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I JUST REALIZED I never posted this here. Enjoy these animated hedgehogs dancing to Whitney Houston.

I know we all Carli a lot of crap but she has been playing so well for Man City. Granted she’s only played in two games, she has still been a critical player on both sides of the ball in both games. Her scoring that goal in today’s Champions League match is a major achievement. I can already see a little improvement in her play; she’s careful with her touches, getting rid of the ball at the right times, and in the right spot when she doesn’t have the ball. I kept saying how I wanted her to go play in England last year and this is exactly why. I cannot wait to see her play more for City and I cannot wait to see her improvements when she’s with the USWNT or the Dash.


Texas high school students throw up Nazi salute during “silly picture” for senior class photo shoot

  • Earlier this week, candid images taken during Cypress Ranch High School’s senior class photo began making the rounds on social media showing some students at the Cypress, Texas, school doing a Sieg Heil.
  • According to a tweet, the students were reacting to a couple girls in the class who threw up a black power fist during the “silly picture.”
  • In an email sent to Houston station KPRC, a student said at least 70 students made the gesture, shouting “Heil Hitler” and “Heil Trump." 
  • According to KPRC, the school principal sent home a letter to parents noting that the school is investigating the case of the "inappropriate gestures” and asking that parents discourage their kids from disseminating such images on social media “as this perpetuates a false image of Cy Ranch HS.” Read more

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