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Alright, so I used to be completely in love with ‘Phineas and Ferb’  back in the day, I’d watch every new episode that came out and I aspired to be like Phineas, positive, optimist and intelligent. I loved all the characters and after many years of watching this amazing show it ended. To this day I still love the show.

Milo Murphy’s Law is a fairly new show on Disney, made by the same creators as Phineas and Ferb. Going into this show, I really wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do. I have become obsessed with the show and characters, especially Milo and his outgoing/optimistic personality!

The show is so cute and inspiring! I can’t wait to see more of it! I’m glad to be a part of this growing fandom, especially since it has so many familiar faces from the pnf fandom! I had a lot of fun cosplaying Milo, I’ll be uploading more photos very soon and I can’t wait to do it again in the future!

Sole Part - Day 1 - Introduce your Sole! 

Name: John Briem. 
Age/Date of birth: 31, 6 february 2046.
Eye color: Amber.
Hair color: Black.
Height: 190 cm.
Weight: 183 kg.
Sexuality: Homosexual.
Factions: The minutemen, the railroad and former brotherhood of steel.

Good traits: Intelligent, kind-hearted, loyal, optimistic, supportive, has a soft spot for animals and children and non-humans.

Flaws: Lazy, addict, reckless, anxious, can be childish, can be sarcastic, emotional.

Relationships: Nate (deceased), Paladin Danse and Maccready.

Closest friends: Nick Valentine, Hancock, Deacon and Dogmeat.

Friends: Codsworth, Curie, Ada, Old longfellow, Cait and Piper.

SPECIAL stats:
Strength 10
Perception (+)9
Endurance 5
Charisma 10
Intelligence (+)12
Agility 6
Luck (+)8 

Just Kids

Just a little poem I wrote the other day

They are just kids, so full of energy and life
Optimistic, intelligent, youthful, bright
Untouched by pain, ignorant of strife
They’re just kids, radiating their light

They’re children, growing and learning
Discovering the darkness of this world;
The feeling of their lungs aching and burning,
The sensation of being pulled under by the swirl

Breaking; acquiring bruises, scratches, scrapes,
Crying themselves to sleep at night, all alone
Hearts shattered and torn apart like paper
If only, if only, they think, if only they’d known

Time passes, wounds and pain turn to scars
A new spark ignited in them - the fire of war
Fear becoming courage, fervor replacing mars
Stronger, better, tougher than they ever were before

Tears become war paint, fragments become shards
Friends become family, smiles become shared
They lean on each other when times are hard
To their valor, nothing can ever be compared

They were just kids, now they’re warriors
Knights, fighting to make right, to shield
They were just kids, now they’re heroes
Never once do they give up, never do they yield

The signs based on people I know

Aries : strong, caring and extremely good in leading people or inspiring them. will always watch out for their family and people they care about, can seem too carefree from time to time, acts very childish sometimes but it’s actually quite cute. gets angry real quick but it’s just bc they care so much.

Taurus : likes to be around people, creative, lovely, spontanous, is always fun to be around, gets along well with most people, can be a bit of a drama queen, extremely stubborn, tidy - at least most of the time, loves being outside. loves helping other people.

Gemini : very intelligent, optimistic and realistic at the same time, knows things most people would never even think about, reads a lot of books, will probably win the noble prize one day, is interesting in many things, very moody, can change their opinion on things sooner than anyone else.

Cancer : caring, loves to cuddle, loves cats, is always there for their friends, believes to see the good in people, struggles hard with being let down by others, can be very anxious from time to time, great humour, loves books and fandom stuff, a bit of nerd, introverted, very intelligent, actual sunshine.

Leo : life of the party, craves attention, is really sarcastic and funny, laid back, extroverted, not always what you expect them to be, confident in themselves and their decisions, loves dogs, might judge people before getting to know them really, inspiring, is a bit too self centered sometimes but they don’t mean to hurt anybody with it, generous, loves seeing the people they love happy.

Virgo : nerd of the century, most intelligent, creative, interested in various things, stunning, mysterious, you never know what to expect from them, will not share their thoughts with just anyone, get really loud and crazy around people they feel comfortable with, can be very harsh & cold sometimes.

Libra : loveable, get along well with basically everyone, can be shy at first but can’t stop talking if they know you a little bit more, love to read, love history, want to make everyone feel special, would do anything for people they love and that matter to them, hardworking, sometimes too people-focused.

Scorpio : bubbly, creative, deep, will make you fall in love with them within seconds, extemely intelligent but not always aware of it, love music, usually not the best in making conversation with people, that kind of person that spends all day on tumblr, might be very focused on what people think about them.

Sagittarius : opinionated, loves travelling and fashion, very optimistic, judges people often way too soon, cares a lot about basically everything, begins many things but never finishes them, childlike, funny, cute, exciting, is really good with people, most likely to travel the world of all signs.

Capricorn : protects people they care about, knows everything, will probably surprise you constantly, always say what they think, great leader, best in reading people, confident in what they believe, opionated, strong willed, has the best and most intelligent humour of all.

Aquarius : active, loves to be spontaneous, hates it when people or animals are being treated wrongly, can identify with various fictional characters, can be very bossy, will always see the best in people, hard working, humourous.

Pisces : sweet, is a bit of a mystery to everyone, can be quite tough actually, will be very insecure if people judge them, escapes into their little fantasy world very often, gives the best hugs, makes everyone feel loved and cared about, most likely to be interested in things such as mythology & astrology, shy.

July 23 - August 22
The Confident

  • Symbol: The Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Fixed
  • Ruling Planet: Sun
  • Season: The glory of ripe fruits
  • Archetype: The king
  • Shadow: The show-off
  • Strength: Generosity and creativity
  • Weakness: Self-aggrandisement, superficiality
  • Motto: I create!
  • Goal: Self-expression and being adored
  • Life purpose: Being worthy of being the center of attention
  • Traits: confident, optimistic, determined, expressive, theatrical, dramatic, celebratory, self-centered, narcissistic, excessive, intuitive, intelligent, confident, optimistic, certain, humorous, benevolent, generous, passionate, loving, warm