for hailey ;d

all i wanna do for the rest of time is write jeremy and michaels friendship. as little kids, as teenagers, as adults. it’s my absolute favorite thing to write

half of the time i write best friend fics and throw in romance at the end to make it boyf riends/meremy

be expecting more of it soon, it’s my favorite thing to do right now

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Best remedy for when you can’t sleep: Read Hailey’s fanfics. No shit, I couldn’t sleep and started reading the stuff you made for me and Ozzy in the last war and it helped me relax! Thanks Hailey =D (*cough cough* Might be planning to make you x Bendy fanfics *cough*) ~Nicey

No prob XD (NICEY NU)


Comic/Story Final: By Animatedjames

As I’m getting undressed, Day walks in on me just about to put on my hiking pants. “Going outside?” She asked.

“Yup! With Ned to collect apples for mom’s famous apple pie!” I replied, having fully slipped my pants on.

“They’re more notorious for me. All I remember from the last time she made apple pie was how gassy it made us.” Day said, remembering last year’s visit, and how smelly our farts were after dessert.

“You don’t have to have any if you’re afraid of a little flatulence.”

“A, a LOT of flatulence…” I then provided an example.


“My point exactly. And B, I might as well have some since I know you will and there’s no way you’re holding in all the gas it’s gonna give you. Especially when it’s time for bed.” She had a point.

“Well hey, it’s always better to fart with the people you love than alone.” I said as I bumped Day’s humungous ass.


Making it break a loud echoing gust of wind. “I’m sure most people would say it’s better to not fart at all.” She mentioned. “Ned being one of those MANY people. Are you sure he even wants to go with you?”

“According to my mom, that doesn’t matter.” I said, guessing to myself that he probably really wants to not go.

“She’s forcing him!?… Like… an actual-”

“Parent? Yes. I was surprised to. I’m so used to her being the free-spirit-go-with-the-flow-hippy that I grew up with.”

“Well, she’s still has the “go with the flow” part down.“ Day said with a smirk, expecting laughter that never came, "But I’m glad she’s finally putting her foot down… especially for a little brat like Ned.”

“Hey, that’s still my little brother!” I said, defending him.

“Sorry, I guess I’m still holding a grudge from when he flipped me off.” She admitted.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure some day he’s gonna meet someone who’s gonna change his entire personality. Who knows it might be someone with a butt as big as yours!”

“I just hope whoever he meets, their butt isn’t as stinky as yours.” Day retorted.

Before I replied, I positioned my butt directly in Day’s face, pulling down my pants a bit so she could experience my sarcasm bare assed.

“What are you talking about?” Poorrrrttt! “I have no idea what you mean!” Buuuuumffffff! “You’re so silly when you make stuff up.” BBBBBBRRRAAAAAASSSSHPPPP!!

After getting all those funky farts directly to the face, Day coughed and replied in the most loving way a girlfriend could respond to anything.

“I hate you sometimes.”


This is the final page for this comic blog, yeah another cliffhanger, I know. But James decided to move on with this, fair enough.

All comics from this generation have been revived. :D

Y'all I showed my mom an interview of Shawn and she goes “is he gay?” And I was like “no he’s dating Hailey Baldwin. I’d rather him be gay though” and she goes “Like the actors daughter? That family is a hot mess I feel bad for the kid. Why didn’t anyone tell him?” And I died laughing

OH god they fucked everything up ~ FUCK That picture I made for Hailey took me D A Y S and you fucking tainted it. Fuck you. fuck you. Just fuck you.