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T: Have you ever been escorted out by security?

J: Uh, from a show? I don’t know…

T: Your own show?

J: I guess just in general, no. I wish that I could say yes.

T: I feel like you should say yes.

J: Yeah. I get into a lot of trouble, I cause scenes and major trouble. 

T: It’s better for our band if you do.



I’m not a big one on—I don’t know what to call it—getting all glamorous. I don’t really worry about my looks, and I don’t worry about getting old. Exterior beauty doesn’t mean a lot to me. I mean, sure I like to look nice—sometimes. This is going to contradict all the pictures with the interview, because I’m very glammed out. I’m a total hypocrite.


“We can’t manipulate time or space in the way that someone like Doctor Strange can, with his powers in this film and beyond - but we can definitely practice mindfulness, we can practice the ability to be present, kind, considerate, and strong and resilient, true to what we believe - and I think we all need to find what that is these days, but I wouldn’t want to escape what’s going on in the world now by going forward or backwards.” - Benedict Cumberbatch (x)


Kondou Shouri was featured in W! Magazine recently!

Some highlights:

  • He really likes to go diving in the ocean so he has a custom-made diving suit.
  • He actually auditioned to be in Gekidan Patch (his home theater troupe) back in High School, but when the final audition conflicted with volleyball club activities, he chose volleyball.  He re-auditioned once in college.
  • Back when he was in the volleyball club, he had a shaved head like Tanaka.
  • When he heard about Engeki Haikyuu, he begged his manager to get him an audition.  Before he knew the results, he had several dreams that he had been cast as Kuroo.  
  • He thinks volleyball clothes look good on him.
  • He’s scared of roller coasters and high places.
  • In 2017, to improve himself as an actor, he would like to learn how to dance.
  • In the DVD portion that shows his photo-shoot, he’s very nervous and fidgety and tends to blink a lot lol.  
  • Since he had Kuroo on the brain, he chose the black question card first: “What are your main habits before sleeping” and he answered that he always makes sure to stretch before bed.  Especially his legs.
  • After that he picked the pink question card, which he liked a lot better: “What’s your best dish?”  and he answered that he makes a really good fried rice (mostly meat, not a lot of vegetables).  He added, “It’s… probably not that good for you actually, but I make it at home and it’s how I like it.  It’s comfort food.” 

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Oscars 2017 | Lin-Manuel Miranda Reacts to Moana Nod

He sings at 1:26

BBC 1 Radio Interview 2017-02-20
  • Interviewer: And tonight, we’re gonna start it with new music from this lady… Hey, Lana Del Rey! How are you?
  • Lana: I’m good, how are you?
  • Interviewer: I’m very very good, thank you very much. Thank you so much for your time tonight, it’s lovely to talk to you.
  • Lana: Yeah, good to talk to you too. No problem.
  • Interviewer: So, new music from you always feels like it’s a bit of a moment, but this is a very very special moment, talk to me about Love.
  • Lana: Well, thank you, I mean I’m just so happy that this is the first single that we chose because I really love the message and I love the sound of the record, it has like such a mix of everything that I really love, sonically. So yeah, I mean it came out a little bit earlier than I thought. (and I’m really excited about it)
  • Interviewer: Any particular reason why?
  • Lana: Well, I mean… It just started leaking the other day, so…
  • Interviewer: Ah…
  • Lana: So, we just got ahead of it and put it out, but I am,
  • I’m really excited about it.
  • Interviewer: Do you know what, that’s brilliant because I think that for a lot of artists, especially those artists of your stature, they can bury their head in the sand and pretend that it didn’t happen. But the fact that you’re going “this has happened, but now you can have it properly,” that’s big.
  • Lana: Yeah, thank you, I think so too. I mean and with social media, it just goes everywhere before you could even say, “oh no, it didn’t,” you know? So, yeah.
  • Interviewer: So, musically, I think you know what, this feels like classic Lana Del Rey, to me, but you have been working with some really very interesting people, definitely. It feels like, you know you’ve worked with Benny Blanco on this particular one and it feels like he’s gotten into a Lana Del Rey headspace.
  • Lana: That’s… I think that’s kind of true. Yeah, I don’t know, I guess with the last two records like Honeymoon and Ultraviolence, I definitely was in a place where I wanted to hear mood music, almost kind of stuff that I would like to listen to at home, you know stuff I recorded live, in a room, with a band, like all at once. But then, I guess now that I’m a couple of years down the line away from the Ultraviolence record, I think I had more I wanted to say, and I wanted it to come through I little bit more clearly, so it was fun to get back into that really big, like clean sound. So yeah, cool making this record. Benny’s awesome, he spins with Emile Haynie who did all that kind of like additional production on Born to Die, so it definitely helped kinda add that bigger sound to this single.
  • Interviewer: Yeah definitely, it’s the return of the cinematic Lana Del Rey
  • Lana: Yeah.
  • Interviewer: It’s in full technicolor as well.
  • Lana: Yeah.
  • Interviewer: Now, is this taken from a forthcoming album? Is this kind of a little warning shot for what there is to come?
  • Lana: It is, yeah. There is a record and yeah this is a good representation of where it’s headed. Where the sound is headed.
  • Interviewer: Brilliant, well I can’t wait to hear more and thank you so much for not only letting us get ahold of this in an official capacity but also letting us play it tonight on BBC radio 1.
  • Lana: Thank you so much, I appreciate it and I’m really glad that you like it.
  • Interviewer: When you’re over in the UK we definitely have to have a proper sit-down and a proper chat. We need to pick your brains on the way that you do things, it’s very interesting
  • Lana: I would love to tell you, I would love to tell you everything, I’d love to do that.

Stormzy x Ed Sheeran: Back & Forth