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Concept: It gets better. Your mind quiets down considerably. There are still days when it manages to shout its lies, but you make it past those days every time. Death no longer seems as attractive as before because life has a beauty you never really noticed. The idea of loving yourself is no longer just a thought, it’s reality, and you’re loved too, in whatever way you wish to be. You are worth it, and unlike all of those times in the past, you actually believe it.
Happy Birthday Sylvia Plath! Read 21 of the Author’s Most Profound, Sincere & Intense Quotes

Born today in 1932, Sylvia Plath was one of the most renowned and influential poets, novelists, and short story writers of the 20th century. Born in Boston, she studied at Smith College and Newnham College at the University of Cambridge before receiving acclaim as a poet and writer. Credited for advancing the genre of confessional poetry, Plath’s hard-hitting prose is known for its honesty, rawness and sincerity. e encourage everyone to take a peek inside one of the most intense minds of literature.

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Today I’m Feeling Tired

Tired of feeling like I’m stupid and a failure

Tired of feeling like I can’t go on

Tired of feeling like I’ll never make it

Tired of feeling like I’m wasting my time

Tired of feeling like I’ll never be wanted

Tired of feeling like I’ll never be loved

Tired of feeling like I’ll always be lonely

Tired of feeling like it’s never going to work.

After a while you learn the subtle difference
Between holding a hand and chaining a soul,

And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning
And company doesn’t mean security.

And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts
And presents aren’t promises,

And you begin to accept your defeats
With your head up and your eyes open
With the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child,

And you learn to build all your roads on today
Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans
And futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight.

After a while you learn…
That even sunshine burns if you get too much.

So you plant your garden and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

And you learn that you really can endure…

That you really are strong

And you really do have worth…

And you learn and learn…

With every good-bye you learn.

—  Jorge Luis Borges, You Learn