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You said Power rangers cut a lot of things that LG has in its movies can I ask what? Also why do you think PR didn't do so well at the box office? Release date? That most people think neg of power rangers? No real PR what?

It didn’t necessarily cut all that typical Lionsgate movie stuff out but it definitely didn’t use most of them. Think of Hunger Games and Divergent. Those movies are both the usual Lionsgate young adult franchises with the teen romance and love triangles and strong white female leads and not much diversity etc.

This first Power Rangers movie didn’t really have the usual Lionsgate young adult franchise tropes like the love triangle and the forced romance (they cut out the Jason and Kimberly kiss because it didn’t benefit the female character’s storyline in that moment) and Power Rangers was really diverse, with only 1 of their 5 leads being white.

As for the box office there were a few reasons as to why it didn’t do as well as it could have. 

1) They should’ve had a different release date (this applies to the US and Worldwide release date, the China release date and the Japan release date). The US and Worldwide/International on March 24th was a week after the release date of the Beauty and the Beast movie which was a strong box office contender and a really tough movie to go against. The the China release date had the movie go against Guradians of the Galaxy 2 and the Japan release had it against the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie which did well there so both these movies were tough competition to go against. The China and Japan releases were months after the original release so all the hype died down.

2) The promotion and marketing could have been better. The movie only had a $100 budget so they didn’t spend a lot on promoting the movie. The first two trailers also came out really late and the big promotional push didn’t start early enough. I also think they needed to use the fact that the movie is so diverse a bit more to promote it too. They also needed to find a way to promote to non-power ranger fans too. 

3) Lionsgate wasn’t sure about what audience they wanted to aim this movie to. They wanted hardcore Power Ranger fans, they wanted people who watched MMPR as kids but weren’t really into Power Rangers after that and they wanted to draw in younger kids. So the target audience wasn’t clear so they didn’t know who (and how) to promote the movie to.

4) Most audiences want to see superhero movies for the action and stuff but Power Rangers was more of a story-focues movie with the action added on to it. I personally liked that about the movie but it’s why there wasn’t a rewatch factor for more casual audiences.

The Eye Contact Triangles

Something that isn’t widely talked about on the internet is something I call “the eye contact triangles”. These triangles are a great thing to know about when you want to understand what kind of relationship one person has to an another. I honestly don’t know why this isn’t a more popular topic for the people of the Internet, it’s an easy and quick way to see the relationship status.

There are three types of triangles that the eyes follow when we communicate with others.

  • The upper goes from the top of the eyes to the forehead and are for those who view your relationship as strictly professional or those who feel they have power over you. Some of those who feel they are just an acquaintance with you will use this triangle too. So those who look at that triangle are looking at the “power/acquaintance triangle”.
  • Next triangle involves the eyes and the mouth, this is the “friend triangle”. This is of course used among friends, you can with this, see if a person has a friendship relationship to the other but the other party has an acquaintance–relationship with the first party. That would mean that the other party does not appreciate the first.
  • The third triangle goes from the eyes to the neck. It is the triangle of flirting so it’s simply called the “flirt triangle”. With this, you can see when someone is in a relationship, or when someone wants to have a relationship.

The context in this is incredibly important, someone who turns their head slightly and look intensively at your lips, suggest more that they do not hear what you are saying and have to resort to visual cues. They try and read your lips. There are a lot of examples in which these triangles are flawed if the context isn’t considered. So always think of what other signs tell you.

Try and learn this! Hope it helps!

And with that, I’ll see you my irregulars.

On Noora and Season 4

In SKAM there are always those leftover storylines from previous seasons, a small continuation not to end the character’s arch abruptly, and to give the show a nice, believable flow. In S2, we see Eva deal with her breakup (though I have many opinions on this) by looking for a way to heal and get over the fact that Jonas is no longer her boyfriend. In S3, we get Noora’s dealing with William’s departure and being all secretive about what was going on between them. We, however, get no Eva whatsoever. Her season is long over, her storyline done with. We don’t see her drunk and making out with random guys. We understand that she’s all better now and remains on good terms with Jonas. This is Isak’s season.

In S4, in one of the first scenes, we are given an update on Evak: they’re doing great. They love each other and are still together, Isak is smiling and Even appears to be in good mental health. Like Eva in S2 and Nora in S3, this is our sigh-of-relief moment: the characters we fell in love with in the previous season are still there, not gone. 

However, even before the main conflict of the season (Sana’s season) is introduced, our main girl walks inside the apartment and is confronted by something we thought would be long over: Noora’s love problems. The girls start whispering about how William got another girlfriend and wether they should tell Noora or not.

I was appalled. “Really?” Was my first thought, “We’re still on this?” And don’t get me wrong, I loved Noora’s season, I thought it covered some very important matters and the ending had me bawling and wishing for more. I was given more in S3, and though I hated what I got (and understood their way of handling it, what with Thomas’ departure from the show and all), I was content. And when I go into S4, expecting my unapologetic muslim goddess to slay the world, I am yet again confronted by the things from two seasons ago.

