for i am thinking of him

I was thinking Demonic Possession and Cullen is inside dying a little at the things possessed him is saying to Dorian-

“Did you really think I could love a Vint’ ‘Your own father tried to change you’ etc and Dorian is there rolling his eyes because please, is that really the best you can do? Am I supposed to be bothered - I know Cullen better than this.

And just to be a shit he pretends to be really hurt by one of the things and the Demon smirks and then Dorians just like ‘Wait…is that…no - try again’

And annoys the Demon all the while going through hte library of spells in his head to sort it and after Cullen is a blubbering mess and Dorians like ‘Cullen pleeease stop, if i make fun of your coat for a while can we call it even?’

louis’s jho performances keep getting better and better but nothing will ever kill me as much as the first one, when that boy got up on stage, still raw with emotion and poured his heart and soul into that performance. he got up there, he truly looked like he would rather be anywhere else. my baby looked like a kid up there, like he wanted to crawl under the covers and just ignore the world. but he didn’t. he did it. and every time i think about the strength, and courage it took to get up on stage it just blows me away!! he blows me away. i am so proud of him and who he is. and not even 24hrs ago he got up on stage to a crowd 160k and rocked it and he hasn’t given up and im ??? i don’t make it a habit of calling people strong because it’s not all that flattering when u feel everything but, but im just so amazed by him and i love him so much. all the stars in the sky are are his he deserves them

Tom: He? Matt is straight? Right?

Matt: Yeah, I- I am. I don’t know why they’re- why the would say that…

Tom: I mean like if you aren’t that fine and you can tell me cause obviously- 

Matt: Yeah, I know. But I’m not- we should just move on. 

Tom: Sure

By now, I’m sure it’s no secret to you guys that Edd is my all time favorite cartoon character….

That being said, I find it humorous and kind of ironic that I’m constantly mouthing “shut the fuck up Double D” whenever he speaks. 😂


He’s just such a pretentious little shit lmfaoooo

Taehyung As Your Boyfriend

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Oh boy here’s my smol child pray for me a little~

Meeting Him:

  • Ok I see it going two ways to be honest
  • Either he’s blank Tae and you think he may slightly hate you but then you see him with his friends so you think he needs to warm up to you. 
  • OR
  • He is super nice and sweet and he pays attention to every word you say so you can’t HELP but think ‘wow I’m falling for him’
  • He texts you the most random stuff and you can’t help but question his sanity
  • Perfect for super duper duper deep conversations at like 3 AM
  • SUCH a good listener like I look up to him for how much eye contact he shares
  • Also good for when you need to hype up and you both jam to music weallknowwhatheslikeduringcypher
  • But will sing to you. Anytime anyday #blessed
  • Sarcastic af
  • You never know when you two go to far
  • He’ll fake being sad and pout all the time when you are sassy
  • He’s like a big brother tbh. I can see the big brother vibesss
  • But also a giant child

Asking You Out:

  • Ya’ll are just chilling outside one day and he just looks at you deeply and he just flat out says it. Maybe you notice his sweaty palms holding yours and his wide eyes and nervous lip bite holycow but you know you already say yes
  • Or you ask him out. Tbh you probably are both really clingy so you just flat out say you like him. 
  • PDA
  • Literally he looks at you like you’re his world
  • Talks about getting a pet to share
  • “Do you think that cars ever want to rest and for us to take them somewhere”
  • “What the heck Tae it’s 3 AM”
  • He will definitely send you a derp picture every day on tour
  • Late night video chats too
  • OK BUT I can see a flour fight when you two try and bake something cus you’re both children 
  • Him snuggled as close to you as possible
  • Cupple’s outfits YAS

First Kiss And Such:

