for it is by grace you have been saved

You can’t allow yourself to look at your life like a pattern. I know that once you’ve been constantly rejected it seems like you’ll always be rejected. You can’t know that. Life is erratic. Things will happen when you least expect it and you have to have faith in that. You have to remember that life is unpredictable and sometimes that’s to your disadvantage but other times that will be your saving grace.

god fucking bless tumblr user @gatheringbones, who when I said “hey I need something to listen to on a long car trip” replied “hey, check out this podcast about space and people being quintessentially human, which means angry and vicious and loving and protective and all the shades of complicated moral feeling in between, but mostly just human”

(which is my invitation to listen to to the wolf 359 podcast if you have not already, because it has been the saving grace of my last few weeks, and there is no salve to a shattered love for humanity quite like a story about how relentlessly rebelliously good we can be) 

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you're an EMT! wow! would you mind telling us what that's like?

I don’t mind talking about some parts! I think anyone who works in emergency medical services knows that there are something things you only share with other EMS people. That being said, I’m an EMT so I don’t do a lot of trauma! 

Here’s what I am willing to share!

  • My current partner is obsessed with the Little Drummer Boy song and won’t stop playing it. It’s been many moons. Someone save me.
  • I’m currently at a new job so I get hazed a bit, which, since it’s not sexist, I tolerate with grace. 
  • (I am not a tolerant person, vengeance will be mine.)
  • In this field you have to be able to sit quietly for long periods of time or else you will murder your partner. You guys are stuck together in an ambulance for hours at a time, waiting for a call, and that’s a bad place to fight.
  • Dispatch is scary and you should be nice to dispatch, they control your life.
  • Nurses do not like us, which is fair. They get insane case loads and here we are hauling in a dude who doesn’t know how to clean his medical stuff properly. Again.
  • I am currently sitting in an ambulance. My partner is eating cheese fries from some abominable Chicago restaurant (I’m from California, In-n-out is the only way). It is 10 in the morning.
  • Getting insurance information is the worst part of my job. 
  • If you don’t know what you’re doing/have never done something before, you have two options. One is to tell your partner that you’re inexperienced OUT OF EARSHOT of the patient, and let them take lead. Two is to poker face that shit out and get it done.
  • The above does not apply to medical equipment you are not familiar with. Bad things happen when you operate equipment without SOMEONE telling you how it works.
  • One time a patient straight up punched me in the head and I was…strangely pleased?
  • One time a patient got into the ambulance with a dixie cup full of spaghetti which she ate with her hands.
  • EMTs, for the most part, don’t judge. We really don’t care what happened to make a trip to the hospital necessary, just, like, tell us?
  • One time an older man had us take him to the hospital (we’re non-emergency so you have to call the company not 911) and a doctor yelled at me because I didn’t put the man on a backboard. He didn’t tell me he was experiencing back pain. 
  • I see a lot of dialysis patients. A lot. Frequent flyers are either your best friend or your worst enemy.
  • Spaghetti lady is my ARCH ENEMY
  • I oddly get a lot of people apologizing for their hygiene/smell. The people who apologize never smell that bad, trust me.
  • If your partner doesn’t know how man L/min for oxygen flow, DO NOT LET THEM TAKE POINT WITH THE PATIENT
  • Driving in Chicago sucks balls, why is this city a labyrinth of ice and one way streets.

I have a lot more (and I guess I didn’t really answer the question lol), but these are what I can think of right now! Thanks for the ask :)

Halloween carols

(A/N): I was watching the nightmare before Christmas when I wrote this…

Warnings: none

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    Halloween had passed and so had the season of candy, costumes, and fun halloween songs. Luckily your favorite halloween movie could also pass for christmas as well and you most definitely were going to take advantage of that. 

   This was at least the 3 time you’d watched Nightmare before Christmas this week and it was only Tuesday. You knew it was annoying everyone to constantly have to listen to you chanting ‘THIS IS HALLOWEEN,’ but you didn’t feel any shame, after all all the other Avengers were constantly doing things to annoy you. Plus, this is halloween was single handedly the greatest halloween song ever made, they should appreciate that you were bestowing it’s grace and beauty upon them; which is exactly what you were doing right now. 

    You’d been at home all day, just watching any movie you had on demand. You of course had been saving the best for last, for when you ran out of shitty movies to watch and you just had. You nearly wicked smile crosses over your face as you push play on your favorite Tim Burton movie. 