As usual, we get some borderline islamophobic comments from Vilde, some uncomfortable silences from everyone else, and the show begins. 

Everything seems to be running smoothly. We meet the Balloon Squad. We get excited over our girl having a crush, loving the fact that he seems the perfect guy for her.

Then shit starts going sideways. Girls hating on other girls, Sana unable to speak about her crush because Noora apparently likes him, the Girl Squad making Sana feel left out, the Balloon Squad (POC guys) being seen as ‘the bad guys’. We get russ bus drama and ignorant white girls unable to grasp the concept of ‘other religions’. We get Noora and her William problems that, let’s be honest, should have been long over by now.

Finally, a silver lining: Yousef doesn’t believe in Allah. Ok, we’re getting somewhere here. This grabs my attention and has me craving for the next update. How will they solve this? Sana’s not giving up her religion for a guy, I’m fairly certain Yousef’s not gonna convert just to be with her, Sana’s family won’t approve. What’s gonna happen next? I’m finally caught up (something the first clip hadn’t achieved.) And then, a reward for our patience: a beautifully shot, performed and even edited clip of Sana and Yousef together for an extended period of time, bonding, getting to know each other, and finally addressing the elephant in the room. We’re rewarded with a scene that seems to be that Isak-goes-to-Even’s-apartment scene, that Noora-and-William’s-first-date scene. A solid, robust, meaningful scene that moves the plot forward.

And then Noora again. Her and Sana have a talk about none other than William Magnusson, a talk that could have been placed in S3 discreetly, giving Noorhelm’s storyline the closure it deserved. By now, the Niko plot should have been figured out. I was curious back in S3 about what had happened to him, but by S4 I’ve forgotten all about it. This scene only adds to the piling amount of Noora screen time.

Then comes a clip and texts that promise that Friday’s clip is going to blow our shipper hearts away. Sana and Yousef are seeing each other again for the first time since The Scene. We’re expecting lovey dovey eyes and goofy smiles. 

But surprise! Everything crumbles down on Sana.

Noora acuses Sana, not giving her a moment to form a coherent answer. Yousef comes up to her and she has to break apart a fight. She has to see her brother (yes, that same brother who a clip ago was the most loving creature in the universe) with a face contorted in anger, and we never get a reason for the fight. Sana goes to clean the blood off her hands and overhears conversation that tears her (and the audience) apart.

They could have ended the episode there. What she overheard and the fight between the boys promised enough drama to keep us on edge until the end of the break. Instead, they recycle the cliffhanger from last season and have Noora kiss Yousef. And I hated it. Not only because Sana witnesses the guy she likes kissing one of her best friends, or because Iman’s expression broke my heart into a million pieces, but because it gives Noora a permanent spot in the next half of the season. Sana is bound to share the spotlight with her and it pisses me off. Instead of having Sana explore her religion and deal with islamophobia (which is so present in many scenes), we get a love triangle. And I hate to see powerful Sana, smart Sana, unapologetic Sana, beautiful Sana be reduced to that.

Sometimes I just have to pause, take a deep breath, and pinch myself in order to believe that Roslin and Adama exist. Like this is actual canon shit in which two fifty-something people are allowed to be beautiful, flawed, powerful, broken, decisive, confused, in control, drowning, honest, terrified, intensely sexual, 100% deeply and irrevocably in love, and there aren’t even any love triangles or bullshit misunderstandings thrown in to create fake drama.

This is a canonical thing that actually exists.

Is The White Princess Empowering? 

I love period dramas. Like most things in my life, I blame Xena for that. This past week I was able to watch a special screening of The White Princess through Refinery29. It was an interesting watch. I am not a fan of Phillippa Gregory’s interpretations of the women involved in the Wars of the Roses. However, I do often enjoy these types of shows because, despite it all, I know there are good acting and eye candy. The White Princess was no different and while I was watching it and listening to the Q&A after, I was thinking about how we tell the stories of women in history. Specifically as to how they choose to portray empowerment. This got kinda long, but I hope all my other history lady loving nerds will see where I’m coming from. I’m enjoying the show, but I just gotta call something out…

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But like imagine tommy and trini obnoxiously flirting with each other, and Kim not realizing she’s jealous so she’s very standoffish with tommy, causing some problems in battle, and then she’s like “oh shit, I’m gay for trini” and then some point later she goes up to trini and says “I have to do this before tommy does, I’m sorry” trini’s like “for what” and then BOOM THEY KISS AND FIREWORKS GO OFF IN THE BACKGROUND (courtesy of zack) and tommy’s just like “fucking finally, I was wondering when you’d realize”

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Several questions: a) when did mulder first fall for scully, b) when did he realise it, c) when did scully fall for mulder, d) when did she realise it, e) when did they first bang forreal

I will try and keep this shorter than novel length…

I think Scully had a crush on Mulder in the very beginning. She was used to always being the smartest person in the room and here comes this handsome, weirdo genius with all this passion. The intellectual battles fired her up. For arguably the first time, Scully’s brain was matched in competency and it was exciting. She left medicine for a career in excitement, no? But she also recognized that he was an obsessed workaholic with no time or thought toward anything even remotely romantic. So, she flirted some and was jealous some (Phoebe) and eventually compartmentalized the crush. Scully’s ability to pack up thoughts and feelings into boxes with neat little bows and shelf them throughout the series still amazes me.

