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I wish you would write a fanfic where Dick is a self-sacrificing idoit and all the batboys tell him so as he clings to life/his life hangs in the balance. Sorry I have a thing for Dick and batbros angst.

If there’s one thing Damian hates more than Dick right now, is the waiting. The not knowing. Because of course Grayson’s too stupid to do even a simple thing like dying right. Because dead is dead, and alive is alive, but this hanging thing? Damian doesn’t know what to do with it. He has no gods to pray to, and not enough optimism to hope for the better either - not with wounds like the ones his brother’s suffering, anyway.

He wants to scream at him just die! Just leave me already! It’s not like I’m not used to it, but the words just won’t reach his mouth. They get lost somewhere between his stomach and his lips.

“Damian, come here.”

Stephanie’s voice is quiet, almost soft, but Damian’s trained to recognize orders no matter in what form they may come. For whatever reason, he finds himself obeying her.

Stephanie grabs his hand, makes him sit on the floor between her and Tim. Damian complies again. What does it matter anyway? Let them have their fun, let them see him crumble, useless and sentimental just like them. They’re all stupid. Corrupted. Even Todd, even Cain, the two that should know better. In the League this wouldn’t be a problem. In the League they would not be sitting on the floor, waiting to know if they’ll have to mourn one of them again. In the League there was no mourning. No brothers. No Graysons.

“He’s gonna pull through”, Stephanie says. “Just know that. He’s gonna pull through. He’ll be on his feet in no time.”

Damian doesn’t say anything. Not even when Tim pushes something into his hands. And to be honest, he notices the motion just because Tim’s fingers are cold as ice around his wrist.

“Here”, Tim says, holding out a pencil. “Write.”

Damian blinks and looks up at him.


“Yes”, Stephanie explains. “All the insults you have for him. All the names you want to call him when he wakes up. Just write ‘em down.”

It’s funny for Damian to not understand something. His education’s always been the best available and despite his young age, there are very few concepts that escape him. Like pop culture. And this.

“I don’t understand”, he admits. This too is something new. Admitting ignorance. But he’s talking to stupid, crazy people, so he’s probably justified in not understanding their weirdness.

“I’ll show you”, Tim offers, and Damian watches him tear off a piece of paper and writing in big, capital letters “SELF-SACRIFICING IDIOT” on it. Then Tim wraps the piece of paper in a little ball and throws it at Dick’s still form. It lands precisely in the concavity between Nightwing’s stretched legs.

Damian’s so outraged he doesn’t even have enough words to express his fury. Not that it matters, because apparently he’s lost again his ability to talk.

Taking advantage of his stunned silence, Stephanie steals the pencil from Damian’s fingers, tears off another piece of paper, and does the same thing. Her note says “UGLY ASS”.

Damian watches Todd and Cain reaching out for a new paper sheet, and Tim preparing another projectile insult. He still can’t bring himself to speak.

“We’ll force him to read all of them out loud once he wakes up”, Stephanie explains. “The goals is to make enough of them that he’ll think twice before pulling a stupid stunt like this again.”

“Oh”, Damian says. Apparently his mouth’s working again. Good.

“Good”, he repeats out loud. He looks at Dick again, then at the paper in his hand. “He shall read insults for days, then. Pay in double the time we’re spending on him. Give me back my pencil, Brown.”

Crazy as it is, this is vengeance, and vengeance, at least, Damian understands.

Send me an anonymous ask completing the sentence “I wish you would write a fic where… (REQUESTS CLOSED, SORRY!)

Things not to say to a spoonie.

“It won’t kill you getting up early.” They don’t know what fatigue is like. But It actually feels like you’re dying.

You take as many naps as you need to get through the day.

“At least it’s not cancer.” They’ve have no idea what you’re going through, so please don’t act like you do.

Just ignore those idoits, who don’t even know what the word “chronic” means. Just think of things that make you happy.

“You don’t look sick.” What do you think “invisible illness” means? They’ve obviously never felt ill, because then they would know, it doesn’t always make you look different.

You’re beautiful, whether you think so or not.

“You’re not disabled, I don’t see a wheelchair.” Not all disabilities are visible.

Just because you’re disabled, it doesn’t mean you’re not a hero.

“I hope you feel better soon.” I know it sounds like they’re trying to be kind. But a “chronic illness” is something that will never go away. So they’re just making that person more depressed.

