for in this world i'm bound to ramble

Sometimes I like to pretend that Starbound is a post-Homestuck verse created by a sburb/sgrub session.

  • location-noun+’trapped’ descriptive name? (home-stuck, star-bound) Check
  • perfectly generic objects are an item you can make by mistake when messing with the code/rules of the game/by trying and failing to generate an item. Check
  • Multiple themed races that are all amusing in some way or related to meta-4th-wall-earth themes? (halloween trolls, leprechauns, etc vs planet of the apes, samurai fish people, literal space cowboys etc) Check
  • ‘sprite’ style side scrolling graphics game about fighting thematically generated monsters whilst simultaneously uncovering the secrets of the creation of the universe, defeating a great evil previously sealed away, and setting the playing field for all the races to live in harmony in future? Check
  • You’re jump-started onto your quest because the Earth is destroyed. Check
  • Colour themed artificial intelligence/game-coded npc accompanies you away from the earth and gives you obtuse advice and information somewhat relevant to your quest. Check
  • Ascends to god tier endgame. Check
  • Horrorterrors. Check

I’m sure there’s more but I don’t wanna dig around and get too specific. TLDR I wouldn’t consider it at all far-fetched if you wanted to play it that way.