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Hey, love your blog! Could I get a head cannon thingy? All of them will do 😂 Ok so I'm Issy, 16, average height, brown wavy/curly and quite bushy hair, straight, hazel eyes, Ravenclaw - in love with the medieval period and myths and legends and the sp00py ect. Fave season autumn, I'm from England, I love Shakespeare, I sing almost professionally, I act as well, love musicals and pretty notes and the ocean and the stars, hate makeup with a passion, v anxious, threstral patronus ... introvert? Xx

Hi @aliens-are-better-than-you (Very true), let’s get started!

I Ship you with…. Cedric Diggory!

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Hogwarts Life-

  • Ravenclaw
  • Best class is probably History of Magic
  • Favorite Study place is the Room of Requirement (The room caters to your love of the medieval period)
  • You would be an observer of Quidditch
  • Muggleborn
  • Best Friend is most likely Luna Lovegood


  • Showing Cedric all of your favorite musicals, him enjoying them as much as you
  • Singing throughout the hallways (Maybe when taking a late night walk by the paintings)
  • Talking to the paintings and asking them questions that they enjoy answering 
  • Reading Shakespear to Cedric
  • Being amazing in Astronomy and History of Magic
  • Talking to Luna about your favorite musicals and telling her about the myths and legends you love
  • Her finding ways to add to your excitement about them
  • Enjoying the decorations in the Great Hall, especially around Halloween
  • Learning all about the founders from books that appear in the Room of Requirement

Song Recommendation- Breaux- Pure Imagination (Random but it’s a cool song, at least I think so)

Specialized Picture/Icon-

(Its says All those myths and legends didn’t just appear out of nowhere for no good reason)