You have other people with chronic illnesses you can talk to. They understand.

“Why are you so lazy?” A disabled person has a limited ablity to do anything. You’re not aware of what they’re going through.

These people don’t understand how much effort you put in, day in, day out. You go at your own pace.

Feel free to add more.



American Idiot - Green Day, cover by Robyn Adele Anderson

1940s Wartime style

If Alice Angel’s singing voice is completely different I will be sad.  Because I fully imagine her doing her hair up and selling bonds this way.

Divided: Part 21

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst, blood, violence 

Word Count: 3160

Summary: You and T’Challa arrive in Siberia to find your teammates already engaged in combat.

Authors Note:  As I updated a week or two ago, I have been going through a lot of difficulties lately, and having a bit of a rough time with it. Because of this my free time and my writing ability has suffered. A lot of the reason that this has taken so long is because I suffered a lot of anxiety about returning and being good enough after taking such a hiatus. But this is my attempt to get back in the game, so hopefully you enjoy it <3  I always love hearing from you all, so drop a line with thoughts or predictions!  Tagging is open, just ask, if you are on my tag list and your username has changed PLEASE let me know!

Divided: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 

Your legs twitch nervously as T’Challa’s fingers flick at the controls, landing his plane smoothly on the ground. Within an instant, you unclasp your buckle and rise to your feet, your breath catching in your chest as you spot Steve and Bucky’s stolen quinjet a few yards ahead.

You hurry towards the weapons lining the side wall of the plane as T’Challa moves quickly beside you, his hand catching your wrist as you reach for one of the many knives.

“Relax your Highness,” You roll your eyes as you attempt to twist out of his grip, his hand holding firm, “I’m not grabbing for you… whether I like it or not, you and I are on the same side now.” You huff as he releases you, shaking his head slowly.

“Oh no… you are staying here, young one.” His low voice instructs you, a veiled threat present in his tone. “I will be retrieving Barnes on my own, I do not need you interfering again to save your boyfriend.”  

You breathe slowly, trying to curb your frustration as the clock ticks onwards, precious seconds being wasted in an argument. For all you know, the assassins could have already killed your friends and escaped.

“Look. I get it. You don’t trust me. But right now we are up against a much larger danger. You think my ‘boyfriend’ is a threat? Inside these walls there are 5 super assassins that my team is going up against. We are drastically outmatched, but at least if you bring me along we don’t have to be outnumbered.” You speak quickly, the exasperation in your tone making your agitation clear as your foot taps in annoyance, every second wasted allowing more room for loss.

T’Challa stands for a moment, considering you, “Very well, suit up.” You heed his words, hurriedly selecting your weapons as you replenish the holsters of your tactical suit. He places his helmet on as he moves towards the back of the plane, firmly hitting a button to descend the ramp.

You follow swiftly after him, your legs twinging painfully at the speed of your movement, you hurriedly hide your wince of pain as you fall into step beside T’Challa, your footfalls muffled by the soft snow beneath your boots.

You slowly approach the steel doors that had been left ajar by the previous visitors. Suddenly T’Challa’s plane exudes a large amount of exhaust, the unexpected sound causing you to whip around, your defenses trained for enemy fire.

In a moment, T’Challa had sped from your side, moving swiftly towards the steel doors, bending them solidly shut behind him as the lock clicks into place, leaving you barred on the outside.

“HEY!” You shriek, your fist beating angrily against the cold, rusted steel. “T’Challa! You idoit! What the fuck are you doing?”

“I am sorry young scorpion, but I believe I am doing what is right, I cannot have you interfering.” His words fall swiftly through the door as they fade.

Your hands beat harshly against the metal, willing it to buckle beneath your fervent fists as a slew of profanities tear from your lips.

You stare at your blocked entrance through frustrated tears. Taking a few deep breaths, looking around quickly, seeking any indication of an alternative way in.

Escape hatch. You think fleetingly, beginning to climb up the snow mound by the side of the door, seeking to get on top of the fortress.

With so much underground they would need alternative ways out. I just have to find one… Your foot slips slightly as you scale the wall, using your knives to push hand holds into the firm snow. After a bit of difficulty, you pull yourself to the top, seeing a handful of large launching pads dispersed throughout the flat roof, but no clear manholes.

