for his perfect fur

Kitty licks

Pairing: Jikook
Fandom: BTS-fandom / A.R.M.Y.
Genre: pure FLUFF
Word Count: 460
Summary: This is an animal!Bangtan fic with cat!Jimin and bunny!Jungkook and… yeah. I’m THIS desperate. Blame Jikook. *rolls away*
Author’s Note: I don’t know what I am doing with my life. Anyway, please enjoy~ (≧◡≦)

Jimin stretches and yawns. He licks his paw and cleans his head, behind the ears. Such a wonderful day – the afternoon sun is shining with golden and orange beams, there are no clouds in the sky and a warm summer breeze ruffles his short, ginger colored fur. Perfect day to play with Jungkookie.

Jimin jumps off the roof and with his dainty, quick kitty-steps he walks across the garden. In the distance there stands his owner, Kim Taehyung. The boy is Jimin’s favorite human in the whole world – the only human who he allows to scratch his tummy. Taehyung is very nice to his animals and it feels really good to curl up into his lap when it’s raining outside. Jimin meows a little, and Taehyung – who is feeding the ducks – turns his head towards the cat and meows back enthusiastically. Jimin giggles, his owner has no idea what he just said in cat-language.

Taehyung keeps feeding the ducks and watches as one of them – Namjoon – plays with his beautiful Scotch Collie, Seokjin. Those two are getting along pretty well, Seokjin always chases after Namjoon playfully and the duck toddles away with happy quacks. Jimin smiles when he notices Yoongi the turtle next to the ducks. After playing with Jungkook, the second favorite hobby of Jimin is to mess around with the grumpy turtle. It’s fun to watch how Yoongi tries to bite his paw when Jimin slaps him. Those bites never really hurt because Yoongi may seems harsh but he is really kind, especially to annoying, bratty cats.

Jimin meows again as a greeting, and Hobi the horse looks up from the grass and neighs lovingly. Jimin rubs his face to Hobi’s smooth nose and plants a few kitty licks with his rough little tongue on it before turning away and rushing towards the direction of rabbit cages.

“Jiminie, stop! I’m more than clean now!” Jungkook protests weakly but Jimin just can’t stop.

He can’t stop because Jungkookie’s black and white fur is so thick and fluffy, and his eyes are so big and cute, and his ears are so long and soft. Jimin rubs his face against Jungkook’s for the nth time that afternoon and licks the bunny’s head again. Jungkook moves his tiny, pink nose adorably and trembles under him. Jimin usually plays tag with him because Jungkook runs really fast with small hops, and it’s fun to chase and compete with him.

“Yah, Jiminie~ S-stop!” Jungkook squeaks but Jimin can see the adoring look in the bunny’s shy eyes so he keeps licking his fur.

“Only if you clean my ears in return.” Jimin offers, and Jungkook stomps with his foot nervously.

“O-okay.” The bunny stutters finally and Jimin starts purring. It’s a wonderful day, indeed.