for he is the allfather

WoT Act 2 (@appleofintelligence)


“In the original timeline, the only reason why Anu, the allfather, managed to defeat Tiamat was because he had an invincible spear. It is the only weapon that is capable of killing Tiamat. However, because the allfather is now killed, Tiamat now has the Spear of Anu locked away in a building called the Stone-Cone Temple.”

“There are two obstacles protecting the Spear of Anu: One of them is Kingu. The other is a door that can only be opened by an inhabitant of Alternate Sumer who does not know of the Stone-Cone Temple’s significance.”

Starting Over

Loki leaned her head back against the wall of her cell, closing her eyes as she let out a sigh. It had only been a few weeks since her “talk” with the Allfather, and she had been thrown gracelessly into a prison cell.

She looked up again when a few guards came in and decided not to resist when they pulled her up and cuffed her again. “What’s going on?” she asked, smirking slightly, “did the Allfather change his mind? Aw, he loves me more than he says, after all.”

“Be quiet, Loki,” one of the guards said, pushing her ahead, “before that silver tongue of yours gets you into more trouble.”

WoT Act 2 (@knight-of-the-flame)


“In the original timeline, the only reason why Anu, the allfather, managed to defeat Tiamat was because he had an invincible spear. It is the only weapon that is capable of killing Tiamat. However, because the allfather is now killed, Tiamat now has the Spear of Anu locked away in a building called the Stone-Cone Temple.”

Before his fall from the Bifrost, the attack on New York and the rest of the incidents, Loki used to secretly visit Midgard whenever the pressure on Asgard from Thor or the Allfather gets overbearing. He would stay for short periods of time (in Aesir standards anyway), and had had his share of both male and female lovers. And that is why: “This day, the next, a hundred years, it’s nothing! It’s a heartbeat. You’ll never be ready.” He knows.

  • Loki:He never listens!
  • Thor:Well, it runs in the family.
  • Loki:And when he does, it’s always with this...disappointed scowl, like someone skimped on the meat in his sandwich. [imitating Odin] ”Excuse me, barmaid! I’m afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone!
  • Thor:Now, you’re thinking about this all wrong. It’s not so much what you *look* like, it’s what’s *inside* that he can’t stand.
  • [pause]
  • Loki:[sarcastic] Thank you for summing that up.
In His Hands

TITLE: In His Hands


AUTHOR: SierraLaufeyson13

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you and Loki comparing the size of both of your hands.



“You let me fall apart without letting go, then you pick up the pieces and you make me whole.”

Each day was painfully long, the hours never ending. You sit on the edge of the bed that you and Loki once shared, once being the key word. Now he is locked away in the white cells of the palace dungeon, and if the Allfather has his way he will rot there as well. You look at your hands, the nature rueful as you stare at the palms, and the lines that cross cross them. They are small, and delicate, the hands of nobility, the hands of a skilled sorceress.

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You'll be mine ( Closed RP with Hawkeyeagentbarton )

Loki was bored. It had been a year now since the incident with Malekith and the Dark Elves and two years since his failed attack on Midgard. But now Asgard was his, everyone thought him dead, Odin was in a place where no one would find him and he took the place of the Allfather instead. Still Loki had the feeling he missed something, but what?

The god let his thoughts wander when he got a sudden idea. Of course! Now he knew what he missed. His favorite little pet from Midgard. Agent Barton from SHIELD aka Hawkeye. The man had been so loyal to him until this annoying Black Widow interfered and ripped him free from his control. He had so much plans for his little Hawk. The dark god wanted to keep him at his side during his reign on Midgard. Ah well it seemed like he had to just bring him to Asgard instead. Grinning Loki stood up and made his way to his personal library to search for the necessary spell that would Barton to him.