   The screen alights with those dark colors and you have to suppress yourself from quoting the entire beginning, you were saving your voice for the grande finale (or beginning). The song was just about to start up, you had opened your mouth to start chanting the lyrics when your “tim burton” time was interrupted. 

   Bucky trudged into the living room, most likely having just woke up from his “nap” (the man had gone to bed 6 hours ago and now he was just waking up). His hair was up in a small, messy bun and he was rubbing at his eyes tiredly. Even as a sleepwalking zombie he was probably the cutest thing you’d ever seen. He stopped in his tracks to give you a sleepy smile, his eyes twinkling softly as he does so. 

   “What’re you doin’?” He asks as he trudges over to you, plopping down directly beside you. 

   “Watching a movie, wanna join?” Bucky smiles as he rests his head on your shoulder, nodding as he does so. 

   “What’re we watching?” Your wicked smile returns as your finger itches to press the play button. 

   “Only the greatest movie of all time,” You whisper before pressing play. The song starts up and you begin to sing, quieter than you originally planned considering there was now another person in the room. 

   “Boys and girls of every age wouldn’t you like to see something strange, come with us and you will see, this our town of halloween,” You whisper the lyrics with the same amount of conviction and energy as when you usually sing it loudly. “This is halloween, this is halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of night, this is halloween everybody make a scene, trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright,” Bucky beside you stirs, turning his head slightly so he could watch you sing. A bubble of self-consciousness rises within you but then Bucky’s smiling at you, that cute one that made him look like an actual puppy. 

   “Don’t stop,” Bucky whispers as he turns his head once again, this time to press a kiss to your shoulder. Now you’re smiling and your confidence has returned. 

   “I am the one hiding under your bed, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red,” You manage to get your voice sounding somewhat like the monsters and you can see Bucky’s smile growing as he listens intently. “I am the one hiding under your stairs, fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair,” Now Bucky’s laughing at you, chuckling softly as you drop your voice a few octaves to reach those low notes. “This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!” You stop to catch your breath, smiling a bit breathlessly albeit proudly. “Okay, that’s all I’m singing,” 

   “Aww, come on!” Bucky whines, pouting like a small child. “It was so good, finish the song, pleeeeaaaseee?” You only chuckle and shake your head, gently patting Bucky’s cheek as you do so. 

   “I think you hear enough, right?” 

   “No! I need you to sing all of it,” Bucky demands, only contributing to his child like behavior. You cast Bucky a side glance, wondering if was really serious and by the look on his face he was. You sigh softly although the smile on your face betrayed your annoyed tone. 

   “Aren’t you scared well that’s just fine,”

~Extended Ending~

   “This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween,” Bucky found himself subconsciously singing along to the song as he walked around the tower, stopping just before the training room. 

   “Oh my god,” Steve murmurs from behind him, having just walked up to train as well. “They got you? You’ve been converted into that madness?” Bucky merely smiles as he punches in the code to the room, stepping in once the doors opened. 

   “What can I say, it’s a great song,” 


A ‘Thank You’ message from JD.
I gotta say this man is the most amazing, caring individual that has ever graced this planet.
This man has saved so many lives sharing his story and his continued support has personally helped me so many times, countless times I have been lulled to sleep by KoRn’s music and Jon’s voice.

I only wish I had the strength Jonathan has to share my story and help people.
But knowing this amazing man exists gives me the strength to keep going. Through the bullying, through the abuse I suffered at the hands of my uncle when I was a kid and come out stronger than I ever have been.


Hi Meg, I was looking for Dinah’s note to Camila on the 7/27 booklet, I came across the notes from LAND to Dina LaPolt and find it interesting…

Dinah’s note to Dina LaPolt on the 7/27 booklet  

“A big thank you to our attorney Dina LaPolt!!! Thank you for teaching me to have some COJONES!! You are life saving and I could never have enough word to thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you to your amazing team John Meller, Jessie Winkler, Sabrina Ment you guys are heaven sent! Thank you for believing in us and making sure that we have a voice”

Lauren’s note to Dina LaPolt on the 7/27 booklet

“Dina LaPolt for genuinely changing our lives and making us feel save and taken care of”

Normani’s note to Dina LaPolt on the 7/27 booklet  

“Dina LaPolt, you have been such a blessing to this entire team. You are a woman of power and carry yourself with such grace and professionalism which demand respect. I thank you for taking the time to nurture us in learning the different aspects of the business. As you know, this industry can be treacherous and we come across many people that don’t have our best interest at heart. You have shown us through your actions that you genuinely care about of future and livelihoods. You taught us to be strong knowledgeable woman within this male dominated industry. I will continue to absorb all wisdom that you are gracious enough to give. You’re a gift and thanks for always telling us to keep faith. We can’t thank you enough. I must say that we have the baddest lawyer in the game and she’s no one to mess with. Love you!”