You move tentatively, unsure of your footing or what defenses may be present. Suddenly the ground shakes beneath you, causing you to crouch down, steadying your balance on the slippery snow, the deafening sound of an explosion below causing your heart to pound fervently.

Suddenly you see something in the distance, a man in a long black jacket emerging from the white ground. You react quickly as he begins to run.

“Hey!” you yell, moving hastily on his tail. But your attention is briefly diverted as the ground shakes once more, causing you to lose your footing, sending you sliding to your knees, stopping only feet from a large launch hatch that was suddenly opening.

Frantically rising to your feet, you dodge the snow debris falling from the door of the hatch. As it opens you can hear the sound of yelling faintly over the whine of the metal gears.

Without thinking you begin running towards the large hole, stopping short as you gaze down the maze of grates lining the wall. You watch as a large dark figure jumps across from grate to grate, his metal arm catching himself as he pulls his body up onto the platform.

Without a moment of hesitation, you scamper down the ladder, not thinking of anything else but reaching Bucky. Jumping from the middle rung, you hit the platform firmly, allowing your knees to bend as you absorb the shock of the landing.

Hurriedly turning around, you see Stark collide forcefully with Bucky, sending him sprawling backwards onto a lower platform. “BUCKY!” You scream, looking down on him, running hurriedly along the wall of platforms as you try to get to him.

“Stark Stop!!” You plead as Bucky looks up to you, leaving himself vulnerable for a moment,

“Scorpion, this is your final warning, stay out of it.” You gasp as Stark takes the cheap shot, sending a blast straight at Bucky. Steve appears just in time, placing his shield up in front of Bucky as the shot reverberates back at Stark, knocking him against the opposing wall.

“What are you doing here?” Bucky yells up to you, fear and joy warring for dominance across his features as he moves quickly from Steve, climbing the walls and platforms, ascending to you.

You kneel down, watching him climb up to you as Stark rises to his feet once more, resuming his pursuit. “Watch out!” You yell, attempting to give a warning, but Steve reacts first, wrapping a thin wire around Starks neck as he jumps towards the ground, dragging Tony with him.

Your attention switches quickly back to Bucky, speaking words of encouragement as you watch him make large and dangerous jumps, every moment coming closer to you. “Come on!” You shout as you hear Cap’s shield clatter to the ground, just as Bucky makes a particularly risky jump to the platform you are kneeling on.

His fingers dig into the grate as he hangs below, you frantically fumble your hands along his back helping to pull him up. Within an instant you are both on your feet and frantically climbing, hopping the few more platforms to the ladder.

He begins to climb ahead of you, both of you frantically scaling the rungs with speed. You scream as the hinge abruptly explodes beside you, Stark’s missile coming in firm contact as the door groans, collapsing downwards.

You drop down hurriedly, ducking into the shelter of the ladder as Bucky jumps to the opposite wall, both of you narrowly avoiding debris from the blast.

“Y/N!” You hear him cry out in concern as you shift into a crouched position, coming into eye contact as you both realize that you are trapped.

Stark rises swiftly between you, going after Bucky as he ferociously swings a large pipe from the debris. Your hands scramble hurriedly around you, reaching for fragmented bits of concreate as you begin to send a barrage of flying objects at Stark.

But to no avail, Stark moves swiftly, locking his arms around Bucky’s neck before speaking clearly to him as you scream, pleading with Tony to release him. “Do you even remember them?” He asks forcefully.

You fall into silence as you watch Bucky’s face, pain and regret flashing across his features. “I remember all of them.” He speaks slowly, struggling to breathe as Tony’s metal limbs wrap around him.

“Tony please.” You beg, tears falling from your eyes once again. “No!” You scream, as Stark flies down taking Bucky with him. You jump without thinking, adrenaline pulsing through you as you fling yourself at Stark’s back, wrapping your limbs around him and clinging on for dear life as the three of you fall down the shaft.

“Y/N!” Steve yells as he jumps across, catching you around the waist, causing you to dislodge and slam back against the wall, coming to rest painfully on a platform, gasping for air at the impact.

Bucky, Tony, and Steve fall quickly, the force of Steve’s contact causing their bodies to ricochet against the wall, sending Bucky flying to a platform a few floors beneath you. Groaning, you roll onto your stomach, pushing yourself to all fours as you look down at Bucky, breathing with a sigh of relief as you see him moving.

