for henry on his own

Are you telling me that Regina - the Regina Mills who rightfully didn’t want her son’s birth mother to suddenly be in her kid’s life, and who took a long time to get used to the idea of sharing him with her - is okay with Henry living with the sleazy pirate and being close to consider him a father figure?

Are you telling me that Henry - the Henry Daniel Mills who took 2/3 seasons to finally forgive his own mother - is forgiving the pirate after literally 5 minutes, and not only that you have him say “he would never hurt this family” when he literally tried to kill them all just the month before?

Are you telling me that Emma - the Emma Swan who could always see right through everyone’s lies and took crap from no one - can’t recognize the multiples times in which her bf is lying to her face, and keeps buying all the bullshit he throws at her?

And finally, are you saying that Snow - the Snow White who could immediately see that Ruby shared true love with Dorothy, and who is quick to point her finger at Rumple for treating Belle badly - can’t see how much Regina and Emma love each other, and how horrible H00k is being to her own daughter?

Standing Female Nude with Painter in Background (c.1902-1904). Edward Hopper (American, 1882-1967). Oil on canvas. Whitney Museum of American Art.

An early work by Hopper who enrolled in classes at the New York School of Art from 1900 to 1906. In his shift from illustration to the fine arts, he studied with William Merritt Chase and with Robert Henri, who exhorted his students to paint the everyday conditions of their own world in a realistic manner.

This is very sad but I just realized that no member of the Stiltskin family got to grow up with their birth parents.

Rumple- Abandoned by both his parents.

Neal- Abandoned by both his parents.

Henry- Given up for adoption.

Gideon - Whisked away for safety at his own request.

This family might be cursed.

Also they only appear to have sons, which is weird.

Eternal Peace

The very thought of anything like this happening in canon had me sat here sobbing (I’m actually still crying quite hard as I type this) but it was in my head and it wouldn’t get out so here it is. 

I’m sorry.

Major Character Death 

“I don’t want you to go…” Henry whispered, his forehead pressing heavier against her own as he curled his fingers tighter around her wrists, feeling the way her nails dug as hard as she could allow without hurting him into the skin of his cheeks. She was crying silently, her brow creased and her breaths harsh and sharp as they blew between her teeth. “It’s not your time.”

“It is, baby” she replied, words strained with the tightness of her throat. She couldn’t explain it to him, couldn’t get the thoughts straight in her head because now that she was here, with her son sobbing and begging her to stay, she found herself unable to let him go. She had to though, “I have to, Henry.”

He was trembling though it was nothing to do with the bitter cold of the early morning air as his legs shook beneath him. “What am I supposed to do without you? What am I supposed to do without my Mom?”

Regina whimpered as she drew the strength to pull back, swallowing down the bile that rose in her throat. She felt absolutely sick to her stomach. “You’ll live and you’ll grow and you’ll be happy, my boy” his eyes looked as sore as her own, tears still streaming without end down his cheeks, replacing every salty drop that she wiped away with her thumb.

“I can’t be happy without you.”

Her head tilted as she choked on a sob and stroked through his hair, tasting her own tears on her bottom lip. “You have to promise me to try, Henry.” She shook her head, “I can’t do this knowing that it will only hurt you further.”

“Then stay” he cried helplessly, “you don’t have to-“

“You know I do, sweetheart.” Her chin trembled, “it’s the only way.”

They hadn’t quite exhausted every option available to them but, with the growing number of fatalities under her other half’s palm, Regina had taken it into her own hands to cast the beginnings of the spell to re-join them as one but, in doing so, the trauma on her heart and on her soul would be too much for her living body to handle. Gold had been right when he’d said that she would have to die to defeat the Queen. She’d only hoped it hadn’t been true.

The rest of the town, those brave enough to have helped in the capture of the Queen – she stood, snarling viciously and held tight both by Emma’s magic and Charming’s strength – were all standing by and watching as the Mayor said goodbye to her son. Not a dry eye in sight.

“But-“ Henry choked “what will happen to you?”

She couldn’t lie to him, “I don’t know, sweetheart.”

He sobbed harder, “I don’t want you to be alone, Mom.”

She moved to answer him, to tell her sweet boy not to worry about her – in all honesty, she was quite scared herself even having welcomed death so many times – when she was interrupted by a gentle voice beside her.

“She will never be alone.”

Instantly their heads turned, both letting out a loud gasp at the man standing with the calmest of smiles, an ethereal glow lighting his silhouette.

“Robin” Regina choked with her hands still holding Henry’s face, “how are yo-“

“I’m here to help you go, my love” he explained softly, coming to stand before both herself and Henry and landing a palm upon Henry’s shoulder. The boy gasped at the sensation she herself had only felt once before – the warmth of a hand you couldn’t truly feel – as Robin continued “I’m here to take you with me.”

“But” she stuttered, “I-I thought-“

“It seems Hades lied to us all.”

