for him poetry

I tried finding happiness in myself
but the only person who makes me happy is you
and I hate that about myself
—  i just want to be happy without you
The Little Things

I thought I couldn’t feel anymore,
that I’d given up completely
But in that moment,
as I watched you do what you love,
I felt happy to be alive
You reminded me
what joy life can bring
and that it’s worth holding on
so we can experience
the little things
that mean everything

Kung ako lang siya,
Mamahalin kita..
Aalagaan kita..
Hindi ko ipapangakong magiging perpekto ang lahat pero hindi kita iiwan.
Hindi ka mangangambang isang araw magigising kang mag-isa dahil kahit nasa tabi mo ako o hindi, lagi kong hahawakan ang kamay mo.
Palagi kong sasabihin at ipaparamdam na sa bawat daan na tatahakin mo kasama mo ako.
Hindi ka na mangangamba..
Hindi ka na mangangambang marinig ang mga salitang binibitawan ng lahat kapag nagiging malabo na ang lahat.
Gagawin kong “kaya ko pa” ang “ayoko na”.
Papalitan natin ang “bitaw na” ng “kapit pa”.
Ang “wala na” sa “nandito ka”.
Pero.. pero hindi ako siya.
At ang kayang gawin ko lang ay ang hilingin na sana..
Sana sa mga oras na malabo na ang lahat at imposible na ang dapat.
Sana higpitin nya ang hawak sa'yo.

Please, if you meet someone who makes you excited to wake up again, don’t waste your chance. Tell them how you feel before they slip between your fingers. Because never knowing what you could have been, it breaks your heart just as much as being rejected. Take the risk. Do it for me. Do it for yourself. Do it because you can’t let love pass you by. Not again. Not this time.
—  These words hurt but I need to say them. For you. For me. For everyone too scared to try.
And if one day she doesn’t want to get out of bed don’t try to convince her to do so, instead open the window of the room and let the freshness of the day enter inside, make her hot tea and kiss her endlessly.
And if one day she sits on the ground crying her heart out, don’t wash the tears away and don’t tell her everything will be okay, instead hold her tight and let her cry into you until she stops. Then see how she will smile at you as if she is saying “thank you for being here, it is enough”
And if one day she pushes you away telling you to leave her alone, God never leave her instead hug her more tighter and tell her you will always be there.
And if one day she won’t say a single words, don’t ask her million of question, instead let the silence fill the room until she comes at you and kisses your lips slowly.
And if one day she is angry don’t yell at her, instead let her push you away until she kisses you with passion and anger, let yourself into her fingerprints.
And if she tells you she loves you, tell her you love her more, even though deep down you know she does. She loves you more.
But on God be good for her, make efforts to always stay and to never let her go.
—  k.m

You could’ve just said my name.

I would have stopped. I would have ran back to you and given you everything. I would’ve have sobbed into your shoulders and held you close. I would’ve screamed how much I loved you. I would have always stopped.

But you let me walk away, with the tears streaming down my cheeks in the harsh air, gripping the harsh truth.

—  Classy
And as I sat there next to you, I realized just how beautiful you really are, both inside and out. First, I fell for your shy but cute confidence when we first met. And then I realized that under that mask, you have a truly beautiful heart. I fell for your kind, loving personality and humor. I wanted your heart, and all of it. When we met up alone for the first time, my heart was pounding right out of my chest, my hands were trembling next to yours, and my mind was racing with questions and emotions. Then, when you looked deep into my eyes and flashed me that smile, it’s like the whole world just stopped. It was only you that I wanted, just you and I, together. I think that’s when I truly fell for you; When I realized that our broken pieces fit together, and the parts of me that I had once lost, I had now found again with you. Maybe we’re just another cheesy, sappy love story, but that’s okay. You’re worth more than just a couple pages. You’re worth the world; so I decided to give you mine and make me yours.
—  falling for you…
monday // 12.12.16

I told you once that I didn’t think love exists, you told me that one day you’d show me what love felt like.

It was only after you left that I decided that love had to be real, because all I remember is pain, pure fucking pain and It hurt too much to be anything but love.

When you told me you’d show me what love felt like; I didn’t think you meant like this.

Take care of him. He has the kindest heart, he may not always seem like it though. He try’s to hide it with sarcasm and side comments, pretending that he has not one care in the world. If you can look past it though you will see how much love he has to give.
He won’t always text you back, but he will still think of you. Unlike the rest of us he is not glued to his phone, just because he sometimes takes an hour to answer doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.
He sleeps, a lot. There are nights where he sleeps more hours then he spent awake that day. He just sometimes needs to not be anything. Being no where is easier than being himself sometimes. Although he hates sleeping with people you’ll know he loves you if he asks you to join him.
Love to him is the scariest thing on the planet, if he tells you I love you do not take it lightly. Know that saying it took every inch of courage he has. if he disappears after know that he is just scared and hopefully he will find his way back to you. Just give him time, give him all the time in the world. He is more than worth it.
Please, just love him with everything you have because had I have been given the chance I would have given him every single part of me. Love him the way I only wish I could. If you are lucky enough for him to love you, please love him back.
—  4am
It took me a year to realize that there might be no human being on this planet that looks the same way but the most important thing is that there is no human being who loves the same way as another. It took me a year to realize that there are billion kinds of love, and just like the stars we crash into another; and if we’re lucky we might create the most beautiful constellation.
So I look at the sun setting while I’m walking down the street to find you. And every single color of the sunset has appeared on your lips, painting the sky of mine. I look at your eyes, burning in desire. I look at that smile you have everytime you wake up and realize that I am laying next to you. And I feel nothing but lucky that out of all these billion kinds of love I found yours and you find mine. So we could create the most beautiful sunset, with a simple kiss.
—  we are the universe