Ally’s note to Dina LaPolt on the 7/27 booklet  

“Thank you for (literally) EVERYTHING. DREAM TEAM, BABY! I LOVE Y'ALL SO SO MUCH!!! Dina you are included in that!! As someone once described you to my dad, you are a true bada**! You really do kick butt in a way I’ve never seen before. You know how grateful I am to you for eeeeeeverything. What would we done without you?! Stories and memories for live Love you, DL!!”

Save Me - Part 2 - Chapter 24

I had just zipped up my cosmetics bag when I saw Jared standing in the doorway with a smile gracing his handsome face.

“I’m impressed. It’s only been twenty-five minutes.” He laughed.

“Told ya..” I giggled, “No more punishments for me tonight!”

“Good! I have much more interesting things planned.” He said as he pulled a black box from behind his back, “For you.”

This was another unexpected surprise, “You didn’t have to do that..” I stammered, “What’s this for?”

“I wanted to. That’s all the reason I need, baby.” he stated very seriously then smiled, “I have a quick call to make while you get dressed then we’ll go.”

Taking the box from him, I smiled. “Thank you..” I said as he bent to give me a quick kiss.

Placing the box on the counter, I pulled the ribbon and pushed it aside. Lifting the top of the box and opening the tissue, I was in awe. Inside was the most amazingly beautiful lingerie I had ever seen.

Knowing he meant it for under the dress he bought me, I slipped the corset on. Then the panties which really weren’t panties. He really meant it when he said the crotchless panties were his favorite part of my last outfit because these were no different. Well, I take that back. This lingerie was very different. This set was from Agent Provocateur and it was gorgeous and a bit kinky at the same time.

I felt incredibly sexy and I couldn’t wait to show him but I also wanted to surprise him too. Instead of showing him now, I decided to get dressed. Feeling beyond spoiled, I slowly opened the zipper on the garment bag that was hanging on the door. I just couldn’t believe he did all this. Inside the bag was a beautiful red sleeveless dress with a bodice that was tight to the waist then flared into a short a-line skirt. It was absolutely stunning.

Slipping it over my head, I zipped the zipper myself, thankful it was on the side of the dress and not up the back. Quickly checking my appearance in the mirror, adding a touch of lip gloss, I was done. As I looked out the bathroom door, I saw Jared had left my black patten leather Louboutins just outside the door. Grabbing them, I slipped my feet into them and walked towards him as he sat on the couch.

Jared did a double take as I approached him, quickly standing up. “My god baby, you look incredible!” He said taking my hand and holding it so I could give him the full 360 view.

“Thank you, the dress is beautiful and the lingerie, Jared, you did too much!” I exclaimed.

He basically ignored my comment as I knew he would but I still felt I needed to say it anyway. “Looks like I got the right size…” he said very happy with himself.

“You did. It fits perfectly!”

“Are you ready then?” He asked.

“I just need to get my purse, I wanted to show you first.” I said happy that he liked what he saw.

Sitting back down on the couch, “Okay go get that and then we’ll go.”

Nodding, I quickly made my way to my suitcase and found my small black clutch that matches my shoes. Grabbing my passport and my lipstick, I threw it in and walked back to him.

“I’m ready.” I said and he smiled.

It wasn’t just a smile though. There was something more. Reaching for a small box, probably the size of a watch box, he grabbed it off the table next to the couch.

“I was going to wait but I think now would be better. I have one more gift for you, baby girl. Sit down.”

Butterflies began to flutter in my tummy, unsure what the box contained. Handing it to me, it wasn’t very heavy and honestly I couldn’t imagine what it could possibly be.

“Open it.” He encouraged.

With suddenly shaky hands, I lifted the top of the box, pulling the soft pillow away that was covering it’s contents. What laid inside the box was something I would have never guessed but was definitely part of his plans for us this evening. From the look in his eyes, it was obvious he was very excited about it too.

