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Request; “ Hi! Could you write an Isaac x reader in which they don’t know each other but Isaac is head over heels for you and wants to ask you out but doesn’t know how. One day before prom, you are in the music room and he comes up from behind, covers your eyes and whispers in your ear:“ Would you like to go to prom with me? If yes, I’ll see you tomorrow”. You say yes because you’re intrigued and next day you see him and he tells you he’s your date. You’re surprised and ask:“ Why do you like me?” Thanks!”
Word count; 1.4K
A/N; I really hope that you like this one @inlovewithnewt , I was so excited to write it! Always happy for a request! Enjoy!

Isaac had fallen hard for you, there was no denying. Too bad the two of you had never talked before. From afar he’d admired you, hypnotised by your beauty. He saw your kindness and strength, noticing you stand up for the freshmen who were being bullied, helping people who had gone through bad break ups or friendship fights. He’d tried so hard to approach you, but every time he did his words were caught in his throat, forcing him to retreat. You were brilliant, and he was Isaac Lahey, not anything too special, not handsome or important.

Or at least not until he was bitten. It was like being supernatural had given him supernatural confidence. He wasn’t scared to be noticed or ashamed of how he looked. He felt good about himself for once, was proud of who he had become, especially after joining Scott’s pack.

‘Don’t you think it’s about time that you asked her out?’ Lydia asked, approaching Isaac in the hallway, Allison and Scott following behind her.

He looked up at you, standing by your locker shuffling through your music books. He smiled, remembering all the times he’d sit in the music room pretending to study so he could listen to you sing, not that he studied music mind you.

‘You’re right.’ He decided, straightening his posture and pausing, ‘but how?’

Lydia rolled her eyes at him, looking back at the others for moral support.

‘Well,’ she exclaimed, ‘prom is coming up soon…’ She nudged Scott in the side harshly. He yelped, before realising what she wanted.

‘Oh yeah!’ he added, ‘I heard y/n doesn’t have a date either.’ Isaac’s eyes light up, surging up his confidence as he looked over to you again as you walked towards the music room to practice.

‘I’m gonna do it,’ he announced, ‘I’m going to ask her out.’ The three clapped in congratulations, Scott patting him on the shoulder before Lydia pushed Isaac towards the music room.

‘Go get her.’ She commanded, smiling smugly while Allison gave him a comforting thumbs up.

‘Good luck!’ Allison added.

Isaac moved himself down the hallways, going over in his head what he was going to do. He took a deep breath when he hit the music room, rounding up all his courage. He pushed the doors open, walking through them in a masculine stride. Until he saw you. He stopped in his tracks when he saw you at the piano, fiddling with the keys lightly as you read the music sheets, trying to learn the melody. He was frozen, transfixed by you. The way your hair fell across your shoulders and hugged around your face. The sound of your voice floating over the notes. Before he knew it, he was walking towards you, overwhelmed by the need to be near you; to be wit’h you. He stood closely behind you, thinking of what to say, feeling a wave of anxiety wash over him.

His breathing caught your notice, and you began to turn your head to face him. Out of sheer panic, he placed his hands over your eyes to prevent you from knowing who he was, tensing out of anxiety.

Shit, he thought, nice going.

You were shocked to say the least, surprised by the movement, and intrigued by who was behind you.

‘What are you doing?’ you asked worriedly, placing your hands over his in an attempt to move them.

‘Wait!’ he begged, stopping you mid movement. ‘I… I’ saying that he was lost for words was an understatement, he was petrified. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen was sitting in front of him, and he was probably scaring you. He took a deep breath, readying himself again.

‘I’m sorry…’ he began, ‘I just wanted to ask you something.’ You were intrigued to say the least, trying to recognise the voice behind you. You decided to play along, it was school after all, if something bad happened you could easily run or call for help.

‘And what is that?’ you requested. A smirk crawled onto his face as his muscles relaxed, feeling less nervous. He didn’t understand how someone he barely knew could have this effect on him, but he liked it. He liked being near you.

In a whim of courage, Isaac leaned forward, pressing his lips next to your ear. You shivered at the feel of his breath so close to you, but did not move away.

‘Say you’ll go to prom with me?’ he whispered near the shell of your ear, tempted to plant a kiss there but restraining himself. You smiled, feeling oddly calm for someone in your position.

‘What happens if I say yes?’ you tried, smirking slightly.

