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"Ichiiii..~" The red naga whined crawling up to his bother and clinging, a large visible lump in his lower belly "I think I ate too much again," @crxmsonscales

I sigh. “Osssomatssssu nii-ssssan…You’re hoplessss…Go lay down in the cave while I try to find herbsss…”


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S/o using a pick up line that's horrible like "hey you dropped something, your standards. Hi I'm *insert name*"

I spat out my drink reading this. I’m going to use this from now on.


You were lounging around the Matsuno household with Osomatsu. He got up to go to the kitchen for another beer. As he left you called out to him.

“Hey, you dropped something.”

His head was moving around, scoping the floor

“What? Where?”

His eyes met yours and you tried your best not to laugh.

“Your standards. Hi I’m (name).” You smiled as you waved at him.

A laugh escaped his lips.

“…Shit that’s pretty good…but shouldn’t I be using that on you?”


Kara- You were having your usual bi-weekly pick up line contest with Karamatsu when you dropped yours.

“Hey. You dropped something,”

“Tell me, flower, what did I drop?”

“Your standards. Hi I’m (name)!”

His glasses fell from his face and he held onto your hands, pressing them against his chest.

“FLOWER! NO! My standards are anything but low if I was blessed with someone as marvelous as you.”

You sighed and pulled your arms away from his grasp.



“Take a joke.”


You hugged him from behind and sang.

“Hey, hey Noodle”


“You dropped something.”

He pulled out of your hug to look for the unknown item he dropped.


“Your standards! Hi! I’m (name)!”

He stared at you, his frown was more visible and a vein was threatening to pop out on his face.


He turned around and walked away, not wanting to deal with anymore of your nonsense.



Ichimatsu was feeding his cats when you called out to him.

“Hey you dropped something.”

He looked around his radius, looking for a treat.

“Your standards! Hi I’m (name)!”

He shrugged and paid it no mind. You pouted and called out to him again.

“Ichiiii are you even going to react?” 

He put the snacks down and turned to face you.

“Hi (name) I’m Ichimatsu and my standards are just as low as yours, maybe even lower.”

He turned his back towards you, leaving you annoyed with his response.

“…Dammit Ichimatsu.”


You were walking home from the park when you spoke up.

“Jyushi! You dropped something!”

“EH!? WHERE?” He looked around, searching for runaway baseballs

“Your standards!” 

He turned to face you and titled his head in confusion.

“My standards?”

“Yes! Hi! I’m (name)!”

He laughed at how adorable you were being.

“I know who you are, silly.”

You pouted as you walked ahead of him.


Jyushimatsu stayed behind you and laughed to himself.

‘You’re so silly.’


Todomatsu was grinding coffee beans when you sat yourself on top of the counter.

”Hey! You dropped something.”


He looked at floor but he quickly brought his head up at the sound of your voice.

“Your standards! Hi! I’m your current mistake!”

He put the machine down and placed hand on his hip.

“First of all, how dare you?”


He lifted a finger at you and waved it at you.

“I have the highest standards in the world! If anything, it’s you who has such low standards.” 

He pouted.



“You just called yourself a bottom tier boyfriend.”

His eyes widened when he realized he just called himself trash.