“Wow…” I said unable to hold my surprise back as I looked at my gift. Honestly every other possible word escaped me.

“I had it especially made for you.” He said as he took the box from me and pulled it out, “It’s all handmade blown glass and this stone is a Swarovski crystal.”

“It’s beautiful…” I said, wanting to add, for an anal plug… but kept that part to myself. “Thank you.”

“I was able to design the shape and size which was really cool too.” He explained as he took a closer look at it.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“I do… it’s very unique.” I replied as I took it from him.

“Just like you..”

And, it really was. Getting a closer look, it was really amazing how they made it then embedded the crystal. It was a very thoughtful and totally unique gift, albeit an unexpected one. Although I was a little stunned when I opened the box initially, the more I looked at it, the more excited I got about it.

Like many things, I would have absolutely never thought I’d enjoy anal play at all but because of the way Jared introduced me to it, I felt completely different than I did before. In the times he’s taken me there, it was as he said it would be and it felt really good.

Biting my lip, I handed it back to him as I said, “I’m looking forward to using this tonight, thank you for my gift.”

Leaning into him, I kissed his lips. “I hoped you say that,” He said, “but I don’t want to wait until tonight. I want you to wear it now.”

Wait….What?!?!?! My expression said it all, I know it.

“But, but, I umm..”

“Lay across my lap, baby girl.” Jared commanded and although his voice was soft, he wasn’t giving me a choice.

Giving me a moment, he moved slightly, sitting deeper against the back of the couch so I could have room to lay my body down across his thighs. I still hadn’t moved a muscle, knowing I had to do this but feeling scared at the same time. I remembered trying to walk with a plug in not all that long ago and it wasn’t exactly fun. The thought of sitting all through dinner with it was something I was not looking forward to either.

My hands were tangled in my lap but as he got comfortable and noticed I was still sitting in the same spot, he took my wrists in his hand and pulled it towards him, gesturing for me to move into place. He was done waiting.

“Bab..” he began but I stopped him before he could finish knowing it was going to be a warning to obey and that’s not how I wanted to start tonight.

“Yes, Sir..” I said, “I’m sorry.”

Skootching closer to him, I leaned forward, across his lap and positioned myself so that my hips were over his thighs. Laying my upper body down onto the cushions, I turned my head, resting it on top of my folded arm.

“Very good.” Jared murmured as I felt him reach for something on the table next to him.

Taking a deep breath and closing my eyes, I tried to relax remembering that the more relaxed I was, the easier the plug would slide in.

“Just relax, baby.” He cooed as his hand slid over my ass, taking my skirt up with it.

Some people think that because we are Christians we consider ourselves better than they are. The first connection however between God and myself is not the fact that I’m better, but that I’m worse off without Him. Apart from Jesus we are spiritually bankrupt so one does not approach Him out of their plenty but out of their lack. Once we receive salvation we move from the place of deficit to fullness in Christ. Our relationship with God from beginning to end is not based on merit, but on grace. So as Christians we do not boast that we are better, but our boast is in Christ and the forgiveness found in Him.
Ephesians 2:8-9New International Version (NIV)
8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast.
The goal of my faith is not to be better than or measure myself against anyone, but to be more like Jesus.
Jonah N. Corneau

tomorrow is tuesday and it’s my really, really busy day and i am EXCITED because i am going to make time to go to trader joe’s and buy all my favorite things from there (blueberry oatmeal, multigrain bread, salsa, cereal, wild rice, potatoes) and continue to listen to my disgustingly unhealthy obsession with the weeknd (has literally been my saving grace lately, idk what it is about him and his music but it just makes me feel so good and so…idk?) and i am going to go on a glorious run and it’s finally cold out and it makes me feel alive and i’m going to study and make all wonderful, structured study guides for my upcoming finals and i’m going to drink delicious coffee and i hope you all have glorious amazing beautiful incredible tuesdays

Angel - Writer!AU ft. Jongin

Word count - 1727
Summary - Being the assistant of the writer Do Kyungsoo is rather.. interesting.

Chapters: (1) / (2) / (3) / (4) / (5) / (6) / (7) / (8) / (9) / (10)

The sun was shining on the white marble tiles, only trees giving it slight protection. If you didn’t know better you’d think you were staying at the royal palace or something; corintic tall pillars surrounding the whole place and with paintings gracing the walls inside you could see only if you pass the big tall doors, “Mr. Do,” you called him.