He makes eye contact with you, as you nod, reassuring him that you are alright. You rise hurriedly, dropping down each platform, silently working your way towards him. He quickly rises to all fours as he looks down at Steve.

“This isn’t going to change what happened.” Steve’s soft voice reverberates up the shaft, echoing in the cavern.

“I don’t care.” Tony says firmly, standing in opposition to Steve. “He killed me mom.” You gasp audibly as Stark flies forward at Steve, Bucky’s eyes connecting with yours as you drop to the platform next to him, taking a large jump onto the one he was standing on.

His arms wrap firmly around you, catching your momentum as you wince painfully at the impact on your abused legs. “I…” He whispers, the tentative tone of an excuse coming.

“Not now love.” You whisper placing a sharp kiss to his lips to let him know where your head was. “I know.” Your fingers quickly ghost over his jaw as you move to the adjacent platform, retrieving Steve’s shield as you move down towards your Captain.

“No,” Bucky says firmly, pulling the shield out of your hands as you both scramble downwards, “You’re hurt enough. Please stay out of harm’s way. I’ll protect him… Old habits die hard I guess.” He shrugs sheepishly as he turns from you.

Before you can argue, Bucky jumps the last few feet to the battle below, raising the shield high above his head as he brings the edge crashing down into Stark’s back. Stark responds immediately sending a blast that reflects off the shield and comes flying up towards you as you narrowly dodge it.

You watch from a safe distance as Bucky throws the shield back to Steve, knowing full well that you would be more of a nuisance at this time, with your weakened state and the ineffectiveness of your weapons against Stark’s iron shield.

You watch helplessly as the two super soldiers take on their friend, working seamlessly to double team him and drop him quickly to his knees.

As elated as you want to feel at them grabbing the upper hand, the constant twinge of heartbreak still tears through your body as you remember who is in the suit.

Then suddenly the hand shifts, Steve catches a blast to the stomach and is thrown backwards, leaving Bucky to take on Stark alone. You cannot stand idly by as he takes hit after hit, you move quickly descending to the main area as Bucky regains the upper hand, ferociously slamming Stark against the wall, his metal hand digging into the core of Tony’s suit.

You stop in your hurried movements, frozen as you rush forward, watching the animalistic tendency taking over the man you love. The hardened heart of the beaten and broken assassin burning through.

“Bucky! Bucky stop!” You cry, but he cannot hear you, his own savage scream drowning out your plea. With a sudden blast of light, he is thrown backwards, coming to land harshly on his knee, his eyes wide with shock as his gaze falls on the smoking exposed wires where his metal arm just was.

You move quickly, stepping between Stark and him as Stark raises his hand once again. “Move!” Tony hollers at you, but you stand firmly blocking his path to Bucky as he tries to aim around you. You rush forward your hands reaching for the blaster on his palm as you try to deflect him.

“Tony! Tony, stop! Please! STOP!” You plead rapidly, as you try to block him, “MOVE!” He screams once more trying to push you aside, but you hold on tighter, refusing to step aside.

With one quick motion, Stark’s arm sweeps against your waist, catching you painfully right along the ribs as the strength of his blow sends you flying back against the ramp. You hit the concreate painfully, your head smacking forcefully to the ground as you roll down to lie at the base of the ramp.

Your vision is blurry as you see Bucky fly forward once more, Starks blast coming into contact with him. You fight against the swimming sensation in your brain, you try helplessly to rise to your knees once more, as Steve rushes forward, his shield deflecting the oncoming blasts from Tony, protecting Bucky once again, sending light deflecting throughout the enclosure.

Your vision blurs again as Steve engages Tony in combat, your eyes scan roughly along the ground, spotting Bucky, seemingly unconscious, a few feet from you. You fight to get to your knees again, but your consciousness is swimming in and out. You close your eyes as your bloodied cheek presses to the cool concrete.

“He’s my friend.” You hear Steve’s plea, drifting to your deafening ears as if in a distant room. “So was I.” Tony responds, his voice becoming clearer as you force your eyes open again, seeing Tony slam hit after hit into your Captain’s face as Bucky stirs slowly behind him.

You raise your head as Stark grabs Steve by his straps, throwing him roughly against a pillar, “Stay down. Final warning.” Stark snarls, standing threatening in front of Steve.

