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Some people in the Daily Mail comments have a theory that Justin told Sofia Richie "ur so pretty" on Instagram just to make Selena Gomez jealous. Is that true? I don't think it is but seems plausible.

No Justin doesn’t want anything to do with Selena. If he knew Selena sent Sofia to mess things up with him and hailey he’d die from anger.

I got tagged by @spacerocketbunny to do a thing! Yeah!! : - D

Name: Hailey
Nicknames: Hails
Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5 ft 7 in. (???? I barely go to the doctor’s but I haven’t grown that much since high school I think?)
Orientation: Some form of queer - pan probably? I feel like I fall somewhere near the realm of ace/aro though too, so…I dunno, I just kind of…roll with it?? Pinpointing is too hard and draining for me, honestly… = w =;;;;
Nationality: American
Favorite fruit: Bananas!
Favorite season: Autumn! And winter!
Favorite book: I don’t read nearly enough but probably Jane Eyre.
Favorite flower: All of them!! For a while it was sunflowers but I honestly love too many flowers to choose. I’m looking forward to seeing clovers and daffodils though come spring!
Favorite scent: Anything floral. And the way rain smells on hot pavement in the summertime.
Favorite color: Purples, ochre-yellows, deep blue/greens and red.
Favorite animal: Raccoon!
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Coffee and then tea after!
Average sleep hours: 6-8
Cat or dog person: I like them all! But I’ve been surrounded by giant dogs for so long so I’m a bit burnt out.. so maybe cats this time!
Favorite fictional character: Team Urameshi!
Dream trip: Hmm - probably Scotland! But I’d be really jazzed by anywhere as long as it’s not too hot! n w n;;;

I just realized I answered most of the favorite things with..multiple things…whoops heheheh….. But anyways! I tag @parasitebeans, @outerspacecake and @frigoff if you guys wanna do it!

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I'd love to see part 4 of both "Puppy Love" and "Is That Really You?" but if you only have the time and/or energy for one, my vote is "Puppy Love" because that one is adorable! Hope you're having a great day!

okay!! thank you for telling me! I hope you have a great day too!! you’re so sweet!