for hair that never grows past a certain length

pro tip: never force yourself to change your appearance just because your partner prefers you a certain way. just don’t.

i made that mistake with my ex boyfriend (yeah i dated guys in the past. compulsory heterosexuality is a fucking bitch). he always nagged me about letting my hair grow out. and for a pretty gross reason. he wanted “something to pull.” that was literally it. 

i have borderline personality disorder, and he was fully aware. he knew i’d go to extreme lengths in order to have him stay, no matter how badly he abused me. he took that to his full advantage.

so for about 5 months straight, i tortured myself by changing myself for him. i cut out the hair colors, and i tried to let my hair grow out. all for someone who wasn’t worth shit. 

and now, may 21st, 2017, i cut my hair! i finally did what i wanted, and i feel so much better. and you’ll feel better too once you realize that you have control over your body, not your partner.

remember: there’s a difference between your partner giving their opinion on something such as a hairstyle, and them forcing you to do one for them.