships are broken, and rifts are created because of the lack of ability to do this one act. Most people can’t forgive others over the most minute of circumstances.( For instance Ned and Catelyn and Jon being the victim of her bitterness/unforgiveness) Forgiveness is not an easy process in the slightest.

Now let’s look at Jon in this scene. Jon wholeheartedly forgives Theon. A man who betrayed his entire family, held his home captive, murdered those who were like family to him and sought out to murder his two little brothers. Even if Theon saved Sansa, Jon is well within his rights to be angry(which he was in his first scene with him) and even seek out justice for his family. But he doesn’t. Instead Jon not only forgave Theon but he showed compassion towards him.


Well because love motivates him. Love for Sansa and what she’s brought into his life. When people have love in their lives it’s difficult for them to hold onto anger/bitterness or wrongs done against them. Why be bitter when even though things might not be perfect, you’re at the most content point in your life that you have been in years?! Consuming love will always over power any anger or bitterness a person may have. Not only will it over power it but it will also bring peace and stability.

Jon’s love for Sansa is deep and consuming. Sansa was Jon’s game changer in everything. She came in at the most desperate time in his life. She gave him purpose and something to live for. In every sense Sansa is a vital part of Jon’s rebirth/transformation from a boy to the man/king he is now. She is without a doubt the woman behind the man! I assume that Sansa and Jon have been together at least a year maybe going on to two years now. The time spent building on their relationship and growing in their bond has probably been the most precious/healing time for both of them.

I need you to understand that only a radical type of love can motivate this level of forgiveness. A forgiveness full of grace and mercy that happened maybe over the span of a couple months. No matter how goodhearted Jon is, if Theon did not save Sansa Jon would more than likely have killed him. I mean Jon said so himself!

The point I’m trying to make is that love changes you and makes you do things you wouldn’t normally do. Jon forgiving Theon is the epitome of this. Again I’m not sure if the type of love Jon feels for Sansa is romantic. Im leaning more towards a deep, unexplainable love that goes beyond a brother/sister affection. What I can say is that Jon’s love for Sansa not only motivates him to forgive but it liberates him. It gives him the freedom to not be weighed down by unforgiveness but to let go. It also establishes that because of what Theon did for Sansa and what Sansa brought into Jon’s life, he is in a place where he can freely forgive Theon and even/affirm him, regardless of what Theon has done in the past.

That is beautiful my friends!! That is a man who is marked by something greater than hate or unforgiveness, that is a man that is marked by LOVE!

The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ. —1 Corinthians‬ ‭12:12‬

You are not in competition with that woman who is flourishing in the gifts that God has given her. You are not any less than the believer who seems to already know exactly what God has called him to do. We are all members of the body of Christ and we are not in a race against one another. God is shaping you in this very moment to be apart of what He’s doing too, even if you don’t feel as equipped, prepared, or worthy as everyone else.

You are just as important to God’s family as any well known pastor, speaker, artist, or anyone you look up to. Yes, God calls people to lead, and we should respect our leaders, but not to the point that we think less of ourselves and what God has called us to do. It’s not only the job of the leaders to encourage the discouraged. It’s not only famous Christian leaders who are responsible for making Christ’s name known. Yes, we all have roles within the body, but ultimately, sharing the Gospel is on all of us.

Hold onto this. The enemy loves to remind us why we are not qualified to serve the Lord. He loves to remind us that even though we have been forgiven and that we are strengthened by the Holy Spirit to do whatever God has called us to do, our shortcomings will eventually catch up to us. He wants us to see ourselves as imposters and not as children of God who have been saved by grace.

But you don’t have to believe those lies. You also don’t have to know exactly what your skills and talents are to begin to use your gifts for the glory of the Lord. Read through 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 and let God speak to your heart. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and strengthen you to step out on faith when it comes to how you serve Him. You don’t have to have a how-to plan written down on paper to start serving the Lord over the next day, week, or month. Make it your priority to be intentional about trusting God to open doors for you if you continue to let Him lead you!

Written by @morganhnichols for #TheDevoCo

Mr. Barnes (Part 2 out of ?)

(A/N): I’m so glad everyone is liking this series so far!