“You’ll be with her?” Henry asked, fingers slipping from Regina’s wrist to hold her hand when she let her arms lower.

Robin’s peaceful gaze fell upon him as he nodded, looking back to Regina before replying “always.”

There was a moment, when everything seemed to fall silent – even the Queen’s thrashing had stilled as she stared upon the man before her other half – when all anyone could do was watch the scene that was unfolding before them and then, with all of the strength he possessed, Henry pulled his mother’s attention back to him.

“You are the bravest person I’ve ever known,” he cried, curling his fingers tighter around her own as he fought to get the words out, “and I hope to honour you.”

“Oh you do, my boy” Regina sobbed, pulling him against her chest, “every single day.” She kissed the top of his head, “I love you, Henry. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.”

He wrapped his arms tight around her waist. “I love you too, Mom. Thank you for choosing me.”

“I would do it again in a heartbeat.”

It felt as though the very thing that had been missing clicked back into place the moment she aligned her body with the Queen’s, the spell allowing them to meld back into one and it was only for a moment, the feeling of complete euphoria she felt, but it was felt. Seconds later though, her legs were giving out beneath her as she fell to the ground with a sharp cry. Her heart rate was slowing already.

Henry was at one side of her whilst Snow was at the other, Emma and David having stepped back to give them the space and the time they needed as both cried over the fallen woman.

They lay her back gently, Henry quickly pulling his jacket off to cushion her head as she smiled weakly up at him before turning her gaze to Snow and lifting a palm to her cheek. “No matter how begrudged,” she breathed out, “I have always loved you,” and when Snow only cried harder and tilted her head further into Regina’s hand, she finished fondly “silly girl.”

The younger woman laughed wetly and pressed her palm to the back of Regina’s hand, watching as her eyes fell upon Henry once more.

Her breaths were growing harder to find as her heart slowed further but she felt no pain, only that of seeing her son so very sad as he kneeled beside her. “Be brave, sweet one.” She smiled, “I will always be with you.”

Her eyes flickered closed slowly though her smile remained, even through her last, rattled breath. She was gone.


I was thinking about when FE:A just came out, and I was binge watching supports for all the characters. People often semi-jokingly said in Henry’s supports that “Henry should just admit he hates humans already.”

I think Cherche’s lines sums it up well: “You’re always smiling and laughing and acting as if you hadn’t a care in the world. Yet, you never seem to make friends with people or allow them to get close. …Even me … I’m very happy that you like Minerva and you two get along so well. But I think you need to spend more time with human friends. ” 

SO… I THOUGHT, “What if Henry actually admitted he hated humans.” 

Oh yeah, I portray Henry as J!Henry. Cause imo E!Henry doesn’t have much self awareness. (And J!Henry is sweeter and I love him 10x more.)

Poor boy has been through much angst.

The Gangsey playing Pokemon GO

  • Henry Cheng is determined to be the very best. like no one ever was.
    • he has like a 2000 CP beedril that he has raised from but a tiny weedle and loves it like his own son
  • one time henry tackled gansey to the ground “WATCH OUT MAN THERE’S A BEEDRILL IN HERE!”
    • “thanks henry” gansey says muffled from the ground
      • blue caught the beedrill
  • all of Gansey’s pokemon are named after obscure historical figures. he names every single pokemon he catches 
  • the rule is whoever is riding shotgun in the pig is in charge of calling out pokestops or rare pokemon
  • gansey has deadass pulled over on the side of the road and the three of them have hiked 5 miles to catch a dratini
  • for some  some bullshit reason there’s always a bunch of pokemon around the barns
  • Ronan’s 2000CP Pigeot named chainsaw
  • Opal plays too and she only wants ratattas
    • she has over 100 ratattas
    • she loves them all
  • Ronan has a bunch of high CP pidgey’s that he’s named “Fuck[last name of Aglionby student he dislikes] and placed them strategically around Henrietta
  • For some reason 300 Fox Way is a PokeGym
    • Calla’s the gym leader
    • She has like a 1800 CP Clefairy that will DESTROY YOU
    • Also Opal puts her Ratattas in there
  • Gansey - Team Mystic and pretentious about it
  • Henry - Team Instinct and competitive as hell about it
  • Ronan and Blue - Team Valor aND READY TO FIGHT
  • Adam doesn’t have a smart phone and was never into Pokemon and doesn’t understand what’s going on but he’s glad his friends are having fun? 
  • Ronan has a Haunter he named Noah and he plays it off as a joke but it really means a lot to him
  • Ronan like refuses to transfer any of his pokemon because he loves them all on a personal level
    • He will deny this
  • Blue named her Beedrill “Dick” and Ronan responded by naming his Beedrill “Needle Dick” and Gansey is unamused by the entire situation 
  • Catch Henry Cheng riding around on a hoverboard catching the pokemons
  • Gansey 100% has compiled a spreadsheet of various data including catch rates, evolution stats, etc. 
  • Henry starts fake rumors online about “hacks” 
  • Adam still doesn’t get what’s going on but apparently Ronan named his Hypno after him? 
    • Adam doesn’t know what a Hypno is
  • There’s a surprising amount of pokestops along american ley lines and GANSEY IS FUCKING HYPED
  • Blue makes everyone hand-sewn team jackets and hats
  • The ridiculous pokeselfies? Like Henry’s instagram account is currently 95% pictures of the crew standing next to pokemon it’s great
"Heavy Lies the Crown" (The 100 - 4x02)

The 100 with all their references. I love it!