You watch as your Captain struggles to his feet, falling roughly back into fighting stance. His perseverance inspiring you once more as you press your palms firmly to the ground and push back onto your knees, yelping quietly when a sharp pain stings your side as you breathe.

“I could do this all day.” Steve breathes heavily, raising his fists once more as your vision swims again, your hands gripping harshly at the floor as the world seems to move around you. You know you have pushed your body to its limits, and unlike the super soldiers surrounding you, you were unable to recover so quickly.

You watch helpless as Stark prepares another blast for Steve, but Bucky moves instinctively, grabbing at Starks ankle and subsequently receiving a sharp kick to the face as he falls backwards to the ground.

If nothing else had been able to force clarity back into your head, the site of the blood trickling from Bucky’s face had done the trick. You moved quickly, ignoring the intense pain in your side with every breath or movement.

You grit your teeth as your body threatens to lose consciousness. In the moment that Stark was distracted by your and Bucky’s sudden movements, Steve is able to step forward and gain the upper hand, raising the iron man high above his head before throwing him forcefully against a pillar.

Steve moves on top of Tony trapping him down, as you hurry over to Bucky, touching his face softly as his eyes try to focus on you. “Come on, baby. Buck. Bucky! We have to get you out of here, come on, come on!” You whisper fervently your pleas falling on deaf ears.

His remaining hand rises up to meet your face, his warm fingers wiping at the sticky blood dribbling down your cheek. You press into his touch as your tears mix with the dirt and blood, creating clear tracks down your cheek.

You turn your attention to Steve, knowing that you did not have the strength to move Bucky on your own.

Your Captain had retained the upper hand, but with each hit the ferocity of his movements were mimicking Bucky’s lack of control, with each contact he was chipping away at what had always made him your Captain.

“Captain,” You call out, allowing Bucky’s hand to drop from your face as you rise with difficulty to your feet. Steve continues in his abusive, repetitive action, ramming the shield with malice into Starks mask, exposing Tony’s fearful face as he raises the shield once more.

“Steve!” You yell, your hand coming in contact with his shoulder as he looks up at you, his eyes black and wild with desperation. With a final growl, he crashes the shield into Tony’s chest, falling sideways off him as you all remain still for a moment, shocked by the deterioration of what was once a team.

“Tony… I…” You whisper regretfully as you extend a hand to Steve, pulling him roughly to his feet as you stagger on your own. Tony closes his eyes and turns away from you, small tears seeping from the corners of his eyes. He rolls onto his side as Steve steps beside you retrieving his shield and wrapping an arm around your waist to steady you on your feet, before he moves past you to pull Bucky to his.

“Tony… I’m so sorry.” You whisper as you kneel beside him, reaching for his shoulder and helping to pull him into a more upright position. His eyes connect with yours, his expression softening slightly as he looks at your tear stained cheeks. Tear tracks having carved pathways in the fresh blood painted along the side of your face, as bruises quickly formed beneath your skin.

“I never wanted you to get hurt.” He whispers, his gaze falling from you once again as he falls back on his arm. “I…”

“Y/N.” Steve speaks firmly. Stark’s gaze rises to Steve once more, as he stands there looking coldly down at him, supporting Bucky by his side.

“That shield doesn’t belong to you.” Stark spits, as you rise hesitantly to your feet, retreating over to Steve and Bucky as you loop your arm around Bucky’s waist to help him. Steve turns you all away as Tony bellows after him, “You don’t deserve it. My father made that shield!”

Steve stops, causing Bucky to stumble beside you. You glance to your Captain, seeing that the clear blue of his eyes had returned as he looks ahead in sadness. With a deep sigh, he drops the shield beside him, the clatter of the metal providing a finality to the confrontation, as if a door had sealed shut.

Part 22

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Batfam headcannons for you

From  gobydana:

- No one outside of gotham can keep them all straight

- Like members of the league are always shock when batman has someone new

- So many jokes about adopting kids. One time Tim carried around adoption papers for a month.

- The saying nothing good happens when two or more are nothing is like the family motto. 

- Silence only means one thing: choas is about to occur.

- Tim and Damian fight 90% percent of the time. It’s the 10% when they are getting along that others are worried about. They make a scary team.

- Cass is the one to usually watch all the insane actions occur. 