Summary: Living in 1940′s Brooklyn as a crime lord is all fun and games until someone falls in love

Warnings: swearing, mentions of rape

Read Part 1:

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Originally posted by livvy1800

 Bucky sat at his oak desk, a cigar hanging out of his mouth as he breathed in deeply. Ever since that run in with that…with that slum kid Bucky hadn’t been able to keep his mind off of them. Their rosy cheeks and bright eyes kept perforating his thoughts, making it impossible to think about much else. He had business deals to think off, he had other gangs to think about, he had to worry about some prick in England talking shit about him, he didn’t have time to focus on that low life nobody. With a sigh Bucky tossed his cigar into an ash tray, running his hands down his scruffy face. It was nearly half an hour later when A quiet knock on his study door is what finally broke him Out of his stupor. 

   "Yeah?“ Bucky’s voice was hoarse, much more than usual. The tall oak doors swung open to reveal Dot, Bucky’s saving grace, wearing nothing but a silk robe he had bought them for valentines day. "Hello there dot,” Bucky smirks as Dot waltz in, swaying her hips as she made her way to Bucky’s heavy desk. 

   "Hiya Mr. Barnes,“ she smirks as she stops before him, resting her hands on the arms of his chair. "I’ve been missin’ ya today,” Bucky hums as he leans forward, almost touching his lips against hers. 

    “Have you now?” Dot nods, her lips parting in a sultry fashion as she does. 

   "You’re favorite girl is feeling a bit neglected,“

    "Oh, we can’t have that,” Bucky smirks as he grabs Dot’s ass, bringing her down onto his lap. “Now can we?” Dot gasps at the contact, shifting a bit, rubbing herself against Bucky’s leg enticingly. 

   "Sit back and let Mr. Barnes take care of ya, eh?“

 (Y/N) bit their lip as they eyed all the couples dancing, trying so desperately to keep their mind off of their run in a few days prior. They had just run into one of the most dangerous thugs in all of America, the man had everyone in his pocket, he could get away with murder and no one would bat an eye and yet (Y/N) ran into him and here they were, able to tell the tale. 

   With a shaky sigh (Y/N) reaches up to tuck a strand of hair behind their ear, even though it wasn’t necessary. Honestly (Y/N) was trying their best to keep busy, even the most mundane tasks would help focus (Y/N)’s mind on things other than the dark haired, mysterious thug. 

    "Hey sweetcheeks,” a rather harsh, almost smoker like voice drawls in (Y/N)’s ear, sending shivers down their spine. “I couldn’t help but notice you here all alone, how bout you get up and dance with me.” His words were poised as a question but his tone hinted otherwise. (Y/N) gulps, steeling themself against the strange man.

    “I’m sorry sir but I really don’t feel like-" 

    "It wasn’t a Question sweetheart,” he grips (Y/N)’s arm painfully tight, leaving them to whimper in pain. “Now get up or I’ll make you get up,” it was either go willingly or against their own will and (Y/N) most definitely wasn’t all too thrilled about the second idea. So with shaking legs and a trembling lip (Y/N) stood from their spot, following the sketchy looking man out to the dance floor. His strong hands settle on their waist as he yanks them close, their hips pushed flush against his. “What’s your name kid?” (Y/N) trembles on the spot as they reluctantly dance with the man, praying that someone would notice how uncomfortable they were and come out a stop to it. But no one did, they all kept their gazes elsewhere, completely ignoring (Y/N) and the man. “I asked you a question kid,” The man growls dangerously, gripping (Y/N)’s hips enough to leave bruises.

    “I-I’m (Y/N),” they stutter, fear getting the better of their voice. The man hums, a sick smile overtaking his features. 

   "Such a pretty name…you wanna know my name kid?“ 

    "N-no,” (Y/N) manages a bit of sass, almost proud of themself for being able to have such attitude towards such a man. “Not really,”

    “It’s Brock fucking Rumlow,” He leans in, biting down on their earlobe slightly, sending the poor kid shuddering in fear. 

   Brock Rumlow- one of the most notorious gangs in all of Brooklyn, perhaps in the entire state. 

   Two mobsters in the course of a week? It seemed nearly implausible and yet here (Y/N) was, still reeling from their run in with Bucky and now their contact with Brock. 

   “No sassy remarks anymore, eh?” 

   “Get off of me,” (Y/N) mutters, pushing at his chest weakly. Their lungs were still trying to recover from the harsh weather, leaving them feeling much weaker than the usually were. 

   “Aww, aren’t’chu you a cutie?” He purrs, his sickening smile never once leaving his lips. “I ought to wrap you up and take you home with me….” Brock growls as he licks his lips, his cold gaze running up and down (Y/N)’s form. “Oh sweetheart, the things I’d do to you,” 

   “I’m going to start screaming,” (Y/N) whispers, grunting against his hold. Their squirming comes to an abrupt stop when the feeling of something cool presses into their neck. 