Mulder had a different experience in the beginning. Scully was a spy, she was not to be trusted, but here was this woman who actually listened to what he was saying. No one ever just listened to him and gave his thoughts consideration before disagreeing or dismissing him as crazy. He didn’t want to like her, because she was the enemy, but he couldn’t help himself. She gave him respect when no one else bothered. So, he tried to guard himself with sarcasm, but still ended up spilling his guts about his sister on their first case. There was no crush going on for him like there was for Scully- for a long time Mulder just didn’t believe he was worth anything. And the people in his life, namely his parents, kept proving that to him. So, when they were reassigned at the end of season 1, Mulder took it as Scully leaving him, and good for her, she’ll have a better life.

At this point, Scully had shelved her little crush but cared about Mulder enough to pull him out of his funk, even though he straight up ignored her in the hallway when she tried to say hi. Little Green Men was really Mulder’s moment to realize that Scully actually gave a shit, and oh my god he had a friend, a partner, in this. His spy guard came completely down at this point and all those caring feelings he pushed back came to the front. 

Then they took Scully away. Mulder went bat shit crazy. The one person, the one thing in his life that didn’t treat him like crap was gone. He didn’t know how to function anymore. I know a lot of people think he was in love with her then, but I don’t see it that way. He wasn’t capable of being in love quite yet, still too damaged and self-loathing. It was more like he’d been holding his breath for years and then finally inhaled. And right at that moment, all the oxygen was sucked out of the room. He totally panicked. His life didn’t make any sense without her anymore. Thank the lord she was returned, because I do believe that if she hadn’t been, he would’ve spiraled out of control and gotten himself killed within a year. He was so affected by her being gone, he traded his sister for her later that year. Season 1 Mulder wouldn’t have.

When Scully came back, her investment in the X-Files went up 1000%. They wanted to get those bastards together. Lots more touching and love in season 3, very deep friendship going on. If they were normal people with normal lives, they’d have fallen for each other during this time. But, this is Mulder and Scully and their focus was not on their relationship, it was on justice and the truth. They both trusted that the other would be there until their work was done, so there was no reason to question anything at this point. It was an unspoken pact between them that they’d keep going and keep fighting until all the questions were answered.

Season 4 is when things get interesting. Good ol’ Ed in Philly reminded Mulder that Scully is a person outside of their partnership and that he was taking her for granted. Right after this, cancer brings the whammy. That understanding they had going on that they’d both be in it to win it endlessly is completely shattered by Scully’s mortality. The cancer arc is where Mulder tips the scales and falls in love. He’s aware of it in his own way, but she is dying and there’s no point in exploring it at this time. The way he looks at her and touches her COMPLETELY changes and evolves in season 4. I’ll never forget his face when he sees her on the couch with Eddie Van Blundht.

Scully has a ton of emotional garbage thrown on her through season 4 and 5. Emily really messed her up and thoughts of being in love with Mulder were far from her head. I mean, she did, but she put it in a box and shelved it without even realizing it. I think Scully fell in love first but she had absolutely no clue. When she wrapped up that crush from season 1 in a box, that was the last of her exploration into anything beyond friendship with Mulder for a very long time.

They both were in love with one another in FTF, Mulder knew it, Scully didn’t. This could’ve been their moment to bang it out and enter the bliss of being in love, but cue Fowley. I swear I have never hated anything as much as I hated that woman. When Scully sees her holding Mulder’s hand in The End, she is completely devastated. That scene is so damn powerful, her walking out to the car and calling him to go to the office. Seeing that affected her so much, she couldn’t even handle it. This pushed her to explore her feelings some, which is why she was in a place to kiss him in the hallway in FTF.

Season 6 was a legit rollercoaster for MSR. When Mulder told Scully he loved her in Triangle, he absolutely meant it 100%. He was ready to deal with it, but she wasn’t. She passed it off as a drugged up moment. But, they walked closer and closer to the line and were SO CLOSE by the time Rain King and Tithonus rolled around they could taste it (and so could we). Scully’s speech about friendship and love in the bathroom is how she feels about Mulder. Of course, CC is the devil. So re-enter Fowley. She wrecked everything all over again. Mulder and Scully really had to build their partnership back up after One Son. Scully was still pissed at him in Arcadia. Mulder was so excited to touch her and play married but she was having none of it.

For me, Milagro sealed the deal. Scully almost got her heart ripped out and clung to Mulder for dear life. We got jealous!Mulder and heard someone say out loud that Scully was in love. No time for putting it off any longer, the shift has occurred. You can see it in The Unnatural. The weight has been lifted, they both know they are in love with each other and the coupling will happen, it is inevitable at this point. Even Fowley can’t stop it this time. They even exchange vows in Armor Fati… 

And finally, after seven long years, they bang it out January 1, 2000.

