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I don’t like that people say Emma Watson was too pretty to be Hermione. Hermione was never ugly! She had bushy hair and large front teeth, which she fixed in her 4th year. So unless one is implying that having big hair is ugly, I fail to see where Hermione is unattractive comes in. She was certainly attractive enough to garner a few admirers in her youth, and she married an attractive man. Just because she wasn’t fawned over all the time, doesn’t mean she’s ugly.

@animenightwing33Head cannon that Annabeth idolized Hermione growing up

I really like this headcanon, haha I know I’ve been saying that for like every single one but aye….

-Okay so I can totally see Harry Potter being like one of the first “big kid” books she reads in English and she is literally obsessed, like she’s re-read the series at least 5 times.

-If you ask an older camper they can contest to the fact that Annabeth had literally carried around those books with her wherever she went for a straight year.

-Right off the bat, her favorite character has been Hermione since the both of them have a lot in common. She likes that, while Hermione does have some superpowers, she also uses her brain and wits.

-As she grows up and finds herself in danger more and more often, she just reminds herself that Hermione has went through the same thing and she can too.

-If you asked Annabeth who her favorite character was, you would literally get a whole rant.

Extra: She would totally dress up as Hermione and make Percy dress up as Harry, and Grover as Ron, #just saying


Title: WYMM? (Will You Marry Me?)

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Marriage proposal, maybe some cursing.

Summary: Juggie pops the question to the reader to get her attention but as soon as he says those four words he begins to wonder if he actually means it.

A/N; Feedback is always greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy. This wasn’t proofread because I typed this up fast before my motivation was gone again.

You were stressing. In fact, you had been stressing since this morning when your best friend, Betty Cooper, had called you and asked you to write an article for the school newspaper on anything you wanted. You just needed it in by next week.
Usually, for most people, that would have been no problem. And that was plenty of time for normal writes such as herself and even Jughead, really. But not you.
You had asked your boyfriend, Juggie, to meet you at Pop’s to ‘talk’. But really you just hoped he would inspire the best out of you like he usually did when it came to writing.

“Hey, Hermione.” You spoke as soon as you walked into Pop’s, sliding into your usual booth.
“Hey, Y/N. Can I get you your usual?” She asked, already walking behind the counter.
“That would be great. Thanks.” You smiled slightly before looking down at your hands.

Juggie arrived minutes after you did. You looked up when your head the door open and close and saw him walking towards you. “Hey.” He spoke, taking a seat across from you. “So, what’s up?” He asked, quirking a brow.
Suddenly you were distracted by him. Not anything he did in particular- just him.
“Y/N?” You were interrupted from your thoughts by the sound of his voice.
“Oh, hey.”
Why were you so nervous? You took a deep breath before beginning to rant to Juggie.
You started with, “You know I absolutely love Betty. But I just…I thought I’d rather come to you for this.”
Then you started your ranting- about how you wished you weren’t such a stressful writer, and how you didn’t have the slightest about what you might write. You just wanted to impress Betty enough that she might let you write for the paper more than just once.
About five minutes into your rant, you were still on the subject of what your subject might be when Juggie seemed like he needed to say something. But you couldn’t find yourself to stop. You wished you weren’t so damn stressed.

“Will you marry me?” Jughead blurted out, not allowing you to finish your sentence you had currently been on.
You stopped. “What?”
Jughead paused, too. Suddenly seeming pretty stressed himself. “I got to go.” He quickly slid out of his booth and practically disappeared he ran out the door so fast.
You, still in slight shock, stayed where you were and watched as he ran and ran until you couldn’t see him anymore.
“Hey, Hermione? I’m going to need another milkshake.”

Hermione, who must’ve heard him pop the question, nodded understandingly and disappeared behind the counter.

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Let’s discuss our new main eight….

Harry Potter will be played by Jamie Glover.

Ginny Potter will be played by Emma Lowndes.

Albus Potter will be played by Theo Ancient (with Tom Mackley staying on, I guess he will remain 1st cover)

Ron Weasley will played by Thomas Aldridge.

Hermione Granger will be played by Rakie Ayola (again, Nicola is staying, so again, I guess she remain as 1st cover)

Rose Granger-Weasley will be played by Helen Aluko.

Draco Malfoy will be played by James Howard. (Congrats to James and Helen on taking over those roles full time).

Scorpius Malfoy will be played by Samuel Blenkin.

Having checked out who they are, I think we are in for an amazing new cast.


This boy does really amazing impressions of Harry Potter characters. I am awestruck 😱

anonymous asked:

aro ron confused as to why he doesn't 'like' anyone and latching on to hermione as his 'crush'. aro ron jealous of krum because he's 'normal'. aro ron becoming qps with hermione, who he explains his feelings to. hermione accepts and starts researching and finding famous wixen who may be like ron. aro ron settling with not having a label. aro ron meeting other people like him. aro ron learning about being aro in the 2000s. aro ron in a happy qp relationship with hermione. -ravenclaw

It takes Ron a long time to understand himself. It takes him an even longer time to accept himself. It’s in part thanks to Hermione’s persistence and Harry’s unwavering support that he finally does accept himself. But he knows the largest part is the work he’s put into accepting himself and getting past his self-doubt. Nope, it hasn’t been an easy road for Ron.

“Daddy, daddy, look I maked it float!” a lil’ spitfire with black, bushy hair, an abundance of freckles, and a chubby little figure called to Ron, breaking him out of his introspective thoughts. Rose beamed by some potted plant Neville had sent them, as it floated at her head height.

Ron felt instant pride well up inside of him, bursting out in a wide smile. “Mum’s going to be upset if that pot breaks, but I think it’s wicked cool, Rosie.”

Rose giggled and the plant wobbled about in the air. Ron reached down and grabbed the pot with one hand to set it aside and snagged Rose with the other, lifting her up to tickle her tummy with some raspberries. Happy, joyous magic came bursting out of Rose, sending Ron’s hair up on end and throwing the pillows off the couch.

Hermione finally popped her head into the living room, drawn by the commotion and laughter. She raised an amused eyebrow at Ron’s staticky hair. “Just what is going on in here, you two?”

Rose giggled again and kicked her feet to be put down. “Mummy, mummy, I maked it float and I didn’t broke it for you!” she exclaimed, running towards her mother. 

Hermione swooped the little girl up. “Made what float?” she asked. “Your father’s hair?”

Rose finally caught sight of Ron’s wild hair and let forth another burst of giggles, something neither Ron nor Hermione could tire of. “It looks ‘ike Unca Harr’s,” she said around laughter.

Ron snorted and patted his hair down. “Yes, it does,” Hermione snickered, agreeing. She smiled at Ron, her eyes crinkling up in the corner.

They had mostly married to appease Molly, but Ron had never once regretted it. He loved Hermione, and he’d long accepted now that he didn’t have to love her romantically for his love to be true. They were married, but they labeled their relationship an “officially committed qpr” - well, Hermione did. Ron was happy to call her wife or SO or partner or qpp, whichever felt right at the moment, and was just grateful she’d been not only understanding of his feelings but also returned them.

Plus, he’d really always wanted to be a father, to have a family he made. Between Hermione and little Hugo and Rose, Ron was content. Happy. Himself.

~Hufflepuff Mod