‘Then I meet you here in the music room on the night of prom,’ he replied, ‘and we dance, and we drink punch, and I finally get to spend the night with the girl I have had a crush on since the first time I saw you.’ He chuckled when he saw the grin across your face, your smile filling him with warmth.

You contemplated the question, weighing up the risks. ‘Alright.’ You grinned. ‘Why not!’ He could not supress his happiness. This was the first conversation the two of you had ever shared, and you were smiling because of him.

‘Until then.’ He whispered, turning out of the room before you could identify him, jumping with excitement.

Isaac had never felt so nervous. He stood in the music room, shifting his weight nervously as he waited for you, hoping you hadn’t changed your mind. He had overheard you at school talking to your friends about the mystery man in the music room and how curious you were to meet him. It was all he had ever wanted, to spend a night with you, and he had hoped that he hadn’t screwed it up.

You were arriving in the school carpark with Lydia, who had tracked you down at school to ask if you wanted to get ready with her. She helped you do your makeup and hair, helping them tie together with the long, purple gown you had bought a few months earlier. You climbed out of her car and bid her goodbye before making your way to the music room. You were nervous, there was no doubt. He could have been anyone. But something felt right about him, you felt safe.

He turned his head when he heard footsteps in the hallway, straightening up when you walked in the room. He was breathless when he laid eyes on you, trailing you up and down in awe of your beauty. You blushed when you realised it was him, Isaac Lahey. You had always thought he was cute, but he was so shy that you were frightened of scaring him if you spoke to him. He had always intrigued you though, so it seemed fitting that he was the boy who had intrigued you now.

‘Hi.’ You blushed, looking down at your feet when you noticed the white corsage rose in his hand.

‘Hi.’ He laughed back nervously. ‘Not too disappointed are you?’

‘Never.’ You replied with a smile, moving closer to him. ‘I just never would have guessed.’

He could not stop smiling, moving out of focus at the sound of your nervous giggle. He placed the corsage on your wrist, attaching it properly before locking eyes with you. You could not convey your surprise. You had no idea what he even could see in someone like you. You were strangers, but he noticed you.

‘Why me?’ you asked him, leaning closer and inhaling the smell of his cologne. He was intoxicated by you, shocked by your doubt in yourself. He picked up your hand, placing it in his own and tracing over each line with his thumb.

‘Because you’re beautiful,’ he answered honestly, watching you carefully, ‘and when you walk in the room, I can’t look at anyone else.’ A smile spread over your face as you placed your other hand on his check, leaning forward to kiss the other. He gasped in shock, before his face turned a rosy shade of pink.

‘We’ll come on then,’ you giggled, pulling him towards the door, a stunned Isaac following behind you, ‘I was promised dancing.’

sammwhiches  asked:

The only way I cam think of Allison x Issac having a connection is that they both lost their parents due to supernatural because they can connect to that and have a understand what its like to lose parent because of that.Oh trust me I still sob at Allisons death and plus you see Issacs face when she dies and tells Scott that she will never stop loving him amd that she will forever love him, you see how broken Issac becomes. 😭💔

He says the person holding them under must also be able to pull them back, meaning an emotional attachment. This could just be because Allison and Isaac like each other, honestly. I don’t think it’s any deeper than that. They have an emotional connection because they have feelings to each other. It’s the same with Stiles and Lydia. We now know that Lydia had feelings for Stiles, and we’ve always know how he felt about her. As for Scott and Deaton, it’s emotional because Deaton was there for Scott and like a father figure, because Scott’s actual father wasn’t around.

I know Isaac was hurt when Allison died and he heard what she said, but I think he always knew that. Scott was her first love and something like that doesn’t just go away. Allison’s death didn’t effect me that much. It was sad but I didn’t cry. I have no soul I know it lol.

Here’s the thing tho...

Okay, so Issac’s a lying motherfucker and we all know that. Thing is, yeah, Abusers do often come from abusive backgrounds.  Guess what that changes… not a DAMN thing. 

TRUTH: None of that matters. An abuser’s fucked up rationale, abusive background, bad day, personal injury, none of that eliminates their own responsibility or retracts the damage being done to the victim.  People are responsible for their own behavior and the consequences, period.
NOTHING excuses emotional and psychological abuse. 


You can have empathy for someone’s own shit, but you ain’t got to put up with it and you should not tolerate it coming out onto you #personalexperience. 

I hope Hanssen gets Dom into a corner and tells him this.