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Hudson Heights, NYC, NY

this is really interesting. this seems really cheap to me but maybe not for that far north? it’s been on the market for 86 days and recently they dropped the price by $10,000. There’s a condo assessment of $850 a month which is a lot, esp for an estimated mortgage of $1400/mo already, but $2250 for a studio this big in a building with a gym and laundry, it still seems REALLY cheap for NYC imo?  all the comparable units on zillow are $450k+. Can anyone that knows NYC real estate speak to this bc i am really curious!!!

as soon as dan outright said he suffers from clinical depression, my heart stopped. saying that so clearly is so hard to do, and he’s so brave for doing so. the entire video showed that depression was always there, regardless of his appearance in collabs and at events and the life he’s been given. I’m honestly so proud and close to sobbing because I’m so happy that he had the courage to share his story for such an amazing cause. his advice, like seeing a therapist and speaking to people you trust about how you feel, is so important and should be talked about and shared so much. dan howell, you’ve done a wonderful thing. i love you.