  • Ok but-
  • I don’t see Taehyung as kissing you a lot in the first place
  • BUT BUT BUT the first one is probably just an innocent peck before he pulls away grinning like a kid
  • Eskimo Kisses for those who don’t know that’s rubbing your noses together it’s ok I didn’t know that at first
  • Hand kisses to because why not
  • Probably kisses you dramatically you know like he does with the camera sometimes
  • Tbh I don’t see a lot of making out and stuff with him unless you’re super far in your relationship
  • Dates though
  • Very very spontaneous
  • Like “hey it’s winter and 1 AM but I can’t sleep let’s get ice cream”
  • In the freezing cold
  • Playground dates on swings hooooomyGOD
  • Will always remember your anniversary and you will be treated RIGHT sister
  • I can see him buying some expensive stuff for his girlfriend lets be real
  • Also carnival dates
  • Cloud watching
  • He cups your cheeks alot
  • Fort building is a daily I would love to make a fort with him omg
  • Spontaneous races to see who can do something faster
  • Just a really open relationship 
  • I see him shutting down and being quiet if ya’ll fight
  • But if he yells oh boy you both will regret that
  • Will need some time to himself when angry or stressed
  • Gets quiet when jealous or sUPER CLINGY LIKE WOW
  • “Y/N let’s go to the store” he says as he pouts tugging on your sleeve to get you away from the guy who is flirting
  • But when you guys go to the store you both will buy every junk food there especially if it has cute packaging
  • Did I go in depth on this one? No? Well anyWAY he’s such a soft cutie pls love him

A/N THANK you~ for reading this I put a link to my Jimin one up top but if it doesn’t work let ya girl know ya know. I’m no expert on writing but pssshhh and this is my POV so please give feedback if you have time

Why am I ALWAYS wrong???

I mentioned to my mom about signing the boy up for the Big Brother program, I think it would be good for him having another male role model. He gets super attached to any guy I bring around, even if the boy doesn’t know we are dating. Like Manny, he thought we were only friends. So she tells me today that if I sign him up it’s basically telling my dad he’s not a good enough role model and I’d rather have a stranger around instead of him and it will hurt his feelings. No matter how I’d respond to that I’m fucked. Yes my dad is around and a role model to look up to, but d-bag isn’t around and the boy can’t have enough men to look up to. Not to sound like a bitch, but it’s not about my dad, it’s about what I think is best for my son.

Love potion
  • Hermione: Apparently Malfoy's trying to smuggle you a love potion.
  • Harry: *intrigued* Really?
  • Hermione: *snaps her fingers in front of his face* Hey! He's only interested in you because he thinks you’re gay.
  • Harry: But I am gay.
  • Hermione: *about to smack Harry* Wait, you are?
  • Harry: Wtf, Hermione. It's so bloody obvious!
  • Dean: It really is.
  • Seamus: Definitely.
  • Neville: Known it the whole time.
  • Ron: Really? I didn't.
  • Ginny: Come on, Ron!
  • Slughorn: Called it! Minerva, you owe me five galleons!
  • McGonagall: What? I was the one who told you Potter was gay!
  • Dumbledore: And I was the one who told you, Draco has the hots for him! To be fair, Severus was the one who discovered it.
  • Snape: Why, in Salazar's name, had I to be the one to walk in on Draco, trying to bewitch that disturbing voodoo doll of Potter?!

So I came across this post from @queenofthecrackpit and decided to run with it. Hope you don’t mind me whipping up a short little thing for it, and I hope you enjoy ^-^

Soukoku | SFW | Mafia-era Dazai | Pure fluffy prosey bullshit because that’s all I know how to write. 

There’s things about Chuuya that leave Dazai speechless, in the way he’ll just hang back, watch him, smile to himself and think, How does a person like that feel anything for someone like me. 

It’ll happen after missions where they’re both going to come home dripping in more than sweat, but his boy still has a golden swagger because there’s no enemy of the Mafia’s that can contend with the power behind Chuuya’s skill - ability is one thing, but Chuuya knows what to do with it. That’s the important part; Chuuya can have his cake, eat it, and Dazai will think fondly back on the hours past and how nothing and no one and not a damn thing else could possibly get in Chuuya’s way and he can’t help but grin because only a force of nature could have made a man like that. 

But then, sometimes, the moment is softer, and it’s a wonder to himself how he hasn’t just forfeited his loyalty to the Mafia just to give it all up for Chuuya. 

It’ll happen after those missions, and after the blood, and once the wine’s all gone and Chuuya’s face is flushed pink in celebration. Chuuya will tell him how he carried the team but he supposes that he’s glad for the help, which easily translates into a thank-you the both of them know is there - 

But then Chuuya will tuck himself into Dazai’s open side, and any snark Dazai would have thrown at him fades into one of those smiles, because how is the same man who was hours ago raining decimation onto their enemies the same man that’s warming him at his side, murmuring about waking him up in time the next morning so they can give their mission reports? The same man who will slowly, deliberately, turn after a few moments of his back pressed against Dazai’s side so it’s his front flush to his as his head rests on his chest? 

