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The Strange Coincidence 

In 1883 Henry Ziegland dumped his girlfriend. She killed herself. Her brother turns up to shoot Henry out of revenge, thinking he has killed him, he then takes his own life. Turns out he didn’t manage to kill Henry, the bullet barely grazed him before getting stuck in a tree.

Years later Ziegland decides to blow up the tree with some dynamite. Unfortunately for Henry, the resulting explosion propelled the bullet into his head, killing him instantly. (Source) 


I was thinking about when FE:A just came out, and I was binge watching supports for all the characters. People often semi-jokingly said in Henry’s supports that “Henry should just admit he hates humans already.”

I think Cherche’s lines sums it up well: “You’re always smiling and laughing and acting as if you hadn’t a care in the world. Yet, you never seem to make friends with people or allow them to get close. …Even me … I’m very happy that you like Minerva and you two get along so well. But I think you need to spend more time with human friends. ” 

SO… I THOUGHT, “What if Henry actually admitted he hated humans.” 

Oh yeah, I portray Henry as J!Henry. Cause imo E!Henry doesn’t have much self awareness. (And J!Henry is sweeter and I love him 10x more.)

Poor boy has been through much angst.

She’s seen Regina collapsed on the ground before. Many times, in fact. But this is the first time her wounds have been so visible, the blood easily flowing out from below the tan hand pressed to her own wound. Her stomach drops and Henry cries for his mother who doesn’t remember him.

Emma barely remembers punching that bastard, but her hand throbs to remind her. The wedding group crowds around Regina, the forest man kneeling next to her and his bride wailing her protests.

Bile rises in the former saviour’s throat as Regina bleeds out under Henry and Robin’s hands. This can’t be the end. It wasn’t supposed to end this way! Desperation drives her next words, regret filling her moments after, “Robin, kiss her! You’re.. You’re supposed to be her true love!”

He stares at the strange blonde in shock before looking back at Regina. The light in her dark eyes is fading fast, and his face bears confusion, but he obeys, leaning down, and pressing his lips to her cooling ones, and-

Nothing. Regina breathes her last and Emma screams, her voice cracking and straining as she drops to her knees beside Henry.

Her son pulls back out of her vision that’s quickly becoming blurry from tears.

She cries and cries and cries into Regina’s still chest, clutching at her body.

Robin watches, still crouched on the ground across from Emma. Long minutes pass before her sobs subside. She breathes deeply through her nose before sitting up, turning her tear streaked face to the man. “You.. You didn’t love her enough!” She plants her hands in his chest, shoving him backwards, away from Regina, away from this beautiful innocent version of the woman she-

Emma’s heart clenches tightly and she looks back at Regina. It couldn’t hurt.. She glares at Robin sitting in the dirt, his face screwed up in even more confusion.

She peels off her gloves, determined to touch skin to skin, and gently, very gently brushes her fingertips over Regina’s cheekbones and down her jawline. ‘I never told her how beautiful she is..’ is the last thought running through her mind before her thin lips touch cold pale ones.

There’s a flash and Emma’s eyes are opening as if she’d jerked awake from a strange dream and she’s breathing hard, her heart pounding, as she sits up on the pavement of Main Street near the Apprentice and a definitely not bleeding Regina.

“R-Regina! I- I- you’re okay!” Emma curses her unsteady tongue.

The woman nods, although she holds her hand suspiciously over her abdomen. “What happened? I must’ve blacked out.”

The Apprentice glances as Emma knowingly, and she swallows hard, “You were dead.. Robin kissed you.”

“Ah..” the head of tousled hair bobs and she doesn’t question it; she’s fated to him isn’t she?

Emma shuffles, finishing her story, “It didn’t work.. I kissed you instead.” Her stomach is full of butterflies, anxiety filling her being, and she dares to look up at Regina.

Dark eyes are shining with a new light in them, and Emma finally gets to feel warm lips on hers.

Sweet Mercia (Part Four)

What’s that you say? More Sweet Mercia? More political intrigue? More dangerous interactions and sexual tension? (Previous parts I, II and III)

“So tell me - do you remember losing the leg?”

Hiccup shook his head and looked desperately for a way out of the conversation.

The King had sat him, in accordance with tradition, next to his own heir, Henri. Despite Astrid’s warnings, the man had seemed normal enough - the bright red birthmark across his face was off putting, but otherwise he’d been mostly civil. Toothless had decided to keep close, sitting at the edge of the table and watching the feast closely as tables were cleared away to leave room for dancing, but if Henri was scared of the dragon, he gave no sign of it.

