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Ladies of Sherlock panel

This MIGHT have been my favorite panel. It was fantastic. Una was a doll, Lara Pulver was funny and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS OH MY GOD, and Loo was clearly so passionate about what she does and the fans and she talked on and on, haha.

-Someone asked what they all thought their character’s relationship with John was. Lara said that Irene got “in the way of the happy couple” and that she was glad he “offered up Hamish.” She also said that filming the Battersea scene was her favorite filming experience of all time and particularly liked that scene. Una said that Mrs. Hudson was glad someone was making Sherlock happy and she was a bit disappointed that John got married. Loo didn’t say much about it.
-Una said that Mrs. Hudson is very heavily based on how she treats her three sons. Dawww.
-Once Una accidentally said “Mrs. Watson” instead of “Mrs. Hudson.” Everyone started joking about John/Mrs. Hudson and Loo joked, “A new ship sails.”
-Loo said that Molly was in love with Sherlock for no particular reason, that love just sometimes happens and you can’t explain it. She also referred to Molly’s love for Sherlock as “unrequited” throughout the panel.
-They all gushed about how fantastic the crew is, especially Arwel and Sarah who works with costumes.
-Someone asked about feminism and female roles in the industry. They all agreed that the situation could definitely be better. Una said that she kind of understands why there are less roles for older women and that most people want a younger woman around. Loo interjected that she thinks that’s “bollocks,” and that they don’t include older women in productions because they’re at a point that men “no longer want to have sex with them.” She went on about how important she finds this issue for quite a bit. Rock on, girl.
-Oh also Loo was fiddling with her phone and talking pictures of the audience throughout the panel, haha.
-Someone asked about the audition process for Sherlock. Una was just straight-up asked to be Mrs. Hudson. Lara sent in videos of her playing scenes, and within 72 hours she was in London reading for the writers, producers, and Benedict. Apparently within the hour afterwards, Benedict had emailed the writers saying that they had found their Irene Adler.
-There was a night shoot when she, Martin, and Benedict played a word association game called “Mallet’s Mallet” where she ended up bonking them on the heads with empty water bottles at 3 in the morning.
-When asked where she would like the writers to take Molly, Loo said she didn’t know and that they’re better off killing her off. She doesn’t actually want that, obviously, but she feels like Molly has already had some pretty good character development and she’s not sure where they can take her next.
-On what would happen if Irene and Molly ever met: Lots and LOTS of suggestive glances between Lara and Loo. “I’m open~,” Lara said.

It was a REALLY fantastic panel, I love them all so much!



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The gravestone and open casket funeral of pregnant 18-year-old, Jackie Wright, and her 8-month-old son, Carlos. On 18 July, 1984, Wright had gone to McDonalds in San Ysidro with her 11-year-old niece, Aurora Peña, and her son, Carlos. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time as on this day, 41-year-old James Huberty, armed with a 9mm Browning semi-automatic pistol, a 9mm Uzi, a Winchester 12 gauge pump-action shotgun, entered McDonalds and attacked. He killed 21 people including Jackie and Carlos. Jackies niece, Aurora, survived as Jackie shielded her. Aurora later recounted that she felt her aunt jerking and shaking on top of her - she had been shot 48 times while shielding Aurora. Huberty then turned the gun to 8-month-old Carlos, who was crying. Huberty shouted at him to shut up. He then shot him in the back.

After an undercover assignment ends badly Detective Killian Jones is transferred to the Homicide Division of the 15th Precinct. It is supposed to be a fresh start, but when he meets his new boss Captain Emma Swan, he discovers that he has already met her before. Under very different circumstances. Police AU.


(from the beginning on Tumblr, or AO3)


Chapter 7

She was sitting in her car, staring at the gray wall in front of her. She dreaded these days, the days she went to the cemetery, the days she felt the need to be there.

She thought of her son every day. He was the first thought when she woke up, he was the last thought before she fell asleep. But visiting his grave … it always devastated her, made her feel raw, increased the pressure on her heart and soul. Those days were the days she struggled the most. The days she asked herself if it wouldn’t be easier to just let go, to just end it all. But she never could muster up the courage to actually end her own life.

Her fingers tightened around the steering wheel, her lips thinning as she pressed them together, and she forced herself to take in some calming breaths. She suddenly heard Graham’s voice in her head, telling her to not give up, telling her that there was always a reason to live, and a tear rolled down her cheek, her lips trembling as she remembered all the times her best friend had been by her side, keeping her upright.

A sound half sob, half chuckle escaped her as she imagined what he would say to her now. He had been always able to read her, and he would have seen the pull she felt towards Killian right from the start. She could almost hear his voice whispering ‘I told you so’ in her ear, a goofy grin on his face. He would have teased her mercilessly about the other man, would have told her to give it a chance, to give them a chance.

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I bring this fic idea up because although Jane has come a LONG amazing way, the loss of Charlotte and that fear won't ever truly leave him. Here it is: Jane has a nightmare that something happened to Lucas. So he wakes up and runs to Lucas' room. Although Jane sees he is okay, Jane still has a full blown panic attack. Just as Jane's panic attack gets worse and wakes Lucas, Lisbon barges in to calm Jane down. Lucas is confused but Lisbon manages to control the situation for both her boys.

Not My Son
1, 274 words
A/N: Heavy stuff man.