Marry HIM?! (Arranged marriage AU)

Loki was late in his preparations for the banquet. He had stalled as long as he could, but he knew his delayed appearance would only anger the Allfather and cause much disruption. Not that he cared overmuch. Only that the angry words of Odin still simmered in his brain, causing ruckus, and he knew he could not disobey a direct order. Still, staring at the formal green velvets and dark tunic, the recently shined boots and polished jewelry, he couldn’t help but think of himself as a stallion, brushed up and put on display for the onlookers to see what a prize he was. The anger boiled in his veins, but quietly. Very very quickly. Only a good observer would see his clenched jaw and nervous hand gestures. Loki didn’t believe in throwing temper tantrums, though. At least, not unless it got him something.

Placing his anger aside he finally donned the pretty costume that was required of him and made his final preparations. When his cape was settled by his manservant and his prince helm handed to him, did he finally emerge from his rooms and stalked down the darkening hallways towards the banquet hall. The music was the first thing he heard. And the wild laughter. Asgardians didn’t believe in quiet parties. It was eat, drink, and laugh merrily until the sun rose.

At the back entrance he hesitated. Golden light was spilling out, the music and talk weaving around his head like a breeze. But suddenly Loki might have experienced a tiny attack of the nerves. Then his anger returned ten fold. A fine prince he was! To be nervous about meeting a potential mate! Just because it was an arranged marriage didn’t mean he was going to go through with it! Not yet, anyway. He was going to obey his father and attend the banquet, meet his intended like he was ordered, and then LEAVE. Leave the palace, perhaps leave Asgard for a while. That was all! He was about to step through the door when a familiar voice hailed him. That obnoxiously loud voice that could only belong to one person. Closing his eyes briefly for strength he turned to greet his brother.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve going to Asgard with Thor and meeting Frigga and Odin.

Steve had no idea what kind of things Thor had told his parents about him and their team, but when the God of Thunder extends an invitation to visit his homeworld of myth and legend, you don’t turn him down.

“So my friend, what do you make of my family?”

Steve thought of Odin, high on his throne, formal in his greeting of his eldest son’s comrade. Never before had Steve met someone so incredibly ancient, he could practically feel the years rolling off the Allfather whenever he spoke. And that voice! Booming but stern, no doubt practiced from countless battle commandments and war cries. But he was not unloved.

As he toured them through the palace and surrounding grounds, the people looked upon their king warmly. Everyone had either fought beside him at one point or had no qualm with him to speak of. Odin was at least a respected ruler at most (and often, Steve thought) a treasured friend.

“You are your father’s son,” Steve told his friend.

But then he thought of Frigga.

She had been the one to greet them at the bridge, and she welcomed Steve as if he were one of her own. Where Odin had subjects and comrades, Frigga had family. When Steve walked Asgard with her, children presented them with gifts, they stopped to listen to stories of the people. Where Odin would have marched on, Frigga paused to admire the world.

This was not to say she wasn’t fierce. She had the same regal, olden air her husband possessed but in some ways, she seemed more comfortable in it. Frigga had found peace outside of the war and bloodshed that had forged her history.

Thor has his mother’s hair, her eyes and more often than not, her grace.

“But you’re every inch your mother’s child.”

Old Nightmares | Closed RP | thevikingsrunt

Father Time was a stubborn old goat, but even he was loathe to deny a request from Odin Allfather. One hundred years of picture perfect winters for his vikings was the price of Odin’s assistance. Only then would the Viking god request anything on Jack Frost’s behalf. No more than a year would be allowed, for Old Man Winter wouldn’t fill in for longer- a blip in the life of an eternal spirit. Only a leap year- the only time when Burke’s winter was in the hands of a spirit other than Jack.

Wind was younger when Jack arrived; he realized. He could just tell. It roiled and bucked in confusion for a moment before calming and promising to not let him meet the Jack of this day and age. After that, it greeted him like an old friend and they were off to Burke.