Dazai only lets himself think about it long enough to just watch him, snuggled to his side like an over grown cat, before that smile on his face his pressed to Chuuya’s forehead and sleep takes him, too.  

Omg so the other day, I went to telegraph to go record shopping. My friend and I shopping for some stuff and I notice this cute cashier and we kept glancing at each other. Anyway I went to go buy my stuff and I asked for a sticker but my high ass was too shy to rlly say anything more so I just left. But I went again yesterday hoping to see him again and thank gOd he was there. I think I had to walk in that store like 3 times before I finally had the braves to get his number. But I did and he’s an artist too!! And he grows hella beautiful marijuana plants!! He texted me saying he was hoping to catch me on his lunch break sooo I guess I’m going back there today to go hang out and smoke and draw this rlly cute cool guy AHHH what am i gonna do

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A little while ago, I sent in an ask about being unsure of how to come out to my boyfriend that I assumed would be pretty accepting. I told him yesterday (just blurted out "I'm trans") and it couldn't have gone better. He told me that he knew (in a "nicer" way than that) and that he loves me just the same then asked me about pronouns and stuff before saying that he was pretty gay. Later on, I got a text saying that he loves his boyfriend so much. Thank you for helping me get the confidence.

Oh my god. You literally don’t even know how happy I am for you. I’m almost in tears.
I’ve been thinking about you and hoping it went ok, so thank you for the update. Tell your partner he is wonderful. I hope you two have a bright and loving future <3


As pissed off as I am right now…I gotta give credit where credit is due, so I’m just gonna set that BS ending aside for the moment.

This is just my opinion of course, but Yuya Sakaki is probably the most likable of all the spinoff protagonists.  I could sympathize with him during his moments of joy and pain.  I genuinely cared about him and wanted him to be happy…just like yugoandserenagahaadkfjsalkdjfa  

*clears throat*

Anyway, I do want to give kudos to the writers for creating such a fun and likable lead for us to follow.

Yuya Sakaki…in the end you earned the right to wear your jacket like a cape.

Yesterday was hard

Papa was more of a father to me than my father ever has been. Yesterday he was laid to rest.

It’s sometimes strange to others how my ex’s family accepts me as their family still. I think that’s how it should be and I understand it’s not the norm and I am very grateful for all of their acceptance if me.

I feel honored that I was asked to speak at his funeral, even though public speaking is equivalent to alien abduction for me…the scary kind of alien abduction. I was also just informed the night prior to the services that it was requested that I speak.

I wish I had been able to honor him just a little better through my words. He is such an important person in my life. We had a great relationship….a special connection. He was someone I could talk about anything to and also wanted to hear hours advice on things.

The services were short, and catered to those mourning. I know this is very traditional. I know I have a different view I death and definitely have strong feelings about life celebrations vs traditional services.

There are many ways this service was not Papa and I felt that we were not honoring him by not celebrating his life more and we were not doing things related to how he would have wanted things done. But I also know these services were also for what Mimi, his wife needed for her healing too. I know he loved her and would have no problem with it all knowing that’s what she was needed. So over all it was one last tribute to his love.

There is still a part of me that wants to have a Papa remembrance day to celebrate his life and all the things that he loved. To share memories while enjoying the things he loved. This is something I will look into seeing if I can figure out how to coordinate.

The trip was good out there and back. Middle child and I had a lot of one on one time and a lot of good conversation. I was also able to see some friends and (ex)family I haven’t seen in awhile, which was good.

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I wasn't really a BTS Stan until last summer. I knew of them and had listened to some songs but I refused to get into another Fandom but Ofc my friend had to go show me Save me. So I started looking through their old vids and rewatched Boy in Luv after years and Damn my eyes were glued to Jin. I remembered how when I watched it for the first time he was the only member I bothered to look up. A few nights later I caught myself thinking how Kim Seokjin is the perfect husband among my bias list...

i mean… am i surprised you’ve only ever had eyes for him?

nope, not really

tell me about the moment you fell for your bias

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I agree with you but I understand the anon, it's gonna be hard to be reminded he's out there, loving, feeling and discovering emotions in a romantic and it's not with neither of us, specially if you're really obsessed/in love, like picturing scenarios 24/7 with him and not just a regular fan.