The cabin was quiet when he entered. He smiled. They were asleep, no doubt. He walked through the darkened living room, past the empty and dark kitchen and down the hallway that branched off to a bathroom on the right-hand side and their master bedroom beside it.

Jane turned his attention to the slightly ajar door on the left-handed side, the white door adorned with his son’s name in blue letters. He smiled. It was a routine for him when he came home from having a drink with the Cho and Wylie. He’d check on his son first thing, often finding his infant son awake and in need of a bottle or a change. Tonight, however, his room was quiet as he opened his son’s door the rest of the way. Bending over and flicking on his small lamp in the shape of an elephant, Jane walked across the room to his son’s crib.

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is there any sasuhina fan,hoping sasuke and hinata would talk in naruto gaiden?..i want them to at least be friends,they could talk about their kids…like sasuke is confirmed to be boruto’s master,why wouldnt hinata ever talk to her son’s master?

Troublemakers || Samcedes, Elizabeth & John

Elizabeth has had enough of playing the waiting game. She and John had been here for almost two months now and still that ungrateful son of hers refused to help her. It was time to take action and cause a storm in his life. They had made their way to the studio and with luck on their side, had been able to sneak into the set where Sam and Mercedes were shooting. Once there, she played the dotting mother role and approached her wayward son with a huge smile on her face. “There’s my little boy. How have you been, honey?” She said as she went to hug Sam. 

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prompt: after Archie's "death" Regina doesn't poof away instead Emma has her in jail. E makes R take a truth serum and E finds out R didn't do it and feels bad but R keeps talking and saying how she thought E was her friend and she didn't even trust her and just real sad. and maybe R confessing her love and E apologizing/comforting R

Thanks for the prompt :)

Regina sits with her back against the cell with a sad frown. Here she is again, except this time for something she didn’t do. A tear slips down her cheek, she respected Archie, even after the curse broke he wanted to help her and now he’s gone. 

He’s not the only one. She’s lost her son again because he thinks she’s murderer and she’s lost Emma, whatever Emma is. The loss of her faith is more upsetting than she thought it would be but the pain is raw in her heart. 

“Hey,” Emma calls out and Regina looks up to see Emma holding a vial in her hand. 


“Rumple gave me a truth serum.” 


“I want you to take it.” 


“Because I want to know what happened that night.” 

Regina sighs. Maybe at least this time when she tells her the truth Emma might believe it. She takes the vial and downs it handing the empty cup back to her. 

“The night Archie died I was angry and I was upset. I felt like he had betrayed me. I have a bad history with secrets being spilled but I would never have hurt him. He was one of the few people giving me a chance and in one night I lost everyone who believed in me. Archie’s dead and everyone believes I did it.”

“You’re telling the truth,” Emma says, guilt pooling in her gut as she wishes she’d trusted her instincts. 

“I was before. I’ve been trying so hard to change and I thought I was getting somewhere. Henry wanted to be around me again. I wasn’t using magic unless it was to help and I thought….I thought maybe you were my friend.”

“I thought that too,” Emma replies sadly as she unlocks the cell. It’s why it so hurt so much when she saw the dreamcatcher’s vision. 

Regina sniffs, “Everyone else turned on me but I thought you would believe me. I thought you would trust me but you didn’t. You know who I am and who you think I always will be and now I feel so stupid because I fell in love with you and you think I’m a monster. I fell in love with you and I thought that maybe we’d be happy, instead I’m just all alone again.” 

Emma processes Regina’s words and her heart soars. There’s hope once again. She walks over and sits beside Regina on that bench. “I’m so sorry Regina. I fought so hard against everyone. I knew you were innocent. I wanted you to be so badly and then we all saw it in the dreamcatcher and I felt, I felt , it felt like my heart was being torn apart. I didn’t mean what I said on your driveway.” 

“You didn’t?” 

“No, I was hurt and angry but I shouldn’t have said. I know you were but it’s not who you are. I’m sorry I hurt you and if you let me I’ll try and make it up to you for the rest of my days.” 

“Do you think that’s all we’ll ever do? Spend time trying to make up for past hurt?” Regina asks, sadness heavy in her voice. 

Emma shakes her head, slipping her arm around Regina’s shoulders, “No, I think instead of lingering in the past we could just try and make each other happy, lord knows we’re due some happiness.”

Regina chuckles, “I hope you’re right.” She pauses, “Why did you give me that truth serum?” 

“You were telling me you were innocent and I believed until the evidence stacked up against you. I wanted to believe you so badly but I couldn’t trust myself anymore. Everything was so confusing and my superpower was all over the place. It’s no excuse but I needed it to be the truth and I thought this way no-one would be able to convince me otherwise. I knew I’d be able to believe and fight for you and there’d be proof you were innocent.” 

“You’re going to fight for me?” 

Emma nods, “I’m going to fight for us but I don’t want to do it alone.” 

Regina smiles leaning into Emma’s offered hug, “Then let’s do it together instead.”

Broken Record


There was a knock on the door. She put her one year old daughter back in her crib, shushed her as she cried and promised her she’d be right back before going to the door. She glanced at her 4 year old son on the floor, playing with his toys before opening the door and seeing him. He stood there in a tshirt and sunglasses in the californian summer heat and smiled. He just smiled. How could he just stand there and smile when she hadn’t heard from him in over two weeks?

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