- Duke being the one who is like you are idoits listen to the plan so no one dies.

- Constant death jokes from Jason.

- Alfred forever being the grandpa to all of them.

I hope this helps!

I wanted to add some too!

- Sometimes the boys trade costumes to try and confuse the older superheroes

- Whenever two or more of the boys are in a room they are either fighting or working together to give Bruce more grey hairs

- Alfred low-key supports the mischief, he is the prank master

- Jason is a meme king! His favorite is “But did you die, though?” At this point, all his brother can answer yes

- Duke is the only sane one, but the others quickly drive him crazy. He and Cass sit back and watch the chaos

- Stephanie refuses to shower at the Manor anymore after the 3rd time one of the boys put hair dye in her shampoo

- The boys have a betting pool on when Bruce will take on another Robin after each one moves on. 

- After Bruce took in Damian the boys got the rest of the JL involved. So far Diana is winning

- Bruce acts like he is a total hard-ass, but he can’t resist the puppy eyes from any of his boys. He will cave, and give them just about anything they want (and the boys know this)

- Whenever one of his kids get hurt Bruce, and more often than not, some of the others, will keep vigil until they wake up. They have all lost each other too many times to leave anything to chance.

Whiskers(Living Quirks)

Bakugou:(Walks into the classroom with cat whiskers drawn on)
Izuku and Ochako:(Trying to hide their laughter)
Kirishima:What happened?
Bakugou:(Hasn’t noticed) What Hair for Brains?
Kirishima:It’s nyanthing.
Kaminari: Meow, let’s forget about it.
Mina: It’s clawful.
Sero: Fur real.
Bakugou: What is wrong with you idoits?!?!
Aizawa walks in
Aizawa:(Stares at Bakugou) This is purr-fect.
Bakugou: What the hell is happening?!?!
Bakugou:(Takes Mina’s mirror) Deku!(Charges at Izuku)
Aizawa:(Uses capturing scarf on Bakugou) Calm down kitty.

anonymous asked:

Favorite KS character?

This idoit 

He does so many stupid things but im rooting for him (~‾∇‾)~ 

At the rate he is going now he should save bum by chapter 100000 (´・_・`) #slowAF  

The thing I love about Isak is that Isak has game

It is shown time and time again in episodes that he IS a great liar, he has a silver tongue and a way with words and can talk himself out of anything. He thinks fast, reacts and can pretty much con anyone. 

 Then along comes Even and all of a sudden he is this blushing, tongue-tied idoit that can’t think of anything to say. Can’t even string two words together. 


Because it matters. He wants it so bad. Everything else is just a game…fake. 

Even , for him, is real.

And he does not want to fuck it up. so he finds himself overthinking what he’s going to say, ends up sputtering and stammering and blushing cause WHERE DID ALL HIS COOL GO??? LOL 

 I think everyone has been Isak at one point.


 1st video:

Onision, my favorite little Chucky doll. I will in the next Drama Alert update the story on you and how you actually OWN one house but you have a mortgage on the other. As I said in my Drama Alert, this is what I was told from other people. So obviously there is some confusion there and I will set the record straight, but as far as you manipulating your fans, you’re manipulating your fucking fans bro. You don’t have to have all this suicide talk, you don’t need to make statements like “oh if I don’t have Youtube then I’m dying.” That shit was wrong. That shit was wrong Greg. You know it’s fucking wrong. You know it’s fucked. By the way I’m suing you for calling me an ugly gnome. I am known worldwide as a very attractive man. So expect to hear from my lawyers Greg.

2nd video:

So I have spoken to my attorney about Onision suing me for “slander” and my attorney has advised me that Mr. Onision does not have a case at all because one, he’s a public figure so to prove slander is like super hard. He has to prove that I KNOWINGLY put out false information about him. Slander is like one of the hardest cases to win. Period. But a public figure suing for slander is like nearly impossible. However, with all that being said, I see the shit that H3H3 is going through and I honestly don’t even know if it’s worth it.

The major point of my video is that in my opinion, I believe that Onision is manipulating his god damn fans to try to get them to buy his tee shirts and send money to his Patreon by making these statements “If I don’t have Youtube then I’m dying.” With him making the statements “before I had Youtube I had a gun to my head.” and even in his recent video where he’s saying he’s going to sue me, he’s asking his fans to donate money to him so he can sue me. The manipulation, Greg, is disgusting. This is why so many of your “past friends” are no longer friends with you.