I can guarantee you that person is me - the one who things about him all day, every day. The one who daydreams of being with him, the one who’s in love with him enough to be upset when I hear him singing about other girls, I can 100% guarantee you I am that person. 

But, by loving him so much, I have to think about and respect what he wants and I’m not pretending to know what he wants, but I’m pretty sure he’d want us to listen to his music without caring for his love life. I’m honest when I say that being with him/in his life is one of the things I most wanted in my entire life. There is nothing regular about my love for him.  Still, I know he’d want me to look at his art instead of what’s behind it - because he’s offering us (the ones who are think about him 24/7 and the regular fans) his music, not his love life. 

I’d also like to point out that I’m not taking digs at anyone. I’m just saying how I feel. When you love someone, you have to respect and honor their choices and that’s what I’m doing here.


Okay, so finally I got to my computer so I can really write down what I think about the current situation. 

Well, I am really upset. And pissed. Not at the new ghouls but at Papa/Special Ghoul/Tobias Forge (I don’t care about hiding their names anymore, everybody know who is Papa, so fuck that). YES, I DON’T KNOW what exactly happened in Ghost but just the fact he claims all work in Ghost is just HIS is fucking shit! Like… he may be the brain, he may be the certain person there but withou the rest he wouldn’t reach anything he has now. Idk… I still like him but also think about taking down his pictures of my bedroom wall, because… this is not the Tobias I fell in love with. I fell in love with adorable and extremely talented Swede, not with guy who probably fired all his friends who were with him for many years from band and now claims that all work is his. NO!

The video Martin released and everything about Priest is obvious proof that their departure was really… well… shit. Martin looked so fucking sad and Priest… Priest. 

And also the new ghouls. They seem to be fucking cool. It’s not fair from me that I won’t probably give them a chance. Because I can’t fucking look at their live performance because to me it seems just like some Revival or something. 

The ghouls were supposed to be nameless but you don’t need a name to have fucking fantastic stage persona. The old Ghouls were giving me the feel that it’s bunch of old friends living their dream. Now it’s Papa and bunch of cute little ghouls, but something is missing. Something important.

Okay, so what now? I’ve been thinking for a while and I am thinking about unfollowing Ghost everywhere because I don’t want to fall in love with new Ghouls because I am afraid they will be kicked out of the band again and also I feel like cheating on the old ones… I will still be interested in their music, because it’s something unique and really good shit but… 

Now I am glad that Martin left already in July 2016. I remember searching for things which would tell me he is coming back, I was like “Oh, he’s just working with TID, don’t worry” and now all the Ghouls I love are gone. 

I will still support Martin Persner, Simon Söderberg, Henke Palm, Martin Hjerdstedt and Mauro Rubino everywhere they go. These guys have changed my life and made it million times better. Thank you, babies. 

P.S.: I hope Priest and Magna Carta Cartel (or TID) are goin to do some life performances because I’d really like to invest my money to ticket to see them. Come closer to me.

P.P.S.: Sorry for mistakes, I am Czech and too lazy to read it after myself. 

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Blue diamond. My friend just fell in love with you. I try to prove him to let go but he does not give up. What should I do to convince you that you are not merciful only cruel? Its a Human.

Cruel? Is that what you think of me? I am not cruel- I am merciful. But if your friend “loved” me as he claims, he would know to let me go. I am not interested in him or any other human. He’ll do well not to pursue.

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Real talk i dont consider myself a huge lorde fan (tho i do love her stuff and think she's genius) but i am a gigantic Bowie fan and I've always thought of him as "the King of Weird" but when i first saw the Green Light video my first thought was "the king is dead, long live the queen"

this is so so nice !! this is actually really heartwarming as another fan hearing that about ella 

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While Lorna was interviewed by Carrie, the other girls decided to hang out with Claude and Addie.

Andrea: *still upset about her interview failure*

Marissa: Look how I’m trying to catch raindrops with my tongue!

Shelia: Hey Claude, I think your horse really likes me! 

Claude: That’s great, Shelia! I pretty much trust Addie’s taste in people.

Ginger: Oh really? Addie looks like she’s internally screaming.

Chloe: Claude is so nice to everyone… if only I had more opportunity to speak to him… am I falling for him? Well, other girls would eat me alive for this, so I’ll be silent.

Ginger: Uh. Marissa was right about Shelia, she draws attention to herself for a living. Even though Marissa herself isn’t any better…