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Run to You

Request; “Isaac Lahey imagine where reader is abused by her father and he finds out the hard way? She hasn’t come to school in days and ignores his calls. So at the evening she calls him crying while hiding under her bed and asks him to come over because she is scared? Her dad finds her while she is calling him and he calls scott in panic to meet at her place so they find her crying and all bruised up?”
Word Count; 1.1K
Isaac Lahey x Reader
Warnings; violence and abusive parents
A/N; I’m so excited to be writing requests again, I really hope you like this one guys! xx


Being in love with your best friend is never easy. Ever since Isaac met y/n, he knew that he never wanted anyone else. You were beautiful, and kind, and the most loving human imaginable. You had always been there for him, through his difficulties with his father, through his transformation into a werewolf, through every long day and dark night, you were always together. Until recently, that was.

You stopped coming to school. It had been a week since he had seen you last, you wouldn’t pick up your phone. Every time he’d try to see you, your father would answer. Yelling and screaming at him to leave until Isaac had no choice.

‘Somethings wrong, Scott.’ Isaac told his alpha. ‘She won’t talk to me. We’ve never been apart this long. Somethings not right.’

He couldn’t stay still, pacing back and forwards across his room as Scott sat on his chair, snapping shut his textbook.

‘Are you sure? Maybe you two had a fight.’ He suggested.

‘Wouldn’t I remember that?’ Isaac asked, huffing in frustration, rubbing his forehead anxiously.

‘Sometimes guys say stupid things, girls get upset and we don’t even know it.’

‘I’m sure that’s not it, I can feel it man, somethings is wrong.’

Neither of them knew what to do. Scott eventually left Isaac to rest, but he couldn’t sleep. He could feel that you were in trouble, but without hearing from you, he had no idea what to do.

As if you knew he was thinking about you, his phone began ringing. He picked it up instantly, sitting up in his bed in a panic.

‘Y/n? I’m worried, are you okay? What’s wrong?’

He could hear your sobs through the phone, your breathing was fast and heavy, he was worried you were hyperventilating.

‘I-i-isaac?’ Your voice was so quiet he could barely hear it.

‘I’m here, what’s wrong?’ He was up on his feet now, pulling on his jacket. He knew you needed him.

‘I… I’m scared.’ His heart was breaking, he’d never heard you so distraught. ‘Please, please come get me. I’m h-home. P-please, I need you.’ Before he could respond, a scream erupted from the speaker.

‘Y/N?!’ Another scream followed, and then he heard the phone drop. There was yelling and screaming, and the sounds of her quiet sobs and cries. Isaac was yelling for you, gripping on to his bed post, almost snapping it in his grip. The phone cut out.

He stood there frozen, holding the phone to his ear, unable to breathe. All he could hear was your screams.

‘SCOTT!’ He thundered, running to the boy’s room. Scott woke up from his sleep alarmed, rubbing his eyes.

‘What’s wrong?’ he asked tiredly.

‘She’s hurt, someone is hurting her. Please!’ Isaac was crying now, pleading with Scott. You were all he had, he loved you more than anyone else. You were his everything, and you were hurting. Scott could see the pain his friend was feeling. He climbed out of bed and pulled on a jacket and shoes.

‘Let’s go.’

Isaac kicked down your door, he didn’t care anymore about making noise. He didn’t want to be cautious, he just wanted to find you. Scott yelled for him to be careful, but he ignored him. Isaac scaled your stairs, speeding down your hallway to find your father; drunk and angry.

‘What the fuck are you doing in my house?’ he raged, throwing an empty bottle of whisky at Isaac. He ducked, flashing back to the memories of his own father. His abusive father.

‘Where is she?’ he growled, his eyes glowing amber. Scott stood behind him, ready to fight.

‘That whore?’ his father grumbled. ‘I hope she’s dead.’

Isaac lunged at him, punching and kicking in a fury. He had beat your father bloody before Scott could pull him off, all the while screaming ‘Don’t touch her!’ He was shaking feverishly, his hands balled into fists.

Isaac was only able to calm himself when he heard your cries from the other room. He looked at Scott quickly.

‘Go,’ he demanded, ‘I’ll watch him.’

Isaac rushed to your room, his heart stopping when he reached your door. It was flung open, your furniture scattering the room. He scanned the darkness, looking for movement. He found your shivering body by the window, sobbing quietly, rocking backwards and forwards. His body moved on its own, jumping to your side crouching next to you. He froze when he noticed the bruises.

You had been beat bloody. Your skin was littered with old and new bruises, blood dripping from your lips and your eye swollen. Old cuts had begun to heal over from previous hits. This wasn’t the first time he’d hit you.

‘He just broke.’ You stammered, your hand shaking in front of you. ‘I couldn’t go to school. I couldn’t tell you. You would have seen. I thought he’d stop, but it kept going. I…’ your body quaked as you shook, tears streaming down your face, mixing with blood and sweat.

Isaac’s heart shattered in two. He remembered when you two had opposite places, when he was crying in front of you, bruised and bloody. He wished it was still him. Seeing you in pain was too much for him to bare. His arms impulsively wrapped around you, pulling your tiny frame into his chest. His lips pressed to your forehead as his fingers traced circles into your back.

‘Shh,’ he cooed, ‘I’m here. I won’t leave you. You’re safe now.’ You continued to cry, gripping onto his shirt.

‘Please don’t leave me.’

You two stayed like that for hours until you cried yourself to sleep. After threatening your dad that if he ever came near you again, he would suffer more than a few broken bones, he carried you to the McCall household. Isaac would keep you with him always, he was afraid to let you out of his sight.

You woke up in his arms, wrapped up in blankets in his room, the sky still dark outside. He was still awake, humming softly beside you.

‘You’re staying here with me. I won’t let anyone hurt you again. I’ll keep you safe.’ You could feel his worry for you, and in your exhausted state, you didn’t know how to thank him for saving you. You lifted your head up to his, placing a soft, sweet kiss on his lips. He kissed back, so delicately that he almost seemed afraid to break you.

‘I love you Isaac.’ You whispered, moving to rest your head into the crook of his neck. ‘Thank you.’

He wrapped his arms around you tighter. ‘I love you so much y/n.’ He placed a sweet kiss on your forehead, tracing his thumb across your cheek. ‘Sleep now, we can talk tomorrow.’ He stroked your hair softly as he hummed you to sleep with a lullaby, and despite his sadness for your suffering, he was filled with the joy of knowing you loved him to, and wanted him with you.

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12 hours of work into this piece, the biggest one yet

Firealpaca was actually starting to die at the end of the piece because of all my 800 layers


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