Spirit banishing ritual

“My mom attracted some freaky ghosts” is the beginning of almost all of my spirits stories. Even this one.

Some weird stuff was happening in our apartment, and it got a little out of control because of my laziness. The thing is asking nicely works wonders 70% of the time. In 20% of the time, showing the teeth will seal the deal. Only 10% of the time requires actual work to be done. 

I asked nicely for way too long. When my mom finally came to me and said “Aren’t you going to do something about it?”, I had to perform the hole banishing because it was too late for threats. The main thing was the piece below.

The tools

A fire proof container – It can’t be a small one. I used my 5 L cauldron.

Rock salt

Black salt

1 reversing candle – If you can’t find one, you can paint the bottom half of a white candle with black paint.

A knife

9 tealight candles

3+ incenses

A stick of palo santo

A bell – I used my singing bowl.

Burning alcohol

Long matches – Mine were out, so I used a long barbecue stick.

Broom – You can use your besom, if you have one. I don’t.

The way

Fill your fire proof container with enough rock salt so it can hold 3 incenses sticks and 1 candle up. I chose the number 3 because it is my power number, feel free to use yours. Position your sticks in a triangle form (or whatever other form you can make with your chosen number of incenses) and leave the middle empty.

Put your container on the ground (I put it in our living room), and align the 9 tealights around it in a circle form. The number 9 here symbolizes closure.

Light up all the tealights and incenses. Do not sit, this ritual is meant to be done standing up.

Hold your reversed candle and your knife in your hands, and say loud and clear what you are doing and why you are doing it. I stated that I was banishing the spirits because they had crossed the line and pushed the boundaries I had previously set in our living space. I evoked the landlord power and said that as long as this is my land, my rules will prevail, and I will not tolerate to be disrespected.

Get your knife and sharpen the black side of the reversing candle – this is the side that you are going to lighten, not the regular one. Put the candle in the middle of your container and light it. State that when the flame reaches the white half of the candle, all of the said spirits will vanish from your house, and never come back.

Now, get the black salt. Go to every room of your place and put a handful of black salt on the ground, stating that this salt will absorb all negativity and bad energy of the room. Leave it there.

While the candle burns, it is time to ring your bell. Not in a Santa Claus way, keep the swing short. You will walk around your place swinging this bell until all the black part of the candle is gone. Ghosts hate bells, trust me.

This will take a while. Pay attention to the incenses – every time one is finished, replace it with a new one. I cheated it and made the candle burn faster with one of those kitchen lighters – and that’s fine. I actually think it gave an extra oomph to it, making it faster with my will. Showing who’s the boss, y’know?

When the black part is all gone, it is time to get all the black salt back – time to use your broom. Swipe it on to a piece of paper and pour it into the container. 

Now, really, REALLY carefully you will pour the alcohol into the container – that’s why it can’t be a small one, you have to be able to do this without risking a burning. Pour the alcohol directly on the salt, close to the edges of the container. A little goes a long way. Don’t forget: always keep a lot of water close to you when you are handling fire.

With your long match or stick, get the fire from the reversing candle to the rest of the container. Again, be careful. State that the fire will extinguish any remaining energy from those spirits. 

Throw the palo santo stick into the fire. Let it burn with it until the fire fades away – which should not take very long (a little alcohol goes a long way, I said). 

After that, cover the hole thing with water, mix it a little with your stick and let it sit overnight. The next day, strain it and throw the remainings away.

It is a long ritual (at least for me, a minimalist when it comes to this sort of magick), but effective af.

TV Show writers SOOO underestimate the power of a healthy, loving, understanding, just GOOD in general relationship that’s not all about the unnecessary drama that usually comes in the form of lies, cheating, random insane jealous ex’s we never heard about popping back up suddenly and, of course, love triangles (Good lord don’t even get me started on my hatred of the overuse of this one)

I mean, I get the need for drama and angst because without complications we wouldn’t exactly have a plot and that’s boring, but more often than not TV show’s overdo it, and the result of it is rarely ever, if at all, a good relationship. Instead, after all the aforementioned problems arise and are never really discussed maturely but instead pushed aside, the result is a toxic, superficial, sometimes outright abusive, and bad relationship that I just cannot ship anymore.

My favorite example would be Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson from Glee, a perfectly good relationship ruined by the shows need to create unnecessary angst. I stopped shipping Klaine, who used to be an OTP for me, during season 4 because I just couldn’t anymore with them.

A great parallel to them would be Shadowhunters’ portrayal of Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. While far from perfect, this ship gains so much attention because it is well written and displays beautiful relationship growth and a healthy, loving, supportive couple.

A day will come in the future when everything you care about will change. Until then, I’ll be watching you!

Bill Cipher is an interesting little triangle. He is something more than human, and he clearly considers human priorities to be beneath him, and he’s either the harbinger of the coming apocalypse or its direct source. Yet at the same time he’s jolly and pun-loving, and (in his own twisted sense) fun-loving. He harbors no malice toward humanity as a whole, and backs down from his rage when he notices that the kids are starting to impress him. Sure, he’s got a personal issue with a particular person, and he probably doesn’t mind squashing people like bugs if they prove to be a nuisance, but it’s not something he’s particularly eager to do either. That’s an interesting take on the cartoon villain, given that most of them seem to be pointlessly malevolent or hostile to anything that breathes.

