for him or her


Are you forgetting you stabbed two of my guards? After your wife tried to have me killed // John Knox tried to have you killed. Which you would not have known had I not informed you.


- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!

mom: i’m so glad you’re not into weird japanese cartoons and those diabolic things



The answer is no. Absolutely no. If she thought she could win this fight why would she be offering to sell the victory to us even for a fortune? Trust me.


Yes I scribbled all of the Spriggan 12 chibi style, because I wanted to and also was bored
While I evaded the skull face with Bradman, Serena was the hardest to draw because my pc and tablet united i trying to kill me(and even I have limited patience)
Also Wahl turned out to be easier to draw tha expected because he is wearing a god damn jumpsuit or something

*sees a really cute girl sitting opposite us in mcdonald*

Me (to my dad): her shirt is nice.

Dad (smirking): probably a dodgy person with no care for her hygiene. She looks like she got out of bed and didn’t even make an effort to dress nicely.

*Rest of the family join in*

Me (internally whilst sweating gayly): You fool. Baggy sweaters and messy side swept hair is what i live for. It is my fuel. I want to marry this girl right here and right now… How dare you.

Well I just finished FE7. That took me like a week or so. Really love the feel of the older entries into the series, but the new ones have some great QoL changes too.

Normal mode was fairly trivial as far as difficulty goes and I only had trouble on Ursula’s map because bolting from fog of war, and on the last map because I charged into the rooms at first and then realized that was a horrible idea. Also didn’t really like the last fight.

I’m not sure if I just did it wrong, but basically no one on my party except people with the legendary weapons could actually hurt the boss. Creating a challenging yet rewarding final battle in a tactics game is very difficult, and I don’t think FE7 did the best job on it. Overall though, quite a fun game. I’ll eventually play through the hard modes, but I think I’ll play the sequel first. I’m on a Fire Emblem kick now and I can’t wait for the new one to come out in like a month!

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Tales of Zestiria the X Ep 19 Reaction Post

Or maybe more like Tales of Zestiria the (Train Wreck) X(ing), am I right?

Anyway, where did we leave off last week?  Oh right, Rose became Sorey’s squire, even though it would mean she dies if he dies (somehow it always felt more like the other way around in game, I swear, the number of times Rose’s AI gets her killed … ).  Oh right, Pendrago’s clergy somehow dragged a huge-ass dragon into the basement (don’t ask me how, the thing literally can’t fit inside the hallways of Pendrago Shrinechurch without it being like, brought in in pieces), aaaaaand Alisha sent a “Please Sorey, help us!  You’re our only hope!” (telepathic) telegram.

And so, back to Hyland we go.  Bye Rolance!  It was nice (not really) seeing you!  Oh, and bye Sergei!

tl;dr: Not as much to complain about this week, although nothing really happened either.  Like, 6th episode from the end and this is what we’re getting?  Um, yeah, not sure this was the best decision ever, but hey, setting up Alisha and Zaveid to be a parallel to DezeRose is just fucking hilarious considering how he never has a shirt on, and Alisha has shades of being a proper lady.  Also, that next episode preview skit is honestly golden and again, I recognize Alisha and Zaveid more from that skit than the entire episode.

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I imagine Izana and Haki’s relationship as being similar to Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth’s relationship.


“Well, I promised a dance to a Sylveon earlier, but I understand you’re on a mission to dance with a lot of Pokemon and he’s a little late, so why not? Just be careful I don’t accidentally knock into you; you’re a small little thing and I wouldn’t want to hurt you!”

“… Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a Pokemon like you before, either. Are you a relative to the Pidgey line or… Spearow’s, maybe?”


prompt: shabrys officially declaring & actually
giving up on her crush / feelings for yoosk