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december advice for the signs:

aries: the winter wind chills your bones and there is ice on all the roads but the flames in your heart have never burned brighter. spread love like the wildfire you are. 

taurus: do not fear the storms lingering on the horizon, for even if they strip you bare, you will remain standing strong and graceful among the trees.

gemini: i know it gets dark sometimes but the stars will never leave your side. remember to thank them for their undying light and keep on wishing for a brighter tomorrow. (they’ve been saving their strongest magic just for you.)

cancer: fall in love with the intricate patterns of your soul; you are more unique and complex than any snowflake that falls from the sky. your beauty is truly inspiring. 

leo: your troubles may seem endless but a warm front is heading your way and i promise all of your worries will melt away and soon uncover the wonders of life that still breathe beneath them.  

virgo:  take pride in having a heart of gold. you are valuable and it is time you give yourself credit for being the sun in so many people’s sky. especially when the days have become so cold.

libra: you have many mountains left to climb but do not tremble in their towering presence. you are a force of nature. never doubt that you were born for greatness.

scorpio: you are a symphony. close your eyes and sway to the rhythm of your soul. listen to the song of your heart and it will lead you to the peace you have been seeking all this time.

sagittarius: running has never solved any of your problems. settle into the life you have created for yourself, and find joy and contentment in the person you have become. you have no reason to hide anymore.

capricorn: you are going through many changes in your life but the other side is so incredibly beautiful. braving the weather is no easy feat, but hang in there. a miracle is waiting for you right around the corner.

aquarius: i know you love snow angels and tales of christmas past and hot chocolate on a snowy morning, and while it is wonderful to love these things, you must accept that they can not love you in return. learn to open your heart to the people who have opened theirs to you.

pisces: do not be ashamed of the scars on your knees. it’s okay to fall, as long as you pick yourself back up. you do not have to be invincible to be strong. and if you don’t believe me, just remember that even the moon has it’s craters.


What We WORE 2 Church
#ThrowBackThursday 2015

“…you have been saved by grace through believing. You did not save yourselves; it was a gift from God.It was not the result of your own efforts, so you cannot brag about it.”
Ephesians 2:8,9 New Century Version

Angel Grace

REQUESTED BY @silverwingedfox : Can I get one where the reader after being exposed to the angel’s grace so much (I’d like Michael but feel free to use whoever) grows wings, and said angel tends to them? wing fluff?

You have been stuck in the room with Adam when Michael arrived. You were freaking out, thinking that you were about to die, probably Adam with you. You yelled out for Sam and Dean to save you, but of course, they could not get inside.

To yours, and your bothers surprise, you survived. You found them after, you were weak and you did not know how you got to them. You know something happened, you feel it, but do not know what.

“I wish Cas could check you out” Dean said, a hand on your forehead “something is wrong with you”.

You nod, fully agreeing because of how shitty you feel. You never really got sick, even at eighteen, you never get sick and never did.

“I don’t know why she is even alive” Castiel said walking towards you and Dean.

You replace your blanket on your shoulders and lean onto the seat. Dean is bent down in front of you, his hands still looking for your temperature.

“I guess it won’t last long until I-“

“No” Dean cut you off, his eyes looking deep in yours “you are not going to die. Not today. I am not going to let this happen”.

You know this, it is not the first time he tells you that, Sam too. Though, Sam is gone now too, he said yes to Lucifer and he could not trap him.

“Dean… I…”

You suddenly feel your head turning, the heat of your body growing hotter and your eyes going harder to stay open. Your feel your heart wanting to get out of your chest, but your breathing going harder to take in.


You open your mouth to talk, but nothing comes out.

Then, everything turns black.

When you wake up, you feel good. You feel warm, but not the fever warm, a good warm bed. You smile, feeling rested and in peace, something that you have not felt in a long time.


You open your eyes and see Dean, smiling in relieved that you are waking up and looked fine.

“Are you okay?” He asked.

“I am totally fine” you answered.

You sit up and stretch your arms. You notice that you are in your room in Bobby’s house.

“How much time did I sleep? I finally feel like I had a good night of sleep”.

“You were out for a month, (Y/N)”.

Your eyes widened, it could not be it for real. You feel like it has only been a night of sleep.