Bill clearly knows more than he’s saying at present, and it’s possible that his entire friendly persona is an act, but we did learn a few things for certain. First off, his primary abilities involve mind-hacking, which makes my theory that Mabel was influenced by the latent power of his image seem more plausible. Second, the rest of his power set is frankly absurd. He’s a flying, teleporting illusionist with no corporeal form. It’s not yet clear if he’s actually capable of telekinesis or if he just can make people think he is. He also knows Lots Of Things, apparently with the ability to see the future. That’s stupidly overpowered. Third, he presently needs the cooperation of a human, possibly only one with occult connections, and he was desperate for Gideon’s assistance. Meaning he either considers his present form pathetically weak, or he thinks he can gain much more power in short order. Which is terrifying. Fourth, and fortunately, he can be distracted and taken by surprise, which at present seems to be his only real weakness.

Bill Cipher and Stanford Pines are, at present, joined at the hip. It’s impossible to truly talk about one without bringing up the other. So let’s talk Stanford.

We know for certain that he was a previous owner of the building that is now the Shack, and possibly the original owner. There was an experiment number label on the bodyswap carpet, and Stan had no clue how to operate the doomsday device without the journals, which Stanford wrote, so obviously that part of the house is Stanford’s doing. I’m getting a strong mad scientist vibe here. There are all sorts of other gizmos in that basement too, and I suspect most of them aren’t part of the Thing.

Stanford discovered the basic facts of Bill Cipher and how to summon him in time for it to be in journal 2. Importantly, though, he didn’t know Cipher’s name, implying that they hadn’t yet met face to face. Very close to the final filled-in pages of journal 3, Stanford has a new entry on Cipher, featuring his name, information about his magical abilities, strong warnings never to summon him at any cost, and a lot of blood. Stanford summoned Bill, clearly. He also found some way to banish him again, apparently at great personal cost. He hid the journal on his own property, very close to his house, and promptly vanished on July 4th 1982. Presumably Stanley wasn’t known by the citizens of Gravity Falls at the time, so he was able to slip into Stanford’s old role without suspicion. For what reason, I’m not sure. I still don’t know how responsible Stanley was for what happened; he’s almost certainly a Cipher collaborator in some fashion but he also genuinely loves his family and had a look of real sadness when he was pondering Stanford’s glasses. 

Stanford does not trust Bill. Stanley does. If Stanford ever appears in season 2, I’m going to put a lot more faith in the things he says than I do for his brother.

As for the course of season 2, I know that Shit Hits The Fan and that Bill is responsible in some way, presumably after he gets whatever collaboration he needs to unlock Super Saiyan Triangle mode. I’m about 75% certain that there’s a cult of Bill out there, and that Stan is currently the leader. I know that Bill’s likeness holds power even when he’s not around. I know he immediately recognizes people by what I will continue to call their zodiac signs, even when they’re not actually wearing those signs on their bodies. I still have no solid guess what that zodiac actually means, only that Bill seems to think it’s useful to keep Mabel, Soos, and Dipper alive for the time being when he could easily have killed them (I presume). Bill doesn’t appear to be cruel, but he’s also not sentimental and he doesn’t seem to feel pity so I can’t help but feel that “useful” is not a word I would want him using to describe me. 

Bill is out of the bag at this point. He’s loose in Gravity Falls and he’s watching. If the previous supernatural shenanigans were caused by a latent aura of his, then I would expect a dramatic escalation in the next season, even in episodes where he doesn’t appear.

I’m very interested to see where this goes.

some of my favourite things abt akagami no shirayukihime are that:

-a ton of the cast is like. explicitly and canonly bi

-the manga art is simple but so good? like, it’s really clean and nice and it gives off a good feeling idk how to explain but i hope that makes sense

-there could easily be love triangle drama with the main 3 that bogs both the story and characters down, but it doesn’t go that way at all and it’s so refreshing

-shirayuki herself!!! is such an amazing shoujo heroine, the base of the story is her having her own power and skills not only to be equal to zen (the man she loves), but to help others and prove she has a right to be with the people who are now basically her found family

-and also, as the love interest, zen is truly a shining prince? so often they’re built up as controlling or inconsiderate and they mistreat the protag without apology. but aside from being genuinely kind and Good, he’s a huge nerd, sometimes mischievous, tho still someone who cares a great extent about the people he’s responsible for (both the kingdom and his friends and those in need)

-generally almost every character is lovable and complex but in an easygoing way, like, their development isn’t always super obvious, it’s just Real

-overall, it just has a great plot of semi-realistic historical fantasy that doesn’t get boring or annoying? i may be misremembering some parts, but even the cliche tropes are never handled in a trite way

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What are your thoughts on the markings under the Alteans eyes? I mean, the normal Alteans just had triangles, while Haggar almost had scars to her cheek, I think. What could they mean in Altean culture?

