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this is not the meta about clarification that I’ve been meaning to compile for the last two days, but haven’t scraped up the brainpower to actually write yet. No, this is an actual clarification. Because I am a fool. :P

In this post, I said some stuff and things about Dean’s cowboy knowledge, their chosen aliases, and the Tombstone references, but I can’t believe I missed this huge obvious WTF moment… because it’s huge…

Take Dean’s line here:

Dean: Pretty cool right? Dude, check it, check it out, check it out. Clay Allison, gun fighter extraordinaire, right. And, ah, Curly Bill Brocius, which no, no, no. Little fun fact here, was killed by Wyatt Earp himself. Not kidding. Johnny Ringo, Billy the Kid… Doc Holiday! Hey-oh!

But I have since learned a thing about the movie Tombstone, which Dean referred to explicitly in the “I’m your huckleberry” scene with Cas, and even chose all their aliases for this hunt as the actors who starred in that movie. He advised Cas to pretend they were in the movie while talking to the local cops.

But in the movie, it wasn’t Wyatt Earp (incidentally the character Dean based his alias of Kurt Russel on) who killed Curly Bill, it was Doc Holliday.

And I only think it’s relevant to point out and correct here because Doc Holliday delivered the “I’m your huckleberry” line to Curly Bill right before shooting him. Beating him in the duel that was SUPPOSED to have been between Curly Bill and Wyatt.

But in real life, it really WAS Wyatt Earp who shot and killed Curly Bill. (Curly Bill had assassinated Wyatt’s brother Morgan, played by Bill Paxton in the movie, and the alias given to Jack on this hunt, just as an additional fun fact. So it really was “family business” for the Earps just like the hunt for Dave the Ghoul was “family business” for Sarge.)

The entire scenario in the movie was fictional. Dean’s knowledge of the REALITY of these historical people isn’t just based on movies. Remember how he got mocked for wearing his “blanket” in 6.18? Yeah, I think he’s spent some time in the interim reading up on the reality of the old west. He doesn’t just know the movie versions of events and circumstances.

I.e., Dean’s not confusing reality with porn here. :P

The way Davy Perez balanced out the fictional aspects of Tombstone by giving TFW 2.0 the aliases of the ACTORS portraying these characters and mirroring their “roles” to the events of the film, versus the actual “meat” of the case (pffft meat, because it was a ghoul…) and mirroring their reality to… reality… I am blown away yet again. 

I hate the bastard but I also want to know what the hell happened and who the hell it happened to.


thinking about how awkward the nico rosberg/lewis hamilton reunion in abu dhabi will most likely be

I’m probably going to be semi-hiatus until end of november. My assignment is due in twelve days and I work full time and want to hang out with the man and friends as well. I promise I will be on here as much as can and after the end of november I have no more assignments due till mid jan!

I took my father to see Rogue One today. I’ve wanted to take him for a while. I wanted my Mexican father, with his thick Mexican accent, to experience what it was like to see a hero in a blockbuster film, speak the way he does. And although I wasn’t sure if it was going to resonate with him, I took him anyway. When Diego Luna’s character came on screen and started speaking, my dad nudged me and said, “he has a heavy accent.” I was like, “Yup.” When the film was over and we were walking to the car, he turns to me and says, “did you notice that he had an accent?” And I said, “Yeah dad, just like yours.” Then my dad asked me if the film had made a lot of money. I told him it was the second highest grossing film of 2016 despite it only being out for 18 days in 2016 (since new year just came around). He then asked me if people liked the film, I told him that it had a huge following online and great reviews. He then asked me why Diego Luna hadn’t changed his accent and I told him that Diego has openly talked about keeping his accent and how proud he is of it. And my dad was silent for a while and then he said, “And he was a main character.” And I said, “He was.” And my dad was so happy. As we drove home he started telling me about other Mexican actors that he thinks should be in movies in America. Representation matters.