“I… I…”

“I tried to get help from angels” Dean told you “but, I never got an answer, not even Cas. (Y/N), you scared the shit out of me”.

“Where’s Sam?” You asked.

This question brings back a lot of memories back. Sam and Adam, of course, and Michael.

Four months later, you are a mess, because you do not understand what is happening to you. You stopped eating and you don’t sleep anymore. You even can’t get hurt, you tried to cut your hand, burn, hit, everything. You don’t get hurt.

You ran away from Dean, leaving him to stay with Lisa and Ben because he looks happy, and you have your own shit to take care of.


You stop walking and turn to face Castiel. You roll your eyes and continue to walk, completely ignoring him.


“What!” You snapped turning around, breathing heavily.

“I think you need some answers, and I have them”.

“What are you talking about?”

“You are an angel now”.

You stare at him, eyes wide, your mouth open to say something, but what could you say? You thought that Michaels grace did something, but not this.

“I… what?”

“You are an angel, you don’t sleep, eat or get hurt, am I right?” He asks “I know I am. I can help you and I will. The doors of heaven are open for you”.

“Crap” you sighed.

It has been a few months and you embrace the fact that you are now an angel, you accept it. You decided to do something you refused to think of: visiting Dean. You know he is with Lisa and Ben, he had promised Sam. You had promised to live a normal life too, but now as an angel… it is quite difficult. Castiel left you, you called for him, he never came.

You walk up the stairs of the house and knock. Even if you are an angel, you are different from the others, you were human before, you have emotions.

The door opens and it is your older brother Dean staring at you in shock. After a few seconds, he takes you into his arms, holding you tightly.

You missed him, you missed this comforting embrace.

“Oh, my god” Dean pushes you away, examining you “are you okay? Come in”.

You enter the house and notice Lisa and Ben at the table, eating supper.

“Oh, uh, hi” you greeted “Dean you can finish eating… sorry I, uh-“

“No, no, no” Dean shakes his head “Lisa, Ben, keep eating, I’ll eat later”.

Dean grabs your arm and drags you to the living room and sits you on the couch.

“Where were you?” Dean asked, slightly angry, but mostly concerned.

“I was… Dean, it’s really hard to explain and I don’t know how to tell you this”.

“Just tell me, you know you can tell me anything”.

“I don’t eat… I don’t sleep and I don’t get hurt… I… I’m an angel”.

You look up at him, and you are sure he copied the same reaction you had when CAstiel told you.

“An angel? How did that happen?”

“When I was trap with Adam, Michaels grace kind of… fusion? Cas explained it to me, but I don’t remember every word. But I am an angel of the lord”.

“Wow” Dean sighs “so that means you won’t grow old?”

“No” you shake your head “I don’t know how I am going to live with that for ever… without you… this is wwhy I decided to come here, I want to be with you”.

“You are welcome here, Lisa and Ben don’t mind, we already talked about this, you are welcome here”.

“Thanks Dean” you smile “I… I was thinking to go to heaven. Get to see Mom, maybe… it might be an idea. Dad too”.

“Go for it, you have the chance to do it” Dean said “if you do, tell them I say hi”.

“Yeah” you nodded with a laugh.

A/N: You guys want part 2??? Like Reader meets John and Mary?

“Jesus died so we could save our own souls” that is so… utterly… wrong.

And complete heresy.

For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
Ephesians 2:8-9 ESV

For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus, who gave himself as a ransom for all, which is the testimony given at the proper time.
1 Timothy 2:5-6 ESV

Grace goes beyond mercy. Mercy gave the prodigal son a second chance. Grace threw him a party. Mercy prompted the Samaritan to bandage the wounds of the victim. Grace prompted him to leave his credit card as payment for the victim’s care. Mercy forgave the thief on the cross. Grace escorted him into paradise.
Mercy pardons us. Grace woos and weds us. Grace does this. God does this. Grace is God walking into your world with a sparkle in His eye and an offer that’s hard to resist!
“Because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ even when we were dead in transgressions—it is by grace you have been saved. Ephesians 2:4-5
Max Lucado

anonymous asked:

i think i'm transgender ,, ,,,, do you, think God s,till loves m,,e?

Hi friend,

Of course God still loves you. He loves all of His children so very much. <3

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. - John 3:16

But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved… - Ephesians 2:4-5

All my love,