Ooo this is a really cool ask.

Hm I personally think the markings are related to the magical powers each Altean has. This would fit with how Allura’s magic is the same pink color as her markings.

I feel that Haggar’s markings have taken on a scar-like form due to either the overuse and/or the corruption of her magic

or she just did it to herself to look cool

I think its also interesting to point out that Alfor’s markings are the same blue color as the blue lights of Voltron

so maybe Alfor imbued Voltron with some of his magic…idk

What if Lotor is not the “big bad” of VLD after all? What if that honour goes to someone else? I know I sound like I’m off my rocker, but here me out!

A lot of long running shonen anime tends to be written in story arcs where each arc has it’s own villain, before switching it up in the next season.

For example, in YGO DM there were a  lot of story arc villains such as Pegasus, Marik, Dartz, etc. The final boss of the series was none of those characters, it was…

Bakura was hinted at throughout the series, showing up to cause trouble. It wasn’t until the last arc he stepped out of the shadows to raise some hell. His past is tied to Yami’s since he is the spirit of the Millennium Ring and his village was burnt down by Akenadin, or Yami’s uncle. It makes sense for him to be the final boss since he is very closely tied to the hero and posses a Earth shattering threat due to him wanting to summon Zorc.  

The other YGO series were the same way. The final boss of GX was Trueman. For Zexal it was Don Thousand.   For Arc V, the latest YGO series, it was Zarc (not to be confused with Zarkon!). I’m not sure about 5Ds, though.

A lot of other shonen animes are the same way. Granted, I never got into One Piece, Bleach or Naruto, but I heard from others they tend to have “arc villains” too, which makes sense since a lot of these ran on for years and years, so they would have change things up to engage the audience.

What if VLD is the same way and is more story arc like? After all, it was based on an anime, Beast King Go Lion, and the series is very serialised so far, aiming at a larger goal then a ton of one off episodes. The more I think about it, the first two seasons seem like a season long story arc with it focusing on taking down one main villain. Sure, there were side villains the team fought off, but the main villain they battled was Zarkon.  

A lot of people who are working on Voltron were heavily involved with the Korra series, which tended to switch villains out each story arc too. So it could be possible that they are planning to do the same for VLD.

Not only that, during an interview, the showrunners seemed to allude at other threats at play and that there could be twists about who the main threat is, making it very possible it might not be Lotor…

Lotor seems more of a Marik type threat (since I think he is the person in the Weblum and Lotor almost redeemed in DOTU to turn back into a villain much like Zuko) than someone like say Yami Bakura. Someone who has some connection to the hero, but still holds a chance to change his ways and yet is a very threatening villain in his own right. With that said, he is still not powerful enough to be considered a final boss of the series.

Plus, if Lotor possibly redeems himself (which I have a hunch he might) or is more morally grey villain and his father’s well…out for the count, then the series would end on a whimper instead of a bang. I really can’t see the VLD writers ever doing something like that. The writers on the series are super talented and would no doubt make a very good climax for the series.

You guys maybe thinking, “Wait. If you don’t think Lotor is the Final Boss of VLD, then who the hell do you think is?”


This is Emperor Throk. He is the main villain of the whole old school franchise…outside of maybe Lotor in a lot of the western adaptions. He is more blood thirsty and darker than Zarkon ever was. He assisted the emperor and pretended to be loyal to him, being a rather big kiss ass, but did it so he could put his ass on the throne instead. During the series, he murders the emperor, taking command of the army.

If I had to compare him to an Avatar villain, to quote @darkspellmaster from a meta they made, he’d be Amon from Korra. Someone with a very powerful presence and is very cut throat.  (I think he might be more like Vector from YGO Zexal this time around, but that’s not the point).

The thing is he already showed up in VLD a few times and is right on the season 2 poster…

Even Throk’s design is extremely fishy. He sticks out in shots paired off against the other Galra.  Everything in animation, unlike live action, is planned out and put there for a reason. Usually characters that have stand out outfits or looks from the other grunts tend to have a bigger part to play in the series, whether it be later on or then and there. This is probably why Sendak,  Ulaz and Thace were distinguished by their physical looks. It’s also probably why the Weblum Galra wears custom made armour with a symbol that no other Galra in the whole series has on their chest. Throk having that red uniform and being more willowy then the other commanders not only makes him stand out, but indicates to the audience this a person to watch out for in the near future. There is even a scene where Throk is front and centre when Zarkon talks with him. Even though he has no lines, he sticks out from the crowd. (Not suspicious at all)

The show staff foreshadowed things long in advance before like with the Glara Keith thing, so them hinting at future villain now isn’t that much of a stretch.

It might be just me, but Throk had a wicked and malicious gleam in his eyes on the season 2 poster, which gave me the creeps, like he would sweet talk you one minute and stab you in the back the next. The last character in an anime I saw to have that same look in his eye was Vector from Zexal, who was a very powerful villain.