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AU where everybody is a cat. Henry was still born in 1779, the others are obviously younger than they are on the show as cats don’t live as long as humans do :(

Cat!Henry traveling the world on his own. Cat!Henry rescuing kitten!Abe from a kitten mill.

5 Reasons Why Jason Momoa Is the Perfect Aquaman

 5 Reasons Why Jason Momoa Is the Perfect Aquaman                

 Posted May 05th, 2015, 9:05 AM by

Ryan McGilloway

The news that Jason Momoa will join Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as Arthur Curry, a.k.a. Aquaman, and reprising the role in an upcoming Justice League movie as well as an Aquaman standalone movie, has brought joy to comic-book lovers and Momoa fans alike. While we’ll have to wait another year to see the King of Atlantis on the big screen, let’s take a look now at what makes Momoa so uniquely qualified for this superhero role.

1. His look.
A towering six-foot-four, Momoa will more than hold his own against Superman actor Henry Cavill (6”1″) and Batman’s Ben Affleck (6’3″). Combined with his rugged, charismatic personality, Momoa’s physical presence affords him all the attributes that playing Aquaman demands.

2. His heritage.
Momoa is personally and intimately familiar with the island environment in which Aquaman thrives. He’s also known to spend his free time ice climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding and studying Buddhist culture; just like Aquaman’s alter ego Arthur Curry, Momoa’s at one with nature.

3. His punch.
With roles like Phillip Kopus on THE RED ROAD, Drogo in Game of Thrones or the titular Conan in Conan the Barbarian, we’ve seen Momoa fight with spirit and style. He’s got what it takes to jump into the crime-fighting fray with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. And given Momoa’s combat abilities, he’s bound to deftly showcase Aquaman’s superhuman strength, reflexes and endurance.

4. His chops.
Bringing both charm and subtlety to his roles, Momoa can be incredibly intimidating, yet utterly sincere. Aquaman is a very conflicted character; he’s hardened by all the times life has knocked him down, yet he’s still quite vulnerable. Having played Game of Thrones’ Khal Drogo, who is both a fierce warrior and also a loving husband, it’s clear that Momoa is a perfect fit for the part.

5. His passion.
As a native Hawaiian, Momoa’s enthusiasm for Native American culture led him to write, produce, direct and star in 2014′s Road to Paloma, about a Native American man seeking revenge and redemption after his mother’s murder. He cares about telling a good story, especially when he has a connection to it. Aquaman is a character who has been displaced from his home and has a strong need to belong; he comes from two separate cultures and feels like an outcast in both. Momoa’s ability to tap into cultural divides will likewise allow him to get right down to the essence of Aquaman’s story.

Momoa might be Aquaman, but find out which comic-book superhero you are by taking our fun quiz.

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A Different Reality

He shouldn’t ask, it’s not his place, not in any sense of the word but then the boy had been so distressed, sniffling pitifully in the back of his car the whole drive home, had looked up at the large mansion with something in those dark eyes akin to fear and Robin wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t ask, so he does.

“Henry,” he began tentatively, his eyes on the boy through the rear view mirror. He’s not poorly dressed, had at least had the foresight (and the supplies) to dress warmly before he’d done a runner from home and nor does he look poorly fed, not like the children Robin sometimes comes across at the shelter. On the surface he looks just like a normal boy, no cuts, no bruises, nothing but, as Robin himself knows, not every mark is visible. “Henry,” he tried again, sighing at his own cowardice because, depending on his answer, this could open a whole can of worms, “did you run away from anyone in particular?” he asked, completely unsure of what crossed the lines of delicacy, of what may scare the child and keep him from answering.

He looked away from his garden path with a brow furrowed, finding Robin’s eyes in the mirror with questions of his own evident in his dark orbs.

He didn’t understand, was that fear? Denial? Or had he misjudged this completely? Making a drama out of a simple misunderstanding…in all honesty, despite the implications of his question, he quite hoped that he was wrong and that he had done the right thing in bringing the boy back, half hoped that inside the walls of the somewhat foreboding was a kind, caring mother waiting anxiously for her son to return home…but what if there wasn’t? What if his assumption was completely founded? He had to know. It was with that thought in mind that he exhaled a steadying breath, reached down to unbuckle his seatbelt and turned to face the boy still awaiting an explanation patiently in the back seat.