It was much older than it was when he last saw it. The buildings were worn and weather weary- a far cry from the brand new homes that decorated the island shortly after the end of the dragon war. The house on the hill where his friend lived was larger now, having an addition that appeared suitable to both him and his steed. And there, in front of the house, heading toward the center of the village- there he was.
He was much taller. He most likely matched Jack’s height now. The dragon at his back looked the same, but there was a war-weary kick to his four-legged stride. The boy… no he was no longer a boy. He was around the age Jack had been. His face had filled out, and the mop of brown hair which hung over it was adequately shaggy. He had traded in the fur vest and breeches for something Jack could only describe as a leather flight-suit. His prosthetic leg had been modified, and Jack could only assume it would have suited some form of contraption related to flying. He strode with a kind of confidence the younger version would not have been in the least bit capable of. Elation rose to his throat and wound a lump there. Joy sprung to his eyes and poured down his pale cheeks. Wind coiled behind him like a spring and he shot toward the man with break-neck speeds. He latched his arms round his shoulders and buried his face against one of them. “HICCUP!” He held on as though the man would disappear if he let go. “I missed you.”


TITLE: Burdened


AUTHOR: Wannabe Writer

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine thinking that Loki will never love you and that you are only a burden to him, when really he loves you just as much as you love him


NOTES/WARNINGS: Nothing much really, a bit angsty and some suggestiveness towards the end. Nothing explicit.

The Shackles tugged at the delicate skin of your wrists and ankles, rubbing them red raw. The guards pulling you along weren’t gentle as they threw you at the foot of the throne and you didn’t dare look up at the battle worn face of the Allfather.

“Leave us” he commanded and everyone in the room bowed and departed. “Not you my son.”

Your breath hitched in your throat as in the edge of your vision you saw the edge of an emerald cloak stop, swirl and head back towards the throne, accompanied by the thud of leather boots.


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Odin isn’t gonna slugfest with you. He *could*. But that isn’t the Allfather’s style. Odin saw you coming last year, and he made his countermoves to what you’re doing right now a week and a half ago. For guys like him, fights are what happen when you /fail/ to win with /real/ power–knowledge and forethought.
—  Jim Butcher.

TITLE: There is No Convincing You


AUTHOR: cheers-mrhiddleston

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Odin being extremely unhappy about Loki courting you. Imagine Loki arguing with Odin loudly about it and him shouting “I LOVE HER!” at his father. He’s never said that to you yet and you tell him that you love him to.

RATING: T (for some mentions)

NOTES/WARNINGS: Third time submitting, hope you guys like it!

Iona, darling, wait outside, would you?”

Loki’s green eyes flickered with concern, his smile forced. I didn’t release my grip on his arm as I turned to his father, who nodded his white head in agreement.

“My son is right dear, that would be best for you,” he said softly. The Allfather’s smile was forced just like Loki’s, and I knew they were putting on appearances for my sake.

I looked again at Loki, his brow now slightly furrowed. “Go, Iona,” he whispered. Then he gently placed a hand on the back of my head, pulling me closer to him before placing a kiss on the edge of my hairline.

Letting go of his forearm, I nodded to both my lover and his father before exiting the giant golden doors of the throne room.

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Loki/Tony Stark Rp

Loki was chained and muzzled  as Odin was thinking what punishment should be done to him. Thor have tried to spoke defdending him, but he knew thw allfather wasn’t going to show any mercy. No that he wanted it anyway. The trickster knew he was going to be imprisioned all his life, at least, if not something worse. But he didn’t care anymore so he just stood there, looking Odin in the eye, deffiant.

But he wasn’t expecting the allfather to rose to his feets secids later, making the entire room fell silent and said. “Loki Odinson, as your punishment I will strip you from your magic, and send you to Midgard to make amends with his people, and to return to Asgard once you’ve learn your lesson.”

Before he could react from his shock Odin raised his spear and fire it to Loki. He screamed in agony feeling his magic being ripped away, and before he fell unconcisious the last things he saw were a big white explossion and the floor of Stark Tower.