With the show staff naming a character after a major villain of the whole franchise, it really makes me wonder. It’s like if there was a character in Alex Hirsch’s new cartoon or in the new Ducktales reboot named Bill Cipher; I just would stare at the character the whole time, half expecting them to turn into a triangle at any second. It’s the same thing here, especially with the show staff naming a character after a main villain of a series.

To add on to this even more, only Galra commanders with large roles to play are given names whereas one shot villains tend to lack that; granted, there are some exceptions, but for the most part only stand out characters get a name.

Another possibility?

Emperor Zeppo is another dark emperor of the old school franchise. He was more powerful than Zarkon was. He was a master manipulator and worked with Throk. He’s a very subtitle character, who doesn’t like making his presence immediately known to you. He can hide his plans by pretending to be foolish. But he can be just as cut throat as Zarkon. He even destroyed his own planet just so it couldn’t be in enemy hands.

Granted, he never had a modern counterpart show up in the series yet. But if the crew does plan to have another worse villain after Lotor become emperor, he is a huge possibility, especially with Zeppo’s ability to be undetected in the background.

Again, this is just a theory. I could see either one of these being the final boss in VLD.

stuff you probably didnt notice about the ninjago movie / trailer

i came to all of these conclusions by watching the trailer at .25 speed and taking screenshots, and by going to the official movie website! ^^ 

 ⁃lloyd is probably the only one with a dragon 

 ⁃jay has like a flying bird lookin mech 

 ⁃kai’s looks like a transformer 

 ⁃nya’s is a spider. id compare it to borg’s prosthetic 

 ⁃coles? just has a big tire 

 ⁃zane’s is the illuminati (a triangle car

 ⁃and lloyd has a dragon (might be a mechanical dragon?

 ⁃lloyd’s hair is a lot lighter and his eyebrows are brown and his eyes are green

⁃kai’s mech looks super complex and says “do not get close” on the sides

 ⁃kai can use fire in his mech but it looks like it comes from gas tanks on the back not from any elemental powers 

 ⁃which leads me to believe they will all use the elements they have from the show, but it will be from other sources and not like special powers 

 ⁃i think the ship we see in the trailer is the bounty so! the bounty makes an appearance 

 ⁃sensei wu’s beard has scratches on it?

 ⁃the ninja’s outfits all follow the same design except nya’s and zane’s 

 ⁃nya’s seems to look more like a samurai outfit (which could allude to her not being aligned with water?

 ⁃cole’s eyebrows are even bigger 

 ⁃cole has a “bass” button in his mech? he probably drops the bass at some point 

 ⁃shark people 

 ⁃like seriously so many evil guys with fish heads? i guess they replaced the snakes with sharks? 

 ⁃the buildings and stuff are like what you would see season 3 (ninjago: rebooted) and beyond 

 ⁃in one screenshot i noticed the police department so its possible they play some role just like in the show 

 ⁃lloyd can do a lot more and is much cooler 

 ⁃garmadon is tol and still has four arms 

 ⁃the shark people villains have some kind of thing around their neck? its possible they are normal ppl being forced to be evil? UPDATE: its a battery thank u person who pointed this out! 

 ⁃the shark people are wearing diving suits (again thank u for pointing this out)

 ⁃im guessing all of the ninja are high school age due to the fact that lloyd has school books which are “kung fu vol 23” and “mechanics 101” of course they could just be books he has 

 ⁃this also leads me to believe that the story arc of lloyd being a child never happens and they are all around the same age 

 ⁃lloyd sleeps in late. we know this because garmadon calls him at 7:20 am and he is still sound asleep 

 ⁃judging by the background of the title screen most of the lore remains the same. i think this because we see ninjago and it looks just like it does in the show, a really big island with a ton of water around it. so they are probably keeping the whole “first spinjitzu master created this place blah blah” 

 ⁃the ninja dont just keep their mechs in that big warehouse on the dock, they hangout there too 

 ⁃inside of the warehouse there is a bike, a street sign, a stop sign, some tool boxes, a videogame, a pinball machine, a table and chairs, and a jukebox 

⁃zane’s triangle car has a big gun on the front that looks blue and stuff, it probably shoots ice 

 ⁃kai’s mech and big mech chair have “21” written on them 

 ⁃cole has a motorcycle 

 ⁃cole also uses a warhammer now 

 ⁃and zane uses a bow 

 ⁃we all noticed jay has curly hair and freckles but im putting it here anyway 

⁃the movie is coming out in 3D 

 ⁃the ninjago universe is also related or in line with the same deal as the lego movie universe 

 ⁃lloyd is a master builder (lego movie

 ⁃they still have spinjitzu its probably gonna be very different from the show’s though 

 the end!!! if u have any questions or want me to explain how i came to any of these conclusions just ask! also pls remember this is all just speculation i dont know any more than anyone else

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Okay but...Nehemia instead of Aelin and the cadre

Stop because I would give my life for this to be true.

This is super long so let me put the divider. 

