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Back Again: 6


You wake up wrapped in his arm. Your face is buried in his chest and he’s got a protective arm around you. It’s nice, you feel safe, safer than you’d felt in a long time. His breathing is even, slow and steady. You don’t move, you don’t want to wake him, you still can’t believe this is happening. You’d always regretted loosing touch with Aaron and Hailey. You’d been so close in high school, but when you’d joined the Navy it got harder, to stay in touch. They had their life together and you had your life on the ships you served on.
Technology has completely changed the way the armed forces stay in touch with their families and friends. Maybe if you’d joined now it’d be different. Easier to stay in touch.
It had been so obvious that Aaron and Hailey were in love. He still loved her, not as passionately but he’d probably always love her. You knew why. Hailey had been one of your friends too, you didn’t go as far back with her but you’d always liked her.
Aaron draws in a deep breath and groans softly, you look up at him from under your eyelashes and give him a soft smile.
“Morning.” He says smiling back down at you.
“Morning.” You echo and to your surprise he presses his lips to your forehead. He seems to realize what he’s done a second after he does it, rolling away from you and stretching loudly. “What time are we meeting the rest of the team?”
“9:00.” You glance over at the clock and see that it’s only quarter to eight.
“Perfect. I’ve got some time to run.”
“Mind if I join you?”
“Think you can keep up?” You challenge and he laughs.
“Bring it on.” You grab your workout clothes from inside your bag and head to the bathroom to change. When you come out he’s ready to go, you grab your phone and headphones and he quirks his eyebrow at you.
“I need a beat.” You explain before tucking one of the buds into your ear and going to your playlist. “How far do you want to go?”
“Two miles?” You nod then the two of you head out of the hotel. Aaron keeps pace with you but neither of you talk, it’s not uncomfortable, but it never has been with Aaron.

@sterina-sims College is way too long! Even on birth control my sims are bound to get knocked up from risky woohoo eventually 😒 

When I found out she was having twins I was like, well shit 😅 And the babies do age! I don’t know if it’s because I changed the lot zoning to residential? That might be it :) 

Her pregnancy got stuck however, so I used the tombstone of L & D 😇 But Hailey gave birth on her own while in a dormitory…

Dormitory = Allows pregnancy to come to term?

Residential = Allows babies to age?


A bunch of cruddy notebook doodles based off of sirenetzukidark’s Book of Life AU, which has lately been my obsession c: might make some more this weekend if I find the time :D

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Hailey? :D

hailey - late night hangouts with friends, dusk, dawn, the sun creeping over the horizon, sitting on tall busking rooftops alone, high top sneakers, long exposure shots, dim lighting, flights back home, kissing someone in a field at sunset!

i’d like to ask for some prayers/good thoughts tomorrow!! i’m going up to see my surgeon and i’ll be discussing some pretty big stuff and making some big decisions that have been weighing heavy on my heart, so prayers for peace and a clear mind are appreciated!! 🌟