“Why did you run away from home Henry?” he asks plainly, hoping he’s gained enough of the boy’s trust to hear the truth, “because if you’re unhappy…” he continued when Henry remained confused, “if someone’s making you unhappy Henry, there are people you can talk to,” he nodded encouragingly, a little confused himself when Henry’s brow furrowed further, “places you can go if you feel at all…unsafe.”

And it seems to click in his head then, what Robin’s implying, because his eyes grow wide as his hands come up, palm outwards as he insists “my Mom’s not hurting me if that’s what you mean” he’s seen enough of the commercials on television aimed at children, telling them to call if anyone is hurting them, making them do things they don’t want to and that’s not right at all, “she would never hurt me,” he continues, sounds almost pleading because he doesn’t want Robin to think of his mother like that, doesn’t want him to assume she’d do such a thing to him, “I wasn’t running away, I was-” he begins to explain but it’s at that moment that both hear the echoed shout of his name and turn to find a silhouette emerging from the mansion, a true image unable to be made out with the darkness of the night and the distance but Henry knows instantly if his shout of “Mom!” is anything to go by.

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Make You Feel My Love, Chapter 22

(to make you feel my love…)

Emma walks around the small apartment, Henry following close behind her. It’s not very big, but it’s by far the best one they’ve seen so far. It’s clean, well taken care of, the perfect size for just the two of them. She should be ecstatic at finding a place in her price range, that’s also close to work and school, but all she can think about is Killian’s home. The fireplace and the big kitchen, and the four of them, creating a home just by being together.

“Can we get it, mom?” Henry eagerly asks. He’ll have his own room here, something he hasn’t always had in their apartments over the years and the apartment is just down the street from some of his new friends, so he’ll be able to play in the neighborhood with them. Definitely something he’s never had before.

“I think so, Henry. Let me just talk to the realtor, okay?”

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Two brothers: A really dynamic duo!

Despite the release of Batman Vs Superman film is provided only for the beginning of 2016, the film is already out and about in social networks. First was the teaser shown at ComicCon that quickly went off the air, (for the few who had managed to find), then the trailer that was leaked on the internet and finally the official movie trailer.

It seems that Batman, Ben Affleck, has no great love for his own life and he torments Superman, Henry Cavill, very much. This situation made everyone extremely curious to see how this story will be told. The crazies fans then are more crazy than usual, we are anxious! (The good news is that The Man from UNCLE is coming soon, in September, to give us a relief).

So far as Henry is dividing between Napoleon Solo (UNCLE) and Stratton (film that will be the debut of Henry as producer), all that is enough to us is to wait for our favorite Superman.

Meanwhile, there is a super man camouflaged, not far away…

Our dear Henry is not the only superhero in Cavill family, despite being accustomed to roles such as Theseus in Immortals, his older brother Nick is Major Nick Cavill, a MBE in the Royal Marines.

The Royal Marines are the greatest strength of this type in the European Union, similar to the US Navy Seals, and have one of the world’s largest training courses. The Royal Marines are able to conduct amphibious, landing and air operations, including in the Arctic.

Nick Cavill has in military history, among other missions, three raids in Afghanistan so far. He is described as a brave soldier and a leader of infallible judgment, that balances strength and care to everyone. He was awarded in recognition of his work in 2012, the MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) at the hands of Queen Elisabeth II.

Henry has said in interviews that is he a frustrated military, in fact, he thought about joining the military career before becoming an actor and have success on the big screen. Having this example in the home become an ambassador to raise funds for the Royal Marines it was only inevitable. These funds help former soldiers, soldiers who have been injured on missions, and help the families of soldiers killed in service.

Your engagement with the fundraiser began as Henry began filming Batman Vs Superman, so he did it wearing and showing wear with links to donation. After Henry released videos recorded asking for donations to the cause and participated in the celebration of the 350th anniversary race of the battalion, along with his brother Nick in Gibraltar.

Charlotte Martin, the background coordinator Charitable Trust Royal Marines tells us this relationship that Henry Cavill has with the Marines: “A true friend is someone who gives and expects nothing in return - Henry is certainly a friend to the Royal Marines. Our fundraising goal is ambitious and we know we can´t get there alone. A simple, clear and genuinely sincere manner in which Henry speaks in the video takes all round general public to want to contribute to our dear wounded soldiers and their families.”