“i don’t have the tears to cry anymore. but…i at least have to keep yu safe” // “i promise you, mika. even if i have to sell out the whole world to do it, i’ll make sure you’re turned back into a human.”

Was watching the camp camp finale on YouTube when I came across this comment and now I’m 1000% even more sad

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  ๐Ÿ’œ

i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

colored&edited official sketch (x)


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

Iwaoi - ‘puppy love’ ..
somehow. :D i think. idk. that was the first thing i thought about hearing that prompt.

fic; No Place Without You

Harry’s in love with life and he’s in love with the world.

Louis’ in love with Harry and he doesn’t think there’s any way he can possibly compete.

A Wanderlust au in which Harry doesn’t have a permanent home and stays with Louis when he visits NYC.

Word Count: 19k 

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  • Feels comfortable mouthing off to a heavily-armed employer in his very first scene
  • Seems to have better cardio than Bart
  • Seems to have better music taste than Bart
  • Asks a strange biker to call him a cab
  • Drives a motorbike literally one episode later
  • Seems to have a shady criminal past
  • “I knew I’d die in some weird way eventually”
  • Attempts to fight Farah despite having no combat experience at all
  • Hits Bart up for money for lunch
  • Can see Bart in her underwear and doesn’t make it weird
  • Sits protectively outside Bart’s shower and doesn’t make it weird
  • Will sing Backstreeet Boys on command
  • Figures out that “the universe is broken” because, for the first time, Bart misread what the universe was telling her regarding Dirk Gently
  • He and Bart are wearing matching colours in the last episode
  • Shrugs at Todd in quiet Normal Dude™ understanding
  • Played by actual cinnamon roll Mpho Koaho
  • He and Bart stole a corgi from the body-swapping cultists
  • Fixes the time machine/soul swapper/unlimited energy device that closes the time loop once and for all
  • It takes him literally less than a week to go from she’s going to kill me and I’m petrified to she’s going to kill everyone else and I’m fully supportive of her life choices


아가새 ♡ 최영재


3:50 pm

Every Friday at exactly 3:50 pm Draco makes sure to kiss Harry.

Every Friday. He hasn’t been late once either. Because Draco always drops everything he’s doing, no matter what he’s doing, to go and look for Harry. It’s not that easy sometimes. Harry has a job that, unlike Draco’s, requires him to actually leave the house. Whenever Draco shows up at his workplace, Harry’s face lightens up. He has never complained about Draco interrupting his work. Not once.

Even when they’re fighting and they’re both in a bad mood, they briefly forget about it when it’s 3:50 on a Friday. Like right now. They had an argument last night about Harry getting a motorcycle. Draco just doesn’t get why Harry would want to spend that much money on something that will probably kill him. They both fell asleep with a scowl on their face and they didn’t talk while eating breakfast. Harry left the house while Draco was reading the paper.

But now, as Draco stands in front of him, Harry is smiling at him fondly. Merlin, Draco just never tires of that smile. Even after all these years.

He glances at the clock and sees it’s 3:49. His eyes find Harry’s and they hold so much love, it makes Draco shudder. He takes Harry’s hands in his and pulls him closer. When his lips brush Harry’s, a familiar feeling washes over him. It’s warm and invigorating, reassuring and exhilarating. Kissing Harry will never fail to consume and mesmerize Draco.

Harry leans away again and brushes his thumb over Draco’s cheek.

“I still have a bit of work to do, but I’ll try to be home early, okay?”

“Okay,” Draco whispers, his eyes still closed.

He feels Harry kiss the tip of his nose and can’t help but grin. He pulls Harry back into a tight embrace and relishes the feeling of Harry’s body shaking against his, as Harry laughs out loud.

“I love our Friday afternoon kisses,” Harry murmurs.

“I love them, too.”

Draco really does. Because it was 3:50 pm on a Friday afternoon when Harry Potter said “I do” and kissed Draco for the first time as his husband.