With all that being said, I am going to do a new Drama Alert today and update that Onision has proved that he DOES have a mortgage on one house and owns the other house and I will make an apology that the information I was told is incorrect. And to avoid all this nonsense we will be removing the Onision video, which is so stupid. I really, really don’t want to, but I don’t know . I don’t really want to fucking be in some legal battle with this idoit either so I don’t know. You gotta pick your battles and I’m not picking one with cuck boy.


SO LANCE IS AN IDOIT(ok so he’s really just unobservant but roll with me here) AND I THINK IT WOULD BE HILARIOUS IF HE WERE THE ONE TO FIND MATT

SO THE TEAM GOES ON SOLO MISSIONS OR SOMETHING(idk I’m not in charge of these details you fill in the blanks, maybe they’re all on the same planet and they separate the point is Lance is alone) AND LANCE SEES MATT AND IS ALL LIKE “DUDE WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?” AND BEFORE MATT CAN SAY ANYTHING THEY GET CAUGHT UP IN FIGHTING SOME GALRA OR JUNK


thank you @jaeminnana for requesting this!1 <3 i hope you like it :) (also i just couldn’t think of any title so i think i should let it be lol)

word count: 1.2k

pairing: Jaemin x female reader

including Hansol as Y/n’s brother!

“Y/n, get back here,” Jaemin, your very exact definition of a best friend shouted at you after you ran away with his very last chewing gum ball. It had been a boring day at school overall and you let out a sigh of relief when you stepped outside. You popped the little pink gumball in your mouth and chewed on it, releasing the entire sweet and sour flavor.

Jaemin had followed you outside, he was panting and he watched you devour his very last piece of gum in evident shock.

“Sorry,” you mumbled and passed him a chocolate bar from your bag in exchange of the gum. “it’s the very last one I have, you should be happy I’m giving this to you.”

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Story Summary: On your way to Chicago to search out new opportunities. Your car breaks down outside of a small town nestled near the mountains. Trapped for more than a week, you almost seamlessly fall into place. Which makes it even harder when you have to leave.

Pairing: Scotty/Reader (But it’s a slow burn so hold your horses), also some slight McKirk in the background because why not?

Warning: none in this one

A/N: I bring in more of the crew. Kirk is like a busybody, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also THANK YOU! I have been getting overwhelming support for this story and I’m so excited to share this with you!!


Word Count: 1071

Part 1

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anonymous asked:

Had a group of idoits complain because I was taking out the trash and it was "to close to them" like maybe if you didn't sit less then two inches from the trash can maybe the bin wouldn't be close to you. They then bitched saying they could read lips and said I called the foul names, like really I didn't but after you're bitching I am now.

Dating J-Hope would include
  • •back hugs Galore
  • •constantly reassuring Hi there he is amazing
  • •having to force him to rest when all he wants to do is practice
  • •when he is finally in bed after hours of trying to force him to sleep he hold you tight
  • •you caressing his arms, chest, head, face and back, putting him to sleep immediately
  • •waking up late to find him gone but he left sticky notes everywhere that list different things we loves about you
  • • Skin ship everywhere because he doesn't care that people know you are his
  • •He loves taking pictures of you when you stare off into space or when you at focused because he loves the faces you make
  • •the boys complaining that you guys are too happy all the time
  • •When he is away on tour he tends to forget to contact you
  • •you feeling insecure that he will lose interest because you think you aren't as pretty as the other girls he sees everyday
  • •Him holding you in his arms tightly
  • •"No girl I have ever met or ever laid eyes on were nearly as beautiful or as perfect for me as you"
  • •Disney marathons
  • •BOTH of you are loud and clap loudly and point at random things that make you laugh
  • •He love playing with your hair
  • •"why do you always play with my hair?"
  • •"Hush, I love your hair, it's pretty and soft "
  • •He loves playing and dancing in the rain with you
  • •him forcing you to go with him and the boys to Kota kinabalu
  • •Him forcing you to pack sundresses and cute bathing suits
  • •him looking like a deer in the head lights when he sees how sexy you look in the biking he made you take
  • •"Dang Hobi hyung how did you get such a beautiful girlfriend" "Yah! Stop looking Jungkook!" Hobi yells and throws his towel over your body
  • •At night he waits in bed for you to get out of the shower cause he can't sleep without you
  • •You come out in his over sized shirt and panties and he can only stare at you as you crawl into bed
  • •sweet love making all the time
  • •love bites
  • •Passionate kisses and soft moans
  • •Spanking
  • •Harder biting
  • •dark hickey almost on every inch of you neck and thighs
  • •loves being called oppa in and outside of the bedroom because your voice is like music to his ears
  • •whenever you are out together he always makes sure that you are comfortable and asks of your feet hurt
  • •if your feet ever hurt he will pick you up and carry you on his back
  • •You hardly fight but when you do it's over something really bad because you both hate confrontation and are usually good at talking
  • •Fights usually don't last long because when he raises his voice at all when he is upset it makes you cry
  • •And he HATES seeing you cry
  • •so he would hold you tight and you both whisper apologies and say how much you love each other
  • •Repainting the house together
  • •taking a break to sit and drink water but you sit on a box and fall into the empty box
  • •both of you laughing like idoits but he helps you out of the box
  • •loving gazes shared between you two showing you love each other without even needing to speak
  • •having a long future ahead of you knowing you two could last through any storm as long as you where together
  • Hpe you guys liked this I thought it would be cute. I saw a few if these and thought I should give it a try 😊 -Julie
Problems again...