It is clear Henry’s admiration for his brother Nick, (which is called Superman by his battalion), and the work of the Marines. This is certainly more praiseworthy cause that supports Henry!
Our "Tudão” (All-in-One) it is a good family boy, right?

And since we are talking about family, especially this family was blessed with two amazing super heroes! Do you agree?

The text was adapted.

Fabiana Franzosi - Crazy For Henry Cavill

We don´t know the source photos

anonymous asked:

I keep reading all these posts about cool Grandpa knight Rumple who saves Henry's life. And all I can think about is that Rumple put Henry in danger in the first place and stranded Henry all alone just to selfishly get his own happy ending. Meanwhile Henry's other Grandpa Charming was ecstatic that the water in Neverland would let him live long enough to rescue his grandson, even if it meant giving up his own happy ending.

(Also, Rumple willing to kill Henry in season 2, and later on in season 4 willing to let Henry’s family get killed.)


I watched the last two episodes of season one aka last two ever because it got cancelled of Forever yesterday and they were really awesome.

The second from last one where he finally found out what really happened to Abigail after she disappeared was really good. It was sad she slit her own throat after driving off the road so Adam wouldn’t find out about Henry.

Then in the last one it all came down to the dagger that killed Adam, who obviously went to steal it. I liked how he escaped Jo by slitting his own throat so he disappeared. Henry finally caught up with him again at the train station and Adam shot him with the gun that originally shot him when he first died.

But clearly his theory about finally being able to die at the hand of the weapon they were first “killed” with wasn’t correct as Henry emerged once again from the river, proving once again to be truly immortal. It obviously has nothing to do with that.

But before he died again henry injected Adam with something to paralyse his whole body, I knew it was something to paralyse him when he injected him. So now he can’t even move and Henry went to see him in the hospital.

Then Jo came to the antique shop at the end and said she found the photo of him (with Abigail and little Abe, but she doesn’t know that) and asking him to explain it, he could have just said if he didn’t want to tell her that it was his parents/grandparents or that he and a girlfriend/friend went and had their photo taken in an old timey way (my friend went to London in Victorian clothes to have her pictures taken like that with her boyfriend, so it can happen) but it seems like Henry was just about to finally tell her. It would have been nice to see her reaction but at the same time it was a good ending.

It pretty much wrapped everything up nice in a bow, the Adam thing is over or seems to be and he was going to tell Jo.

Seems a shame she didn’t tell him how she felt a couple of episodes back after dumping ugly Cuba Gooding Jr. But clearly they both admitted it to themselves they liked each other and had it gotten another season I assume they would have gotten together pretty much at the start if not already been together at the start.

Plus it had the very appropriate title of “The Last Death of Henry Morgan” even though it turned out not to be.

I wish it had got a second season as it was a fantastic show but alas as a lot of the best shows in America it was cancelled after only one season. Such a shame.

I really enjoyed Ioan Gruffudd in this, his character was great and so were the flashbacks/memories in the episodes. Plus, he was his usual sexy self <3

Burn Gorman was also a very good choice for Adam, I much preferred him in this to when he was in Torchwood which he was also good in but I liked his character in this better.

I hope he gets another show soon! <3

The rest of the cast were great too of course and it will be missed! ;____________;

Ioan Gruffudd <3


This day almost 5 centuries ago, one of England’s most captivating queens Anne Boleyn was executed for adultery and treason. How did Henry VIII’s most beloved queen end up executed through his own orders?

In this groundbreaking new biography: Anne Boleyn, G. W. Bernard offers a fresh portrait of one of England’s most captivating queens. Through a wide-ranging forensic examination of sixteenth-century sources, Bernard reconsiders Boleyn’s girlhood, her experience at the French court, the nature of her relationship with Henry, and the authenticity of her evangelical sympathies. 

I’m sorry but are people REALLY that sorry for Rumple?

I mean come on….even as the hero of the story and being labelled the LIGHT one, he still CHOSE to go after Regina, try to kill her, succeeded, and would even kill Henry…all for his own happy ending.

Even when he’s supposed to be the good guy, he’s still choosing himself. Like sure, he has his moments where you can see him being a “changed” man, but at the end of the day he doesn’t care for anyone else but himself. 


No, I don’t feel sorry for him or believe that he “sacrificed” himself, because he didn’t. If he had a choice, he would let them all burn.