Anyway, as some people already pointed out, the quote is often misquoted and originally stems from Shakespeare’s Henry IV Part 2.

It goes as follows: “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” (Act 3, Scene 1)


Here, King Henry IV complains about his insomnia. War is brewing and rebellions are on the rise. He is reminded of his own rebellion that led to the fall of former King Richard II. In fact, Henry IV usurped the crown and is no legitimate king in terms of inherited throne succesion (as it was the norm during that time). This brings us to his son Hal of whom he fears is not only unsuitable to be king (due to his laidback and immature nature) but will also try to overthrow him when the time seems right.


Henry IV thus worries about the state of his kingdom, his own status as king and how he can maintain his power. All these are the worries of a king which is represented with the crown as THE symbol to represent kingship.

“Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” thus simply means that those who are troubled by responsibility have to bear the burden of making tough decisions. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Attributed to many but maybe best known for its use in Spider-Man, Uncle Ben nails it by saying that “With great power comes great responsibility”.



This brings us to another instance where the quote was used, prior to season 4. It dates back to Season 2x11 (“Rubicon”).

Let me refresh your memory a bit: Clarke storms into Raven’s lab. She needs the tone generators and Bellamy hasn’t radioed back from within Mount Weather. All the while, Lexa is waiting for Clarke’s OK to march towards Mount Weather. After hearing from Bellamy, Clarke’s fighting spirit is back and she decides to stay in Arkadia and sending Kane to the meeting with Lexa instead.



Kane “The commander’s expecting you.”

Clarke “Our people inside Mount Weather are in trouble. I’m not going anywhere until I know they’re okay.”

Kane “And what can you do for them from here?”

Clarke “You’ll go to Tondc in my place. Lexa respects you. I’ll get there soon as I can.”

Kane “Clarke, wait.”

Clarke “Put it away.”

Kane “Clarke, being a good leader means knowing which battles to fight.”

Clarke “And which to delegate. I know. Please, I need you to go to Tondc.”

Kane “Fine. I’ll go.”

Clarke “Thank you.”

Abby “What is it?”

Clarke “Kane will explain.”

Kane “Perhaps your mother should go. She is still the chancellor after all.”

Clarke “Which is why she’s needed here.”

Kane “Heavy lies the crown.”

Abby “She shouldn’t be wearing the crown, and you shouldn’t be backing her up.”


The quote is directly linked to Clarke, not only by Kane but also by Abby. Interestingly, Kane has already accepted Clarke’s position of power by functioning as an advisor in this scene. And even though Abby is the Chancellor, he follows Clarke’s orders.


Another interesting part is their exchange about being a good leader.

“Being a good leader means knowing which battles to fight and which to delegate.”

She is going to need someone she trusts, someone who has her back and vice versa. Who are we kidding, Bellamy it is. The two scenes of their speech over the radio and Clarke’s exchange with Kane are linked to each other.


On another note: the episode ends with the bombing of TonDC. Clarke, going against her better judgment (morally-/humane-wise), didn’t warn the people and fled with Lexa. Again, bith quotes can be applied to this situation.



Now going back to 4x02: Clarke did in fact “reign” over the Grounders by making decisions for them without being a Commander. She usurped the throne so to speak, even if it was for a very short time. War and rebellion will rise. Octavia even told Clarke in the season 4 trailer that “War is coming” and we would have known that nonetheless.

She, along with those who want to find a solution for the approaching doom’s day, will have to worry about uprises within Arkadia as well as against them; she has to worry how to stop the apocalypse or at least prevent major damage; she will have to make decisions too hard to bear and try to decide which battles are worth fighting and which are to be delegated.



The thoughts of my sleep-deprived brain might be quite confusing for which I aplogize but I cannot concentrate properly at the moment (and I lost my thread during the writing process).


For now, I’ll pass my thoughts on to @forgivenessishardforus @abazethe100 @rosymamacita @insufficient-earth-skills and everyone else who wants to contribute or add something.


Henry’s alliances with Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain, and the Emperor Maximiliam had led hostilities with the King of France Charles VIII. In October 1492, Henry invaded France and formed the siege of Boulogne. For the duration of the war, the Queen and their children remained at Eltham, near Greenwich. But Elizabeth wrote the King so many anxious letters with ‘tender, frequent and loving’ lines, that they influenced him in his early return in November.
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