So you might be like “so disco? How’s your bullying problem shit?” WELL! Uhm.. It’s was going good till stuff happened that crack me the fucked up! WARNING: (CONTAIN SWEARING) so, @iamtheelena and me were on the school bus just going home and stuff…. And theses two grade 1 in our bus.. THEY WERE FUCKING STUPID AS SHIT! I know they are just kid, I couldn’t insult little kids since they are 6-7 years old.. But I know what they did, there were bottle flip, that’s completely normal but WHAT THIS IDOIT DOES IS that he flippen open his water cap from his bottle and FUCKING FLIPS IT! And he looks at his water in a devil smile and even spit on it.. Even the principal said NO SPITTING! But he didn’t give a damn cuz hesssss STUPID (cuz he is) my friend and me try our best to stop and his weed friend (my brothers friend) so, I decided to record what’s happened and apparently they wanna break my tablet and stuff! Now you guys might tell me “OH! Tell the teacher or principal” I mean they need proof and my brother (6 years old) is in a part of the same school as mine (JK-4) mines is (grade 5-8) but ONE DAY! Our bus driver saw what has been happened and apparently took his water bottle away and told that he screw things up he’s gonna be KICK OFF THE FUCKING BUS!! HEHEHEHEH!! Yeah.. The staff in our school barely to anything cuz.. Uhm.. Dunno
Even when’s it’s was indoor bus duty.. Their is this grade 5 who keeps complaining about my friend Elena ( @iamtheelena ) actions DUDE WTF! I mean my other BFF wanted to talk to something about PS4 and stuff and this Grade 5 defends my BFF Nemesis because “of the fucking actions” BITCH! And did we tell the teachers.. Well nope. They were too “Busy” like they always do…

Another problem would be my grandma and a little bit of my cousins. My self-esteem will kinda getting low after the snack problem and the whole class yelling thing but you know that.. My grandma is the only family member of mine who makes me life miserable and always TRUST MY BRO EVEN THO HES THE ONE WHO DOES THE BAD STUFF.. My grandma would embarrassing me in front of my mom,cousins, friends and more while speaking in their language and they think I won’t understand.. BUT FUCK YEAH I COULD UNDERSTAND! But I won’t always feel ashamed of my self.. And being called “skinny, blind, deaf, FUCKING STUPID ASS and more..” Also my cousins would give me sass and annoy me to watch their favourite things even tho it’s my tablet.. I feel like I don’t even exist anymore and.. Uhm.. About being embarrassed they laugh at me.. Once they told me to put away the chair and points at it.. So I did then my grandma friend YELLS AT ME AND SAID NO STUPD ASS THE CHARGERS, you are becomes like your stupid grandpa" I just wanna cry, cut myself and stuff but I had to stand up for yourself but it’s no use.. I tried anything.. I just wanna give up. I would draw me crying and twinkle beside me.. But I’m not in the mood right and tag my fried s but nope I’m not in the mood.. I hope you understand..