   “Scream and I’ll slit your throat,” Brock sneers, his tone smug as he digs the point of his blade into their neck. (Y/N) whimpers softly, closing their eyes as something warm trickles down their neck, most likely leaving behind a trail of scarlet liquid. 

   “What do you want?” (Y/N) tries to sound stronger than they are but it was futile, Brock could see right through them. 

   “I just want a little fun dollface, take you back to my place, rough ya up a bit,” Brock purrs as he leans in once again, licking up the small rivulets of blood that had cascaded down (Y/N)’s neck. “Then I’m gonna send you back on your way and we’re gonna act like nothin’ happened, sound good?” (Y/N) whimpered, trying to shy away from Brock’s invading tongue to no avail, the blade kept them still, nipping at their skin in a way that had them wanting to puke. “Now, I’m gonna escort you out of here all nice and slow and you’re not gonna make a sound, got it? If you do,” Brock chuckles as she stashes his knife away. “I’m gonna make that much more painful for ya, sweetheart,” 

   Brock’s grips on (Y/N)’s arm was painfully tight, no doubt leaving finger shaped bruises in their skin. He dragged them down the streets of Brooklyn, towards the nicer area of town, to where all the rich snobs lived. No one here would care that (Y/N) was being manhandled by Brock, hell, no one in the slums even cared as they watched the tall, burly man guide the smaller human being along. Tears burned at (Y/N)’s eyes but they refused to let them fall, they had to keep some shred of dignity with this man and letting him see them cry would be the last straw. 

   “No tears huh?” Brock chuckled as he turned a corner, harshly jerking (Y/N) along with him, resulting in a few pops from their elbow. “Most of the time people are sobbing by now, begging me not to hurt them but you-” He chuckles again, shaking his head as he makes his way towards one of the nicer streets. “You’re different, maybe I really should keep ya, you seem like a firecracker,” 

   “Burn in hell,” (Y/N) growls, as they struggle a bit, pulling backwards as Brock moved forwards. Why the suddenly had fight in them now only god knows but it was there, a kindling flame of hatred and fear and dammit (Y/N) was going to use it. 

   “I suggest you stop struggling sweetheart,” Brock growls as he yanks them forward, nearly tripping them in the process. “I’m not opposed to slaughtering you right here and leaving your body to the dogs,” 

   “Let go of me!” (Y/N) yells, struggling to get away. They twisted and flailed, clawed and kicked, anything to get this man off of them but Brock was strong and he held on tightly, causing much discomfort on (Y/N)’s part. “Get off of me!” (Y/N) screamed helplessly, hoping that anyone would come to their rescue. Little did they know that just up the street there stood a man dressed to the nines, a Brazilian imported cigar hanging out of his mouth. 

   “Get off of me!’ a voice screamed down the street. Bucky looked up from his suit, a small smirk rising to his lips at their person’s frantic cry. Sounded like someone was going to get lucky tonight, maybe if he caught them in time he’d be able to join in too. Bucky chuckled as he huffed on his cigar, reveling in the high it gave him. His pristine shoes clicked down the street, creating a soft clacking against the somewhat nice pavement. It was the only other sound in the air other than the person’s screams and to be a bit morbid he was enjoying them. Call Bucky a sadist but god- that noise was like music to his ears. 

   “What the fuck did I tell you was gonna happen if you struggled, huh?” A voice growled as Bucky got closer. Bucky’s brows furrowed in confusion;  that voice sounded so familiar, he could’ve sworn that he had only heard it a few days ago- Bucky comes to an abrupt stop before the source of noise, his eyes quickly taking in the rather shocking scene. It was the kid from a few days ago, the shabby, slum kid, struggling against the grasp of some tall, wide man…

   “Brock Rumlow,” Bucky growls, a small smirk rising to his lips. “How strange to see you here,” Brock stops fighting the kid immediately, his entire body going rigid at Bucky’s voice. 

   “Barnes,” Brock smiles sickeningly, that same smile that had been twisting (Y/N)’s stomach for the last half an hour. “Fancy seeing you here,” Bucky smirks as he flicks his cigar to the ground, allowing it to burn out and die slowly. 

   “Who’s the kid?” Bucky gestures to (Y/N) with a simple quirk of his head as he stuffs his hands in his pockets. 

   “Just a lil’ something I picked up earlier,” Bucky looks at (Y/N), his harsh gaze raking over their trembling form. He regarded them with a look of prejudice, sneering down at them with an upturned nose. He hoped his look was enough to convince Brock that he had no care for this (Y/N) creature when in reality the look of fear on their face had stirred something deep within him. 