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BTS as actual things my favorite student has said/done

J-Hope: *after telling them the power won’t go out despite the storm raging outside* *power goes out* “THIS IS WHY I HAVE TRUST ISSUES, MS. P” *screams loudly* 

Jimin: “Why not talk about puberty?! I AM DEEP IN THE THROWS OF IT AND I AM A GROWING BOY”

Jungkook: *gets assigned a girl partner* *cringes* “COOTIES!!!!!* 

Yoongi: “so far all I’ve done with my life is sit down and be sad about it” 

Taehyung: *draws a triangle on a whiteboard* “ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED”

Jin: *after a girl leaves the group to use the restroom* “Good, she’s gone now let’s all talk about her” 

Namjoon: *after knocking a chair over* “I didn’t mean to knock it down, these baby’s have a mind of their own!” *proceeds to flail arms* 

(I mean it these are all legitimate things he’s said, I love him and he cracks me up on the daily so I tend to remember what he does haha)



So…unfortunately the quality of this video is very 2004 (was this shot on a flip phone? lmao) but if you put it fullscreen and look closely, you will see during Pride there is a short blob of a person with a bad case of the bounces in the front row toward the center of the tree stage…

Pictured above: Blocky motion blur of me rocking the fuck out with both arms up.  Screenshot taken at 1:11/11:11 because SYNCHRONICITY YOU GOTTA BELIEVE

just look for the thing in the video that seems to be moving the most, and there you’ll find me ;)

SO once you have located the appropriate jumping blur, please watch starting from around 1:28 as Edge walks right up to me playing the solo to Pride…as you can imagine I was ENRAPTURED, I’m jumping and fist-pumping in front of Edge so hard I don’t even notice around 1:35 when Bono turns around and starts watching me…


Pictured above: Bono giving me a power boost as Edge rocks the solo to Pride (In The Name of Love), deciding out of a stadium full of people I was the one who should see him in his full glory during the definitive peak of the song.  The most important figures in this exchange have been labeled for your convenience.  For bonus points, try drawing a perfect triangle around the three labeled figures and bask in the true meaning of sacred geometry!!!!!

...and then for some reason right after that, I suddenly felt compelled to time my fist-pumps directly with the music at the ..!! points of the beat (you know what I mean.  If you watch it XD)

and though I was too busy making eyes at Edge to even see him at the time, I swear now I can see the little smirk on Bono’s face in the seconds following…

this might be the single most awesome moment of my life.  when u are so busy rocking out with Edge you don’t even notice BONO LOOKING AT YOU…god bless the person who captured this blessed video on their Virgin Mobile flip phone or whatever the fuck XD gahhhhh I’m glowing that was fuckin beautiful right there.  I remember how amazing it felt in the moment but KNOWING BONO WAS WATCHING ME AND POSSIBLY CONTROLLING ME SOMEHOW WITH HIS HANDS OF LOVE MAKES IT INFINITELY BETTER OMG

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Can you please do a headcanon of Chiaki and Toma fighting over mc. Kind of a love triangle. NSFW if you like. Also I love your blog.;)

Can you imagine these two super powerful men just going at each other bc they’re trying to fight for you as their concierge? If this was the case, i’d be completely okay with it, but that’s just me. :’)

  • Lots of yelling
  • These two brothers have been shown to yell often but it’d probably be a yelling contest in the end
  • Chiaki is just loud but Toma’s voice booms and just takes over the room so I guess we know who wins here LMAO
  • Can you just imagine the vein popping out of Chiaki’s forehead LOL
  • “No, she’s mine because I need someone to do stuff for me.” - Chiaki, probably
  • Then just retorts, “This is my hotel, she’s already working here. I can make her my concierge if I want to.” Okay, so Toma has very valid points and probably just wins every argument, and just eventually gets you as his concierge
  • but
  • it doesn’t stop Chiaki from trying to woo you over and to change your mind LOL
  • He knows when you’re going to and from the suite and the times that you’re usually done doing your work so he just
  • stops you when you’re doing errands for Toma and pins you up against the wall
  • Narrows his eyes at you with that stupid cheeky smirk of his and asks,
  • “How is it possible that you are resisting me? How are you doing all that work for that stiffy, but you don’t want to work for me? You’re so interesting in a way that’s annoying, and I can’t put my finger on it.”
  • And before you can even reply he just shuts you up with a really forceful kiss lmao and you find yourself enjoying it bc he’s a great fucking kisser
  • Until you feel him literally pried away from you and you just see a very upset Toma behind him and his blue eyes are cold as ice and it’s actually really frightening
  • “Are you actually harassing this woman? I thought you had more respect than that.”
  • Chiaki’s just not used to women saying no to him, or at least resisting him the way that you have so it makes him  lust after you 
  • Toma escorts you away quickly and is quick to check if you’re okay before asking you what else Chiaki said to you
  • And when you tell him that his brother expressed interest in you Toma’s eyes just go narrow and just
  • “No.”
  • And you’re just confused by what he means…???
  • “You’re mine, so no. He can’t have you. My concierge, mine.
  • the possessiveness is really?? confusing to you but the way that he pulls you into his lap on his bed clearly shows that he had something else in mind