   “How much do you want for ‘em?” Bucky asks coolly, as though he wasn’t bargaining this persons life right before them. 

   “Sorry Barnes but you’re out of luck, this one’s a keeper,” 

   “I don’t think you understood me,” Bucky chuckles darkly as he reaches in his suit, retrieving a small albeit dangerous handgun. “How much do you want for ‘em?” He points the end of the barrel at Brock’s stomach, inconspicuous enough that if anyone walked by they wouldn’t think anything of it. 

   “Fuck you Barnes,” Brock growls as he shoves (Y/N) towards the brunette. Bucky was quick to steady (Y/N), incidentally pulling them to his chest. “I’ll get them back,” Brock chuckles darkly as he saunters off, shaking his head as he does. “Just you wait and see,” Bucky keeps his ground as Brock saunters off, keeping (Y/N) against his chest protectively but as soon as the other mobster was out of sight Bucky broke, his facade crumbling to the ground. 

   “You alright kid?” Bucky asks as he inspects (Y/N), checking them for any wounds of any sort. 

   “Why do you care?” (Y/N) grumbles as the bat his prying hands away, being mindful not to expose their bleeding neck to him. Bucky immediately retracts his hands, as though (Y/N)’s words had burned him. 

   “Really?” Bucky chuckles dryly, shaking his head in disbelief. “I just spared your fucking life kid and now you’re gonna give me sass? I could’ve let that bastard rape and kill ya but instead I saved ya and this is the thanks I get?” (Y/N) huffs as they brush their outfit off, as though trying to get rid of any remnant of Brock. 

   “I didn’t ask for help-” (Y/N)’s sentence cuts short when Bucky grips their chin, forcing them to look into his eyes. 

   “I own this town sweetheart, I own half the country, with a snap of my fingers I could have you beaten to a bloody pulp and left at my doorstep if I so desired,” (Y/N) glares up at Bucky indignantly, flaring their nostrils angrily. “So I suggest you stay on my good side, got it?” Bucky gave them a little cheeky grin as he stepped back, wiping some ‘dust’ off their chin before turning on his heels to saunter back home, his energy for the night gone. He knew (Y/N) was glaring at his back so he turned his head, giving them a little smirk as he pulled out a new cigar, placing it between his fingers as he spoke to them. “I’ll be seeing you real soon (Y/N),” And with that the mobster turned away, lighting his cigar as he walked back home, whistling a chirpy tune. 

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the reason birds can fly

Summary: Henry wonders, absently, in between flipping through the pages of his giant history book and teasing Killian, if there would ever be a point where he’d actually have to explain all this to someone. The only other people he knows really well who are his age are Grace Jefferson and Violet, and both of them can totally understand the concept of “my aunt who is actually my step-grandmother is the local librarian and she has decided to employ half the cast of Peter Pan out of the goodness of her heart”.

Two months later, on the eve of his graduating the eleventh grade, Emma says, “So, have you thought about college?” and Henry thinks, crap.

can yall believe …. i FINISHED an ouat fic ….. for REAL …. anyways this has been a wip for literally the past sixth months, no exaggeration. it was originally inspired by @alchemistc‘s delightful fic “The Worst”, which is where roughly the first mini-scene and the name “amelia” is drawn from. after that, though, this mammoth beast grew into its own mess, and i’ve been working and re-working it for so long that sometimes i forget that it’s not, like, actually canon. speaking of – this is definitely not in line with whatever the heck is going on in canon right now. for example, robins are alive where they are otherwise canonically dead, bc who needs that kind of negativity in their life, u get me? so please – take this with a grain of whimsy. it’s definitely not aligning with canon, and just me having fun with my own son henry daniel mills and his giant mess of a fairy tale family. big BIG thanks to @this-too-too-sullied-flesh and @parlegee for giving me super helpful feedback and actually proofreading this monstrosity. title’s from ya boy jm barrie bc im definitely That Kind Of Person. enjoy, folks!

He gets Cool Kid Status within, like, the first ten minutes of being on campus, which is a thing that has pretty much never happened to him before in his life. So when it does happen, halfway between clutching his map and student ID, peppering his RA with questions and moving boxes of books into the cramped dorm – well, it’s weird, okay?

It’s also definitely because his mom looks like one of those tough badasses from straight out of an action movie, it’s just the way she stands, pretty much, and also both of his step-dads have tattoos.

God, he’s gonna kill all of them.

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